A Border Plate Grid Project. + 40% Bumper Border Plate Sale!

A Border Plate Grid Project. + 40% Bumper Border Plate Sale!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog a blue blog, right?
And also, we have launched a 
40% off? That’s got to be worth looking at!
It will run until Sunday, so I thought I would show you some tricks using them thar borders!
I am going to use the Groovi Starter Kit 
and the Nested Squares Plate for this project too…..
Here we go….
Attach the A5 Parchment to the Groovi Plate Mate,
wipe with a Tumble dryer sheet,
and make a square with the Squares nest, like so:
Build a grid by moving the parchment around.
The Square grid will help you get perfect alignment.
Piece of cake!

Now attach the Borders to the Plate mate, the holder. 
This will keep them in place too. 
Use Cellotape on the backside. Sounds kinky.
If you know what I mean…

Time to fill the boxes with whatever takes your fancy.
Just start picking out patterns from the borders and the Mate to decorate the boxes.

See what I mean?
Always work from behind with parchment.

See the ribbons on the Border Plate?
And then they were in the box!

Love the chain pattern.
Got to use that one!

And the rope!
As you work your way round the Border Plates, you really become familiar with the dozens of different assets and pieces to play with.

It’s no good. I want to include the bird from the other Border,
the Baubles Border Plate. Fabulous piece of artwork….

and on we go.
Very relaxing and playful,
Very easy.
But also quite abstract and arty.

Sam Crowe did a mini version of this for me, 
using the letterbox boxes on the Mate for the grid.
That is fab too.

 Getting there….

Time to frame the lot, so back to the square grid.

Double-line edge.

Start filling that too.
I used the Square nest to whizz round a couple of the sides,

and the Zigzag from one of the borders for a change.
Oh! And the scallop.
It’s all right in front of you….

Some white dots using the larger stylus , 
up-down-left-right and round we go.
If you are lost now, 
check out the Bookmark YouTube I did last Tuesday.

Use the single line to score the work.
We are going to fold around a piece of card.

Both sides.

Blue Blog?
Blue pencils!
Spectrum Noirs work a treat.
So do Polychromos, Faber Castell.

Colouring in from behind, 
it’s starting to come together 

Almost looks like stitchwork.

Slide the black paper or card into the back
and attach.

Mount the panel onto dark blue paper.
We sell that lovely shimmer paper.
Mount on plain white 8″ x 8″ card.

A very enjoyable hour spent there.
Didn’t really have a concrete plan.

Like where I ended up though!

Do take a look at the Border Sale.
They will keep you entertained for hours!!!
love and hugs,

79 thoughts on “A Border Plate Grid Project. + 40% Bumper Border Plate Sale!

  1. Oh no, I just placed an order for Groovi yesterday including the Calendar/Relatives names border plate. Knew I should have waited the extra day but wanted them to arrive in time for hols, as Groovi is coming with me to France. Love this project, so my kind of thing. Made a bookmark yesterday using lace border and the Christmas tree swirl behind the letters for Mum. I love this aspect of Groovi where you draw a shape and fill with whatever elements take your fancy. Zentangling on parchment, definitely cool. Karen xxx

    1. 'zentangling on parchment' wow, never thought of it like that but you are right! I took all my Groovi stash on holiday with me too, great to take as it isn't messy. Have a lovely holiday. Xx

    2. Hi Karen how funny, I was struggling to get the you tube video to play on the TV yesterday so my daughter fixed it and was mesmerised by the bookmark. She calked it entangling on parchment too ! How funny. I have asked Father Christmas for a Groovi plate so she's already put in a booking to play! Enjoy your holiday xxx

  2. How beautiful this piece is Barb. Out with the borders this evening me thinks, once I have out the layers on to warm up and put thermal socks on! I really do need to try harder to see what else is in the stencils, stamps and Groovi boards rather than what is in front of me. I will keep trying, very trying some would say. Take, love to all.

  3. Hi Barbara
    I never cease to be amazed by how many ways there are to use the Groovi plates. A little thought about placement to start and then away we go. Total concentration on the work and a lovely piece of art is the result. I am totally in the groove. Off to the Clarity shop to order more stash.
    Keep on Groovin'
    Hugs from Chris XXX

  4. Oh no I ordered groovi boarder plates 1&2 on 1september after seeing your blog on Monday making the book mark Now wish I have waited as the offer of 50%off with been in the gold club is so tempting.got that CCA falling of wagon feeling again .donna are you coming too? Where did I put them cushions .
    Wow Barbara what a wonderful piece of art work stunning with the blue colours used hugs xxx

    1. Jolly good because I just fell off! Borders ordered…………and an ink pad…………..and a stencil……………and book mark pouches! Bread and jam for the rest of the month! Xx

    2. I just wish I had know on Tuesday as ordered the groovi boarders 1/2 and the pouches
      I've had a bad night and day with pain so needed a pick me up xxx

    3. You crack me up, I just have this vision of a parchment sign saying hunt and penniless but I still have my Groovi. Maybe you will have a special coat will slots on the inside to hold all your Groovi plates, so you open your jacket and instead of watches you have Groovi plates

    4. You crack me up, I just have this vision of a parchment sign saying hunt and penniless but I still have my Groovi. Maybe you will have a special coat will slots on the inside to hold all your Groovi plates, so you open your jacket and instead of watches you have Groovi plates

  5. H Barb,
    What a lovely piece of artwork. I wasn't sure where you were going but then it dawned on me and I love it! Really like the blue shading as well. Thank you for the fabulous sale too. The only borders I haven't got are the calendar and relatives and was going to get them at Catterick but can't resist them for half price as I'm a gold member too – absolutely brilliant! Going to try this tomorrow. Love Alison xx

  6. I've got them all already! Haven't had a go with the the Christmas ones yet. It think I will have a play and put them in the boxes. I would be useless without guidance! It looks so classy too with the blue. Just thinking as I write my sister is a Chelsea fan and I reckon I could come up with a blue and white design incorporating Chelsea in it! X

  7. Brilliantly done Barbara. You know I am a huge fan of yours, Claritystamp and the Groovi Plates. But these borders are so fantastic. Not just for in a straight line either. I love working with them. Have even given an impromptu lesson with them yesterday. But guess what I started last night…. Yup an abstract inspired by Sam Crowe….I was going to go with the nested squares but have gone with a different route, better get back to it so I can show you. Brilliant offer too. Hugs and see you and the gang at Catterick. Xx

  8. How absolutely exquisite – wow. Just wish I could get my borders straight – they slant every which way.
    Maybe get there if I cross my eyes.
    Cannot do any crafting tonight. Too tired, exhausted and disillusioned. Must buck up and get my mindfulness out of the closet. Now got to concentrate on my PMR – for those that don't know – Its that wonderful time of year for the dreaded word Appraisal. What is the point if you cannot get excellent after you have worked your socks off.
    Bye bye – I will put Worka and Holika to bed for now. Tomorrow is another day.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  9. Can't afford to buy at present but so loving all the Groovi products. Might pin a list up in the kitchen as Christmas approaches 😊 fingers crossed I've been good and Father Christmas with bring me Groovi gifts!

  10. Apologies to everyone for my last comment or shall we call it rant. I should have deleted it. I have re-read today's and yesterday's blog and calmed down. Barbara's blog does it every time. It brings one to a brighter place. A peaceful place and somewhere one can follow the instructions and tips and make a piece of artwork and be proud of it – even in my own funny little world.
    Very best wishes and love
    Anne (Reading)

  11. What a lovely way to use these. Must give it a try.
    I'm so cross with myself -just ordered one of the border sets and didn't realise it was free postage over £10 -until I read it at the top of the page after I'd ordered!! I would have ordered a stencil I want if I'd realised -lesson to self, read mail before shopping! (Hit send here, before I finished). My brain is all over the place at the moment as my mum died yesterday. She was 95 and lived in Australia, so I haven't seen her, except on Skype occasionally, for 19+ years.

    1. Janet sending you my sympathy and a huge hug. I'm so sorry to hear you have lost your mum, it must be so hard being far away. Sh lived to a good age and must have had some great stories to tell ( and able to use Skype too! Xxx

    2. Barbara dear -my surname is Chard. I used to belong to the Club and hope to rejoin at some point, but currently things are a bit of amuddle as you can imagine!
      I have 'known' you since we first met 20+ years ago when you sold stamps at Gillingham and Tunbridge Wells. I still have a stamp pad (and stamps) bought back then -and it is still inky!!

    3. Thank you everyone for your very kind messages. My mum couldn't use Skype, Diane, my brother used to link us up once or twice a year, when she visited him -he lives a long way from her. I wrote to her (and she to me) every week for over 30 years and then I rang her every month until she died -I last spoke to her 2 days before she died, even though she could hardly hear me -the Home lost her hearing aids -but she did know it was me, and whispered that she loved me.

  12. Oh crumbs, you are tempting me again Barbara. Love the idea of using the square nests to get grid right, I have tried out some of these little patterns but my boxes were not quite as neat. I know how to now. Beautiful design and the blue looks amazing. Thank-you. xx

  13. Luv this card, who'd have thought, just goes to show with a little imagination using small sections of the borders can produce a beautiful piece of artwork. I'm going to have a go at this one tomorrow
    thank you for the inspiration x Pam

  14. Love this! I saw Sam's pieces on Facebook and loved them – a completely different style, very funky and modern. I was trying to work out how she'd done them, I now have some more guidance. I only have one border, so may have to supplement my stash. Such temptation. So much for belt tightening this month.

  15. I've been tempted by this style of work since seeing Sam Crowe's as it looks so pretty. A little bit of what you like again and again. 40% off is a generous offer but I have all the borders already…Otherwise there'd be an order with my name on it lol! Xxx

  16. This is stunning just love the design was going to put an order in this morning for some border plates as I so enjoyed your u tube bookmark but got behind and had to leave for work so now I am going shopping for borders may even buy two sets thank you for such a generous offer xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful and the touch of blue really works well. Love the way each little box is IRS own work of art but they all work so well together. Thank you for sharing. The boarder offer is so tempting! Oh you can feel us all weakening under your spell!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Hi Barbara. This gorgeous piece looks like a stitched sampler to me, or zentangled parchment, which ever, it is fabulous : ) I am sat here wishing I didn't have to wait for Christmas when I will finally get my Groovi set.
    Have a good weekend. Take care xx
    P.s. Hi Brenda, I hope you feel up to popping on here soon. X

  19. Brilliant project and one to remember. Whiling away my time 'parching' my mum's Christmas cards and my first thought for a background was the beautiful blue pearly paper. However, not being able to access it presently, I joined the 'foamy' set and made the backgrounds using blue food colouring – ideal! Playing with the three doves plate at the moment – using inspiration from a shopping mall sign! ;~}

  20. That is beautiful Barbara, still waiting to get my groovi stuff, getting excited as picking it up tonight from my Son's. Just ordered my tickets for both days at Catterick. Think I already ordered all the borders, never mind, I got my groovi mate in the sale. You really do tempt us with all your excellent offers. Loved the bookmark you did. Can't wait to get groovi. So looking forward to seeing you and your team at Catterick do hope you'll have that beautiful groovi heart. Thank you for all your inspiration.xx

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