An Original. A One-Off. A unique!

An Original. A One-Off. A unique!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
What a rainy day here in Crowborough!
But we had fun on our retreat again.
Today, I just had to share a piece of artwork 
I was given today.
It made me grin from ear to ear!
Check this out….
 Isn’t that fabulous?!?!?
And who created this masterpiece?
Millie Moss her very self.
Let’s get in a little closer, 
because the attention to detail is  baffling…
To think that Millie took the time to conjure up this oh so personal artwork just for me!

 Look. She even put the right number of distress ink in the box,
and even made the flap in the box exactly right, too!

Check out the cowboy boots…

And the DVD’s
AND the hills,
AND the brayer…
and I love the sentiment on the inside.

And not only, dearest Millie,
did you give me a totally uplifting piece of original artwork,
but you then allowed me to blog it.
Which has given me hours when I needed them most.

So thank you thank you thank you.
Bedtime now!
Love & hugs

68 thoughts on “An Original. A One-Off. A unique!

  1. Hi Barb,
    Wow! This is absolutely brilliant. Well done Millie. She has got you down to a tee! I can't believe the detail. This is certainly one to treasure. Thanks for sharing, love Alison xxx

  2. Thank you Millie for creating this beautiful piece of art for Barbara, and for letting her share it with us so we can enjoy it too. The attention to detail is just amazing.
    Hope Dave is feeling better Barbara. Love to you both. Night, night. Xxx

  3. Evening Brenda, how are you doing today? Rainy day down here in Kent. Last day at work today so now I can craft all day long! Well, after I do some sleeping and catching up on all the other things I put off till a holiday! Xx

    1. No eating it all at once noo, I was also sad to see my wee Grandson leave P7 his teacher was amazing and boosted his confidence so much you must get really attached to them don't think teachers have the time to get to know the kids as much at High School.
      Cant stop thinking about our Brenda know youll be the same hope she says just even a wee Hi soon…xx

    2. You do get very attached to them, we spend so much time together. Celebrating triumphs, working through things that may be tricky. 30 little people all needed different things, but I love it!

      Yes I'm worried about Brenda too, hoping she is having some support to work through this difficult time. Thinking about her too like you. Xx

  4. Absolutely brilliant. What a clever and thoughtful gift from a talented lady. I am so glad you were able to share it, and even more pleased that it saved you some valuable time, just when you needed it. Your own attention to detail and your generosity and professionalism has made this week of Retreats so special for us. Thank you so much for that.. xxxx Maggie

  5. Hi Barbara
    What a fantastic gift, Millie you are one talented lady. The attention to detail is amazing, it really made me smile, so I can imagine how big your grin was. Thank you so much Millie for letting Barbara share it with us. I hope Dave is still behaving and having a good rest.
    Take care and sleep tight
    Love Diane xxxx
    Sending you a hug Brenda xxx

  6. Wow Millie what a stunning piece of art work thank you Barbara for blogging it today it's stunningly accurate.plenty of rest for you and Dave hugs xxx

  7. What a fantastic piece of artwork. I love it. The attention to detail is what makes it so beautiful — it encapsulates everything about its subject with humour and grace. Well done Millie! A great gift.

  8. This is fantastic Millie and so cleverly thought out and includes everything in Barbara's crafty life. Thank you for showing us this wonderful piece of work Barbara. x

  9. Wow Barbara- that is brilliant. Such a lot of work by Millie. You are an inspiration and Miilie has captured the essence of you and Clarity perfectly. I bet you are so pleased.
    Hugs from Chris x

  10. Wow! What a wonderful gift to give to Barbara and also for letting her share it with us, I can just imagine her face when she saw it ( full of wonder and amazement ) it's so full of such detail and Clarity , definitely a keeper! You are so talented Millie !
    Well it made me smile! xo

  11. Hello Barb, that is amazing, what a fabulous piece to give someone. Millie, you are incredible, and I echo her thanks for all the inspiration you bring us. Have a great day, hope Dave is feeling better. Bx

  12. How wonderful, you must have been delighted. This is a real keepsake, the detail and observation is awesome. A very talented artist.

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