Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
It’s all go here in Crowborough!
Spent another 2 days with
another fab group of lovely arty people.
Sorry to see them go…
but also looking forward to welcoming group three tomorrow.
In the meantime,
won’t stop to chat long tonight, 
but want to get your creative juices flowing 
AND your competitive streak!!!
So take a look at this framed piece of artwork I did a while back…
Can you work out how I did it?

I think I remember…
It’s not dissimilar to my backplate on this ‘ere blog!
Anyway, let’s have some fun.
Since I am in a bit of a spin just now,
I would like you to help me figure out how I did this. 

Step by step and which ingredients.

Then email me the instructions
I will send the person who comes up with the closest solution, 
the most accurate instructions,
a little gift:

A £20 Gift Voucher in a Barbara-Card.
I’m sure I can rustle up a nice card to send it in!!!!

You’ve got until Sunday to enter your steps,
and you’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say!!

Parallel to that, I think we should have a little Gelli Plate offer.

Buy the 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate (rrp £29.99)
for the price of the 6″ x 6″ (rrp £19.99)

Offer ends midnight Sunday 

love and hugs,

30 thoughts on “BLOG CANDY COMPETITION TIME !!!!

  1. Hello Barbara

    I am sorry but I have absolutely no idea. At the moment my brain doesn't work on creativity. Have a good next couple of days and am keeping everything crossed for Dave. Hope the results come through soon.


  2. Hi Barbara hope Dave has been resting in his corner, so glad you have had a lovely crafting group to help you through and more tomorrow.hope Dave gets his results soon
    I would love to have a Barbara signed card but my brain with my CFS doesn't retain information so rubbish at remembering things so good luck to who wins the voucher .sending big hugs and
    cuddles to all xxx

    1. Evening Sheila, yes crafty plans this weekend include getting started on my canvas and making a card for a special friend. Last day at work tomorrow yay!!!!!
      How about you, have you managed any crafting today?

    2. Hello Brenda, hoping you are starting to feel a teeny weeny bit better. Obviously I'm hoping for much much better but even a teeny weeny bit is a step in the right direction! Xx

    3. Hi Donna I stamped my canvas yesterday but didn't get any done today as went to order a new wheelchair hopefully can do some tomorrow. Hugs xxx

    4. Hello Brenda thinking of you missing your daily blogging ,sending hugs hope it helps even a little just hug back we owlets are waiting xxx

  3. I am sorry the last two days have come to an end. Thank you for two fantastic, inspiring days! I am sure those who are still to come are going to have a great time. Your challenge is beautiful, but not sure I can work out how you did it. Have a well earned rest this evening and best wishes to Dave.

  4. I am sorry the last two days have come to an end. Thank you for two fantastic, inspiring days! I am sure those who are still to come are going to have a great time. Your challenge is beautiful, but not sure I can work out how you did it. Have a well earned rest this evening and best wishes to Dave.

  5. First of all, thank you, Barbara for making this such a fabulous time. I have had a ball and my brain is working overtime to absorb all the great techniques, hints and tips you have shared with us. Thank you also to all the Clarity team, including lovely Paul Church for all they have done too..Now I think I need to get all those things home to start using the new improved ideas. Hope you soon get the good news you and Dave need. xx xx Maggie

  6. Thanks for a fantastic two days Barbara, it was great catching up with you, Dave, Paul, Jayne and everyone else at the retreat. Hope Dave soon gets the results of his test – sending you both a huge hug xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Pleased everything has gone well and hope Dave is ok.
    I will have to get my thinking cap on, I do have some ideas but will have to try and think it through. Love Alison xx

  8. I love these little challenges, will have a try tomorrow not sure I ever get anywhere near but worth a try. Hope Dave been ok today and you get some answers soon. Glad retreat going well, you will be well practiced by the time I get there. Take care both of you. x

  9. Hi Barbara – have an idea how it was made, will have a go and send to you. Meanwhile it was lovely to spend the last two days with you, really good demonstrations. Hope Dave feels better soon, don't forget 'slow down'. Thinking of you both. Love Doreen x

  10. Can see one or two things that you have used/done but no chance of getting close. Good luck to those who can think it through.. Pleased you have had another good 2 days and all the best for the next 2. Hope Dave is taking it easy and feeling more his old self.

  11. Hi Barbara. Many many thanks for a great 2 days Mon/Tues to you and all the team. It was so relaxing to spend 2 days on something I love and I appreciate how much you have put into the organisation of the retreat especially after the weekend you had! I hope the new group gave you a good time and not too many of them were contenders for the remedial table!! Hi to everyone from table 4, hope the home journeys were good. Hoping this works as it's my first ever comment and I've been trying since Tuesday to make it work. Much love Barbara C xxx

    1. We were very good on Wednesday and Thursday, Barbara Cornell. Hope Barbara Gray thought we were as good in what we produced. We certainly had a fabulous time. Can't wait till next year. Just got to unpack the car now, but then I can get Groovi again. xxx Maggie PS I really must practice getting the outy for the blue tit into place without Paul's very welcome help. xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Fabulous artwork. The colours are beautiful. I am trying to come up with the recipe. I hope Dave continues to improve and that his test results bring good news.
    A big HUG from Chris x

  13. This is gorgeous and will get my thinking cap but I'm afraid my brain is a bit like putty at the moment. The piece is so pretty and there is lots going on there. Glad the second group have had a good time at the retreat and hope the last one goes well. Hope Dave is improving and that news arrives soon. x

  14. Hello Barb, this is such a lovely piece of art, will have to get my thinking cap on. Sounds like everyone is having so much fun and getting so much inspiration from the retreats. Hope the last one goes well. And hope that Dave continues to improve and the results come through soon. Have a fabulous Friday everyone. Bx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Oh I will have to get my thinking cap on, I like a challenge! I'm usually rubbish at them but I like the fun of thinking! What a great gelli offer too, you are kind to us. Hope Dave us still resting and you get some news soon. Lots of love Diane xxx
    Brenda's sending you a hug my lovely lady and hope you are taking little steps to get back to us xxx

  16. Love the colours and the overall design Barbara – no wonder it ended up in a frame. I'll have a little guess at how you did it, but not always good at trying to replicate things I did myself, so it will be a challenge!!! Sending love and a little bit of sunshine to Brenda M, Susan X

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