Day 3 – Groovi Lace

Day 3 – Groovi Lace

Good morning and welcome to another Groovi Day!
Day 3 of our Groovi Week in fact!
In case you missed yesterday’s blog, do check back!
There’s a brand new FREE TREE on offer 
when you spend £40 or more on Groovi Products.
We’ve got some lovely brand new designs over on our website too.
Today I thought I would show you how to make a frame with our new Fancy Lace Borders, which to me gives the look of traditional parchment craft.
I have used the following:
So let’s start by attaching a piece of A5 parchment to our Groovi Plate Mate with the Square Nested Groovi Plate in place. Then using the fine embossing tool, make a small mark in each of the corners of the largest square
Now we can create the corners by moving the A5 Parchment over the 2nd smallest square and trace the top and right hand line – repeat and do this in all four corners.
Next, turn the A5 Parchment and use one of the other straight lines, create a triangle
Now that we have a triangle in each of the 4 corners, this will act as a guide to help us line up the Lace Borders.
Doesn’t this look great – obviously the way the Lace Borders have been designed, you can use all or part of the border, depending on how much detail you want. 
Once you have completed all 4 sides, you will have a beautiful frame – do you remember how we started off the Groovi week on Saturdays Blog with “Pick a Frame, any Frame!” Well this is just another take on how to turn something that has not been designed to be a frame into a frame.
Okay, so let’s go back to the corners; they look a bit plain. Using the Nested Square Groovi A5 Groovi Plate, line up the bottom part of the scalloped design and emboss the line to create a thin border to match
Turn your design and use the plate to create a line in the corner

Now turn it again and using the lines, create a pattern to match the scalloped border
How great does that look!
So now let’s create a panel to go in the middle. I thought it would be safer to create a separate panel, just in case I made a mistake with the words and then I would have to do the frame again!
Not a chance!!!!
Take another piece of the A5 Parchment paper and attach, 
count in 5 from the outside and emboss the square, 
and then move in one and do the same 
– this creates a nice frame just on its own.
I want to add my message, but I wanted to make sure that it was nice and straight – I have options, I could have used a ruler and a white pencil to draw a line, but then I would have to faff about rubbing it out. So I decided on an easier option!
Line your Bunting Border up with the lines on your blue Groovi Mat (hard side). Then lay your piece of parchment over the top and attach with some low tack tape to stop it moving.
As you can see, I have started with the middle letter of the word – you may find it easier to spell out your word on a scrap piece of parchment and then flip it over and use that as a guide to help you.
With the paper stuck down, I can move the Bunting Border from left to right or right to left to spell out my word using the white lines on the Groovi Mat as a guide to make sure I am going straight.
Next, I have taken the Relatives Border to add Mum and Dad – the “&” is on the Bunting Border

The square frame is a little bit boring, so back to the Lace Borders. The circles from another lace will make a nice filler.
Now to turn it into a card – I love the simplicity and delicateness of the white and want to really show it off – so silver/grey methinks.
Use the straight line from the Groovi Border Plates 1 & 2 Set to score a nice straight line – I lined up the edge of the parchment with the edge of the Groovi Border Plate to ensure it is straight 
and also equal.

Repeat on both sides. 
Cut a piece of the silver/grey card, wrap it around 
and attach from behind.
A tiny, tiny, tiny dot of Perga Glue in each of the corners of the panel will stick it down. To hide the glue from showing, I then stuck a tiny pearl in each corner.
To finish it off, layer it up with some more of the silver/grey card and white card.
 This will give the piece weight and quality,
and make the white artwork jump!
Got to go!
The retreats commence again today!
love and hugs,

53 thoughts on “Day 3 – Groovi Lace

  1. Fabulous design Barbara. It is brilliant to have lacy borders for parchment. I shall just have to get my card out and get busy purchasing them. They are going to be so useful. Thank you for your wonderful creativeness. Hugs xx

    1. Hi Emma, I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out with using the parchment scissors. I've popped in to visit you on your blog a couple of times, and I will be back! I was going to say hi, it would be rude visit and not say hi!!!, but when I clicked to leave a message it took me to somewhere that wanted more details about me so chickened out, sorry. The scissors, I don't want to buy them if I'm not physically able to do the action needed. It's the twisting towards yourself bit, I can cut out normally as long as I don't bend my wrist a lot, it gets very sore and kind of stuck if I do it for long, like for detailed cutting. Would my wrist need to be bending to cut out parchment or is twisting with a straight wrist which would be fine for me? Thanks for any advice you can give me, love Brenda xx p.s. you're very talented, and very kind to be giving up your time to teach numpties like me the basics

    2. Hi Brenda…first of all I don't have time for numpties so stop that right away!!!!!!
      As for my blog…don't worry, it is nice that you visited. These things either work great or are a pain in the a..e.
      Now to the scissors…it is just a little turn that is needed and you do not need to bend your wrist. I rest my arm on my workstop, have my wrist wresting on cutting mat. I tend to Turn my forearm rather than just at the wrist. When holding the scissors…use your forefinger and middle finger to put through the handle with your thumb gently resting against the outside of the scissors. This should not cause you any pain. Scissor tips just in the holes, turn, then snip. I have arthritis in both hands and ordinary cutting is a pain for me, but not f I use my parchment scissors this way. I hope this helps you Brenda. If you need any more advice then you can contact me at
      Thank you for the lovely compliment too by the way. Hugs and have fun.

      P.S. forgot to say the best thing about Parchment Work is that you can put it down, give it and yourself a rest, go back to it and pick up where you left off…in fact parchment does like a bit of a rest especially if you do a lot of embossing (whitework)

    3. Ha, ha. I'll keep quiet about being a numpty then!!!! 😉
      That's great, thanks for your help and advice. I'll add the scissors onto my next Clarity order and give them a go. I had my first wee go at Groovi last night, got a lot of practising and learning to do but I really didn't think I'd end up with anything like I did after just my first attempt, thanks to Groovi, and Barbara's demos, and tips I'd read on your blog too 🙂 I think what I need to do next is check out what the white embossing should look like really close up as I really don't think I'm doing it right. sssh don't tell anyone but I ended up cheating and doing it my own way to make it look all over white!!! Thank you, love Brenda xx

    4. Ha Ha. There is a technique to doing the Whitework…You score your lines and then go to the largest ball tool you have and start with this. a few quick, light strokes, change down to the next size of ball tool and repeat, go in the opposite way to which you first went. Change down to the next size and repeat….if you are doing a large area, give your parchment a bit of a rest after using 2 sizes….the parchment needs time to settle as what you are doing is stretching the parchment. Have a go at that. Hugs xx

    5. Brenda oh I'm so glad you have got your Groovi board and have had a play – sounds like you enjoyed yourself and got into the groove! Big hugs xxx

    6. Thanks again Emma, I'll have another go tomorrow, don't want to be sent to the naughty corner!!! Resting the parchment means I'll be able to do it alongside the other crafts or have 2 lots of parchment going, getting more out of any time I can craft 🙂 xx

      Thank you Diane :-). I've finally managed to climb aboard the train with everyone else, that seat Donna has been saving for me is very warm!!! Not got Mindfulness from it yet but that's more to do with the very bad place I'm in in my head, but know it is very much my kind of Mindfulness so that will come. I need to slow down with it too. I get asked if I've only got one gear – full throttle or nothing, yep!!! Although these days full throttle is often dead slow!!! Not usually with craft though, it usually slows me down, it must be my head stuff too, I'll need to make a concious effort on that one or I'll just end up making myself even more agitated, not what craft is meant to be about!!! xx

  2. Good morning Barb,

    this Border-Plate is so so wonderful.
    And thank you so much for the Groovi-Week, I love it.

    Many many greetings to you und Dave (and continued good improvement for him).

    Sabine from Berlin

  3. Hi Barbara
    Just had to look to see more inspration, what can i say words fail me just beautiful.
    Well must have to get my card out and space all the things i want Groovi over the next month!!!.
    Many thanks for all your very hard work at a time when you have lots of other things going on.
    Best wishes to Dave.
    Have a good day.
    Lynn xx

  4. That is lovely Barbara, I do like the Groovi templates and I find they are a nice size as well. I will go on and buy the lace templates.x Hugs x

  5. Hi Barbara
    yet another lovely piece of artwork from you
    It just shows how good your Groovi plates really are and how easy they are to use
    I placed an order this morning for about 10 of Groovi plates now need the lace borders but they will have to wait a few weeks then I will have them all till you bring out some more
    You are an inspiration to everyone whether you are a parcher already or you are thinking of trying it
    Keep up the excellent work Barbara
    Hope you have a good day and that Dave gets better with each day
    Sue xxx

  6. Hello Barbara

    Fantastic! I ordered my £40 worth on Saturday and included the lace borders as I thought they would be useful. Thank you for all the hints and tips.

    Keep well, Dave and I hope you all have a fantastic week.


  7. Hello Barbara

    Fantastic! I ordered my £40 worth on Saturday and included the lace borders as I thought they would be useful. Thank you for all the hints and tips.

    Keep well, Dave and I hope you all have a fantastic week.


  8. I have been waiting with bated breath for these lacy borders. They are stunning and I know I will use them so much. I am on a mission this week to finally sort and tidy my craft stuff back into my room, so crafting will be limited to just before bed in front of the tv and almost certain parchment work. Hope this week of Retreats is even half as good as July's. I know that anyone there will have a wonderful time. Take care and do not work too hard – another trip to the pub included perhaps? Love to both you and Dave. xxxx Maggie

  9. Wonderful, love the lacy borders. Will be on my list for retreat and probably a lot more as well. So many possibilities with the Groovi system. Right off to start packing for my visit on Wednesday. xx

    1. Hi Lynne thank you for you comment left on yesterday's blog I did some whitening and colouring on my parchment yesterday in bed it helps me so much because of all the pain it's so good to be able to pick up and put down when pain gets too much and because I tired so easily with the c.f.s lots of crafting hugs xxx

  10. STUNNING,Barbara thank you for taking the time to gives us groovi week With all the new techniques you teach us ,hope Dave is feeling brighter each day and resting up ,my groovi list is getting longer I can feel( CCA ) falling of the wagon day coming on big crafting hugs xxx

  11. This parchment piece is fabulous Barbara and I love those lacy borders and again you've taken bits from lots of different designs and made one glorious finished card. Hope the next retreat goes well. x

  12. You get beautiful, delicate results with your groovi boards, but I am afraid my finances just wont stretch to a whole new system, such a shame, as I'd love to be able to join in with you.

  13. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, very delicate and intricate looking, thank you for sharing. I'm really getting it now about how versatile each plate is, and making up exactly the design you want using a little bit of this and a little bit of that, your system really is totally genius. And takes away sooo much of the initial hard graft that traditional parchers have to do, providing Mindfulness time instead.

    I really do hope Dave continues to improve, even a tiny bit of improvement is something to celebrate, a step in the right direction, although I'm perfectly aware of the enormous frustrations you must be feeling. Just got to try hard to make the most of each day as best you can within what you're allowed and see that as an achievement, and yes I do know how extremely hard that is to do, I'm still fighting that battle. A bit of laughter /fun, making someone else's day a bit brighter with a few kind or fun words, spending quality time with those you hold dear to you, things like these, these make life good and special, a special gift you give to the recipient each and every time.

    I hope you and your customers have a great time at your retreats this week. Remember to factor in chill time to your days too though please 😉 love Brenda xx

  14. Hello Barb, this is a stunning and beautiful example of what can be achieved with the Groovi system. Love the delicate border, and great tips for the corner too. Cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Take care, hugs to you and Dave. Bx

  15. A lovely delicate card. I was talking to a friend today who teaches parchment craft at U3A Cheadle in Staffordshire and she was surprised that none of her class had mentioned the Groovi plates to her as they are always bringing ideas in, so I told her all about them and where to find you. She said new ways and ideas were always welcome.

    1. I have seen it used in a complete class of very varied experience and abilities and I was struck by how every single person in that class came away with something they were proud of. The beginners are being lured into the world of parchment and the more experienced are using it and then taking it so much further. xxx Maggie

  16. Hi Barbara, this is beautiful, just like a piece of lace. Just love the Groovi effect but will have to wait before I indulge myself in another hobby or hubby will not be happy, ha ha. ( tried to post this just now but that darn predictive text took over and made a nonsense of it all – just when I thought I was winning the battle with technology ! ) Have a good week.

  17. Really stunning and so beautiful and peaceful. I see you were up at the "crack of etc.."! I wish I had looked earlier to calm myself down – spent over 2 hours having tests at the hospital – no fun. However I came back and crafted away all the afternoon long.
    Wish I was in Kent because Clarity is there!
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  18. Hi Barbara
    A beautiful card as usual. Groovi is fantastic and I ordered the lacy borders and lots of other goodies on Saturday. I have quite a collection now. I am still a bit heavy handed doing the white work, but keep practicing. I am so envious of all the lucky people who are coming to your retreats. I am just going to read through your tutorial again. Thank you for taking the time to give such clear instructions. I hope you enjoy today and that all your lucky pupils do too. I am sure they will.
    Hugs from Chris x

    1. With the white work, Chris, softly softly, then leave it overnight under something heavy to flatten a bit and let the parchment rest. The next day, go back over it, still gently, and you can carry on building it up but you must let it rest overnight. You have to let the stretching settle otherwise you will break through the parchment. It takes a while to work out just how little pressure you need on each session. It forces you to relax and de-stress. xxx Maggie

  19. Exquisite, Barbara! Just beautiful! I just love the Groovi system.

    Hope your day went well, and that Dave is feeling a wee bit better. Oh, and that your are looking after yourself too.

    Hugs Lin xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    This is so beautiful, I'm sure your mum and dad are going to love it – is it their anniversary soon? I love the way you change something into something else, you make it look so easy. I hope today went well and you have another crowd of lovely ladies and Dave is sat in the corner being good! Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  21. Hi Barb,
    This is really beautiful. Very elegant and expensive looking too. I love how you have done the lacy borders with the triangular corners. Im sure your mum and dad will love their card. Hope Dave is continuing to make progress. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xx

  22. Hi Barbara Just love this one mum & dad will too its very beautiful now my wedding sewing is nearly done I have now joined the Groovi movement cant wait for mine to come so I can play. Hope Dave is continuing to get better enjoy your day hugs and much love Pauline xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Up with the lark I see, thanks for blogging and getting in the groove before your busy day commences.
    How do you keep your work so flat? mine has a tendency to curl up, or is it just cringing 'cos I'm not very good…..yet!

  24. Beautiful work Barbara – hope the retreats this week go really well for you. I'm looking forward to crafting with Jo at the Glasgow workshop on Saturday, but that's a 3 hour journey and overnight stay for me, so I think Kent is a bit beyond me in the summertime!!! Susan x

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