Rain stopped play I’m afraid.

Rain stopped play I’m afraid.

Hello lovely people!
Thanks for popping in!
Wish you’d brought a mop though.
Can’t stop long today.
On the way back from setting up at Ally Pally we hit a deluge, 
a torrent of rain.
Got home to a sizeable puddle in the kitchen.
Mmm. Never been a fan of puddles in the kitchen, 
have we, Ena….
The plumber and Dave were already taking up the carpets upstairs and investigating when we arrived.
Rain surge or a leaky pipe, that is the question.
Whether ‘tis easier for my mind to rip up the floorboards
and find the problem 
(the night before the biggest Stamp show of the year),
or put down towels in the kitchen, watch the rugby
and deal with it later.
Mmmmm. what would YOU do?
Ah well, could be worse.
The poor people in the accident which shut down the M25 
all morning when we were on our way there will vouch for that.
(oh yes, it’s been a doozy of a day!)
Dave was staying home anyway, 
because he has been under the weather this week,
and now he is DEFINITELY staying home to stand guard in the kitchen!!!
Ahh. Dave’s just informed me they’ve moved from the hallway 
on to the bathroom, and are investigating in there now. 
Didn’t like that lino anway.
Am I allowed to swear?
Put your fingers in your ears if you can’t handle it.
F88888888888888888ckitallllll !!!!!!!
That’s better.
Decision made.
Fish n chips and rugby.
Ah yes. It’s supposed to be a crafty blog.
Must fly!
See you tomorrow at Ally pally I hope!
Underneath the Big Rose Window.
Love and hugs,

88 thoughts on “Rain stopped play I’m afraid.

  1. Oh blimey Barbara, there's enough of the wet stuff outside you don't need it inside too! Fish and chips watching rugby sound just right to me. Sorry to hear Dave isn't feeling too good again I think you both need a holiday to relax and recharge. Xx

  2. Oh dear, never good to spring a leak. Don't worry about it, it's just a drop (or very big puddle of water), the plus side is you can get some new flooring, always look on the bright side. You may need to go to sleep with your arm bands on. Lots of love and hope you find the source soon 🙂 Sam xx

  3. Oh no I hope they find the problem before thete is too much damage. Sorry to hear that Dave is a bit low – big hugs Dave – take care buddy. Good luck with the show Barb – I'm off to sunny (I hope) Anglesey tomorrow but will be thinking of you all. Xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Sadly I will not be attending 🙁 but on the bright side I will save my money……………….oh who am I kidding? I will just have to spend more to make up for it! Groovi for me tonight. Xx

    2. I got my groovi order today bookmark covers and grunge paste
      Other one to come groovi plate and stencil another clarity fix
      You go for it lots of clarity goodies xxx
      Manage to cut out a couple of. Bookmarks cut out first then I know I can decorate without messing it up cutting out
      I've had a bad day today most of today spent in bed but knew CFS would come to kick. Me up my derrière after my busy week .xxx

  4. Oh you poor soul, seems like you're both having a run of very bad luck this year. Good choice you made, if you can forget about it for now, leave it to the men, and you concentrate on your show. Is it not a bit early for the autumn season rugby? wonder if Scotland are playing any games, I'm so out of it totally just now, there could have been a global catastrophe for all I know.
    Take care, try not to worry Dave will sort it, and hope Dave doesn't overdo it on his treasure hunt for a leaky pipe, and he starts to feel better again soon
    lots of love and hugs Brenda xx

    1. Lovely to see you on here, again Brenda, missed you. Hope you are feeling better than you did and that you feel a little better every day. We're all thinking of you. Sending you a big hug. Pam xx

    2. Hi Brenda how lovely to see you. I take it you like a game of rugby then 🙂 it's England Fiji tonight, not sure when Scotland are playing – at least it's something good to watch on TV , proper men in shorts not namby pamby footballers that fall over if you look at them! Sending you a hug xxxx

    3. I agree, with your comment about them being proper tough men. Sometimes you watch and wince for them. Brings the black knight from Monty Python to mind "its only a flesh wound!" Xx

    4. Hi Brenda, I haven't written before but I am delighted you are in touch again. Scotland will be playing next week. Just a minute and I will check the paper freebie – yep Scotland v Japan on Wednesday. ;~}

    5. Wow, what lovely people you all are, and being soo kind to me. That's certainly not what's happening to me in my life here. So thank you everyone for showing me kindness and saying all those special words and sentiments, I'll try and work at taking it in (you know I'm not good at knowing what to do with good stuff). Japan – there's a chance we could win that one!!! xx

    6. Just catching up with Barbara's blog after washing, vacuuming etc on this beautiful Saturday morning and so lovely to see your comments Brenda, we have missed you, take care and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can, but don't leave it long because people worry about you. xx

  5. Bloody he'll Barbara that's definitely what you don't need…we've had the bathroom floor up …leaky from under the shower. Enjoy your fish not chips and the rugby. Take care on the roads tomorrow and tell Daventry not to do too much. (((Hugs))) xx

  6. Bloody he'll Barbara that's definitely what you don't need…we've had the bathroom floor up …leaky from under the shower. Enjoy your fish not chips and the rugby. Take care on the roads tomorrow and tell Daventry not to do too much. (((Hugs))) xx

  7. Hi Barb, see you tomorrow. Will come and say hello and be a bit sad not to see your lovely Dave. All best wishes to him and the floors and perhaps the damp walls. Enjoy the rugby – I shall. xx Margaret Col.

  8. So sorry about the flood and more to the point Mr Dave. I was so looking forward to seeing you both. I expect I will have to do with you! Sorry just my feeble attempt at a joke after a very gruelling day under the eagle eye of one of our top Judges – she sent down Pete Doherty – remember him! Well really looking forward to Sunday – we meet again – just off the the cash machine before the rugby starts. By the way lovely groovi! Must get my priorities right.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  9. Enjoy the rugby – I'm not a massive fan, so my OH has the sofa to himself and a beer in his hand already. My book is calling!!! Hope your leak gets sorted/found and that Dave rests up and feels better soon. Susan x

  10. Love that word Barb. Think I may have used it a few times myself – just helps to release a bit of tension! Maybe an idea to include it in a 'swear word chain" Ha! Hope your weekend gets better and better. X

  11. As they say worse things happen at sea – you've let off steam – and fish and chips and the rugby seem the appropriate choice to me!! Hope Dave is taking it a bit easy xxx
    Take Care Barbara!!! chillax cuppa, fish supper and plan the new lino xx
    Much love

  12. Oh dear Barbara, let's hope it was just a surge. I'm sure the men will sort it out. Hope Dave is up to fixing it and that he'll feel better soon. You are so funny, I'm amazed at your sense of humour in a crisis, that's it always look on the bright side you're brilliant. Don't think I'll be able to make it this weekend as I've got the dreaded lurgy, unless I feel a lot better. If I don't make it, hope it all goes well, I'll just have to put in an order, well you would wouldn't you. Don't think we can watch the rugby either looks as though Virgin is off. Don't forget to have a break & rest your neck between demos.xx

  13. Oh dear never rains but what it pours. Sorry could not resist that. Hope they find the problem as you will not sleep well. Wish I could be at show but too far for me this time. We are celebrating Birthdays this weekend both son and daughter, youngest and eldest of my brood. Will be hectic but great fun when they are all together. Hope Dave soon feels better, must be horrible for him to keep feeling under the weather. Hope show goes well. xx

  14. It never rains, but it pours! Hope everything gets sorted and that the weekend isn't too stressful. Gute Besserung to Dave and look after yourself as well. On the bright side, the weather is supposed to be much better this weekend and I'm sure there will be lots of well wishers at Ally Pally. Can't make it myself unfortunately – have to go and see Stoke lose again at home!!! (Hoping reverse psychology works – drueckt die Daumen – Toi, Toi, Toi$%£!!)

  15. Good choice Barbara! Didn't your Mother tell you there would be days like this! As you say always someone having a worse day, you don't have to watch the news to count your blessings. Have a good show, I know you will, we love you & clarity, you are a Groovi Chick!

  16. So sorry about your floors, Barbara. That one wee outburst showed great restraint, if you ask me! I'd have made a sailor blush… 🙂 Hope you get it all sorted, or rather, hope Dave and friend get it all sorted and that you enjoy your fish n chips and rugby. Wish I could pop along to see you tomorrow, but it's a bit of a trek too far at the moment. Good luck! Hope tomorrow is better than today. xx

  17. Looking forward to seeing g you on Sunday. My friend (who's not a stamper) has got very excited looking at the parchment craft I did on the retreat and is going to invest in the Groovi kit!

  18. Hi Barbara. Sending some good vibes for the weekend. Sorry to hear about your troubles and also about Dave…. Must have been all that hugging at Catterick lol. Have a great time at ally pally, say hi to the gang. Hugs xxx

  19. Good grief, that must have been a shock to walk in on. After a day like that. How exactly do you pronounce that swear word? Had my own disaster with the wet stuff this morning. Totally my own fault though. Put washing in machine – switched on – walked away – sound of waterfall – YIKES, forgot I hadn't put the filter back in after cleaning it! The rest is a blur, but it ended with a pile of wet towels. Enjoy the rugby and the F&Cs and I wish you all the best for the weekend. Lovely Grooving by the way.
    Tonbridge Sue

  20. Oh Barbara that sounds like a day best forgotten. I do hope they find the problem soon &that the fish & chips were enjoyed along with the rugby. I've just been informed that there are four matches back to back tomorrow! (are you sure Dave didn't know that before he said he'd sTaylor at home?!!) So i shall think of you at Ally Pally as i retreat to my craft room. All the while keeping my fingers crossed that your leak is soon fixed.
    Hugs ((()))

  21. Oh Barbara shush to leeks water carpets up at least you have Lino not ceramic tiles I hope you find the culprit soon I feel it for you
    at least Dave was at home hope got to look on the bright side we tried too
    Hope Dave starts to feel brighter soon
    Have a wonderful day at ally pally under the rose window
    Will be thinking of you
    Lots of hugs to help you through xxx

  22. Nothing worse than having a leak! Sorry – not being flippant, just flippant cheeky! Been there with the bathroom leak – bloomin' bath hadn't been installed properly and as we never used that bathroom, it took a week of visitors for the water to find its way through.
    Fish 'n' chips and rugby – best idea. Watching the match at the moment and relaying a commentary to Mike in Kuwait as well as writing this. (George Ford plays for Bath and Mike's a Bathonian, timing his trips home to coincide with some home games at the Rec!)
    have fun at the Ally Pally this weekend; wish I was there. Have to content myself with my big Clarity order which arrived today! Really getting into this Groovi stuff! ;~}

    1. Hi Sheila, I put in another order two days ago too; just had to have the latest additions! Spent my flight back from the Middle East with Groovi work I'd outlined before I left. What a great way to spend a six hour flight and such a conversation piece! ;~}

  23. On no just what you don't need…If you need a caption….
    It never rains but it pours!!! Sorry…it just sprang into my mind….well at least it was clean for once..
    Seriously, hope the leak gets sorted, Dave feels better and Ally Pally is fantastic……love to all the team…xxxx

  24. Hi Barbara oh my goodness you have had a day and a half! I hope the plumber finds the problem soon and there's not too much teeth sucking as he gives you the verdict! I hope you've got a Dave Sitter to make sure he's not overdoing it tomorrow. I was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow but it's better for him to be at home (with the Rugby!). Enjoy your fish and chips and the game ( it's been good so far!). Safe journey and hopefully see you tomorrow. Love Diane xxx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Oh no! What a sh***y day you're having!!! I hope Dave is ok and not overdoing it. Fish and chips and rugby seemed like a good choice especially as we won. I hope everything goes well at Ally Pally and that you rest your neck if you can. Hope you get the water problem sorted too without too much upheaval. Love Alison xxx

  26. Water gets everywhere. My upstairs neighbours regularly flood my bathroom and kitchen. It is amazing how far even a little water can go.
    Thank goodness for take away dinners.
    I hope that Dave feels better soon and that you have a good weekend at Ali Pali.

  27. So sorry you have got plumbing problems Barbara and hope Dave and the plumber manage to sort it between them and that Dave is feeling ok soon, also wish Ally Pally is a big success. x

  28. Well a Barbara you've certainly had a day and a half. I hope Dave is able to locate the problem and that it is fixed soon. Big hugs to Dave, hope he feels better soon. Wish I could join you this weekend – will be thinking of you all. xx

  29. Sorry to hear about the leak, nothing more frustrating (or so destructive) than chasing a leak under floorboards. Hope all goes well at Ally Pally. As still in France we get to hear rugby matches with French commentary, sounds like Mike Brown was playing on his own from the number of times he got name checked, he was all over the field. My team Wales is without my little Leigh Halfpenny and have injury problems, coupled with being in a group with England (hubby refuses to watch England v Wales matches with me as I'm too noisy for the wrong side!), also in group is Australia so someone will be upset out of group stages. Ah well there is always Groovi to calm me down, another bookmark completed, I'm with the CCA club in that everyone is getting a bookmark for Christmas. Hope Dave feeling better tomorrow at least he has the rugby to keep him company. Enjoy yourself tomorrow. Much love Karen xxx.

  30. Hope you get sorted soon at home….wasn't the rugby great!!!!!
    Sadly no Ally Pally for me this year as we've got a pearl wedding anniversary (high tea/party) to attend (my ex-boss). He and his wife don't want any gifts, so rather than make a card, I decide to make a piece of art work using one of your tutorials using the entwined elephants – looks great in a frame, and something a little more personal.
    Have a great weekend at Ally Pally. Travel safe xxx

  31. Sorry to hear about the leak, what a pain. Sorry you've had one of those days and I hope tomorrow is better under the rose window. Good news on the rugby front at least! And fish and chips too – can't be all bad! Xx

  32. So sorry to hear about your leak. What a nuisance and they take so long to sort out. I hope it's resolved soon and that Dave gets some rest this weekend and that you do too asap.

  33. There was a lady called Barbara
    Who always look after the people beside her
    After a gruelling day
    On the motorway
    She came home to find a leek
    Said oh dear what a end to a very difficult week

    Sending big hugs xxx

  34. What a dY hope you found the leak sound complete night mare poor Dave hope he gets to rest feet up today. You have a fab day today and will be there tomorrow so looking forward to my first craft show and meeting some of my lovely craft friends I have made in Facebook but not met and coming to see you so big hugs Sunday yeeck one sleep see you tomorrow love hugs Joy

  35. What a nuisance.and if you are like me the rugby didn't make things any easier was on the edge of my seat til the end …
    Hope you get to the root of the puddle and that Ally Pally is a success for you x

  36. Hello Barb, oh my goodness, what a terrible day, hope the leak was found and sorted, and hope Dave feels better and rests up this weekend. I am sure that Ally Pally will be a success. Look after yourselves please. Bx

  37. Oh, Barb, it never rains, but it pours! I can vouch for that, living in the west of Ireland. Sorry to hear Dave isn't well again, sounds as if he has done too much, and over reached himself.
    Great idea with the fish and chips, though I don't like Rugby – have a great (and profitable) day at Ally Pally, wish I could be there to meet you in person, though you must get home hoarse from all the talking.

  38. Hello Barbara

    I am so sorry to hear Dave is feeling poorly again I do hope the docs get him sorted soon. And what a welcome home after what must have been a very busy day.

    Good luck with the Ally Pally show although I am sure you won't need it.

    Love and hugs

  39. Mystery Leak Man here, Thanks for all good wishes and messages ! The beautiful thing is that we live in a really old house- the worst thing is that we live in a really old house !, Sink and shower waste pipes buried under floors , and a heating system that manifests itself in the most unusual voids and spaces under floors etc etc, resembling in place , a nest of snakes! The plumber disappeared last night (He is a rugby nut) and will not be coming back until Monday at least .. C'est la vie ! I think it's stopped now. I'm sorry to missing the Ally Pally show…it's always crazy busy for us and although knackerIng , there's always a really good buzz there. On the plus side Barb has the A team with her, namely…Paul , Jane, Heather and Len … So I know all will be well……xx

    1. Hi Dave glad it's stopped now might have been a good thing as your resting at home ally pally might have been too much with how you are now your body is saying rest up ,as you say Barbara and her a team will manage you take it easy listen to your body and rest up crafting hugs xxx

  40. Nothing worse than water Barbarara we are visiting our sons apartment in lansarote just refurbished after it was flooded. For 5 months the person who should have looking after he was ill. All is well now and we are having a lovely te in the sun Love to Dave xxx June horrocks xxxx

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