Port Sunlight – from another angle…..

Port Sunlight – from another angle…..

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Had a really good day.
Decided to, and did.
Big Little Brother Steve and I found the River Park 
near Port Sunlight, so explored that.
We could see Liverpool and all the Cathedrals on the other bank.
It was very cool, the sun was warm, and there wasn’t a soul around –
except for the jogger.
Rather him than me!
But no sooner had we met the rest of the Clarity Crew,
Heather, Len and Maria,
than it was time to start setting up the stand.
It isn’t the same without Dave.
Don’t get me wrong! We have a veritable Dream Team !!!
But it’s just not the same. 
Ah well, it is what it is what it is….
So this is Hulme Hall….

A very famous and lovely venue, I’ll have you know!
Look who sang here in the day?
Mind you, they could have caught the bus, couldn’t they!
In fact, maybe that’s where they were headed – to the bus stop.

Actually, I looked it up.
Not many people know this,
but Hulme Hall was actually built for Female workers –
to have their lunch!
Check this out!

Steve was most impressed with the Gents!
So impressed in fact, that he dragged me in there!
They don’t make them like this anymore, he said…
Fantastic leaded windows,
porcelain vitrines and fabulous tilework.
And the floor! Well!
I don’t usually hang out in mens’ loos, but on this occasion,
it had to be done.

Still smelled like a urinal though….

How hard would it be to hose it down with a bit of Dettol?
All that loveliness,
and you still have to breath through your mouth!!
So on that chewy note,
I am off to read my book.
love and hugs,

52 thoughts on “Port Sunlight – from another angle…..

  1. Looks a fantastic building. Pity the loos are smelly, no excuse these days is there. Looked the venue up this morning hoping to get there, unfortunately for me it was sold out. Never mind maybe next year. Have a great successful day tomorrow Barbara, you deserve to.xx

  2. I think you find something remarkable in everything! I love black and white tiles, especially the harlequin look. According to the radio today tiles are making a comeback. I never knew they'd gone away.
    I hope Dave's managing without you.

  3. Looks like a lovely place and so full of history. However THOSE URINALS ARE HUGE!!. I know what you mean about "having no Dave". I've just returned to work after a 16 month absence and although it's the same familiar building and the same familiar routines the staff have changed, including the absence of friends and it feels very strange. It feels like I'm missing my comfort blanket. I'm sure that it also feels odd for Dave but it's all for the best. Hope all goes well tomorrow. Hugs, Jeanette xxx

  4. The places you hang out, Barbara! You certainly know how to live it up, girl! Seriously though, what a beautiful building. My two kids hate the smell of Dettol as, if I had to deal with their sickiness (Geoff usually got that job otherwise I joined in) I would use a bottle of Dettol to clean up.

    I am sure that Dave is missing you, too, and probably feeling guilty that you are having to do things without him. However, it is definitely for the best and we all hope he will soon be fully fit and back to normal. Have a great show. xxx Maggie

  5. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Dave will miss being there too with you and the clarity crew but he will be waiting with a lovely cuppa when you arrive home big hugs to all xxx

    1. Hi Donna no haven't manage to craft today will try for tomorrow my partner took me out for late lunch after my Podiarty appointment and then my friend called in which was lovely have you manage to do your sisters bookmark ? Xx

    2. It would make the velum all wrinkly Sheila wouldn't it! Haha. Oh Donna you can tell you are back at school, hope you get some rest over the weekend and it clears up soon. Hello Brenda hope you are ok xxxxx

  6. Hello Barbara

    I don't suppose it is the same without Dave, here's hoping it won't be too long before he is back to full fitness. Apart from that, enjoy yourselves in Port Sunny.

    All men's loos smell the same, no matter how grand or fancy they are, but those look fantastic, especially the floor.


  7. Haha Barbara I couldn't help but think of zentangling the walls to match the floors when I saw those loos!! I know it's not the same without Dave but I'm sure he's right there holding your hand in his heart. xx

  8. Naughty girl in the gents! Thereby hangs a tale of my husband going in the ladies by mistake or myself going in the gents in France and being hussled out with "non, non, non"! Well glad you had a good time in hubby's old haunting places!
    Wonder what you are reading – try the "Dancing Men" – Sherlock Holmes – still waiting to see if you have cracked the code! GHQ awaiting in Reading with bated breath – promise is a promise or rather a simple request?
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Oh Anne – marks and spencer Aberdeen has got the most misleading loo sign in the world ( besides those trendy places the just have dots or symbols which doesn't help when your desperate!) I nearly walked into the gents but a lady warned me just in time, Emma nearly did too and then I stopped two further ladies going in the gents as I came out! I read 'the little old woman who broke all the rules ' this week – great book about a group of OAPs who escape their care home and commit crimes! Really funny xxx

  9. cor what a posh lav! Much better than the NEC which I used when the que for the women's was a mile long! Have fun tomorrow, hopefully you will be out of the little boys room by then. Xx

  10. What a beautiful building and the gents certainly has some lovely features, well the beautiful floor and wall tiles anyway, the smell you could do without. Mind you most public loos seem rather whiffy! Sorry you are missing Dave and he's bound to be feeling the same but let's hope he will get sorted soon. Hope all goes well tomorrow and in the meantime enjoy your book. x

  11. So sorry to be missing Port Sunlight this time … But it's for the best, I'm not fully up to speed yet ! Hope it's a great day for all attendees , Barbara , Big Bro Steve, Heather, Len and Maria… have a great day too ! Remember the Beatles may have played there, but Clarity Rocks ! xx

    1. Enjoy the peace and quiet at home Dave – don't get up to any mischief – bit of rugby watching with a slice of pork pie should do the trick! X

  12. Hi Barbara
    Isn't your brother lovely driving you all over the country whilst Dave is out of action and now we can add leading you astray in gents loos to the list – I hope no one was waiting!!! What fab loos though, love the tiles – shame about the pong! Amazing building too – great history. Hope the show goes really well for you and you see lots of friends. Safe journey home.
    Love Diane xxxx

  13. Hi Barbara – loving your photos – the ones of the mens took me back to my teenage years – my Nan – I guess like many women of that age group – was a cleaner – she had been a maid in her teenage years and when older did part time cleaning over the years in many a place – one such place was a company based in Charlton on the Thames – a Barge works to be precise, she would pay me some pocket money in the summer holidays to go and help her – and I did – my Nan had a great sense of humour and true to form set me up with my bucket and mop and told me to clean the gents loo – my memory is a smaller version of your photo – and oh yes that smell ! I was armed with a round thing that you put in the unrinals that slowly dissolved over time and was meant to improve the 'aroma' – hmmm me thinks it really made no impression in fact made it worse!
    Anyway I ramble – how great that Steve is with you and the crew – have a blast and look after the neck xx
    Love Kim xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous photos, those loos are something special aren't they? Mind you I couldn't stand the smell! I used to hold my breath when walking past the boys' loos at school! Sorry you're missing Dave but at least you have Steve and the Clarity crew. Hope you have a good day at Port Sunlight. Love Alison xxx

  15. Hahahaha that made me smile …… just had to be done.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    ps Mum is now back home so hope for a steady progress to get better, so long as she does not over do it.

  16. That made me smile, lurking in male loos. Oh dear shame they smell though, I was out with daughters a few weeks ago and we had to use loos in a well known clothes store, my goodness were they awful. So much that I felt I needed to e-mail head office and tell them, I am not one to complain usually. They just said they would look into it, good luck to them, hope they take a peg.
    Shame Dave can't be there, he is always so cheerful on the till. Better at home though til you get him sorted. Have a good weekend, hope you see lots of friends. xx

  17. These old buildings always have a hidden, allbeit smelly, gem. Great floor. Have a fab day and look fwd to getting home to Dave who I know will miss you as much as you miss him. Xxx

  18. Can't say I'd have been tempted to visit 'The Gents'. Sorry. Odour would outweigh architectural merit for me (without a peg for my nose). Perhaps the Fab Four were heading for the loos! Loved the photo of the ladies all lunching in their hats though. Brilliant.
    Tonbridge Sue

  19. Poor Dave, stuck at home, going to a clean toilet rather than a classic old fashioned, smelly urinal. I bet he'd rather give that a miss lol. I know what you mean though Barbara, It can't be the same without him. Time will fly by and you'll soon be home. Have a productive time up there. x

  20. What a fab building and yes……even the gents looked brilliant, even if did not smell like it!!! Have a great time, looking forward to seeing back on Hochanda, soon I hope…Jaccards xx

  21. What is it about Liverpool and toilets. We did a tourist bus tour and were advised to get off to check out the loos in one of the pubs, can't remember the pubs name.But the one in your picture is definitely a cut above. Very impressed. Hope the at went well We were at Harrogate, missed the Clarity crew but total understand why.

  22. Hello Barb, playing catch up on blog posts. Interesting about Hulme Hall and why it was built, not sure about the view of the mens loo, but do love the tiled floor. Hope you had a great time. Going to check the other posts now. Bx

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