Time to call it a day.

Time to call it a day.

Hi there.
Long but lovely second day at Colburn Open Days.
It felt half empty, but the hall was so huge, it was!!
You could have fitted twice as many people in there, but to be fair,
it was pleasant being able move around freely.
I did Make & Takes all day again, which went very well.
I think they went down well, especially because they were unexpected.
Yes, I think folks appreciated them. 
The new Art Deco Groovi Plates went down a storm!

Here are some samples to inspire you.

Pretty interesting what you can do with a straight border, isn’t it.
But now I have to sleep;
long drive tomorrow. 
love & hugs,

53 thoughts on “Time to call it a day.

  1. Absolutely the most fantastic day
    Got all the new plates…who put them in my basket then?

    Hope you're staying up here tonight and going home in the morning.

    Take care both of you xx

  2. Absolutely the most fantastic day
    Got all the new plates…who put them in my basket then?

    Hope you're staying up here tonight and going home in the morning.

    Take care both of you xx

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a fantastic day. Loved the make and take class, great tips. Thank you to all involved for Al your efforts. Safe drive back tomorrow xx

    1. Hi Donna have you manage to craft ? I've been crafting using my groovi a lovely crafting day oh yes I've had to order some bookmark covers so ordered my grudge paste too CAA
      Only a little fall today though hugs xxx

    2. I did some tidying in the craft room, watched Sue Wilson on Hochanda and did some colouring so a crafty day for me too. Glad you had a good day with your groovi. The pouches are really good for protecting the bookmarks, I'm feeling very tempted with the new plates and borders. May be putting in an order soon! Xx

  4. Today was just fantastic! Thank you so much for travelling all that way and bringing the Claritystamp roadshow oop norf! I do hope this happens again! I had a great journey over and fabulous day… And yes those new plates did fall in my basket too!
    Sleep well my friend and have a safe journey back home tomorrow! Love and more hugs! Xxx

  5. So glad you had a great second day. Hoping you rest well tonight as it sure sounds like it is well deserved. Thanks so much for putting the new samples up for those of us not able to be there. The new Groovi plates are amazing and will certainly be ordering them. Any chance that a Groovi Club might be coming like the Stamp and Stencil Clubs. Just became a Gold Member and my first packets arrived. Anxious to try them out with the techniques that you showed. So enjoy your blog and Clarity Stamps and wish they were available in Canada. Perhaps I need to put a little pressure on the sites I buy from here to carry your wonderful line. Safe drive home in the morning.

  6. Mum and I visited yesterday we are on the left of the photo watching Sam. We both had a fab day, the demos, the interaction, the atmosphere, chatting with so many folks made for a brilliant day out. Followed by a trip home through the Dales.
    Thanks Barbara and team hope there's another next year. And it was great to see Dave on form. Xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I'm sure everyone who went today had as much enjoyment as I did yesterday – it certainly seems as though they did. I forgot to say yesterday that I love the two new borders and they did contribute to my overspending. Not sure about Madeleine – she is lovely, just not for me. I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight and a very safe journey home tomorrow. Thanks again, Alison xx

    Fabulous Fiona hope you got to the Lakes today and had a safe journey back to Glasgow xx

  8. Despite post night shift jet lag I have had an amazing day today!! Demonstrations fab and very inspiring from everyone! Great to chat with everyone, meet up with old friends and meet new ones and putting faces to names! Yep my plastic card got a bashing but I needed everything! I really did! Lunch just great too. here's to next year! Thanks Barb and you wonderful team!! love to everyone. Safe journeys home. Vanessa X

  9. Beautiful samples barbara you must feel good at making so many people's days special safe journey home
    I made a another book mark today using my groovi and two small Christmas cards it's been so nice to have a groovi crafting day crafting hugs to all xxx

  10. Hi Barbara
    These new boarders are gorgeous and yes it is amazing what you can do with a straight boarder! It sounds like the sessions this weekend have been a huge success and you have enjoyed them too ( very important!). Safe journey home tomorrow and make sure you have got some rest time scheduled in this week. We have arrived home safe and sound – bottles of whisky intact! The house is quite quiet though without our daughter – she's been texting lots of computer questions through tonight though so she's still around really! Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Hi Barbara it sounds like you had a wonderful time as did everyone that attended. One day I might get to one of your Open Days. I hope you have a restful night and a safe journey home. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  12. Had a wonderful time. Thank you for taking the trouble to bring Clarity to the north once more. Yes, the hall did seem half empty at times but it was a large hall and usually it was because people were either in the other room having lunch or sitting down at your most relaxing & enjoyable make and take. Yes it would have been nicer to have the refreshments in the same room so that we could all stay together however for us ladies who have personal summers; it was a pleasure to not be squashed into a hot, crowded hall so no complaints from me. Sleep well and have a comfortable and safe journey home. Best wishes to you all. Hugs Jeanette xx

  13. Thank you so much Barbara, and all your wonderful team! I had a fantastic day and loved every minute of it, and now that I should be in bed after a long, long drive, I can't put my new inks, stencils and Groovi goodies down! And thank you very much for the raffle prize – I have never won anything, so what a lovely treat!! Hope you have a safe journey South, and a few days of rest. Love, Ruth

  14. Hi Barbara, I had a great day on Saturday, yes I took part in the make & takes and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was really nice to be able to walk round without being bumped and pushed and all the demonstrators were very helpful. Many thanks

  15. What a lovely day two friends and I had yesterday at your Open Day. Your team showed some great demos and were very happy to share tips and techniques. Thank you to you all and have a safe journey home.

  16. Had a lovely day on Saturday and a lovely lunch. Great demonstrations and lovely atmosphere. It was good to stand looking at all the 'stuff' and be able to chat to other appreciative crafters. Came for the 'wee folk' and they came home with me along with other 'needed' items! Looking forward to some creative time with my new stuff.

  17. Thanks for a fab day on Sunday. I brought a friend along who was converted to Clarity at last! I loved the Groovi plates & had to buy more to add to my G plate stash! Thanks also to your great team & the lovely people doing the catering.
    Hope you all have a good journey home. We're enjoying being up here in our caravan for a few more days,
    Best wishes to you & Dave x

  18. Great weekend at your Open Days Barbara. Was lovely to be able to do The Make and Take, although I was a bit nervous about doing it, but it was fine. You have a great team of designers and demonstrators, the demos were great giving us plenty of inspiration.The lunches were really good and such value for money, and where could you get a cuppa these days for 50 pence. Hope you've had a good journey home and manage to have a few days rest before you go to Alexander Palace. Hope your neck is easier and that you and Dave aren't feeling too tired after such a busy weekend. Lol Pam xx

  19. I have the highest admiration that you manage a daily blog post. Mine's only been going for a month and I've already missed 3 days – although I was so enthusiastic in the school holidays that I posted twice on a couple of days. I'm glad the Open Days went well. I did look into travelling up for the second day but although google says 2.25 hours, a friend's husband who regularly travels up and down to the barracks in Catterick, advised allowing nearer 4. I couldn't manage that in one day although I would have loved to come. I invested in some of the groovi borders in the sale, but that's as far as I've got so far. I'm becoming more and more tempted everytime I see your samples however! Try and put your feet up (LOL) before Ally Pally; hopefully I'll see you at Port Sunlight in October

  20. Hello Barbara

    I am very late. Was looking at today's blog and remembered I hadn't read yesterday's! Am looking after my 3.75 (can't do fractions on my tablet!) year'-old grandson and granddaughter (2 yesterday) until Thursday. Don't know if I am on foot or horseback, lol.


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