You never know what’s round the corner.

You never know what’s round the corner.

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
I actually started doing a canvas early afternoon,
after a delightful stroll in the morning sunshine through 
Calverley Park and the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells.
Had it it all mapped out:
A bright yellow backdrop,
spread out with a brayer,

inked up the town stencil with black Archival

laid it on the yellow canvas,

and was just about to squeeze it through the E-bosser,
when Dave came in from gardening to find me,
to tell me he was having another bad turn.
Pembury Hospital.
Ironically, as we were headed to the hospital, 
I was trying to let Dave know where we were en route,
because I think it helps to know where you are,
and we went past the Pantiles and Calverley Park.
Almost surreal to be flying past where we had only just been
enjoying the farmer’s market, in an ambulance. 
My brother Steve shot over and met us at the hospital, 
and then we played the waiting game.
After tests, more ecgs, bloodtests and monitoring,
we were released.
They decided to send Dave home.
All the tests were ok. 
And what did we learn today?
The NHS and Pembury Hospital ? Excellent.
Dave needs to slow down. 
My Brother is a diamond.
I react almost like a robot in emergencies.
Only now that we are back home, 
am I actually thinking about what just happened.
And the yellow canvas is somewhere 
of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. 
Funny how your priorities suddenly 
get snapped into their rightful place. 
 Very wearing.
Very worrying.
Very grateful it wasn’t worse.
love and hugs,

124 thoughts on “You never know what’s round the corner.

  1. Oh no, not good news, you both need to rest and take it easier, hand over the reigns a bit more and slow down. We're not given many warnings so take heed from this one. Sending loads of love to you, Dave and the rest of the family xxxxxxxx

  2. Heavens!! Hope all goes well! We all seem to have have our A and E 'moments' when life, love and the meaning of the universe all snap into place! I am sure your yellow canvas will still be there whenever you find time to get back to it. We are about to start our latest round of hospital visiting next week (b-in-law this time) so I might very well need to be mindful by Wednesday!! Just as well we have had a very restful 2 weeks (almost) in Norfolk – watched almost the whole boxed set of 'When Time Goes By" – they don't make TV series like that anymore!! Just keep telling yourself to take deep breaths in and out and count – slowly!!! Cocoa and early nights for a few days me thinks!

  3. So pleased to hear Dave is back at home and is Ok….. Make him take it easy Barbara and yourself as we know how very hard you both work….. Take care and see you next week xxx

  4. Oh Barbara. Sorry to hear about Dave. Hope he will do as the doctor ordered. He is such a lovely chap (Dave). Sending hugs and well wishes to you, Dave and your brother Steve. You don't need to bother about us, but we do appreciate your dedication…. But take your own advice and it is family first. Thinking of you and Dave. Hugs and much love. Emma xxx

  5. Oh Barbara! Life has a way of telling you to slow down! And sometimes we need to really listen to our body. Sending you love…all of you!! Xxxx

  6. Oh Barbara, that really isn't good at all. Yeah a person's ill health really does make you take stock of life and exactly what you priorities should be. Pleeeease see this as God's way of giving you both a warning, that you both need to redress your work /play balance. Delegate more, and what can't be delegated will have to wait a wee bit longer, both of you, you're human beings not robots! Tell Dave I don't care how long I have to wait for my Groovi order, and I'm sure there are many feeling the same as me, I'd much rather wait a bit longer and you both be healthy. And it is afterwards, once the emergency is over, that the magnitude of it sets in, you need to take care of each other tonight and tomorrow, but then I'm sure you both are, and being looked after by Steve and any of your other friends and family you'll let in. I'm so relieved it's been a false alarm, I have been worrying that something serious was going to happen to one of you, the way you've bee working since the Groovi launch. Thinking about you both, and big bear hugs to you both, (and a stern ordering to both of you to take it easy for a bit! ;-)) xx

    1. Don’t know if my wee bit of sparrow fun today will take your minds off it for a bit. My wee group of sparrows, that, by the way, are still helping themselves to the hanging basket liners on a daily basis!!, provided me with a bit of fun entertainment this afternoon. They’d completely emptied the feeder, it taking them a whole 48 hours! So I thought time to introduce them to the boiled rice! That’s what I used to do at my last place, when the feeders were empty I’d throw out boiled rice for them until the next time the feeders could get filled. One wee female who’d grown up in my garden, she was a wee daredevil, they all knew I was food lady and safe, but not that safe, they’d send this wee female to come to my windowsill to let me know they wanted more rice thrown out, while the rest of them hid in the hedge, all you could see was wee heads poking out the hedge all over, watching to see if her asking was working!!! Anyway, so I cooked some rice, thought I’d overdone it on the amount, but never mind. Threw some out the bedroom window and stood back and watched. As usual, it’s always the same in sparrow land, the females are the brave ones, the ones sent to investigate, while the males hide nearby watching. So out comes a couple of females for a look and a prod at the rice, nothing happens to them so en masse the rest come out the bushes but still not sure enough to think it safe. It was so funny, it was like the SAS – sparrows quickly diving out the bushes to quickly dive into hiding in the plants nearby the food, going still, keeping a look out. The funniest was the sparrow that went to sit on top of a low growing plant that looks sturdy but is actually quite loose and soft so the sparrow sank right in. It was like she was falling through a trap door, landed on the ground in the middle of the plant and all you could see was her wee head poking out the top!!! Decided it was a good place to hide after all so stayed put! That’s what you call a ‘happy accident’ in sparrow land!!!! A brave female decided she’d have a taste, told the others it was good and one by one they came to tuck in. A couple flew off to tell their friends and neighbours to come and try this braw new fayre, so sparrows were flying in from all directions!!! They got themselves set up, some on the fence as lookouts, a stepping stone in the grass as a makeshift crèche to feed the babies and all happily tucking in. Rather big babies, but baby sparrows are chancers, they are capable of and do feed themselves but if a parent is in sight they ask to be fed and the poor parents give in each time!!! They just kept coming back for more and more, where they put it all in those tiny bodies I’ve no idea! They even chased off a local cat! I heard the warning chatter they do and went to look only to see a cat, tail bushed up, running off across the road from the bushes at the side, it stopped in the road to turn back for a look, a couple of females flew in it’s direction further chasing it off up the road!!!! By the time the evening arrived the bowl was empty, a far bigger amount cooked and lots of full happy sparrows settling down for the night 🙂 Glad I had a bag of rice in the cupboard, I don’t eat it but I’d got a bag to try when there were a few birds around a while back. Hope it lasts until I do my shop on Wednesday!!!! At my last place I decided to give them some boiled tatties once, boy did they love that, tucked in and ate the whole lot, stuffed themselves full. A wee while later I realised there were no sparrows playing around in the garden as they usually do, got a wee bit concerned, what if I’ve made them sick, even though I knew tatties were fine for them. Went to the bedroom window to investigate, no signs of any birds except every now and again you could hear a wee quiet chirp, they were clearly suffering from post Christmas dinner syndrome!!!! Hope that made you smile, lots of love xx

    2. Hi Sheila, I'm no very well the noo, last weeks adventures with the garden this week on top catching up on me, so petty rubbish all round, but it's just how it is, just get on with it, could be worse. How are you doing? xx

    3. Hi Brenda, sorry to hear you are not great. Loved the bird tales, I will have to try the rice as the birds are eating sooooo much seed at the moment! Sending you hugs. Xx

    4. Hi Donna, thank you, it's fine, it's just how it goes for me. Don't add salt to the water, just cook it in water only, any rice does. Did you manage to get your cards made? Hugs back xx

    5. I've had a few bad days spending a lot of time in bed good job I can do my groovi in bed and got my I pad to keep up with the blog .the CFS /fibromyalgia pain and the diabetes plus the warm weather doesn't do me much good ,but at least I've have got to craft a little ,hope you start to pick up and manage to have some better days bear hugs xxx

    6. Hi ladies, yes got my cards well under way so feeling good about that. I think on our bin raiding mission to Clarity we might have to cut the electric so Dave can have a few days off! Xx

    7. Hi Brenda and friends love watching the wee birds in the garden Brenda didnae know they could eat tatties will put a couple oot for them they must love coming to your garden they must be wondering mmm wonder whats on Brenda's menu the day.
      Sorry your having a few bad days Sheila just take it easy wi your Groovin in yer bed and hope it keeps your mind of yer aches and pains.
      Donna great Idea about the power cut at Clarity do you think she might consider our volunteer bus drive great excuse to get near the…xx

    8. Well with all that tea making someone will have to put all the teabags in the rubbish 😉 it would probably need more than one of us as those bags would be heavy when wet! Xx

    9. Hi Dot, how's granny duties going? Miss you being on here. If you're giving the birds tatties don't put any salt in the water when cooking them or after. And they might like them mashed up a bit. My sparrows never went near tatties again, mmm wonder why!!!! They eat raisins and sultanas too, although sometimes with things like this it takes them a while to 'get' it that it's tasty treat food!!! Cheese too but I've never tried that, I like cheese too much!!! Me thinks Barbara an' Dave are in desperate need o their Groovi army right noo. We'll tak over an' send them oot fir the day an' bar the door so they cannae come back in until we've cleared all their orders fir them. All we'll want in return is a free wee raid o their buckets!!!! They cannae say naw tae that, we'll get Donna tae dae her sad owlet face just in case!!!!! xx

    10. Aye I can see the headlines CLARITY FANS TAKE OVER BUILDING owners not allowed in till orders are complete and wheelie bins emptied…we could do one o them
      demo things wi plackards at the gate (free advertisement Barbara) it would be on the news and everything….LJFDI…….XX

    11. I'm in Dot :-). Mind you if the free advertisement worked it might go the other way – Barbara and Dave locking us in to clear all the extra orders we created from the free advertisement!!!! Wonder what Barbara and Dave would say if we really could turn up at their door to clear their orders eh. If only, I'd love tae be able tae help oot oor Barb instead o being totally useless an' nae good tae a'body xx

  7. Glad to know Dave is well, I've always told my kids, you never know what's around the corner. scary, But it's a warnng, slow down, take a breath, big hugs. hope he stays well.

  8. So glad that Dave is o.k. …please send him my love…hope you are both relaxing tonight…..take it easy ..good health is so important…hugs..xxxx

  9. Sending hugs to you both. Now both of you try and take it easy. (I know pink pigs coming in over Gatwick whee you are both concerned). One day at a time as the Blog says. xxxxxx

  10. Oh Barbara!!!! You and Dave must slow down – things could have been so much worse! I am so pleased Dave is OK and home but very worrying for you all – so listen to the body and take a day out – let the groovi plates go for a day – enjoy some R&R – and the canvas – hey another day,another time –

    Take some time to relax!!!!!

    Much love
    Kim xx

  11. Oh Barbara what a day you have all had take time out for each other let others take the reins for a while we all think we can do more and eventually we are hit by illnesses that change our lives completely Please take a few days rest both of you rest in that lovely bedroom your body's are saying slow down .do your groovi mindfulness unwind please
    Today I received my snow flakes Christmas groovi plates in the post I had a lovely time groovi-ing and even stamped one of my clarity stamps too felt so good to craft big crafting hugs xxx

  12. Wow Barbara, what a day. Glad Dave is home again. We are nothing without our health. So many take so much for granted these days and complain about unimportant things. Sounds like you have a great family support unit too. Take care.

  13. I am actually not surprised this has happened although I am very upset that it has. Please, please, please take this as a warning….. I myself am finding it very hard to keep up with the pace you are setting. I can't find time to enjoy half the things you produce when you have moved on to the next. What
    happened to take time to smell the roses?
    I have stamps that I have bought from you that I have not used because by the time they have arrived, you have moved on to the next thing and I can't remember what I was going to do in the first place….
    I absolutely love you and all things Clarity but would love you to slow the pace down a bit.
    This has been a bit of a warning….. Some people aren't that lucky!
    Much love to you and Dave xxx
    PS… Sorry to nag!

  14. Goodness! You poor things. Thank heavens for the NHS as those paramedics know how to keep the lid on panic and take the strain. Do please go slower, only do the essentials for the time being and take care of each other. In the long term that's absolutely the only thing that matters! With love xx Margaret Col.

  15. Waiting for your blog all day , I could have been praying but isn't being in someone's thoughts the same ? aweful to go through all the waiting and worry , but so glad to hear he is ok . Prayers your way .

  16. Hope that Dave is feeling loads better and you are recovered from the nightmare journey. Try to persuade him to slow down a little, he's such a nice caring man.

  17. Bloody hell Barbara! I'm so sorry to hear this news, but so relieved Dave is ok and you're all back home you both work so hard, you must take care of each other and yourselves, don't work yourselves into the ground.if you need to cancel/postpone next week, you should. Or let someone else run it, I know you are so organised it will already be all worked out and and hugs, Wendyxxx

  18. Glad it has not turned out to be serious but at the same time please ease up you two. Please learn to give yourselves time to relax. Even if it means we don't get a blog everyday.

    And breathe………

    Kelly xx

  19. Glad to hear Dave is back home, he really needs to slow down, both of you actually. I know how you feel, my husband was in the same position a few years ago. He is now in a different job with less stress and hasn't had a turn since he learned to slow down and work less. Take care both. x

  20. You sure don't know what's around the corner, so glad Dave is okay know slow down you to those things come as a warning we have learnt over the years Bob suffers from AF we have had few trips surgery few times he is finally learning to listen to his body looking on can see signs but we learn to see for are selfs to learn our move has been about smaller easier place to look after Bob sat said the other day I feel better less stressed its nice being able to enjoy life more slower pace lots love to you both take it slower let others take the slack night night xxx

  21. So sorry to hear Dave not well and what a fright for you. Take it easy over next few days, (both of you) practice a bit of mindfulness to keep you calm. My thoughts are with you.
    We could write your blog for you for however long, so you just have to read it when you can. Just pick a theme like birds and we can post on our favourite bird related cards. I'm sure there is enough of us that can keep it going until Dave's well again. Karen

  22. I am glad you are both back home but take this as a warning to SLOW DOWN. Think of yourselves, not us. If you need to cancel or need extra help, just do it JFDI as you said the other day. xxx lots of hugs Maggie

  23. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness what a dreadful shock for you all, you have had a dreadful day. I'm glad to hear Dave is at home and all is well but it just goes to show you've both been overdoing it. I think Dave needs a week off and you both need some quality time together – perhaps Dave needs some grandad time sitting having cuddles and quiet time. Life is too short to ignor signs like this. Take care and have a relaxing day tomorrow. Love Diane Xxx

  24. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Dave was unwell today! Please give him my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. I am sending big hugs for you both. Love Donna xx

  25. Oh dear, if ever there was a need to take the foot off the accelerator this is it. You both bring much joy and laughter to many. I don't think for one minute that you would be grudged some serious time out. Take care both xx

  26. I'm sorry to hear of your trauma and so pleased that Dave is OK. It's always good to hear appreciation of our NHS. They may have their difficulties but have always done very well by us. Look after Dave and yourself – first things first. x

  27. So glad all's well after a challenging day. I can help tomorrow or next week if you need an extra pair of hands to let Dave have a rest, feet up now, busy week ahead! lots of love too all xxxx

  28. Gosh Barbara, what a worry for you. Glad it turned out ok for Dave and hope that they do manage to find out what is causing it. I am never certain that the 'can't find anything wrong' diagnosis is always helpful as clearly there was something wrong. Also it's not just Dave that needs to take things easy, you need to help him along by joining in too.
    Take care, both of you. Sending hugs. x

  29. You are having a lot of worry Barbara. I am so pleased Dave's test results were normal and he is home. Please both of you try to take it easy. I know you will be busy next week but your team will be there for you.
    X Love & Hugs X

  30. Oh no! I hope Dave is feeling a bit better and is resting. We go in to auto pilot in emergencies and then realise what support we have and what is important . Slow down we can all wait for our Groovie plates ! As Vanessa said above I'm playing catch up and leave behind with some stamps and stencils. Things have tKen off so fast. It must be a sign to Dave that he needs to slow down and you too Barbara. As much as we all love what you do for us we love your good health more. Have a week of mindfulness xxxx

  31. I'm sorry to hear about your stressful day, but mighty relieved that Dave's been given the all clear. Time to slow down a bit, sit and hold one another's hands and work out a plan for how you are going to keep the show on the road with a bit of breathing space built in – you keep telling us that sometimes less is more! Take care of yourselves, Susan x

  32. Sometimes we need to listen to what our body tells us. We all love Clarity and your wonderful products but we also care for you and Dave so please slow down and heed this warning. It's good to hear that Dave is home and that the hospital was excellent but please slow the pace a bit. Hugs xx

  33. Time to slow down. Hand over some of the jobs and maybe cut back a bit. So glad Dave is ok but heed the warning. Health is more important than anything else. I know you want to please us all but you have very faithful customers who love the product. Relax tomorrow. xx

  34. Love & hugs & best wishes to you both. Horrible to have such a scare, so glad it was a false alarm this time. But as everyone says, slow down and look after yourselves. And ask for the help you need! Hope you've had a restful and reassuring evening.

  35. It's all been said but would also like to say I'm very pleased Dave is back home and ok, got to listen to your bodies. I absolutely love Clarity and need you and Dave to be around as long as possible, do take good care of each other. Start delegating more xx

  36. A wake up call me thinks. take some time out and de-stress, I know, easier said than done. Perhaps a nice pub lunch tomorrow, no cooking no washing up.. Bliss
    take care

  37. Please take care of each other , yes it's a good job we don't know what's round the corner
    my hubby and I had so many plans for our retirement, but sadly that never happened so please take care and slow down both of you, and aye the blog can wait even if you just say HI There we will just blether away to each other and make you smile you know were good at that …take care and God Bless….Dot.. xx

  38. Sorry to hear,about your emergency, but so glad Dave is OK and now at home. Heed the warning and start taking it easier. Don't know how you manage to cope with all you do. I sometimes feel that I'm on a merry-go-round just trying to keep up with all your new products and what to do with them. Have some rest and relaxation you two .xx

  39. What an awful day! So glad to hear that Dave was given sent home so soon. So impressive that you found the time and inner strength to share your experience. Nevermind about the canvas. Existential stress makes priorities very clear: Family first; everything else is secondary. Will be sending you healing thoughts across the Channel.

  40. I have been away this week and come back to hear what a terrible day you have had! How frightening for you Barbara, and these sort of things make us realise what is most important to us. I am so glad that Dave has been given the all clear and at least try to relax more when you can as nothing is more important than good health for the both of you! x

  41. Only just got back in after a night out, so I hope you and Dave are both fast asleep now. So glad it wasn't any worse, and Dave has been able to come home. Now for the difficult bit… trying to get the two of you to take it easy!! Love to you all. Xxx

  42. Perhaps someone up above is telling you both something ,you can't burn the candel at both ends some thing has to give .
    You can build an empire but it's no good if a emperor is not there to run it ..
    Take it easy you two ,

  43. Having recently had a similar experience I sympathise with you both. It is agonising waiting for all the test results and when they all come back like Dave's ok, you are left wondering what caused it then? I pray that Dave continues to keep well and both of you MUST relax more. Let your fab team do more for you. X

  44. Hello Barb and Dave, so very glad to hear that you are ok Dave and the tests came back ok. Surely this is a sign that you both need to slow down, take more time to relax? Good for Steve, you always need support in instances like this. Please take care. Bx

  45. Hi Barb,
    Well I wasn't expecting that news when I started reading! How awful for you both. I'm so pleased that Dave's results were ok but please take it as a sign that you both need to slow down a bit. As Vanessa said, I have goodies that I bought that haven't been played with because something new came along. The Groovi plates have taken off and I know you've got colouring books that will soon be launched – all of these things bring their own stresses and strains. I'm sure that all of us Clarity devotees will understand if there are no new products for a while if it means that you and Dave both have your health. So please, please, please take time off, slow down and delegate – you have a fabulous team behind you. In your own words JFDI!!! Love and hugs to you both (& to Steve for being such a rock) Alison xx

  46. Sorry you had to go through this Barbara , but glad that all the tests were negative for Dave.
    The bod is letting him know he's not super human ………hope you have a good Sunday together ,
    Take care of yourselves,

  47. Sorry to hear this. I hope you both will take it as a warning and start to slow down. Difficult I know when it is your own business, but health comes first.

    Hugs to you both!

  48. Dearest Barb

    I hope Dave makes a full and speedy recovery. Please give him my best wishes – we can't do without him so he must do what his doctors tell him!

  49. Oh Barb, so, so sorry to hear this, I do hope Dave is okay and going to be in the future, I do hope it was nothing serious? You must have been beside yourself with worry and thankfully your brother was there for support, nothing worse than being on your own in a crisis. I hope Dave does slow down and gets plenty of rest today, no doubt you will on him like a ton of bricks if he doesn't lol!

    Thoughts are with you

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  50. Big hugs to you both. I was travelling the roads with you remembering all the places in Kent you mentioned. I use to live in the area some 30 years ago but still have family in the area. Best wishes. Pen

  51. So sorry you both had such a terrible day yesterday and I do hope Dave feels better in himself soon. It's a very frightening place to be for both of you, for Dave going through it all and for you, seeing it all happening to him. I hope you can take some time to enjoy today together. Take care both of you, today and in the days and months to come.

  52. Hallo Barbara und Dave,

    ich schreibe mal in deutsch da gehen mir die Worte schneller von der Hand.
    Mensch mensch mensch, ist ja nicht schön zu hören, dass es Dave nicht gut geht.
    Bitte vorsichtig sein, sowas ist meist ein Warnschuss und der Körper zeigt an, dass es in letzter Zeit wahrscheinlich zuviel gewesen ist.
    So schwer es auch fällt, einfach mal einen Gang zurückschalten und nicht gleich wieder in den alten gewohnten schnellen Trott verfallen.
    Ich wünsche Dave alles alles Gute, vor allen Dingen gute Besserung, und auch für Dich Barbara, gönn Dir immer mal wieder eine Auszeit.

    Viele Grüße sendet Sabine

  53. Hi Barbara, please give Dave a Hug from me. Thank God he is all right. You must have had a terrible fright. It really takes it out of you, you know I know. I know you have a very busy week ahead, so sorry I can't be there. Take care of yourselves. xxx

  54. So sorry to hear this Barbara, but I think us "Clarity Crafters" also put pressure on you both. I must admit your blog is the first item on Facebook I look for each day. Maybe if we were all a little bit more patient you wouldn't feel under so much pressure to keep us all happy and content. Please take time to take stock of what has happened, and both you and Dave reflect on how much "you time" you actually have. I bet it's not much. Take care and see you soon xxx

  55. Must have been very frightening for you both. Hope you are both ok now. Forget everyone and everything else and concentrate on yourselves for a change!
    Love and best wishes to you both
    Gayle x

  56. Oh how I agree Barbara. I had to call 111 for my husband yesterday and had to wait for a call out Dr. Several hours later hubby had settled a little, so cancelled the call out. I think next time I will phone for an ambulance. Yes a very worrying time but I am so pleased Dave ok. Sometimes we need that wake up call. Find time for more of those walks. Best wishes to you all

  57. So glad Dave was sent home — a good sign! And I hope he's feeling much better. Yes, I agree, it takes something like this to clarify — no pun intended 🙂 — our priorities. Sod the canvas. There will be other canvasses. Only one Dave. Cherish.

    Sending love to you both, and I'm sorry you had such a bad day.

  58. Hi Barbara and Dave.
    I'm with the rest. It's time you two slowed down and let others take the strain. It would be great to revisit some of the classic clarity stamps,stencils etc so you don't have to go at break neck speed. Slow down, take a breather and you'll be there for each other for a whole while longer.
    Hope Dave continues to be well.

  59. With 4 of my family (inc myself) in hospital in 4 weeks, and only one of them planned, I know all about emergency hospital, and can't find anything I was doing prior to my admittance! I soooo know where you are coming from. Hope Dave is OK now.

  60. Just catching up on here Barbara – glad Dave's ok, must have been a relief for him to get the all-clear. Both try to take things a bit easier and don't let work run away with you 🙂
    Send hugs, Carole xxx

  61. Oh gosh! How scary for you both. So glad you were looked after well. Now it's time to take things slower! (easier said than done as i know well!) hugs Alison xxxx

  62. I am so glad to read that Dave is ok and I agree with everyone else that you both need to slow down and relax, life is definitly far to short. You are all in my thoughts much love Vanessa xx

  63. It's a warning for us all. I had an order for 10 cards last night at nearly midnight to be collected today. Didn't want to let them down but had family coming to lunch. Up early and made them but also made myself feel I'll in the process. It's no fun if you are stressed doing it. Mindfulness and all that.
    Best wishes to you both xxxx

  64. So glad Dave has had the all clear. Maybe the shock to make you both slow down!! Having struggled for a long time with putting myself first, I am beginning to realise that the more you do the more is expected of you, and the more that is expected the harder you work to please. It becomes a vicious circle, a roundabout that you can't escape. So, you work harder and harder trying to please everyone! And who are these 'everyone'??? Well they are us!! The very people who, if you said We're taking a break, or we are slowing down a bit and delegating a few jobs to others, would say good, you deserve it, about time you slowed down a bit! Trouble is, we never say it 'til it's too late do we??? Well the roundabout has come to a screeching stop. Take a few steps slowly and then very carefully choose the path forward. Only be careful and don't choose the path straight back to the roundabout!!! Crafty hugs to you and Dave. Amanda Rose xxx

  65. Dear dave hope you are feeling better today please take care love June xxxxxxx I love this stencil Barbara the canvas is beautiful take care love June horrocks xxxx

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