Canvas on the move night

Canvas on the move night

Hi there.
So good of you to pop in at this late hour.
What a weeeeek!
I shall be glad to get my head on the pillow tonight!
But since this is Canvas week at Clarity,
 I want to share one of my little pieces of artwork with you, 
which I am really chuffed with.
Don’t know if I could ever duplicate it either.
I remember getting some stick from a few critics over this one
when I blogged it
(28th March)
 because they didn’t like the sewing, 
and one expert told me to sort out my tension.
But it was a big breakthrough for me, 
getting my old Pfaff out again stitching card, 
and I liked it!
At first I put it in the fireplace.
Sat it on one of those clever little stands we sell.

Then it moved upstairs to the bedroom, 
because it was just the right colour!
I’m really truly am not a person who buys pictures 
to match the curtains, honestly!
But the fit was perfect!
 Remember the lime green and pink bedding 
that Dave was all sceptical about?
I think it’s fabulous!

So the row of birds sit by the old alabaster vases from Egypt sometimes…
and sometimes they perch right above our heads…
I think being able to move a picture around on a little stand 
is so cool. 
I know what you’re thinking…
no pics on the wall at all though!
Nope. Can’t find a hammer !
our lives are so full of clutter, and stuff, and boxes, and bins,
the bedroom needs to be clean and almost empty.
Don’t you agree?
A little sanctum.
A quiet place.
A haven of serenity.
But now that lime green and pink bed is beckoning…
love and hugs,

38 thoughts on “Canvas on the move night

  1. Hello Barbara

    I like the idea of being able to move pictures, ornaments and even furniture around. It makes for a new aspect in the home.

    Night night, sleep tight. I am looking forward to seeing Paul in the morning.


  2. Perfect Barbara a lovely piece of your art work on show in a beautiful cosy clutter free bedroom bliss pleased you have had a enjoyable day sweet dreams big crafting hugs xxx

  3. Lovely colours – so toned with the deco. Yippee – finished work – finished with the "customers" sorry defendants! – not PC. Finished with the arrogant judge today – ugh – finished with work for a few days! Dying to get off to Crowborough for some proper work and R & R. Trying to be mindful and getting rid of the bad things today – gone – well nearly – off to bed and wishing everyone on the blog a good and restful night's sleep. Roll on Wednesday and some real happiness. Got the clothes, got the presents, got the chauffeur – must remember the brain for the brayer!!!
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  4. Hi Barbara, glad to see you still love this artwork and it's following you around your home :-). Hope you're going to play some more with stitching on card when you get the chance. I totally get your need for a clutter free room, helps with the washing machine head eh. Please have an easy chill weekend both of you, work can wait, you need to recharge. Hope you have a good sleep, love Brenda xx

  5. Great to be able to change where your art sits when the mood takes you. Keeps it alive and fresh. Lots of 'experts' say to keep the bedroom a clutter free space so you are doing well. Xx

  6. Love your bedding; it perfectly matches your gorgeous little bird canvas. I remember when you first started your "Art Gallery" at home and now you have pieces all over the house. See you soon xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Loved this piece of artwork when you first showed it to us, especially the sewin. Those little stands are fab, like the idea of moving around your artwork. What a fabulous duvet cover too.
    Night night sleep tight sweet dreams.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Well I like it, and bah humbug to those critics, your art, your house, you love it, it fits, you 'OWN' it, you signed it… Nuff said ! Enjoy the tranquility of the bedroom and enjoy the art work… Think someone called Barbara Gray did it! I've heard of her, how lucky are you to own a bit of her art!

    Much love
    Kim xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I really liked this piece when you showed it originally. Yes it's different for you, but so what?! If we all just stay in a rut where would be be. It's great to experiment and I thank you for teaching me new things to try. I've now done a couple of canvasses that are hanging up and we both love them. My art teacher t school would be amazed as I was kicked out of art as soon as was possible! I love how you have moved the canvas around the house and that it's found its way to above your heads – watching over you. Love the uncluttered room too. Hope you had. Good night's sleep. Love Alison xx

    1. You and me both, Alison. I was told at school that I was rubbish at art, so I stopped drawing and colouring and painting until the last few years. Barbara has given me the courage to get back to doing my own drawings, and even to paint on canvas which I had never done in my life. xxx Maggie

  10. Hello Barb, I loved this little creation of yours, and it looks fab in your bedroom, love the bedding. Hope you enjoyed a tranquil sleep in your haven. Bx

  11. There is nothing like getting into bed with fresh linen and I agree about making the bedroom clutter free, shame ours is a tip, guess what my first job is today. I won't have a TV in our bedroom either, we have 2 downstairs and that's enough. Hope you slept well xx

  12. I read this last night in bed, but I could not keep my eyes open long enough to battle the tiny keyboard. As Kim said, it is your art, your home and your choice where and how you create and display your lovely pieces. It is perfect for that room, and tell the person who moaned about the tension to go away and sort out their own mental tension. xxx Maggie

  13. Loved that canvas when you first showed it, just my style and it matches your decor exactly.
    I would love to be able to sew on my cards, even wonky stitches I'd be happy with
    but my sewing machine just jams up completely if I sew on paper, any tips anyone?

    1. Sounds like the feed dogs aren't moving the paper through? Have you tried using thicker card? Do you have walking foot for your machine, that might help feed the card through better. You could try dropping the feed dogs and sewing free hand where you're moving the card not the machine. Some machines have a wee plate to cover the feed dogs instead of a switch to lower them. Don't know if any of this will help. xx

    2. When I saw the stitched canvas first time round I thought what a good idea to get me back to using my machine and I think sometimes wonky stitches work just as well Susan. I hope you try again and are successful.

    3. Thank you for your tips Brenda but my machine can't drop the feed dogs as it's a basic model I bought in the 80s, nor do I have a walking foot for it. Sounds like a new machine is in order!! My daughter bought a pattern to make a skirt today so if she keeps it up I might consider a new machine to share with her. Ann, I'd be happy with wonky stitches but jams before I get that far! Have tried various thicknesses of card but that makes no difference. Oh well, hand stitching it is then.

    4. Susan – you could try to make the holes using the machine without any thread in the interim – that would make the hand stitching a lot quicker and more even!

    5. My old machine is basic and was my granny's from the 80's. It has a clear plastic plate that I fit over the feed dogs. Your machine should have one as that's how they were used to darn, a basic feature of machines in those days. If it doesn't it would be worth googling for spare parts of the make and model of your machine, a plate wouldn't cost much. I can still get spares /feet etc for my granny's machine. If all else fails you could prick holes by hand and hand stitch through them until you work out what you're doing with your machine. xx

  14. Love your blog Barbara always make my day,and talking of vases while I was waiting for the blog today I went back to 2013 when you showed us your slate vases. They were really lovely and it was interesting all the different colours from different places. How clever you are.

  15. Hope you managed to get a good night's rest? Must get back to my work in progress this afternoon – 3 days after I started it!!! D'you think the paint will be dry on the gelliplate by now? LOL, Susan x

  16. Oh dear!! I have a full set of all the canvas sizes in their blue bag, sitting in a cupboard, threatening me whenever I pass by!! I find them very intimidating!! Must pull myself together and brayer them into submission – maybe I'll start with a small one!!

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