Flower Head Stencil Sunday. One Step at a time….AND A LIMERICK WINNER!

Flower Head Stencil Sunday. One Step at a time….AND A LIMERICK WINNER!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in on this sunny Sunday.
What a lovely day we have had here in the south!
Poodled around the house, sat in the garden,
just generally kicked back.
Oh. Hang on!
Also caught up on laundry, went grocery shopping 
and cooked breakfast and lunch.
My idea of poodled isn’t that poodled really….
Anyhow, I thought I would just post a little step by step project 
for you.
Nothing special.
Just a little stencil something.
I like this Seed Head stencil.
Cover it in Black Soot ink.
Best ink for the job.
Lay it inky side down on a sheet of the White 7″ x 7″ Gelli Card.
Squish it through an E-Bosser or Gran Caliber or whatever your choice of mangle is.
This will transfer the ink from the stencil to the card.
And If you use a rubber shim, you will emboss the card beautifully at the same time.
Plate sequence from the bottom:
Rubber shim
Copy paper
Stencil inky side up
Card place on top of stencil
Copy paper

Wash the stencil, dry it and re-position it,
using masking tape.

Brush Worn Lipstick, a pink Distress ink upward, 
and focus on the flower heads.
Our Clarity Brushes are brill for this.

Use a make-up sponge to get in the cracks 
and accentuate the flowers.

Fab colour combination.

When you remove the stencil, you will see how cool it looks.
Like a proper arty print.

Trim the border back.

See how it is raised?

Mount on a white card.
That’ll do nicely.
We have a Stencil Set of 5 fabulous flower heads:
Time to poodle around the ironing board.
But first, I want to thank you for giving Dave and me such a laugh with your limericks.
Brilliant. We were rolling up!
On the laughometer, it was so hard to pick a winner!
We must have spent an hour chuckling back and forth.
Flexi Pay, Electricitay, Crap with a hoover –
 – they are all stuck in my mind now!
But we decided that the £20 Gift Voucher 
for the funniest limerick this time has to go to….
Ruth, the Aspiring Crafter.
There was a young girl from Torbay,

Who watched shopping tv night and day;

Her husband said ” hey…
come to bed and let’s play” –
She said “I can’t , I might miss Barbara Gray ” !!!!!
If you want a blimming good chuckle, go back to Friday’s blog and read them yourself.
Absolutely fab.

Thank you.
Laughter is a great medicine and good for the soul…
Love and hugs to you,

55 thoughts on “Flower Head Stencil Sunday. One Step at a time….AND A LIMERICK WINNER!

  1. So glad to hear you have had a nice day and least managed to see some of the glorious sunshine. Love the card, so simple (she says till she tries it herself lol) but really effective. I looked at all the limericks and honestly don't know how you managed to come to a decision – they were all worthy winners but Ruth did make me laugh out loud straight away. Well done Ruth.xxxxx

  2. Worthy winner I reckon. Glad they made you laugh, does help. Been lovely here in Midlands as well, even got some time relaxing in garden this pm. After the dreaded ironing from time away last week. Lovely card. xx

  3. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, modern art, thanks for sharing. Glad you've had a relaxing day pottering, catching up on chores – got to be done and, if you're like me, you'll feel better for it when they're all ticked off. Glad everyone's limericks cheered you both up, and well done to Ruth. I used to love ironing, especially if it was things like duvet covers and sheets, I rarely iron anything since CFS, just if it's clothes if I'm going out and they look crushed. I started a new trend, doesn't seem to have taken off though!!! We had a mixture of sun and clouds up here, but quite windy, got to sit in the sun for a couple of hours in my craft room, which is always nice. Hope the coming week is a good one for both of you, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Donna, good to see you back here and that you had a good holiday. Hope it's helped you in you head with everything you've had to go through recently. I did a wee bit Groovi this afternoon, starting to work out what I'm going to make for my Christmas cards this year, lots of 'not this', and arrows of where I need to move things to, and crosses over mistakes, but it's a good start! Still not had a play at the shaving foam and inks, it's even all lying out here ready, I'll try again tomorrow, shouldn't be as much chores to do tomorrow, if I can get out my bed at a decent time! xx

      Hi Sheila have you managed any craft today? xx

    2. Hi Dot, have your grandchildren talked you into a game of cowboys and Indians, you being the one that gets tied to the totem pole, and no one's found you yet!!!! Hope you're ok xx

    3. Brenda lovely to heat you have been crafting and have had some sun too. I enjoy ironing if there's something good to watch on TV, seems to make it go quicker. I hope you manage to play with the shaving foam soon but it does sound as though you are in the groove! Xxx

  4. Hi Barb,
    This is one of my favourite stencils along with the Chinese lanterns and poppies. Love what you have done and the result is gorgeous.
    Really pleased you've had a good day and that the limericks gave you a good laugh. Can I say congratulations to Ruth – a worthy winner.
    Been quite nice up here in Durham today although still windy, but managed to get caught up with my ironing and got a load of washing dry. Also had a lovely couple of hours with my Groovi and my new plates- been doing Christmas things and the tree is lovely. I really like the Noel, Joy and Peace plate as well. If I'm very honest, there's not one I don't like! I am very pleased with the results ,just need colouring now. Love Alison xx

  5. Back from Wales yesterday so spent today catching up on a weeks worth of Groovi blogs! Loved all the creations and now my Groovi list has grown longer. I took mine away to Wales with me so I was with you in spirit. Glad to hear inbetween your jobs you have been taking it easy. Love the stencil you have used today. I cannot get to grips with my E-Bosser though, cannot get the right combination to emboss onto canvas 🙁 (don't have a C plate). Anyone have any suggestions??? Xx

    1. Hello Donna hope you had a lovely week away and are fully refreshed , having been thinking of you good to know you had a groovi time too hugs xxx

    2. I don't have an ebosser, I'm still on the Camberwick Green (for anyone too young – check out the opening titles on youtube)!!! But have you tried a shim with the plates that you do have, or maybe 2 rubber mats if you've got 2. A shim is usually the answer to everything that doesn't cut /emboss properly!!! xx

    3. Oh Brenda yes! Was that Windy Miller turning the handle? One of my favourites when I was very young! Donna good to hear you have had a good holiday, hope the weather was good. Have you tried a wadge of copy paper as a shim? That way you can add as much as you need to get the right thickness xxx

    4. Donna I don't know where you bought your e bosser I got mine from crafters companion and it came with the c plate I know you can buy extra plates and mats as I have off their website you could always give them a call or e mail don't know if that helps xxx

    5. That's an idea, thought it was funny I didn't have one. I have two A plates, a B plate, a D plate, an E plate, a rubber mat, and a magnetic shim. Thought that maybe the C plate was an extra that I needed to buy. Meant to ask last time Barbara had used the e-bosser.
      Haaaa Brenda, I remember that! Was Trumpton the same programme? Humming the theme tune now! Xx

    6. Donna, I'll send you to the naughty step, is it the same, Trumpton was inferior to Camberwiick Green!!! It was from another part of the same land. I was always disappointed when it was Trumpton that came on!!! xx

    7. The naughty step!!! I'm sure its the same characters will have to you tube it! My favourite was the Clangers and Ivor the Engine………. pishtico, pishtico, pishtico, woo-woo!!! 🙂

    8. Ahhhh Sheila, that would explain it! Thought it was just me who couldn't get the blooming thing to work! Will have to forgive the machine as its obviously operator error, as it usually is! Xx

  6. Hello Barbara beautiful art work ,glad your catching up with all the little jobs ,well done Ruth on your limerick win .hope Dave is feeling brighter each day .big hugs xxx

  7. Great winning limerick. Loved them all.

    Nice pottering day all round for you today Barbara

    Just got to remember powerless over people, places and things. Not a good day at the tabletop sale today only 2 books sold (sad face) but I did have time to read my kindle.

    Big hugs Pen x

  8. Love this creation and it reminds me to get my stencils out ….have been so busy colouring in lately!
    Glad you had a good chuckle with all the limericks and amazed that I am the lucky winner !
    Thank you so much Barbara!
    As for your poodling , well glad it just left you time for some doodling!
    Many thanks again xxxx

  9. Love a pottering day, I've been sat outside this afternoon after finishing a Groovi card this morning. Saving my ironing until tomorrow when rain is due. Lovely card once again"

    Well done Ruth, I'd never think of attempting a limerick but love having a go for you and Dave as you appreciate it. There were some excellent ones ! Have a good week and I hope Dave is feeling stronger xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Sounds like your day off was pretty busy. A woman's work is never done so the saying goes. Another beautiful card today. I have yet to explore the stencil through an embossing machine technique. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    X Chris

  11. this is a lovely project and my older boy thought it was fab too. he also loved the winning limerick. i think i might have a go at this but with a different stencil as this is one of the few i don't have, hugs xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Lovely artwork today, must try playing with inky stencils, especially as I have this set of stencils. Hmmm sounds like you achieved a lot whilst pottering but at least you can start the week without having to worry about the jobs not done, always a relief. We've had a lovely weekend in London , tea at the Shard yesterday and a stroll around the Olympic park in the sun today, a real treat. Enjoy your evening and congratulations to Ruth, your limerick was fab. Love Diane xxx

  13. Glad you've had a relaxing day pootling around, Barbara. Congratulations to Ruth on her winning limerick…wonder how many households this limerick holds true for on a Sunday morning. ..ahem! Need to retry embossing a stencil as forgot my tan mat last time . Thanks for the reminder. Love Jeanette xx

  14. Beautiful artwork, Barbara. The 2 colours suit that lovely stencil very well. A poodling day sounds just the ticket. I'm not sure where my day went but I did get some menial little jobs out of the way, which has its own satisfaction.
    Congratulations to Ruth. Great limerick. I laughed as soon as I read it.

  15. The limericks were all so clever and the winning one was really funny, so congratulations to Ruth, and I love the inked and embossed stencil with the added pink and latte colours Barbara, so pretty! So pleased you have had a lovely day and enjoyed a good laugh at the limericks too. x

  16. Loving the limerick probably rings a bell with many LOL
    Your poodling is work but different so never seems so hard does it so we will allow it!

    Love the card…striking but feminine

    Much Love

    Kim xx

  17. Lovely card, now I want this stencil set! I did some inky stencils on Saturday, but didn't use the embossing mat – will have to try again and get it right this time! Although pleased with my efforts, and the waste where I inked up the left swirl stencil in silver.

    I loved Ruth's limerick, made me laugh, so have to agree with your choice!

  18. Great effect Barbara – and I did laugh reading all those limericks too. Glad you've had a day to potter about and get all those little jobs done – I've still got a pile of ironing to get through, but hopefully I'll find something interesting on TV to watch whilst I'm doing it. Had Singin' in the Rain for my last pile!!! Happy Monday, Susan x

  19. Love this card, will try it with a different stencil as haven't got that one yet. Ordered the groovi starter kit and lots of plates. Can't wait to get home from hols to play. Someone on the blog said its ideal for taking on holiday, talked me into it. Well done on the limericks front Ruth thought it was brilliant. Glad you had a good day Barbara. Yes Andy Pandy was my favourite too, gosh it shows our ages. Glad to hear you're back on line Brenda. I can only get on here while I'm having a coffee in Costa til I get home.xxx

  20. Stunning artwork once again Barbara. Glad all the limericks gave you and Dave a laugh – always the best medicine I believe. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Hello Barb, great artwork and a technique I have yet to try. The limericks are fab! Well done Ruth, that was a right old giggle. Hope you got all the ironing done Barb. I am so very lucky, I have a hubby that loves ironing, which I hate. Take care all. Bx

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