The Top 2 Clarity YouTube Videos 2014

The Top 2 Clarity YouTube Videos 2014

Hello and welcome to YouTube Tuesday!
Thank you for popping in.
Thought today would be an ideal Tuesday 
to take a closer look at just how many people 
have been enjoying and watching our YouTube videos 
during the past year.
Whilst we cannot boast the tens of thousands of viewers 
which some VTs attract,
we are happy to say that over 18,000 people have watched 
the Torn Gelli Plate,

and almost 16,500 have enjoyed the Cling Film video.
That’s a lot of people if you gather them all together!
Lot’s of cups of tea and biscuits!!!

If you google our Claritystamp Youtube Channel, you will see that we have built up a substantial library of crafty videos.
Great reference material!
Any time you feel you have lost your mojo, 
just pop along to the Clarity Youtube library;
I’ll be there, waiting to cheer you up.
To celebrate what I consider a successful little venture,
let’s take a closer look at what was used in the two VTs here:
The 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate. 
Let’s alter the price for a few days…
If you were thinking of going large, 
I must have gone a bit wobbly myself, because
the 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate is a cracking good price too!

Next, let’s look at the Cling Film trick.
Pleased to see you like my favourite stamp,
The Boy in Flight
Let’s see..
If you buy the unmounted Boy and the Branch Claritystamps, 
(which I used in yesterday’s blog actually!) 
we will send you the little girlfriend and the heart-hedge FREE.
These offers will end at midnight on Sunday.
Am I trying to compensate for not doing the Sunday TV Show?
Of course I am.
Life goes on.
The business still goes on.
I think I will blog about that aspect tomorrow….
love and hugs,

41 thoughts on “The Top 2 Clarity YouTube Videos 2014

  1. Hello Barbara it's always good to watch you youtube to learn new techniques I like the step by step guides too you such a wonderful tutor take care hope Dave is recovering and feeling better each day plenty of tea and cake love to you both big crafting hugs xxx

  2. Hey Barb, two of my favourite YouTube videos, I think I am going to treat myself to the stamps, as I have the stencils and both Gelli Plates (am after the small or round ones now). Thank you for being generous with the offers, you are a fab teacher, and we look forward to you being back on the tele, but right now is about you and Dave. Take care. Bx

  3. I love this technique and thank you for showing us again Barbara. I am determined to give this a go! It has a gorgeous icy feel too and would look great with snowflakes or a wintry scene as well as with this wonderful flying boy image and thoughtful sentiment. Thank you also for this fantastic stamp combo offer, and although you will be missed on Sunday we understand why it is necessary to have this breathing space. x

  4. Dear Barbara
    I will miss you on Sunday but I'm glad you have your priorities sorted. I for one (as a relative newbie) wish C & C would revisit the Classroom programmes – I miss them so much & would actually relish repeats on the TV for once!
    I hope Dave is improving and you are keeping your spirits up. I know it is difficult to remain positive when you are worried but knowing you are so loved must warm your heart.
    My Stencil's have been ordered thanks to your generous offer and I am looking forward to playing with my new toys when they arrive so watching the You Tube clips is very inspiring for me.
    Keep your chin up, sending much love – Lynne xxxx

  5. I often "switch" to your You Tube channel & blog for inspiration and a reminder of "how to do it". They have been very useful and much appreciated as are you sale offers.
    I hope you and Dave are benefitting from the time you've gained by not doing the TV show; by that I mean ensuring he rests and you have less pressure so can relax and not let worka and holic dictate to you. Love & hugs, Jeanette xxx

  6. I love watching your youtube demos Barbara so I'm not surprised how popular they are, nobody else explains things as clearly as you to give beautiful, achievable results, great offers too,
    take care xxx

  7. Good afternoon Barbara, hope Dave is recovering and although I will miss you this weekend fully understand. Rest and recovery is the most important. I just love your you tube videos. Watched the birch tree one the other day. Great.

    Take care and god bless
    Pen x

  8. Hello Barbara

    Thank you for the videos. It is nice to re-visit techniques and I usually forget about Youtube, lol. Although I will miss you on Sunday you have made the right decision. Please heed the warning you and Dave have been given.


  9. You have no need to compensate, Barbara. We all totally understand where your priorities must lie for the time being. Your health, both of you, has to come first. It is always good to revisit techniques anyway to remind ourselves of what we have forgotten. Make sure you have a few more evenings like the one last week to give you a real lift. Take care and rest. Thinking of you both. Hugs xxxx Maggie

  10. Hi Barbara, I often pop over to your U Tube 'classes'…. when you get to my age you have to keep being reminded of the little tricks and techniques you always include. Lol
    Loved the two day retreat… thanks for all the hard work and preparation that obviously went on prior to the event. I'm enjoying the new stamps and stencils I bought and will, no doubt, be hopping over to 'U Tube land' to give me inspiration.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Two fabulous Utube videos – always good to remind ourselves how to do something! Great stamp offer – might just have to treat myself although I did say to myself that I wouldn't spend on craft this month lol. I will miss the slow on Sunday , but you and Dave are more important so you have made the right decision. Take care of each other, love Alison xx

  12. I am always going back to the Utube videos, I love them and get such inspiration from them. I also like going back through the blog to remind me how to do things. Thanks Barbara, Best Wishes

  13. Hi Both
    Hope Dave is feeling a little better today and of cause yourself.
    Please take it easy the both of you, i am sure nobody will mind and if they do they are not the people you thought they were.
    Well getting on with my Groovi starter set and finding different things to come up with each week, i go back to your instructions when i get a block!!!! most of the time! .
    Take care of yourselves .
    Love Lynn xx

  14. The most important thing for you at the moment is to look after Dave and get him fit and well so don't worry about us we can always do a bit of mindful colouring in or doodle tangles to keep ourselves amused until you are feeling able to join in. xx

  15. Wow, the torn gelli plate demo is my favourite. Love anything gelli! I have my paper stumps out ready to do my flowers later. See, you can still teach us without being on TV! Have a restful evening. Xx

    1. Hi Donna enjoy your canvas and making your flowers
      I painted two canvases today need some tissue paper to stamp my bird on and thought I would give my dolphin a go too see what tomorrow brings as got a Drs app in the afternoon try out my new wheelchair ,have fun crafting hugs xxx

  16. Hello love. Hope you are both able to relax a little. I understand how running a small business must be a great strain on you both, and keeping the ever present "jolly face" to the world at large. Enjoy each other and your families, that is where the real importance lies.

  17. Hi Brenda, sunny day here but very windy. Phoebe nearly had her ears blown off! Had to pop to the local craft store to get some paint brushes this afternoon, well I need them now I'm starting my first tentitive steps into the world of canvases. You do canvases don't you? I'm wondering how I give them as a gift, do I frame them or should I buy some of the little stands that Barbara sells? Hmmmm decisions, decisions. Xx

    1. Hi Barbara, I didn't think about so many people watching your youtubes, that must give you a good feeling inside :-). Imagine if you had to stand up in front of all those people and teach them live!!!! It's very generous of you to tempt us with so many offers. It's fine, please don't worry about cancelling Sunday's show, we're all still here, we'll all still be here supporting you and buying from you for as long we are able, honest. Hope you and Dave are looking after each other and both of you are having lots of chill time, please. That's what's important just now, and it's also what's important to all of us just now for you both. I'm going to watch these youtubes tomorrow. I've been watching catch up tv on the laptop every afternoon, DVD recorder was rapidly running out of memory, I was recording everything and watching nothing! I keep forgetting about your youtubes when I'm thinking about what to watch for company during the day, I'll need to make a visual note somewhere in my craft room to remind me, your youtubes are the perfect company for me :-). Please look after yourselves and please stop worrying about cancelling Sunday, we're all relieved and happy you did, honest. Big bear hugs to you both, although I think I'll need to stand on a chair to give Dave his!!! Love Brenda xxxxx

      Hi Donna, no wind here but no sun either, but at least it is dry. I have to do a garden visit today and Friday as they cancelled last week's and told me they couldn't rearrange /give me anything else. The bad spring and summer has caused some plants to die and others to struggle, and the rain is making things like my strawberries and carnations mushy, but my wildflowers are happy. A huge struggle today so dreading Friday but trying to stay in the today. I've not done any canvases, I've wanted to for ages, and I bought a wee stash in the canvas sale, they're still sat unwrapped in a box. I haven't even tried my Groovi yet, I know, it would help me through this time but it's the initial thinking bit, working out what to try to make with it that's the problem. I have been doing bits of craft – dead slow and stop! but sticking to old stuff I know so that I don't give myself even more stress or anything that needs a lot of thinking. I need to start playing with my gelli plate and paint before thinking about a canvas! I would say look at the person you are giving it to, do they like ornaments and stuff, do they have much on their walls. I'd like to know how you hang these canvases on the wall, what do I buy to put on the back for hanging them? xx

    2. I know you can get self adhesive hooks but I'm thinking the stands are a better bet, and then whoever I give one too can frame it if they want.
      Well done for staying in the day, don't even think about Friday till its here. You will get through it like Barbara's blog one day at a time.
      I think doing something you are comfortable with is a great idea. Don't worry you will get your crafty mojo back and I'm sure that groovi will be out before you know it. Xx

    3. Hi Brenda just try a little groovi you don't have to make anything just craft what you like it dosent have to be a lot or a finished product just let it take you and stop when you want ,it's so nice to have you back here on the blog big hugs baby steps xxx

    4. Hi Donna i thought I might get a box frame to protect the canvas to hang on the wall if you give your canvas as a gift as you say they can choose how they show it .it would be lovely to see one you have made hugs xxx

    5. Bit critical on my first one was going to send in to Barbara to see what I could do about my Breyer marks with using chalk paints , but used the acrylic paints that clarity sell on the web site on my other two see what others look like when I get my tissue paper to stamp on and finished them off big hugs xxx

  18. Hi Barbara, I must get the gelli plate out but I also must do some cards that I've been going to do with the groovi plate too and they are needed for this week – just not sure what I'm going to do though which is why I've put it off a bit. I love the videos and know they are always there to help me remember what I'm doing!

    I hope Dave is recovering and enjoying some tlc.and you are finding some time to look after each other. xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    Oh the torn gelli plate, my face when I did this and it looked so amazing I was blown away. This really is an amazing technique. Thank you for the lovely reminder, just what we need. My goodness you are tempting us with your offers too, especially as I've been dithering about the girl and boy stamps for ages! You are generous. I do hope Dave is making steady progress and you are taking the time to slow down too, you know you have our support what ever you do, we understand the situation and fully appreciate you need to spend time with your lovely Dave. Take care of yourself and keep smiling
    Lots of love to you both
    Diane xxx

    Brenda sending you a big hug today, hope you and Daisy have had a bit of sunshine, it's been wet and quite chilly down south. Shall we get the charabang out again to make tea for Barbara and Dave and make sure they are resting? I'm sure they must have orders that need packing and goodies to be played with! Xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    I do enjoy your video tutorials and I can understand why so many have viewed the torn gel like plate demo. Thank you for your generous offer too. I need the larger gelli plate and the stamps.
    I hope Dave continues to improve and that you can find time to relax together.
    X Chris

  21. Just watched these two again. Soooo funny all that patiently waiting! You should be proud of how far you have come since these were shot. We now have mega mounts to sit our gelli plate on, you now have your very own crafty getaway, there was even a Clarity mug in there! I bet if we watched all the videos the improvements and finessing that you constantly teach us will be easy to pick out. Thank you for a great library of hints and tips. XX

    1. That's is what's so good about been able to go back to watch over ,my brain doesn't retain now so it's so good to be able to go back xxx

  22. I loved it , so entertaining and such great instruction . Since I'm fairly new almost everything is new , but I am collecting a lot of stash . I'm beginning to wonder if I have a problem ?? Tee hee , just don't ask I'm husband and kids , they will exclaim ". A Problem , how about Many ! Oh dear .,I call it retail theraphy and I'm sticking with it !

  23. I love watching the YouTube videos- often watch the same ones again and again to get the techniques right. And I have been toying with getting a gelli plate for a while..hmmm

  24. This is great – I thought I knew what the cling film technique was going to be, but this is something completely different – and gorgeous! Definitely one to try. And I had tried something like the gelli one but it didn't quite work, so going to have another go with the step by step! Your "back catalogue" of videos is such a treasure trove of ideas. I just looked back at something from a couple of weeks ago I'd forgotten already, so many things to explore. Now I just need the baby to start sleeping properly again so I get my crafting time back!

  25. I often watch u tube sometimes over again there brill. I got the boy for my personal stamp it's my favourite along with the blue tits. I'm going to buy the little girl. Love to Dave thank you Barbara xxxxx

  26. Love that you introduced the YouTube Tuesdays – it's like having an online reference library! Hope Dave's health is improving too. I'm off to my craft room as I need to do my challenge entry for this month – I started something, but not sure if it'll get finished in time – maybe I need a plan B!!! Take care of yourselves, Susan x

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