A quick n easy, chirpy card.

A quick n easy, chirpy card.

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
I really ought to get up early and blog, 
rather than leave it to the end of the day… 
Getting up is soooooo haaaaaard……
hereโ€™s a little card again, 
inspired by a get well soon card that Linda Spencer sent for Dave,
using all the birds I could find scattered around my art-room.
10 Minutes start to finish.
Note to self: must put birds away!
Cut a 7″ x 7″ Piece of Gelli Card down to size
and stamp the lovely branches which come 
using Black Archival.

Then stamp birds into the background.
Geese, ducks, all sorts.
At Clarity we have so many varieties of bird stamps and stencils.
Have a look at the website; you will be surprised!

Perch the small ones on the branch, too.

Now for the background.
Using a Clarity Stencil brush, simply load and brush some Stonewashed around the edges.
to create a kind of vignette.

Tear a paper hill and add a Denim hill at the base.
Am I getting repetitive, or what?!

Dust some clouds into the sky, using Stonewashed 
and our Cloud Mask.

Change brushes and add some Latte.
The combination of Latte and Blue is excellent.

Add a couple of Latte clouds in the gaps.

Mount on another piece of Gelli Card 
which has been brushed with Butterscotch around the edges.

Thatโ€™ll do.

A โ€˜cheepโ€™ and chirpy card,
for many occasions.

When you look closely, you can see all the birdies in the tree…

I think I shall get up tomorrow at the crack of sparrows,
and join the dawn chorus.

It is rather splendid after all.
Makes me glad to be alive.
So much to do,
and so little time to do it in!
love and hugs,

68 thoughts on “A quick n easy, chirpy card.

  1. Just my sort of card Barb. Love it! I have not been able to make any cards for ages – just simply lack of inspiration. This should do it though – something I know I can do so thank you so much. Love to you and Dave xxx

  2. Love birds cards , can't believe can get this ,am at Newforest show with our display bet we got no internet tomorrow through think most shows turn it off so u pay for Internet to use card machines so u have to pay … Will see if I can see u tube Tuesday .. Haha xxx

    1. Not been groovi -ing as went to pick up my wheelchair but fell of the wagon as bought some stencils well too good to miss so sort of being crafting .
      How are you doing ? Hugs xxx

    2. Did a bit of sorting out and reorganising today so sort of crafting too. Oh dear you don't want to be falling off a wagon in your wheelchair or you will need another new one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Just ink and card – so inspiring. My box of clarity goodies arrived today – had a good tidy up so I'm ready to play. Although off for a different sort of crafty day tomorrow with my best friend (of 30 years!) trying mosaic making. But I've decided the groovi system is great for travelling – mine all goes in one folder, which will be packed when we go away on Friday, so I can get started on Christmas cards!

  4. Been doing more of this type of card lately. Just ink, brush, stencil or stamp. I really enjoy going from a piece of white card to a beautiful finished card or canvas. Learned these techniques from you! Hope you are getting to rest a bit and that Dave is feeling a little brighter. Xx

  5. Beautiful artwork, my mum would love this as she loves watching the birds in her garden. In fact when I was visiting earlier mum got excited when she spotted a goldfinch. The funniest moment followed on from when my dad had been seriously ill and rather than my parents cancelling their trip to the Norfolk Broads I went with them to help with mooring the boat up etc. I hadn't been on the broads for 20 years and I loved it, anyway I digress, my mum and I were on the lookout for Kingfishers, spotted one got very giddy, nearly knocked each other over grabbing our cameras from inside the boat, boy did we laugh. Thanks for making me remember a lovely moment with your lovely artwork xx

  6. Quick question:

    I want to do the splatter dot flowers, like you did Barbara on your geese canvas. I don't have the Fresco paints so will be using my Studio 360 acrylic paints. Will I have to water them down to be able to splatter them or do I just dot them around with the end of a paint brush? Xx

  7. Wow…..what a beautiful, but quick and simple to do card, very useful.
    Hope Dave is feeling a bit better – you were very sensible to cancel the TV shows as both your health is far more important (I will miss you though) xxxxx

  8. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful and yes you do have a lot of bird stamps but they are all so different. I think they must be a favourite topic of yours. Amazing what can be achieved with ink and brushes and a little time. Don't get up too early Barbara, you need your rest too don't forget. Enjoy your evening with Dave.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Birds are my most used stamps and your lovely artwork has inspired me once again. I think I will find your beautiful mallard ( or maybe the kingfisher) and use it to make my brother's birthday card. It's next week so better get started. Enjoy your evening with Dave.
    X Chris

  10. Hi Barb,
    Really love this, great for my Dave as he loves bird watching & im always trying to fit them into his cards. Hope Dave ( yours) is ok. You sound " chirpier" today. Don't get up too early in the morning. Love Alison xx

  11. Lovely card. We love seeing the birds in our garden – had about 30 odd sparrows in there this morning! Wishing Dave and you some good news on the health front very soon, Susan x

  12. Love this birdie card, so elegant such a pleasure to look at. It's very evocative, takes me straight to sitting outside, early doors, listening to the birds singing. Although I have to be careful 'cos the farmer cutting the hay in the next door field has caught me a few times sitting with a coffee dressed in only a dressing gown! Still who cares can't miss the birdsong. keep well Dave.

  13. Hi Barbara, lovely artwork, I would never have thought to add in latte, makes it look so real. Thank you for sharing. I love birds yet I've got no wee bird stamps, will have to rectify that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hugely relieved to hear the docs found no blockage. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope the headaches etc. are more stress /overworking related than anything ill health. Glad Dave is feeling better today. You look after yourself too please, we don't want you getting ill as well, love and big bear hugs Brenda xxxxx (Thank you Barbara :-))

    A massive thank you to everyone who has been leaving me messages over the past week, I don't have the words to express what that means to me. I'm still really struggling to get words out, so I'm not going to be like my usual self just now love Brenda and big hugs back to all xx

    (Boy was this hard to do, I'm shaking!)

    1. Well done Brenda, proud of you for saying hi and don't worry about what you are writing, just a hi is great. Worrying about you ( and yes, friends are allowed to do that) its good to know you are reading our posts for you. Xx

    2. Brenda Wonderful your back with us you should be very proud It must have taken a lot and yes you do have friends that care big huge hugs you deserve them Sheila xxx

    3. Beautiful card Barbara. Maybe this will give me a kick up the backside as I have all the ingredients to get started. Do love all your bird stamps. Actually I feel a bit more myself today and have been in my craft room and had a little play. Just made a few small cards with your stencils and stamps, pleased with the results. Glad you have Dave's results and there's nothing untoward. Lots of headaches are stress related. So hopefully if you both slow down they may go away. Do hope so. xx

    4. Well done Brenda – welcome back! We all missed you, and I hope it won't be so hard for you to leave the next comment. Hope you're enjoying watching your garden grow with all that rain we've been having up here? Mine needs a good weeding again, but I'm waiting for a drier spell, Take care, Susan x

  14. What a relief about our Dave, just attention seeking was it love ;0) Such a kind and friendly chap. It really sounds like stress to Dr Cal. Sometimes life bites us on the bum and our body goes into overkill. Relax, deep breath and a nice cup of tea ;0)

  15. Lovely, lovely picture. I cannot get up at the time of a sparrow's t…, either. Brings back memories of my boys rugby days. The norther coach said " I did not get up at the time of a sparrow's t…, for you bunch of rubbing rags etc etc.!! Oh what fun – Thank you for that past moment in time. Sorry if I have offended anyone but one must laugh. I hope everyone is having as good a time as I did on the retreat. Oh to be back in Crowborough and not Reading and work, work, work. But Oh to be at the weekend and groovying the night away.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Just read about Dave – so, so pleased, you have both been on my mind. I have had headaches for months now and the doc says its stress!! everything is stress – get grooving to get rid of them, I think Barbara would say. And so to bed said Zebedee and off to the twilight zone.
    Anne (Reading) – too much vino!

  17. Hi Barbara,
    Yes, lovely card. I'm an early morning person rather than an evening person. I just the early mornings from mid May to July, it's lovely around 5.00am when I take my two dogs Kelly and Billy to our local Country Park – The Burrs. The mornings now are taking longer to get light but still up between 2.30 and 3.30am. Go on say, I know……I must be mad but hey I've been doing it some 40 years now and they say you can't teach an old mute new tricks.
    Good news so far on Dave, Everyone have a great day.

  18. Good news at the moment Barbara dave must be so relieved and you also hope the rest of the tests are the same. The art work is fab love the birds thank you love to dave xxxxxx

  19. Hi Barbara. What a wonderful card, so soft and gentle, but with so much detail, if that makes sense. Love it : ) I hope Dave is ok, and look after yourself. Take care xx

  20. This card with all the beautiful birds flying around and the pretty hills and clouds is so pretty Barbara. I love the colours too. So glad that Dave's tests show no arterial problems and hopefully easing up for a bit will sort the headaches. Sometimes we push our bodies too hard and we need a breathing space but it is good to get these things checked out for peace of mind. x

  21. A beautiful inspirational card that sends peace and calm. I think I really need to try this card. Sending hugs and best wishes from Edinburgh and hope that Dave feels better soon and that you Barbara can have some quality chill-out time. You need to look after yourself too. Need to go I feel a card coming on. (the first in ages!)

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