Fab new Snowflake Stamps…

Fab new Snowflake Stamps…

Hi there,
Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend?
We’ve been having a blast at Port Sunlight.
What a day!!!
I’ll tell you more tomorrow, but for now,
let me showcase the beautiful snowflake stamp set which was shown on HOCHANDA TV last weekend.
Ultra fine…
Writing whilst hurtling down the M6 is no mean feat, 
so I think we’ll keep it short and sweet!
With brother Steve behind the wheel,
We’ll be home fast – and that’s a deal!
So here’s a little technique revisited….
Dust with talc.
Stamp Merry Christmas, the lovely new Ribbon writing Stamp 
into place with Versamark.
It’s always best to blot, 
and use second generation ink on this occasion.
So: Ink, Blot, Plot!

Dust lightly with Perfect Pearls.
Pick a colour, any colour…
Take a tissue and buff lightly, 
to remove excess Mica Powder from the black card..

Now go with the snowflakes again, this time with a second colour. 
I went for Pearl white and Gold as a combo.
I find the Clarity Stencil brushes are soft and spread the Mica Powder beautifully. I apply the powder with a paintbrush and remove it with a larger stencil brush.
With a ruler and a Versamark pen, add lines down to the top of each snowflake, and transform them into baubles.
Allow the pen to dry for 5 minutes before applying Mica Powder again.

Buff to a hi-gloss with tissue now.
Because we used talc at the outset, the card will come up like new.
Sorry, can’t find the finished card photo!
And going a bit green looking for it!!!
But you get the picture.
bye for now….

43 thoughts on “Fab new Snowflake Stamps…

  1. Hope you are feeling better now and we can wait for the finished card. Looking forward to hearing about the show today, and all the lovely people who came to see you. I love this technique but have not quite mastered it yet. Back to more practicing. Have a good journey home and a good evening with Dave. xxx Maggie

  2. Well done, was not expecting a demo today after your busy day. Beautiful, love it, really got to try those mica powders again. Will be getting these lovely snowflakes soon. Have a good rest now. xx

  3. This looks to be a fabulous card Barbara and thank you for the demo, like Lynne said "wasn't expecting one" but so pleased you have.
    Hope you get home safe and sound and enjoy your evening. Xx

  4. Hi Varb,
    Glad you've had a good day. I have to say I'm so impressed with the fact that you have managed to do the blog on the move – I would be as sick as a dog! I know you said you were going a bit green but I would've been that from the start! The only thing I can do in the car is funnily enough map read, anything else and I'm ill and it takes me forever to get over it!
    I like be the artwork today. I'm always really impressed by mica powders when anyone uses them but they never seem to go right for me. Remember when you did the lacy birds! Well I tried and it came out awful. I think I had about 5 attempts and just gave up! But, I might just have another try – I've got to get it right eventually. Just watching the rugby and it's not looking too promising for us. Hope you have safe journey home. Love Alison xxx

  5. Safe journey home. Didn't make it, even though I had a ticket! Next time I'll send the spare up with my friends in case there's anyone who has turned up without one. I'll have to be better organised for May. Hope the show went well. Love the Snowflake stamps. I spent the afternoon having a go at the Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! card from your booklet that came with NDSC16. Sooo pleased with the result. I'm in love with Spectrum Noir pencils – I always use them in my 'colouring books' when I need to relax. This card will be perfect for my youngest son who turns 16 on the 19th. Trying to get him out of bed at a weekend is never easy!

  6. Hi Barbara
    I hope you enjoyed your day at Port Sunlight. Stunning artwork today. The snowflake stamps are beautiful and are on my wish list. Have a good rest tonight.
    X from Chris

  7. This is beautiful, Barbara even if you did turn green putting the blog together. Ordered these stamps from Clarity after the show as love them so much and think that they will feature heavily on my Christmas cards this year. Glad you had a good time at Port Sunlight. Safe trip back. Hugs Jeanette xxx

  8. Love the stamps and the design of the card. I really should start a book with all the techniques, like this one, that I've learnt. Sadly I don't have such a notebook so i'd totally forgotten what an impact this technique can have I've never done different layers as you've done here though so thanks for the reminder and thanks for the inspiration too

    Pleased you have had a good day – hope you are having a good journey home too

  9. Evening glad you had a good day and met lots of lovely people. I don't have any shiny black card! What a sad state of affairs! Did get this set though so can use the stamps in a different way. Enjoy your evening. Xx

  10. Evening Brenda
    Evening Sheila
    Evening Diane
    Evening Dot
    Beat you all tonight! Off to bed now. Not too bad today managed to do a bookmark without a drip in sight………………………well apart from the one with the tool in her hand! 😉 xx

    1. Oh Donna poor you. I like the sound of the bookmarks, must have a go. I finally bought some tumble dryer sheets today and successfully completed a Christmas tree before I lost the light and the rugby started! Night night sleep tight – hope you feel better tomorrow xxxx
      Hi Brenda and Daisy xxxx
      Hi Dot xxxx
      Hi Sheila xxxx

    2. Oh Donna get plenty of rest glad you got to make your bookmark I need black card too
      Did you hear the bump as I bought the New clarity Christmas Santa and the best wishes set yippie xxx
      Hi Diane
      Hi Dorothy
      Hi Brenda
      Happy crafting xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like you have had a wonderful day today. I'm impressed you can type coherently whilst on the move! Mine would have been full of mystacs!!!! Lol. Brilliant artwork today, fab new stamps and a timely reminder for mica powders. Must have a play. Safe journey home – hope Dave isn't too worn out with the Rugby tension. Have a good giggle with Steve on the way home and a lovely relaxing day with Dave tomorrow. Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

  12. Stunning Barbara enjoy a cuppa and catch up with Dave ,
    I just ordered the new Christmas Santa and the best wishes set I ordered it from crafters companion as got a wonderful £10 off voucher if spent £30 so couldn't resist the offer
    Now I need the black clarity card crafting hugs to all xxx

  13. These snowflakes are so delicate and intricate – just beautiful. They work so well with the mica too. With the turn in the weather it's starting to feel that little bit Christmassy – maybe it'll inspire me to finally get going on my cards!

    Hope you got home safe and sound, and not too green, and have a good rest after a busy few days (and weeks!)

  14. Hello Barbara

    Stunning! Didn't realise Port Sunlight was only today, I thought it was a two-day show. A long way for you all to go just for one day. That's what I call dedication.


  15. Hello Barbara

    Stunning! Didn't realise Port Sunlight was only today, I thought it was a two-day show. A long way for you all to go just for one day. That's what I call dedication.


  16. Safe journey home, Ms Gray
    Hopefully NOT Ms Green!!!
    Hochanda order arrived as predicted. BriLL
    As for rugby – guess how my Bath born, primary, secondary, tertiary educated rugby-player husband is going to appreciate the barrage of texts I sent throughout the game for his breakfast time reading in the Middle East! ;~}

  17. I too thought the show was on for two days. I hope the journey back didn't take too long Barbara and look forward to seeing the finished card. Those pretty snowflakes look great with the mica powder. x

  18. Hi Barbara. It was very nice to meet you yesterday at Port Sunlight and I'm delighted with my Clarity goodies. Thanks again for your advice on stamping mounts. I'm sure my friend and I will get on better with the Clarity ones we've bought. Hope the long journey home wasn't too bad. You deserve a rest now!! Really like today's card too. Keep up the good work. Diane xx

  19. Beautiful stamp set! I've only watched some of this show so I haven't seen the finished card. I do need to catch up with my recordings. Know what you mean about 'going a bit green' – horrible feeling.
    Tonbridge Sue

  20. Hello Barb, what a fabulous card, love the idea of making the snowflakes into baubles, would love to see the finished card if you find it. Hope you have recovered from the 'going a bit green'. I know the feeling too, as I have to be careful reading or looking at phones in the car. Take care. Hope Dave is better. Bx

  21. My attempts with perfect pearls onto black card are never this crisp, so I'll have a go at letting the versamark dry a little, or using second generation and see if that makes a difference. Of course it may be that you're just so much more expert than I am with stamping onto shiny card!!! Safe journey, Susan x

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