Colburn Open Day No. 1

Colburn Open Day No. 1

Hi there! 
Thanks for popping in!
Long but lovely day up North.
What a smashing bunch of visitors!
One thing became alarmingly evident halfway through the day.
There we were, a bunch of us doing said Groovi Make n Take,
and out of nowhere this lovely lady, 
when asked to write a name using the Groovi Plate Mate,
WHAT??? I exclaimed. “You’re Alimecca from the blog?!”
And before she could reply, the lady next door but one
 – just as surprised as me about Ali –
called “and I’m Fabulous Fiona!”.
Others raised their hands and told us their blog names too.
So many Claritybarb-blog friends, all sitting next to each other, 
didn’t even know who their neighbours were!
So it occurred to us that we need badges. Name badges. 
We must make our Blogname badges before the next meeting!
It was almost comical!!!
I for one enjoyed the day, 
and especially the mini workshops sessions. 
Check out the concentration here…
mindful moments,

We really got into the groove…

What a great photo.
So while Sam and the team entertained and inspired,

Here’s a quickie using one of the new Art Deco Border Plates which we launched today.
Hope you like it xx
Got to sleeeep….

love and hugs,
PS Tune in tomorrow for a little fun caption competition.
There’s a photo of me which is veritable terrifying.
Just need to find it, and you can tell me what I am saying!

65 thoughts on “Colburn Open Day No. 1

  1. Well I was looking forward to coming over today but now I've read this I know I'm even more excited about being over there with you all tomorrow!!! It's fabulous how clarity brings people together! Love to you all! Xxxxx

  2. Well I was looking forward to coming over today but now I've read this I know I'm even more excited about being over there with you all tomorrow!!! It's fabulous how clarity brings people together! Love to you all! Xxxxx

  3. Can't wait for tomorrow. Name badges would be fantastic..lots of fb friends have cats n dogs etc for their profile pics. I got a list lol Jo says if its not on my list I can't get it? Yea righto lol

  4. Can't wait for tomorrow. Name badges would be fantastic..lots of fb friends have cats n dogs etc for their profile pics. I got a list lol Jo says if its not on my list I can't get it? Yea righto lol

  5. Wow Barbara stunning groovi work lovely how your blog has created so many friendships on here and your workshops wish everyone a brilliant day tomorrow oh how I wish I could come so the blog men's more to me as I feel involved too big crafting hugs too all get plenty of zzzzzz xxxx

    1. Hi Sheila
      I think these computers have a mind of their own sometimes! I agree this is such a lovely friendly blog and it made me smile thinking of all those lovely ladies meeting up with their friends. Hopefully one day you will get to join in too , I've promised myself I will get there one day when life is less hectic! Xxxx

    2. Hi Diane you can go for me when your not so hectic as I know I will not be able to go but then I've always got another excuse to buy some clarity not that I need a reason .
      Just left you a message to treat yourself on your blog message lots of crafting hugs xx

    3. I got them both done my granddaughter loved hers she got it for her birthday today sent me a lovely thank you message .ive been doing a little on my Christmas cards with my new Christmas boarder that I bought in the sale then the pain in my fingers and wrist and hands got too much to bear but I was pleased with what I got done little crafting each day keeps depression at bay xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Looks like you've had a wonderful day and met so many friends. Isn't it great what your blog had created. Thank you. I hope you and all your visitors have a wonderful time tomorrow. My husbands comment last night – well if we had driven up to Scotland we could have stopped off on the way home! Don't you love them! He's just spotted the new Groovi plate though and said how lovely it us! I might be on a winner here – it is beautiful.
    Night night Barbara sleep tight.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Brenda hope you are ok, sending you a hug xxxxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Wasn't expecting to be made famous!! Can I just say a massive thank you to you, Dave and all of team Clarity. I had a fabulous day and learned so much. I was blown away with the experts and the lovely friendly atmosphere. Everyone was so enthusiastic, it was brilliant. I would urge anyone who can possibly get to Catterick to go along tomorrow as you won't be disappointed! My only complaint was that I spent too much money! I set a budget of £50 and that went in the first ten minutes so imagine what it was like 6 hours later!! Still I can't take it with me can I? It was lovely to meet you again and lovelier that you knew who I was! Great to meet Fabulous Fiona too. Lovely to see Dave looking so well also. Thanks again, love Alison xx

  8. Sounds like a great day another to come tomorrow was just a bit to far me old knees could have made it that far one day but have decided to try to come alley pally Sunday as not as far not so sure about the London driving and hope to get parked as near as can have a mob scooter know so hopefully get around okay so hopefully see you next Sunday so looking forward to catching up night night Joy xxx

  9. Thank you Barbara & team, myself & my parents had a brilliant time. Was lovely to see Maria & Heather & of course you Barbara. Really looking forward to next year xxx

  10. Glad to hear your first day was fun! How funny that blog friends were sitting near each other without knowing, name badges should be a must. Although you also need to include the little blog photo as some people will associate this with the name……………….yes Brenda I'm talking about you! My ears are way shorter than in the picture 😉 xx

  11. Can I say a really big thank you for all the lovely comments left for me over the past few days! It really means so much to know people care and know how it feels. Thank you all. Big hugs xxxxxxx

  12. Thankyou very much for organising a fantastic day today. Sandra and I had a brilliant time watching all the demos and learning so much. Our lunch was delicious – Thankyou to everyone from Heather's church that organised them. It was great to chat to Ali after meeting her at the Groovi session.
    After we had dinner this evening we go out all our new products in the b&b and started making some cards.

  13. Glad everyone had a fabulous time and what looks of concentration during the make and take, lots of mindful moments there. I hope tomorrow goes well too. x

  14. Had a lovely day today. So glad I was able to make it. My work table now looks just as messy as Sam Crowe's did today! She gave me some fab ideas so have been busy all evening. Thanks to everyone at Clarity for all your hard work in making today happen.

  15. Hi I wish I could have been there today or tomorrow but Southampton is about as far away as it could be. I will be at Ally Pally next week. Do you want us to wear blog names there? My name is very boring. Have a great day tomorrow. Hugs Jackie

  16. It's so wonderful how Clarity and You, Barbara, bring strangers together to become friends. Can't wait to see you all again and to meet up with Facebook and blog friends, many of whom I met for the first time at Catterick last year. See you in the morning xx

  17. Hello Barb, what fabulous photos of lovely people enjoying themselves and being inspired. And just great for so many of your blog followers to meet up and meet you and some of the wonderful clarity team. Love this Groovi plate design, stunning. Enjoy day 2. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Lovely to see all the gang enjoying what looked like a fantastic day. It's great when you can put names to faces. Have another lovely day today. I need those Art Deco Groovi plates!!!
    Hugs from Chris X

  19. Wow that s lovely that u all connected in that way ! Glad u had a lovely day! Love the art decor design ! It's your fault I got hooked on stamping maaaany years ago and it s still my passion. I have done a little bit of parchment (on grids which I thought was cheating a little bit but very enjoyable.) I was trying very hard not to succumb to your groovi plates because as crafters we all like to try different crafts. But your your last few plates are soooooo lovely and now this lovely art decor plate – I m sunk ! ? ! Thank you for all your inspiration ! Xx

  20. It sounds like a great time was had by all, well jealous. I have taken the plunge and ordered the groovi starter kit plus a couple of other bits juts fell in to my basket ! Have been dithering for weeks. Have fun today everyone. LynneT xx

    1. The thing that immediately struck me as soon as the Groovi came out is how easy it is to mix in all the lovely Clarity stamps and stencils we already have, and that really extends what we can do with the whole system. Anyone buying the Groovi kit will love it. It is perfect to take on holiday, to a posh hotel, or to hospital because it is so clean, as well as for its ability to concentrate your mind and allow you to forget the rest of the world for a while. While Sazz is up at the Open Days, Kim held a free crafting session at Nottingham, and amongst everything, we had a little Groove in, with several folk having their first try, and loving it. It is an inspired product. xxx Maggie

  21. Hi Barbara,
    So glad it went well yesterday especially as you all put so much hard work into it to make sure everyone has a good time. Love, love,love this new Art Deco border. Hope you have another successful day today. Xxxxx

  22. I would have loved to be up there with you, but it is just too far for one day for me (3 hours driving each way), but I am sure those who did get there will have had a wonderful time. What a great team the Clarity family make. xxxx Maggie

  23. Had a fab time on Saturday, stayed the whole day from 9 till 4 and left with a bag full of goodies and a head full of inspiration. Thanks to you and your team Barbara, will definitely be back next year!

  24. Sunday – Home safe from Catterick – hope everyone else will soon be. Had a great time – Won one of the hourly raffle prizes – brilliant – shame I have to work tomorrow so cannot play and try out some of the new ideas.

  25. Hi Barbara, it was lovely to meet you today and chat. I've finally worked out how to sort my blogging out! Looks like there are now at least 2 Alis on board, hence the AussieAli!! Thank you for squeezing me into your Groovi workshop, the first arty workshop I've ever had the pleasure to be part of and I loved it. I really enjoyed myself and also thanks for the photo with you! You truly are an inspiration. Kind regards, Alison x

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