Meet the Clarity Team at Colburn and check out Groovi Madeleine!

Meet the Clarity Team at Colburn and check out Groovi Madeleine!

Hi there,
late Friday evening;
the troops are all fed and watered, 
and ready for the Colburn onlsaught tomorrow!
Well, actually, they’re all in lovely Heather’s kitchen, 
partaking of some wonderful homemade teabread and tea.
I sloped off to chat to you.
We’re all ready for you if you’re coming to the Open Days.
As soon as I saw the size of the venue,
I shouted, MAKE & TAKES !!!
So that will be fun tomorrow.
The table is set for a little Groovi intermezzo
with yours faithfully…
(check out the flag in the background…I am BG indeed!!!)
The Clarity Crew are all hot to trot too:
Sally on Brushes & Stencils
Jo on Bottled inks and Shaving Foam!
Paul on Fibres, powders and ironing…
Maria in the Groovi Groove with stamps too…
Sam and Mandy on Paints and canvases…
the messy corner

Elaine, Jayne and Heather holding the fort,

and Dave just deciding whether to put his fingers in the socket
or call a taxi.
The newest Groovi Plates are looking fine,
and  new Art Deco Plates 1 and 2 for the launch.


But now to bed I must!
So we’ll see you tomorrow we hope!
love and hugs,

67 thoughts on “Meet the Clarity Team at Colburn and check out Groovi Madeleine!

  1. Gutted I can't make it looks great and you are indeed BG xx
    Loving the look of the new Groovi plates! Love the Art Deco look

    Have a ball y'all

    Lots of love

    Kim xx

  2. So jealous, would love to be there but a bit far for me , ( I live in South Wales). Love the new Groovi plates definitely on my list. Have a great weekend. Jx

  3. Wow Barbara and team have a fantastic weekend , I cannot join you only wish I could but wish all who can the best Saturday and Sunday ever .
    Love the new groovi plate and boarders
    Crafting hugs to all xxx

  4. Looking good!
    I shall think of you all this weekend. I tried to work out how i could get there but yet again it's no go. Got a stinking cold too. Hopefully another time. Enjoy yourselves.

  5. Hello everyone! Can't wait to see you all on Sunday. Make & takes too – bonus! Really love the art deco borders and Madeline. They will definitely be going in my basket. Happy, Happy, Happy. See you soon. Jeanette xx

  6. Oh it all looks fabulous, I can't wait for Sunday!!! Have spent most of the day playing with my new Groovi borders, so better get some ironing/housework done tomorrow before I slope off for a fun day on Sunday… The new plates look great, I feel an empty purse coming on! Ruth x

  7. I'm so jealous that I can't be there as I live in Canada. It looks like it is going to be a great weekend for all of you lucky ducks that are attending. The new Art Deco Groovi look wonderful and I will be getting these for sure. Have fun everyone!!!!

  8. You have done it again, Barbara. My poor credit card. Those new Groovi plates are brilliant and just have to join my collection. Still, the children know I am spending their inheritance. I can't take it with me. I am sure you will have a great time at the Open Days. Make sure you have fun and don't work too hard, plenty of mindfulness required. By the way, my Happy Envelope arrived this morning and I love both the stamp and the stencil. Take care and knock their socks off oop norf. xxx Maggie

  9. Hope everything goes well over next few days, it all looks fab and I'm jealous I won't be there, both sets of Open Days happened to fall on the days we go on holiday and try as I might I couldn't convince husband that it would be a good idea in June to stop off on way to Channel Tunnel as hubby knows full well I'd forget all about going to France. Catterick is by no stretch of the imagination on route between Oxford and France so maybe next year! All looks set for a great few days and maybe a few of those people going will tell us all about it next week.

    PS for those following previous posts we had some really uplifting news this week about Jill, whose two sons landed themselves in hospital over last few weeks, one in London and one in Bristol. Alex is hopefully by now out of hospital and back home with his Mum, his operation went fine on Monday and they were planning on releasing him today. My MD has also kindly arranged some rugby tickets for England v Wales for Alex who loves his rugby, you don't ask you don't get and they did ask what they could do to help. Dan the older brother in London is also getting stronger after his fall, we heard from Alex that he had been chatting to Dan over the phone, hospital to hospital which had bucked him up no end. Anyway both now seem on the path to recovery and we look forward to seeing them all in next few weeks. Many thanks for your support, your kindness reminded me that there are some lovely people out there. Hugs Karen xxx

    1. Lovely to hear. Getting back home makes such a difference. My dad should be going home on Monday, after another 7 week stint in hospital, he can't wait! Onwards and upwards all round!

    2. That's really good news Karen, thanks for letting us know. I hope the rugby goes down well – what a treat! Enjoy your holiday. Xxx
      Lucinda I hope your dad is on the way to recovery too, it will be lovely to have him home xxx

  10. Have a fab weekend it's fun new deco plates look brill got my club post today love it. Would love to be with you but weekend to have granddaughters I'm tempted to come to Alley pally what's parking like there as need disabled parking near building lots love xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Well you look lovely and organised and quite relaxed too. Have a wonderful weekend, I shall be thinking of you all – wonder if I could parachute out the plain on Sunday as we fly home?! – well if the queen can… ! It's great to see Dave looking relaxed too, don't work too hard Dave! The new Grooving plates look wonderful , oh dear more for my list!
    We've been practicing mindfulness today. Spent a couple of hours sat on a beach looking for dolphins today – not a single one in sight but the view was stunning. I'm sure they came out to play once we walked away!this evening we watched the sun set over another beach and waited to see the northern lights. We didn't know what we were looking for, but stayed watching for 3 hours and saw some great shooting stars. Definately relaxed today!!!!
    Have a fab weekend
    Love Diane xxx

  12. Hello Barb, wow it looks fantastic, lovely people ready to inspire all the visitors. Love the new plates. I do hope that everyone attending and taking part have a wonderful time. Take care, hope the weather is good. Bx

  13. It all looks amazing, sorry I can't get there but maybe a retreat next year!
    So pleased the new borders are singles Barbara, I like some of the doubles but wouldn't necessarily buy both of the double borders or plates, any chance of separating the others? Just a thought…… Hugs to all xx

  14. So sorry I can't join you. I've tried to convince myself all week that I could do it but those ANTs have won – those horrid automatic negative thoughts take over and although I fight them constantly sometimes they just get bigger than me. I spent all morning looking for a cheap B&B for tonight thinking that if I drove to N Yorks tonight I could spend the day with you tomorrow and cope ok but ANTs won and taken my confidence away so i'm staying at home. On a positive note my new Groovi border plates have arrived and I'll try and use them. So sorry i'm not visiting – I know you will have a fab time and I hope its a success business wise Barbara

  15. Now I wish I was with you in Catterick, looks a lovely venue, make and takes as well, brilliant. I also want the new plates. Still I have had a fab day with the Nottingham group learning lots of parchment techniques from Maggie Craner. Hope weekend goes well for you all and great to see Dave with a lovely smile on his face. xx

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