A Sunflower Stencil and an inky romp!

A Sunflower Stencil and an inky romp!

Hi there!
Tuesday evening and all is well.
Been a very busy but productive day. 
Just a messy stencil blog, using the Sunflower stencil I designed for the Crowborough Retreats this year.
So how do we arrive at this place?
Start by picking an inky Gelli plate piece 
from your inky Gelli Plate stash!
I used A5 Claritycard – the coated card.
Same size. Good plan….

Time to put it through the mangle,
or E-bosser,
or Gran Calibur….


You can see it better from behind!

Sand the surface of the raised flowers.

Replace the stencil, and ink through with a make-up sponge.
The ink will take well because you have sanded away 
the glossy coat.

Add a little blue.

and yellow…

Ok. Now what…
Needs a little toning down….

Bottles inks.
Spritzer bottles.
In for a penny!
in for lots of pennies!!!
If you haven’t got this little Collection,
then you don’t know what you’re missing!!!!
A very comprehensive set of inks at a great price.

Ah well, what the hell!
Wasn’t liking it, so let’s go for it!

Wiped it with a baby wipe.
Only because I couldn’t find any kitchen roll!
In this whole fantastic artroom, not a single sheet…

So while it’s wet, let’s puff some Color Burst at it!
These are fabulous fine powders, which explode when wet.
 We will have the new colours at Ally Pally this weekend!
Puff Puff Puff….

Let it air dry.

 Add a few hills with a blender underneath the  flowers.
Much better!
Trim it back a bit.

Time to layer up.
Used scissors to rough up the edges.
Then found another piece in my stash, using the same colours.

Up close it looks really cool.
Feels cool too.

And that was that.

I will sort out the dates for next year’s retreats next week,
after Ally Pally.
Are you going to make it to the Big London Show?
We have a stand right underneath the Beautiful Rose Window.
It really is something.
love and hugs,

62 thoughts on “A Sunflower Stencil and an inky romp!

  1. Sunflowers are my favourite – my logo for my massage business is a sunflower. This changed so much from start to finish – goes to show, there's always hope!

  2. Wow! You threw the lot at it there and its beautiful!
    I can't make ally pally….I have a date with my family for a little celebration on Saturday but I will wish you well!
    Will the new colour bursts be available on the website after Ally Pally? I hope so!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. Wow Barbara loved it before you spirits it loved it at the end so many ways to make art work with your scrap gelli bits beautiful.must get this stencil
    My daughter and granddaughter came earlier tonight they brought me some lovely sunflowers for my birthday
    My partner made me a bookmark using my groovi for my birthday today too he made it special and it's stunning beautiful he has taken to the groovi like I have too crafting hugs to all xxx

    1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sheila, happy birthday to you! Hope you sang that as you read it because I was singing it as I typed it! Hope you had a great day. Love Donna xx

    2. Thank you Donna I was and you have just made my night one of my dearest friends who is just going through chemotherapy at the moment sang to me this morning via a message on my I pad which made me cry I've had a lovely birthday thanks to my family and friends how lucky I am xxx

    3. Hi Sheila Happy Birthday – wow 21 at last! 🙂 sounds like you have had a wonderful day. You made me chuckle with your partner 'borrowing' your Groovi plate to make a bookmark ( what a sweetie) – I've dropped several hints for Christmas and a lot of interest has been shown in the plate and what can be achieved and I strongly suspect they will be bought with him having a go in mind! Sending you big birthday hugs xxxx

  4. Beautiful love the sunflower and I think it's a yes I hope to be at alley pally on Sunday if I brave the drive through London and can get parked I here lots of parking for disabled hope so cause could cope on train will be me and my Katie bob working all weekend so I am pushing myself out the door to come out and play so will see you Sunday enjoy rest of week looking forward to seeing been long time love hugs Joy xxx

  5. Great demo, love the look of the colour burst powders been looking at brusho powders but I guess these are the same. I loved the show at Ally Pally last year I got lots of lovely new things. The rose window is stunning, especially when the sun shines through. Xx

  6. Loved the canvas I did at the retreat with this stencil and love this piece of art too. Great result from all the different things you tried. What a journey and gives me faith that one day I may be able to turn my rejects into something presentable. Take care at Ally Pally. Remember to eat regularly and rest that neck. Hugs Jeanette xxx

  7. I love the end result but boy you put a lot into it.
    I was at the Crowborough retreat Friday/Saturday and was hoping to go to Ally Pally but do t know if I can now? can't wait to get the dates for next years retreat so I can that booked and put into my diary.
    Have a good evening, regards to Dave Xx

  8. Lovely artwork. What a silly question " are you going to Ally Pally?" I cannot sleep with excitedment ! My husband is more excited about our holiday to Greece the next day. Someone needs to get their priorities in order. I have been saving up for some weeks to spend, spend, spend. Also having to get materials for my son's wedding invitations! – rather worried about having to do my first attempt at wedding invitations. Anyone out there who can offer advice? It will be very welcome and help me to sleep. Roll on Sunday – Ally Pally and Barbara/Clarity reighs.
    Lots of love to you and Mr Dave
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne, I made wedding invites for a friends daughter. My advice would be use the colour scheme of the wedding and keep your design simple and elegant. Also try and get a production line going so you don't have to keep changing equipment. For instance when I did mine I die cut silver swirls and added punched flowers with a pearl in the middle, so I did all my swirls, stuck them all on, punched all the flowers, stuck them and then did all the pearls. That way I got it done quicker. Have fun! Xx

    2. I haven't even started to tell you about the stamping, inking etc, as you can tell I didn't follow my simple and elegant rule!! They did look good though and the bride was over the moon with them. Xx

    3. I made my wedding invites – my advice would be to make one complete one before you go into production mode. I cut lots of card then realised that one type of card I wanted to use didn't score and fold nicely so had to change things round, which was wasteful of card and time! But then the production line approach is definitely best! And make a few more than needed, so you have spares, and some for the album/memory box, and back ups if one of two go squiffy!

  9. I loved the sunflower we did at the retreat and this one turned out great too, sometimes you just got to keep going with it, it was fab at the end. Looking forward to getting the dates for the retreats in 2016, can get it in the diary and book hotel, will be great to meet up with friends made at the last 2 retreats. Never been to the Ally Pally but coming this weekend, can't wait. Take care. Jx

  10. This stencil is lovely Barbara and this creation went through a metamorphosis and it just goes to show that even when you aren't happy with something just try different things and it will often end up much more pleasing to your eye. I cannot get to Ally Pally but hope that all who are going with have a great time. That rose window is a beauty isn't it. x

  11. Hello Barb. Not been crafting lately, just too much to do – you know how life can take over! But, have decided Ally Pally will give me my mojo back, so will come and say hello and get inspired all over again. See you Saturday. xx Margaret Col.

  12. Hi Barbara
    Love how this progressed through the different stages. I was talking to my friend about the colour bursts today – they look really interesting. I always think sunflowers are such happy flowers.
    I've got everything crossed for Ally Pally, hubby has some work to do but he's hopeful he can do it from home on Saturday evening rather than going to site! We haven't made it there for a few years. It's one of my favourite buildings, just something about it, and the rose window – beautiful. Xxx

  13. I enjoyed following your journey with the sunflower to its finale. Very arty. It was one of my favourite projects at the retreat, especially on canvas but I need to finish it with some more colouring. Doubt I'll be as brave as you though.
    Have a good Ally Pally. Wish I could make it. Carol

  14. Retreats! Ooh, that sounds very very good. Can't wait. It was such a buzz and gave us all so many ideas, as well as being such a wonderful social time – the highlight of my year for sure. Love what you have done with the stencil today. Once I have found my room (getting close) I will get to grips with those Colour Bursts and play, in between having a go with my Pyrography set and the encaustic stuff I have got. I need some extra days in the week. Take care and have a good time at Ally Pally. xxx Maggie

  15. Retreat dates in the planning sound fab – more products to look at – oh goodness me can't keep up with you!
    Wont be able to make Ally Pally I am afraid 🙁
    Have a ball under that wonderful window
    Much love
    Kim xx

  16. I loved making the canvas at the retreat and this is a lovely project for this great stencil too.I have started my Christmas cards but must make time to fit in some different projects like this.

  17. Hello Barb, such lovely artwork, great new stencil. Hope you have a great time at Ally Pally, especially situated under the Rose window, looking forward to some pictures, as I unfortunately cannot make it. Bx

  18. I had to buy this stencil at the Colburn Open Day. I just love the funky design! I'm still hoping you will design a 'funky borders' stencil , which would be so FUNky useful.

  19. Hi Barbara. I love this happy sunflower and how you got to the finish. I hope Ally Pally goes well for you. I will be there on Saturday, hoping that the sun is shining through that fantastic Rose window. Take care x

  20. Hi Barbara. I love this happy sunflower and how you got to the finish. I hope Ally Pally goes well for you. I will be there on Saturday, hoping that the sun is shining through that fantastic Rose window. Take care x

  21. Hi Barb,
    Love this stencil! Shame it wasn't around in June as my cousin got married and her invitations etc all done around sunflowers and she had them for her bouquet too. I could have continued the theme with her card! Anyway, I digress. Love the finished artwork too, I was a bit worried at first that there was going to be a disaster ( would've been if it was me!) but should've known better!! I'm really thinking I need these colour bursts now too. Oh dear!! Love Alison xxx

  22. Playing catch up again – those pesky guests will be gone soon enough!!! Love the sunflower – I thought it was a mosaic at first – really clever techniques. Might have to go on my growing Christmas list, Susan x

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