Hey Groovi Chick! When is a straight line round?

Hey Groovi Chick! When is a straight line round?

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
What a lovely sunny day it is here in Sussex today!

Just had a little memory bubble there…
Years ago, we had some issues with emails not getting through,
people moaning because we weren’t responding at Clarity,
but the emails had never landed in the first place.
It was getting pretty bad, so we started tracking the spam and junk files, where things were automatically getting filtered into the spam trays.
Lo and behold – 
all emails from Essex, East Sussex and West Sussex were getting rejected! Yep, it didn’t like SEX!!!

Anyway, where was I?
Ah yes, sunny day in East Sussex and the last day of the Groovi Border Sale.

 I thought it would be fun to go really frilly and feminine today, and show you a cool way of using the Lace Borders with the Square & Circle Nested Groovi Plates

Let’s gather together what we need:

Groovi Starter Kit


Place the Square Nested Groovi Plate into the Mate and attach a piece of parchment. Take one of the lacy borders and line it up against the largest square and then move it down until the complete patterned edge matches the line. This particular border works perfectly on the 3rd square in from the outside edge.

Trace the square and then attach the Lacy Border to the edge of the Mate; line it up and trace the border.

As you can see, the pattern just overlaps at each end, which is fine. Repeat this on all 4 sides

Once you have done this, cut it out using the Pergamano Pointed Scissors, doesn’t that look delicate?

Next, swap out the Square Nested Plate and replace with the Circle Nested Plate. 

Just because the Borders are straight, doesn’t mean that we can’t go round in circles! The design that is, not us. Although…

Now this part takes a bit of practice to work out what size circle to use, but never fear! Gray is here! And she’s got a good friend called Paul Church who worked it out for her !!

Take another piece of parchment and trace the 4th circle in from the outside. 

Now you may ask why am I doing it on another piece of parchment and not into the middle of the above frame? Well wouldn’t it be a shame if you got nearly all the way round and then you made a mistake – how do I know this ?!?!?!?!

Now we can start to add the border.

Take it nice and slowly, and build up the pattern.

When you are done, cut it out.

Now we are going to repeat this process on the 8th circle in from the outside.

and cut it out again.

Next trace the smallest of the 3 Doves, and cut it out.

When you are finished, you should have these elements.
The potential is amazing…

When layered up, 
white on white it looks very porcelain like and very delicate. 

I also think that this would look lovely in a picture frame.

So at this stage you are welcome to get off the train and stick with mono layers, or continue the journey below…

Let’s add some colour. 
I have chosen a lilac piece of card to mount it onto,
 and attached it with 4 coordinating brads. The middle pieces are stuck down with a small piece of the red hi-tack tape in the middle, which we will hide with the birdie.  

I have used the Spectrum Noir Pencils to colour in from behind, as you can see from the image below, it looks a bit scratchy

So this is where the Spectrum Noir Blending Solution and Paper Stumps come into play.

Take a stump, and dip it into the solution and then dab of any excess onto a piece of tissue as you don’t want to make the parchment too wet. Then use the stump as you would a pencil and lightly go over where you have coloured in blending the colours together. You will notice that it lifts off the colour, but don’t panic, this is one occasion whereby once you add it, you can take it away!

To add a finishing touch, colour in parts of the Lace Border as well.

Very simple, very logical and endless possibilities.
The special offer runs out at midnight tonight, 
so do go and check out the 40% border sale.
It’s groovi!!

love and hugs,

46 thoughts on “Hey Groovi Chick! When is a straight line round?

  1. Quite simply beautiful. I do love the doves plate, it has so much potential. Great project to wake up to after a busy night shift and poor sleep as all neighbors are cutting the grass and enjoying the sunshine! Just 7 sleeps to go me coming up to Catterick, can't wait, Santa is almost here! Lots of love.

  2. Beautiful Barbara. I'm waiting till Xmas for mine. Daughter no 3 took advantage of the starter kit offer and daughter no 4 took advantage of the borders offer and free p+p . So lucky me I'm going to have a groovi Xmas x

  3. Hi Barbara
    Just beautiful . This is my favourite Groove piece so far but I may be biased by the colour as I love lilac/ blue/pink colour ways. Did you enjoy yesterday evening boogieing? It's so good to relax and let your hair down from time to time. Enjoy the remainder of this lovely sunny day.
    Hugs from Chris X

  4. Hello Barb, simply beautiful art, love the colours, they are so pretty. It is a beautiful day here in Bucks too. Had a good laugh at your email story. Have a great Sunday afternoon. Bx

  5. Hello Barbara

    After an evening out I wasn't expecting a blog so early. I love this card and all the ideas, hints and tips you give us (and thanks to Paul, too).

    A tip for the blending solution – take a small, screw-top container (I used an tablet bottle). Cut up a sponge to fit the bottle and pour in some blending solution. When I need some I just dip the oaper stump into it.

    This is not my original idea. I read it somewhere.


  6. Some very pretty "in-line" embossing Barbara….. Another parchment technique mastered! This is the technique I used for the card I sent to you for Hochanda, the Dove with the poinsettia. ( I did it on one sheet) I think all your Border Plates are fantastic, you can do so much with them. Along with the nested plates, they are invaluable in any parchment stash!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Hugs xxx

  7. This is very pretty, love that dove!

    I smiled at your opening comments about spam emails – we have some friends whose emails never get through to us – they're called Bottom!! Even worse, they come from that notorious place in Yorkshire – Penistone 😉

  8. Hi Barb,
    Another stunningly beautiful piece of artwork. Love it! I think the white on White is absolutely gorgeous. I've taken advantage of the border sale and got the calendar and relations ones which were the only ones I hadn't got – so thank you for that. Is there any chance of doing some small letterbox squares to fit the smaller letters on the border plate instead of the bunting? I think they would be really useful. Beautiful day up here in Durham – makes a change I must say. Looking forward to Saturday. Love Alison xx

  9. Great demo, I can't decide if I like it better with or without the colour as both look beautiful. I have made my first bookmark ready for when my pouches arrive. Hope your legs have recovered from your boogie last night. Xx

    1. thats good ,I need to cut my two bookmarks out did a trial so could cut out as didn't want to ruin the ones I'm going to give as presents will cut them out tomorrow hopefully xxx

  10. Amazing Barbara the groovi has so much to offer .ive started to do my bookmarks It's so relaxing and I'm impressed at what I can make by using different elements from different plates and boarders I been using the boarder round the butterfly for my friends birthday one and the ropes for my granddaughters going to collage one and a thank you one using the boxes I cut that out as its my sample one as don't want to mess up the ones I'm giving cutting them out I've had a lovely groovi afternoon my partner bless him as been doing the edges for me while I rested in between restoring my energy hugs to all xxx

  11. Love these cards, the white is so fresh and lovely, the coloured you've used my favourite colour Lilac and its beautiful. Had a little go on my groovi today with the Christmas Tree, really enjoyed it, so relaxing, but had to keep telling myself not to rush it. Me thinks I'm going to love it.xx

  12. Simply stunning – my mum would love a card like this, but I really can't add any more to my craft stash until I get it a bit more under control!!! Spent the afternoon clearing out our shed, and have a boot full of "it'll come in useful one day" to go to the recycling centre tomorrow, and a box of spare crockery to take to the charity shop – we thought if it hadn't been needed in the 4 years we've lived here someone else probably needed it more! Sending hugs to everyone who needs one, and hoping that Brenda also had some lovely sunshine today in her part of Scotland to warm her soul! Susan x

  13. Thanks so much for this, Barbara! I ordered those squares and circles last week, so I'm now hoping I can try out this lovely design soon. Don't know if anyone else keeps doing this, but I'm forever colouring in on the wrong blooming side! Every time! What a numpty. 😀

    1. Your not a numpty I've embossed the butterfly on one side then then embossed the ring of flowers on the other side now I keep my sellotape on the wrong side so know I'm on the side to colour too don't know if that will help xx

    2. Thanks, Sheila and Jackie – yes, I've mixed and matched the embossing too. I'll try your sellotape tip, Sheila (better than the big X I pencilled in, as that shows through to the other side!)

  14. Love this, I did my bookmark with lace edge, love that you can mix and match elements like this to make a whole different look. Fab this Groovi.
    Hi Brenda, hope you're well. Karen xxx.

  15. HiBarbara
    Oh what a treat, this really is pretty and frilly and so beautiful and yesterday's was just amazing. Sorry I didn't comment yesterday, a ver fraught day, in fact weekend, moving our daughter into university!!! Oh boy are we tired tonight!
    Thank you so much for sharing
    Love Diane xxxx

  16. What a truly pretty card, just love it. I usually put an 'F' in the top right corner, using a pencil, very lightly. You can put a 'B' on the other side if you wish. Then at the end they can be erased, or if you're cutting out, it doesn't matter!! X

  17. What a truly pretty card, just love it. I usually put an 'F' in the top right corner, using a pencil, very lightly. You can put a 'B' on the other side if you wish. Then at the end they can be erased, or if you're cutting out, it doesn't matter!! X

  18. Beautiful parchment work Barbara and those lacy edges are perfection and finished so prettily with the dove in the centre. I love the white but then when you had finished it I love the lilac too. x

  19. Simply lovely Barb – I love this Groovi thing you've got going on! Suppose I'll have to get the doves now. I've taken advantage of the border offer, just waiting for them to arrive.
    I would like to see some designs for the men, like, cars, sport, etc. or do you think parchment is too 'girlie'? X

  20. Hi Barbara

    Love it all, love it all, love it all I do
    but can't quite keep up with you!!

    I need to replenish funds before buying any more stash, but really loving Groovi, didn't think I would ever do parchment work!!

    Thanks for all the inspiration xx

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