A Private Gallery of talented Parchment Artists….

A Private Gallery of talented Parchment Artists….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
A little late I know.
But I spent the day down in Bognor Regis with Dee, and then took the scenic route home.
And I mean
Must have been singing too loudly along with my good friend Dave (aka Bowie),
because I suddenly went from doing 80 along the A27 to doing 8 up a mud track!!
Not to worry.
Had a brill day with Dee.
A good old chinwag,
lovely lunch, strawberries and cream, the works.
AND I got home.
Where more can a gal want ?
So it being Friday’s blog a private peek,
I decided to carry on with some fab Groovi art.
Not mine mind!
I gathered up all the cards which are sitting on the kitchen dresser,
took a photo of them,
and would like to share some beautiful artwork 
which very clever people have sent me recently.
I am sure they won’t mind my sharing their talent to inspire you.
Deb McMullin created this masterpiece with the 
Meadowgrass Plate and the Hills from the Starter Kit.
Oh. And check out the border work…
Lynne Bishop, apart from making the BEST cakes,
also sent us this delightful Peony card.

Maggie Craner’s lovely piece next.
She is an inspiration.
Here, she has mixed the Peony Plate with the Sprig Plate.
Spot the borders again.

Many of you have heard the name Elaine Milner?
She is one of the founding members of the Clarity Design Team.
Another very talented cardmaker.
Here, she sent me her first Groovi attempt.
Wow. I think she’s got the job!!

Margaret from the Wirral has done a stellar job here, too.
She and Sara Jane came down to the retreat.
What a lovely couple of ladies. 
Mother and daughter. 
Look forward to seeing them at Port Sunny in October.

And here is Linda Batley’s artwork.
Another superb piece of artwork.
We had a great time at the workshop!
Now this one is very clever.
Janet Pearce made a very personal card for myself and Dave,
after Dave had his bad turn.
See how she has used the borders and the symbols on the Groovi Plate Mate to create a crossword message?

You see,
the thing about this little Clarity Community which we have created,
it’s brim full of talented individuals, generosity and kindness.
Don’t forget to take advantage of the 40% Border Plate Sale!
We’ve got so many beautiful plates in the pipeline,
but the borders tie it all together. 
love and hugs,

Would be great if you can join us oop norf next weekend….

44 thoughts on “A Private Gallery of talented Parchment Artists….

  1. Great to see all these marvellous creations, they are great inspiration for us beginners! Never thought I'd being doing parchment and I love it! Dare I ask when we are going to learn cutting out?! 😉

    Glad you had a good day out! Thank you! Xx

  2. Hello Barbara

    Glad you had a good day with your friend Dee. A very interesting journey home! The cards are superb. Just goes to prove how versatile the system is and how easy to use. Just need imagination and creativity.


  3. Hi Barbara
    I am so pleased you enjoyed your day with Dee. The cards are lovely. There is a lot of talent out there so thank you for sharing with us. I an looking forward to seeing what new Groovi plates you have in store. It is the most amazing system. I am thinking of getting some tools so I can explore this beautiful craft in depth. The tracing and drawing with the white ink was the thing that put me off as my hands are not too steady. Now there is Groovi so that's not a problem any more.
    Hugs from Chris x

  4. I'm really pleased that you had a lovely relaxing day, although not sure that admitting to driving at 80 on any UK road is a good idea – oops

    You've shared a wonderful selection of gorgeous cards, talent obviously attracts talent as these cards are beautiful. Everyone of them is amazing, so dainty, so detailed

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  5. At last! I have been trying to write a comment for days! We are on holiday in Italy and it seems to have translated my entire account into Italian! No matter what great artwork, so inspired I have ordered some Groovi borders! I loved the one you did yesterday with the squares (that Groovi plate also fell into my basket!). Glad you had a great day out and a lovely lunch. Hope Dave is continuing to get back to full strength. Looking forward to your Hochanda programmes on my return. Take care xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Wow what a lovely collection of cards, thank you for sharing them with us. It's lovely to see what people can do with the Groovi plates, it's really inspiring. How wonderful you have touched so many peoples lives and they have sent you something in return. I hope you and Dave have a fabulous weekend. We are still frantically packing our daughter up for university whilst trying to keep within the weight limits for flying! I'm off to bed in a mo to try and get some sleep before the adventure begins!!!!!!
    Take care love Diane xxx

    1. Aberdeen university, right at the top of the country – we live right down the bottom! She does love us really 🙂 they had the most interesting courses. I've got the tissues handy! Xxxx

    2. She'll be fine ! I've seen so many arrive for their first day. It will be end of term before you know it! I'm sure it will take a bit of getting used to for you though ! Xxx

  7. Brilliant that you had a lovely day with Dee, such a clever lady. Thank-you for sharing my card and all the other wonderful ones. A wonderful creation the Groovi plate, I am loving using it and find it much easier to use as I have some arthritis in my hands.Have a lovely weekend. xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Really pleased you've had such a good day with Dee – it must have done you some good I'm sure. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous artwork sent to you – they are all fabulous. I must say, I really love my Groovi. Love Alison xxx

  9. Glad you've had a relaxing day, and it's wonderful to see everyone's Groovi cards – still not sure that path is for me, but I do love seeing what other talented parchers are creating with your system. Have a great weekend, Susan x

    1. Hi Donna pain has been more controlled today thank you
      Hope you have had a good day getting prepared ready for your new class next week .
      Hope you get to craft over the weekend xxx

  10. What stunning work such talented people the groovi is fantastic to use I've been doing some of my Christmas cards when my boarders come I want to make some bookmarks your blog is so inspirational wonderful that you had a lovely day out with dee and arrived home safely hope you and Dave have a restful weekend hugs to all xxx

  11. i was thinking of Janet Pearce only yesterday wondering what had become of her…. and she pops up here! that's if she's the same one…. an independent card designer that i associate with do crafts.
    so many talented people i see. take care, hugs xx

  12. Glad you had a good day with your friend and thanks for showing my card. I am really quite hooked on the Groovi system. Hope you and Dave have a relaxing weekend. Jx

  13. Wonderful posting today with so many gorgeous cards from such talented people. I have just started using the Groovi and love it. When are you going to get a Canadian Distributor so I can get everything here in Canada. The postage is so expensive but that hasn't stopped me yet. Just love everything and want it all. Have a great weekend.

  14. Glad you had an enjoyable day and a good lunch with Dee Barbara, and what a pleasure to view all these absolutely beautiful pieces of work. x

  15. What stunning pieces of work…. These mini works of art must make you feel so proud. They are the mark of a good teacher.

    I do hope Dave and Dee are feeling a lot better (Reminds me of the band Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich) which one are you lol?

    Take care of yourself.


  16. Thank you Barbara for sharing all those lovely parchment cards with us. Just hope when I use my groovi that my cards will be half as good. Collected parcel tonight & opened it, it all looks fantastic, tomorrow I'll be getting in the groove. Glad you had a great day with Dee & arrived back safely. Hope Dave is doing well.xx

  17. Hi Brenda, haven't been on here much as been on holiday, but noticed you haven't been either. Hope you will be soon, miss your comments and banter with Donna and Sheila. A big hug from me to you. Pam xx

  18. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing such beautiful work with us, very pretty and inspirational. I am sure the creators of the artwork don't mind at all, as they can be very proud of what they produced. Have a great Saturday everyone. Bx

  19. These are stunning! Hubby and i just received our groovi starter kit & have sets of borders on the way – so excited to get started. He may start later today but i'll have to be patient & wait until I've found an antistatic pad thingy or some perga-whatsit. I bought the least smelly tumbledrier sheets i could find but have got to banish them far away from me as they are already setting off my eyes and skin and they're still in the box inside a carrier bag!!! Stupid body of mine. Ah well. Patience is a virtue so they say.

    1. Alison, the tumble drier sheets do not have to be "damp". They can be bone dry and and well aired to get rid of the smell. Not sure if that would help you, but I cannot stand the fresh ones straight from the box either. They start me sneezing and make my eyes sore. xxx Maggie

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