Saturday- A new Groovi idea!

Saturday- A new Groovi idea!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in today.
Saturday’s blog a new technique.
And we are having a 40% sale on our Groovi Borders,
so I decided to show you a neat way to get coloured parchment.
Place the A5 parchment on your Clarity Blending mat.
Load your brayer with a dye-based ink colour 
– I used Sail Boat Blue.
Start rolling the brayer back and forth across one end at an angle.

Turn your attention to the other end, 
and load the brayer with a darker colour 
I used Denim.

Bit more dark up the other end.

Et voila!
Coloured Parchment!
Allow to dry for 5 minutes, or help with a heat tool.

Time to make some art….
Round nest…
Bunting Border (see sale!)
I tightened up the flags, because I wanted to fit 7 letters in.

Working from behind of course.
These little letters are ideal.

Hills and lake from the starter kit next.

Grasses in the front from the Meadowgrasses Plate.

Using the larger stylus and the soft mat, 
add some white to the bullrushes.

Let‘s do the other flower differently…

Make a light T shape in each segment with the No 3 Stylus 
(the 3rd fattest ball).
Then add whiteness with the No. 3 and No. 2 Ball.

Coming together now…
Use the Square nest to make boxes in the frame.

Add little white dots.
Add little leaves around the outside.

Colour in using Spectrum Noir Pencils 
or Faber Castell Polychromos.

Check out the birds.
Work out how I did them….

So how to attach to a funky water-colour background piece…
How about this?
Cut two little strips and add 3mm double-sided tape to the back.

Top left, bottom right.
Then wrap round the back and attach.

Nice to leave a little of the splatty background showing, too.
Hope you enjoyed this one.
I like using the coloured parchment. 
And before you ask,
I worked on the inky side. 
So the ink was on the back.
And did my hands get inky?

This is what I wish for today.
if that is the opposite of discord and clash,
then Harmony is what I aspire to.
I also believe that you move towards what you picture in your mind, so after a very pleasant Groovi, mindful afternoon in my artroom,
I am off to a happy disco!!!!!

45 thoughts on “Saturday- A new Groovi idea!

  1. Oh I so want both – harmony and a groovy starter kit! Hope my lottery ticket wins tonight and my order for everything Groovi will be in faster than you can say Barbara Gray. Love all the videos and tutorials on Groovi, can't get enough. hope you have a lovely evening x

  2. your amazing Barbara the stunning art work you can create using the groovi never ceases to amaze me I received my boarders I ordered on Tuesday they arrived today so will be doing some groovi this weekend will start a bookmark brilliant work at clarity towers happy crafting to all xxx

    1. Hi Donna great crafting minds I've just left you a message I've managed to get my groovi bits ready to start to make my bookmark tomorrow I got my pouches today With my boarders so all prepared enjoy making your bookmark xxx

    2. Bookmark for my mum almost finished, just going to add some colour tomorrow and then cut it out. I really enjoyed doing it even managed to do the white work without going through the parchment so I must be improving! Enjoy doing yours tomorrow. Xx

  3. Hi Barbara, love this today, well I love em every day but not always on right gadget to comment. That's a great idea to colour the parchment…will give it a go at some stage. I have had a groovi afternoon, finishing a crd for a friends up coming burthday. It just needs mounting now and deciding which colour card to lay behind.

    Enjoy your dancing tonight. Xx

    1. Another beautiful piece of parchment artwork Barbara. Looks brilliant on the homemade coloured parchment. The bunting looks 3D which adds even more to the design. So glad you are giving us all this groovi inspiration. Great idea for fixing it to the card. Enjoy the dancing tonight.xx

  4. More fantastic ideas and inspiration, Barbara. Thank you! I really thought parchment work wouldn't be for me and I can't believe how much I enjoy doing it. The ideas you've shown us over the past week are really beautiful and make me want to keep trying more. Hopefully, with practice and patience I'll improve. And I was wondering about getting coloured parchment, so this answers that question. Great ideas, great designs. Keep 'em coming! 🙂

  5. Hi Barbara
    The artwork is lovely and it's good to know it is possible to colour the parchment. I guess you will be getting into the groove in the dance floor tonight!
    Hugs from Chris X

    1. Really glad you had a groovi night gyrating those hips. Hope lots of money was raised. Really love this card, especially colouring the parchment with ink and the new method for fixing to a background. Inspirational as always. Love and hugs xxx

  6. Beautiful artwork, my Saturday crafty afty friends and I are starting with your Groovi starter kit next Saturday, can't wait then I'll be seeing you and all the clarity team at Catterick so looking forward to it xx

  7. Hello Barb, glad to hear you had a good evening. Love today's fabulous art work. Great tip for colouring the parchment. Hope Dave is feeling loads better. Have a great Sunday all. Bx

  8. Absolutely beautiful Barbara and I love the brayering of the inks on the parchment and the design is fabulous! Glad you had a great time bopping away last night and hope you're not too tired this morning. x

  9. Glad you had a greta night. I had an early night and a lie in after a long day – including a glass fusion crafternoon celebrating with my best friend as we met 30 years ago!

    Colouring the parchment like this opens up so many more options – I think it'll look great for bookmarks, I ordered some pouches along with a new border set, so waiting for those to arrive!

    I'm also wondering about painting the back after embossing – might be just the effect I was looking for on a piece I'm planning, so will give it a go!

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