Two excellent trees. A Barbara Bargain!

Two excellent trees. A Barbara Bargain!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
I have been meaning to tell you.
Remember last week on Monday, 
I did a tree composition using the reinkers and cut n dry felt?
When I used these two trees?
Well, I decided to do a Barbara’s Bargain on them,
and take them out of their respective sets,
and put them together.
But this is the first day that I have actually got round 
to telling you about it!!!
So now you can buy both trees alone and unmounted, 
for the princely sum of
was £14.50 

Here are a couple more pieces I have done using them…

Brayered background on Claritycard.

Multiple ink generations on our Gelli/Stencil card.

Silhouettes on a brightly brushed background.

They certainly are very versatile and lovely.
Got to go.
See you tomorrow!

Love and hugs,

43 thoughts on “Two excellent trees. A Barbara Bargain!

  1. Wow such a different piece of art work using the same trees the blue is my favourite great offer too and stencil offers as well we are spoilt have time out with Dave .xxx

    1. Sheila you little devil! Hope you've put the cushions down! Hope you are ok xxxx

      Donna have you got that heating on tonight? Weather man said it was going to be cold again so make sure you are toasty warm tonight. Xxxx

    2. Hi yes I've crafted with the new Christmas Santa reindeer set only got it stamped it might take me a week or so to Finnish it but got a while to Christmas.
      Don't need my cushions as got the trees and lots of stencils very tempted to the stencils I haven't got though but lots to play with now xxx

    3. Well relented and put the heating on for about 2hrs and then the bloddy boiler went bang so no heat, no hot water, telephoned and booked a callout for tomorrow! Honestly it so loud the doors rattled! I nearly had heart failure, so I am again tucked up in bed with my snazzy socks on! Xx

  2. Our trees are just beginning to change and so reflect your chosen colours. With all the mist last week, the muted tones are also typical. Have the set somewhere but at the moment, easier to order the pair, I think! Thanks, Barb. ;~}

  3. I have the trees they are brilliant, had a go at the demo you did last week, not bad but need more practise at getting the colours more even, got a bit muddy in places. Thank you for the extra inspiration today.xx

  4. I went and looked for the trees last week after this demo – didn't see this offer so I'm glad I wasn't quicker off the mark! Love the effects with these, they're so versatile.

  5. Lovely trees and beautiful pieces of artwork using them Barbara and a great offer on them. I think my favourite is the one you did the other day as I love the colours. x

  6. I think I have the trees and must trying using them! These are lovely!

    Have had some money for my birthday today so am thinking about the groovi plates dudes !

    Opened my NDC envelope today – fandabedooze ! Xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Love what you can do with these trees, it's great to see a Barbara masterpiece with the brayer again but lovely to see the other styles alongside it. Thank you for the great offer.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Dot
    Hi Brenda

  8. Even now, it's still amazing to see how the same two trees can have so many different looks and be so versatile. Hope you don't mind but I've "borrowed" your trick with the writing on one of my samples 🙂

    I hope Dave's feeling a bit better and your neck's not too painful,thinking of you both xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I love these trees which I already own. I really like all of the samples you have shown here and they really do show how versatile the stamps are. Went up to Edinburgh yesterday as a 60 th birthday treat from two friends – my birthday was in May but we had been unable to go until yesterday. We had a wonderful day exploring the Old Town , the weather was gorgeous and showed the city in its true glory. So much history!
    (Fabulous Fiona – found the jewellers you mentioned at Catterick and yes they have some fabulous stuff – did get some earrings!!)
    Love Alison xxx

  10. Morning, Just love this …. so bright and colourful. Been giving this idea a go and really quite pleased with the effect.

    Crafty hugs and hope all is well with you and Dave and you are not doing too much.

    Pen x

  11. Thanks Barbara going to order straight away . I thought that card was wonderful and the other artwork you have put on this blog gives me plenty of ideas. Hope you do the foam as well !

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