Mindful Wednesday – Curiosity killed the Cat

Mindful Wednesday – Curiosity killed the Cat

Hello there.
Come on in and take a seat.
Mindful Wednesday couldn’t have come 
at a better time for me personally this week.
It is a perfect opportunity to focus on the words I am writing,
and expel the demons in my head.
Better out than in, as they say!

You know that expression,
“Curiosity killed the Cat” ?
Well, let me explain…
There has been some negativity on Facebook, 
regarding our slow delivery and service. 
I agree; we do need to work on peak periods like last week, 
and speed up order turnaround. 
Were we prepared for a Groovi Plate rush?
Yes, we were.
Did we anticipate the overnight avalanche? 
No, we did not.
Did we have a meeting at work on Monday morning about turnaround times?
Yes, we did.
But back to the lesson for today, Barbara…
(Curiosity killed the Cat)
I guess it serves me right for looking, but I did,
which was a really stupid thing to do just before bedtime.
I KNEW, I just KNEW as I was entering the place where the Keyboard warriors hang out, that I was going to get a beating.
I KNEW I wasn’t going to get a standing ovation, 
or even a pat on the back in that room.
I KNEW it wasn’t going to be pretty, yet I went in regardless.
Something inside me, some masochistic kink 
 dragged my sorry arse in there,
to see just HOW ugly, HOW bad it was. 

‘Oh let’s go see what they think of Clarity;
and even better, what they really think of me!’

Hands up if you would have declined the invitation.
Hands up if you would have followed me in.
Come on, be honest… I thought so!!!

So there I was at midnight, with a head full of wasps.
Not much I could do except try some mindful exercises.
The breathing one was most effective,
combined with a mental gratitude list. 
(5 things I am grateful for).

First thing this morning, I decided to take some positive steps, to reverse the negative direction in which my thoughts were headed again.

Lesson 1
If you always do what you always did,
you’ll always get what you always got.

Closed the door to said Rant-room and locked myself out. 
That way I can’t be tempted to go back for another mental caning.
They are entitled to their opinions; 
what they think of me is none of my business.

Lesson No. 2:
Go to bed on a positive note. 

I slept with a bunch of strangers last night.
It can get really crowded – even in a Kingsize!
Poor old Dave had no chance!
Lesson No. 3:
Keep the lid on Pandora’s Box

Ask yourself, just before you open up 

the proverbial can of worms, what can be gained from it. 
If it serves no positive purpose, don’t say it, don’t do it.

Lesson No. 4:
Get busy with your hands and focus on the present.

Before I settled down to write to you,
I got in the groove and prepped my demos for tomorrow’s 10am
TV show. Concentrating on the embossing point and staying in the Groovi track has to be one of the most satisfying, calming exercises I know. 

So there we are.
Had to do some positive housekeeping today;
had to turn it round, get right on track, and back in the groove 
before I could even start my day.
Now I have shared openly and honestly with you, 
the day seems much brighter.

And we will endeavour to improve our service at work.
I think we just need more hands to the pumps.
In fact, all hands and the cook on deck!!!

I thought I would give you a bouquet of flowers to fill with colour.
A FREE digital download, from me to you.

Download the Rose Bowl Colouring Page CLICK HERE

Colour it in,
Zentangle – Doodle it,
Transfer it to parchment if you can!
(Hopefully your Starter Kit will arrive today or tomorrow, 
so that you can use the soft craft mat, parchment 
and embossing tool you need!!)

Email me your creation: barbaragray123@hotmail.com
Let’s get them in the Thinkingwithclarity Gallery xx

When I write about how I feel, 
it helps to unscramble my thoughts.
Do you remember the scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary in the prison, when she is talking to the other inmates?
Midstream, she realises how insignificant her crisis is.
While I have been writing to you, 
the issue has been getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller..
Issue? What issue

150 thoughts on “Mindful Wednesday – Curiosity killed the Cat

  1. Hey Barbara – I second what Frankie Rose said (and yes, what a fabulous name). Often it is ignorance that causes people to moan and complain. If only they knew the real trials and tribulations of running a successful business – hey ho, there you go! Jane x

  2. It's one of many reasons I'm not a member of Facebook. I suppose as a business owner you have no choice. Unfortunately the unhappy people tend to be way more vocal than the happy ones, but I hope you realize that for every critic you probably have 10-20 quiet fans (like me) who you never hear from.

    And thanks for the generous gift!

  3. Wow what a woman you are – I would have done the same and gone into the room then cried all night (not sure which room it was to be fair). To turn it around and look at the positives is hard and brave – me thinks the negatives may have been small minded and quick judging folks who actually are not people you would want to be around anyway – Hats off to you Barbara – you are inspirational to many and if you havent dispatched stuff quick enough then tough – folks will get their products as soon as they get them – then can rewatch the shows or check out your youtubes to refresh their memories of how to use them. You give a lot of yourself in each show and I think you are awesome!

  4. Barb, you are a blessing, because reading this blog just brought me out of the doldrums. So what if people criticise, probably they are jealous because they could not come up with that idea. So what if they don't like what you do, they shouldn't be on your blog then! So what if the orders are a bit slow! Anticipation is something that gets your heart racing. I love Clarity, I love the blog, I love many blogs, but if it is not my thing, I am not going to criticise, I would rather try say something nice, or not say anything at all. Frankie, your name makes me think of Sister Act. Thank you for all you do Barb, keep it up. You have a great team, and I am sure the cook is on deck! Bx

  5. Barbara, People are mean and that is a reflection on them, not you. I know because I used to be mean. Jesus made me see the error of my ways, thankfully. Are there kinder ways of pointing out a need for change in customer service? Yes. Mean people chose to be mean and again, it is a reflection on them, not you. Keep your chin up, make the changes you need to and don't give the mean people another thought.

    1. Thank you Joni for being so honest. Me, I'm someone who's been on the other end of that, a victim of worse than meanness, my whole life. It helps to hear that at least one person has managed to see what they were doing and successfully turn that around. Thank you 🙂 xx

  6. You do an amazing job Barbara and you have a fantastic team. Take no notice of those posting negative comments on Facebook, they do it because they can and have nothing better to do than complain about others. They have no idea of what is involved in manufacturing products for a market. I am sure you know there are more of us that support you and Clarity than post nasty comments. Hope all goes well tomorrow, I will be recording the show as I am spending the day with a friend making cards using Clarity Stamps.

  7. Hello Barbara I'm lucky I don't have to do Facebook if you look at your blog page how many loyal followers you have people should understand that you yes you Barbara grey are only human and your new groovi launch exploded into a massive sell out which is fantastic your clarity team are only human too give yourself and your team a clarity tap on the back you all deserve one ,big hugs to all xxx

  8. Yes, I agree with you – not a good idea social media and I am not allowed to be part of it because of my job. I have just had a similar experience at work from a so called "friend" It was very hurtful and I did cry a lot. Your mindfullness, your blog, your charisma have see me through a very bad time. You should be proud of all your achievements and your wonderful team (Need to get a few more to get the orders out a little quicker and I wish I was nearer to you and I would work my b………off to have the privilege to work for you! I am cheered and uplifted by all your comments, demos etc etc. I hope you read this comment and it helps to uplift you. You are a very special person and I am very lucky to have met such a lovely Lady. One day if I am very lucky, I will be picked out of the cup of chance, but hey, hoy that is only a little thing compared with the wonderful products, demos and workshops that you bring to us
    Very best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  9. well i was megga impressed with your delivery of the Groovi kit, I got mine on the Sat and I placed it on the Monday morning. And it is worth remembering the quality of your products are second to none, quality takes time, and its always worth the wait 🙂

  10. If only all problems came in the shape of Colin Firth! Personally, I think you're amazingly talented and incredibly modest about all you've achieved. I wasn't aware there had been any criticisms, but that's easily sorted with one or two new Groovi operatives at Clarity HQ. Nothing to lose sleep over. If I lived a bit closer, I'd come and help you myself 😉

  11. Oooo I really don't like negativity. I don't understand why people expect things they order, to drop through their door straight away. I for one, appreciate what you do and what it takes to run a business. Your blog alone brightens my day. I'm so glad you turned a negative into a positive. Thank you. x

  12. I agree with what other people are saying. People are jealous because they can't do what you are doing. So what if we have to wait for our products. Am not bothered because I know when I get clarity products they are excellent products. Some people are never happy. They have to complain. Barbara and the team. Keep up the good work. We love you all x

  13. Good Afternoon – you are a small company with enormous talent and I am sure you are doing your best – It is because they are so keen to get your amazing products – I am still waiting for things I ordered from C & C that I ordered before the groovi plate starter kit from you and yes I am champing at the bit to use the groovi plate but more fired up by looking forward to tomorrows show and now having to go into work but will record and look forward to hopefully a Groovi Christmas . I am lucky that in my job I don't know everyones opinion of me but I have learnt over the years the negative folk are in the minority in all works of life and they are not the people to surround yourself by – positive energy is what we all need to perform our best. " The people who matter love you and it is the people that love you who matter " Jayne x

  14. Don't take any notice of what people say they can be so crawl at times I have had had plenty of that just lately. You always bring us such amazing products and they are always worth waiting for. Xx

  15. Howdy and yeehaw from Texas, were you are like the Texas stars bright and shining for all to see. My of are amazing so kick everyone out of bed but Dave and celebrate Clarity each and every day. Love to you.

  16. Dear Barbara,

    I have to write you today, because I am shocked.
    I am also one of your silent fans who write very rarely on your blog.

    I am following your blog nearly every day. With your ideas, products, videos and your blog you lighten up dy day – it's now more colourful and happy than before I found you.

    Don't let these negative people make you feel bad (most of them are only jealous!) – you are a wonderful person and I am so happy that you are with us.
    And I am 100% sure that I am not the only one who is thinking like that.
    There is absolutely no problem in waiting one or two days more for your delivery.
    In Germany, the post officers are on strike – so we have to wait …

    All the best – continue to do what you are doing for us every day – your fans !

    Take care
    from Aachen in Germany

  17. Hello Barbara, I have to say you and your clarity team are fantastic at all that you do. People can be so cruel and tend to only think of themselves, they think they are the only ones who have ordered items and so when they press the order button, the item is in the post box seconds later. These people haven't listened when you have told them you are a family business here in the UK, not some massive company with sweat shops in third world countries, churning out second rate goods.
    I know what you mean when you say you shouldn't have looked/read what people were saying but I guess it must be hard when running a business – you want to make sure you are doing things right – well I have to say You are.
    As everyone else has been saying, don't let these negative people get to you, a lot of these people are only happy when they are complaining.
    As I said when I met you at your open day, if you what help, I'm happy to volunteer what ever it maybe.
    Thank you for the download, I look forward to losing myself in the zone of colouring.
    Sally (spanner) xxxx

  18. Hi Barb, it's all too easy to get wrapped up in what others think of us. The important thing is what we think of ourselves… honestly. If you have given your all, done the best job you can then what others think is irrelevant. After all could they have done a better job!??! We all love you and appreciate all the inspiration, tips, techniques and time you so generously give to your followers. You can strut the crafting cat walk with your head held high my lady!
    Much crafty love
    Amanda Rose

  19. I guess the saying about only pleasing all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time is so true, and I'm sure you and your team do their best to get things sent out as quickly as possible, so I certainly wouldn't let it worry you too much Barbara as your products are well made and certainly worth waiting for! Looking forward to seeing you on C & C tomorrow. x

  20. Dear Barbara sod em I say I'm one of your oldest bloggers and I don't Want you upset. Facebook can be very upsetting there are so many crafters love your new wonderful venture everyone will get their orders as soon as possible we all know that and as for the rest sod em love you Barbara xxxxjune horrocks xx

  21. Take no notice Barbara! I am eagerly awaiting my plates to arrive and excitement is building lol and lest not forget big companies have logistics problems too but the massive difference is you can phone Clarity speak to a real person and find the info you need and I can say that from experience.
    Oh and you don't have a crystal ball, which I think some people seem to think you have and could have foreseen the success of the fantastic new product! What I think some people forget is that launching a new product is a massive risk for an independent business so go on you for taking the chance xx

  22. Hello Barbara

    True Clarity followers and users know the score. We know the Clarity team work their little socks off to get our orders to us as soon as is humanly possible.

    I know it is hard, Barbara, but try and ignore this awful minority. You all know you must be doing something right or you wouldn't be where you are now.

    Now, listen to me, lol. Do not, I repeat, do not read that sort of rubbish when you are about to go to bed. It is not good for you.


  23. I haven't seen the Facebook comments and I really don't want to. I can't believe that people can be so awful. You and your company are brilliant and if I order something and you are busy I know you are doing your best and I am prepared to wait for a good product. Just keep up the good work cus we love you XX Ann Barker

  24. I would have entered the room too and felt exactly the same way as you. Clarity is a fab company as are you, don't worry about the ramblings. Thank you for the picture to colour, I have done the others I must send them to you, they certainly de-stress me. I love the mindfulness site and remember somethings are worth waiting for, I have never been disappointed with any of my stash from youselves, thanks Jx

  25. My oh my, not sure where all this negativity was read but don't read it again lol! They are not worthy of your precious time Barb, all businesses, especially very busy ones like yours try and get orders out asap, let us remember it is not you at fault here, you do an extremely great job, as Roz said you work your little socks off and a successful business as yours is proof of that, delays are usually made by Royal Mail too, many a time I have been waiting for something and its been sitting either in their office or still with a courier who take their time in delivering, in fact one courier held onto my return parcel for 4 months once, that's the truth!

    Best thing is ignore them Barb, some people make a living out of moaning and complaining for no reason.

    Thinking of you and sending lots of love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  26. Your goods are wel worth the wait barbara love your prioducts and happy fortget this others that like to moan if things worth having wort waiting for love joy xxx

  27. Well I appreciate you, your blog and all the Clarity team. If I've ever had a problem with an order your team have been really quick and understanding in sorting it out. Your stamps are brilliant quality. Keep up the good work!

  28. I just wouldn't bother worrying about 'those' people, not worth it in my opinion. There are so many of us who follow and are inspired by your work, your enthusiasm and obvious love of what your doing, that the tin minority who have nothing better to do than moan, are just not worth it. can understand you hurt, being someone who puts heart and soul into my craft, I would feel the hurt too if I got bothered by other people remarks, but I have learnt, over many years, to ignore it. It's MY life, MY work, and If they don't like it, then go somewhere else.! Don't ever stop being you, you are much appreciated, as you can see by all these replies. So I, among all these others, say 'We love and appreciate you" and we appreciate that things take time, don't get downhearted. ((((big hugs to you and all the team who obviously love their work too)))))

  29. I haven't seen these FB comments and I'm not bothered too,. I love all you do , your stamps and stencils are all good quality , I haven't got that many but the ones I have are brilliant , I was given a clarity Christmas tree and last year I made quite a few cards with them ,
    I'm a little sad as I would love to print of your free download but cannot get my printer to work , got to have lessons on how to use it lol ,,,,,. Keep up the good work ,,.
    Annie xxxxx

  30. I haven't seen the Facebook comments and I don't want to, but I'm not running a business and can avoid looking at things I'd rather not see. I'm sorry you've had an unpleasant experience with this but thank you for sharing your thoughts on it, showing how you've worked to address the issues and rise above the negativity. I so enjoy your funny, thought provoking and inspiring blog – it's a regular feature of my day. You're running a successful small business and just launched a very popular new product. Here's one occasional "commentor" wishing you, and the Clarity Team, all the very best and looking forward to seeing your show tomorrow.

  31. Oh Barbara, that makes me sad for you and the team at Clarity! I bet you were all nervous about launching a new product and then so happy that it was embraced as readily as it has been by so many of your Clarity customers and new ones too. I hat to think that all that excitement will be sullied and tarnished by uncaring thoughtless people who just like to get on the band wagon and rant about something that is so unimportant! So what they had to wait a few extra days, so what the delivery was 'slow' some people just need to remember when push comes to shove there are worst things in life, I should know I am living through a very tough time at the moment!!
    Just remember how much we value everything you do here on this blog and as the captain of the good ship Clarity! My quote last night is still very apt:
    Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind!
    Love Donna xx

    1. Oh Barbara, what have you done, posh pencil page, and Donna's remembered too, and she knows I'm feeling too sorry for her to say no or find another excuse (and she's not the only one on the war path if I put off using my posh pencils any longer)!!!! xx

  32. Hi Barb,
    I don't "do" Facebook for exactly this reason! When I was teaching, I saw too many students upset and some distraught because of this site. I for one am extremely happy with the delivery times of Clarity sometimes it can be as little as a couple of days! Yes the last couple of weeks have been manic for you but that is only because everyone was blown away by the Groovi plates etc. how were you to know it was going to take off like it did! I have waited far longer for deliveries from C & C. I love Clarity and how you keep trying new things like Groovi and colouring/ mindfulness. Keep doing what you do so well and ignore the negativity – there are far more positives – just read the comments on here every day, that should cheer you up. Thank you for all you do for us, love Alison xx

  33. I've never met you ,but have been watching you on tv and reading this blog for quite some time . I can really really tell that you are a fabulous fantastic creative kind intelligent spirit , I could go on with the positives but no sense in too big a head . Remove the negatives as you do and focus on the positive. Anyone who,is your personal friend is truly blessed .,God bless .,Joy now jan

  34. Exactly what we were talking about on Friday with you, Facebook can be great and I have made some lovely friends through it but some people feel the need to be so negative. Not nice. I for one would rather wait for my delivery from Clarity and know I have a brilliant product. The Groovi plate is wonderful, do not have any doubts about it. Your team work very hard as well, when I have had to ring the office I have been spoken to so well, it counts for a lot. Love the new coloring page, will get it completed a little quicker this time. Thankyou. xx

  35. well, I'm just back from hols, Haven't caught up with your daily blog yet (going backwards as you do!!) so am really looking forwards to sitting down and enjoying a whole weeks worth of Barbara!! I ordered my Groovi stuff before I went away and the lovely Ann agreed to delay the post so that it didn't arrive until after I did, so next week – or maybe even Saturday – I will immerse myself in parchment. Have never seen it done 'correctly' – all I can say is it looks fab the Clarity way!! Well done you for extending our range of options. when I started card making it was all die cuts and I was quite 'sniffy' about stamping – all that colouring in, just like a primary school!! How little I knew!!! I'm now looking forwards to the grown up colouring book, I have my pencils ready and sharpened! and am just about to print off the boots and flowers downloads to add to the teapot so that I can get started. Having a husband in poor health I need things to take my mind whatever is off the current crisis!! Bless you!!

  36. Hi Barbara,
    I think we all have to learn the hard way that some websites are best avoided late in the evening as that washing machine brain doesn't take much encouragement to spin away all night! I have definitely given myself some pointless sleepless nights, so am more careful now and leave certain things till the morning. I don't understand why some people feel it is OK to be so negative on social media, but I think it says more about them than about you.

    I have just seen the list of products for tomorrow's show on the C&C website – I am looking forward to it even more now! Hope you have another hugely successful day, and remember there are many of us quietly backing you.

    Hugs, Ruth x

  37. Hi Barb,
    Like Alison, I don't "do" Facebook, either – specifically for this reason. Social media can be a great thing but it can also be a destructive, negative & downright spiteful thing! The trouble is, people are swift to kick but slow to praise & lots of folk just like to have a moan. They need to get a life, really. I say to them – "get over it, so you had to wait for something, eh? BIG flipping DEAL! It's not like it was a heart or a lung, is it?" Really, if that's the worst they've got to worry about, then they're pretty lucky.
    Don't give them another thought, Barbara – they are just not worth your time.
    We all love ya!!
    ttfn, Liz M xxx

    1. On the news today they said there are 60 million refugees of war in this world at present, who are getting less and less to eat as there is not enough to go around. People can't wait a few days for some craft products? – gimme strength Barb.

  38. Wow look at all the response I concur with everything said, you are an amazing inspiring human being and very modest to boot.
    Its very hard running your own business and as everyone who has followed will agree you work very hard, you can only do your best keep up the good work love you lots.

  39. Barbara, you have just convinced me that I have been right all along in distancing myself the afore-mentioned social media site. Its many advantages are often out-weighed by the upset caused by embittered subscribers who obviously have time to fill. They ought to be thanking you for having the 'clarity' of thought to produce such an innovative product that will ease the journey into such a specialised craft and in particular, to those of us who have tried before but found the process too labour intensive and so frustrating when we made a slip at the last minute and ruined many hours of work. My opinion of the craft has changed thanks to the Groovi phenomenon.
    The anticipation whilst waiting can also fire the imagination rather than dampening it. All too often the 'instant gratification' craving is an empty experience. As the old saying goes – and it's one of my oft-used favourites

    'Twixt optimist and pessimist
    The difference is droll.
    Where the optimist sees the doughnut
    The pessimist sees the hole!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's show to see what else has evolved! ;~}

  40. Barbara, you belong to us loyal people, we know how hard you and your team work, so what after the amazing show and fast out, what did people think ….that it would arrive the next day by magic fairy!!! or what, waiting and anticipation is half the fun, In all the years I have been using Clarity and ordering from you, I know my goodies will arrive in perfect condition as soon as your wonderful team can get them out, give them a big pat on the back for the great work that they do for you. You are our friend and mentor, we support you and your team 150%, just kick the gremlins out and carry on with your wonderful side. Looking forward to tomorrow. Just go in and enjoy yourself we support you.

  41. Barbara, you belong to us loyal people, we know how hard you and your team work, so what after the amazing show and fast out, what did people think ….that it would arrive the next day by magic fairy!!! or what, waiting and anticipation is half the fun, In all the years I have been using Clarity and ordering from you, I know my goodies will arrive in perfect condition as soon as your wonderful team can get them out, give them a big pat on the back for the great work that they do for you. You are our friend and mentor, we support you and your team 150%, just kick the gremlins out and carry on with your wonderful side. Looking forward to tomorrow. Just go in and enjoy yourself we support you.

  42. I adore you no matter what ( read admire) Even if the video above will not play for reasons of copyright (being honest!), I'll still come back and read every word you write.. wishing you the best xoxo

  43. Hi Barbara. Well I commented on here earlier and now it has vanished! Boo. Anyhoo I just wanted to say that unfortunately in this life there are always people who are not happy unless they have something to complain about. I have to say that on the couple of occasions that I have had to ring the office down there I have only ever been met with happy, cheerful and friendly voices and the people behind those voices are only to eager to help. Clarity is the only company I know who readily replace any, and I mean any item which is not totally 100% and I can say that as I have had a couple of things that weren't quite right. Even when it was my own fault – peeling of the wee fairy folk and broke Peter Pan's leg – a new set was with me before I knew it. So to your staff – a very big thank you and keep doing what you are doing because I for one think you are fab. And to you Barbara – don't go through that door again, don't even peak through the crack to see what's going on because I think you are a truly brilliant person with a vast talent which you have chosen to share with all us Clarity lovers – who needs negativity in their life if they can avoid it. I bet Wurka and Holic were having a right old belly larf – well kick them into touch too. I am looking forward to my retreat in August and more of that fabulous Groovi stuff tomorrow on your Christmas show. Go Team Clarity!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

    1. I agree with every word of that, Dawn. I do not know of any other company that will replace anything that is faulty with no quibble and with such a cheerful and friendly service. I have had one stamp that was faulty out of all those I possess, and two brushes that are being replaced as I write. If you want to know how things are doing, then listen to us and look at your sales. xxx Maggie

  44. Hi Barbara. Thanks so much for the new colouring page. I am so looking forward to taking it and my pencils back and forth to work with me so I can escape into Clarity time in my lunch hour.

    Try and forget all that negativity and nastiness. Aside from all your wonderful products, know that you and Maria, and so many more Clarity friends have helped me to rediscover my creative self. For me that is a treasure beyond my wildest deams, and its down to you and the team: I love Clarity!

    Thanks for all your hard work, and that of the team behind the scenes. There are more of us who value and appreciate what you do, than those who don't. Love to you all. Xxx

  45. For goodness sake, Barbara : did the weekend tell you nothing? All those that took the time and made the effort to join you did so because they love you, your work and your products. They know that everything – products, service and friendship – will be top notch. They understand that when you are on TV, especially when there are new products, there will be an avalanche of orders so there will undoubtedly be a delay in receiving orders because the poor elves are flogging themselves to death to get them all out. Don't listen (or read) to what the idiots write on these sites. They wouldn't be able to organise a *¥$$ up in a brewery. Just know that we love you. Xx

  46. I have to speak as I find, so here's what I've found! Barbara, I've found you to be an inspirational crafter, a fabulous teacher, a lovely, funny and caring lady, and a generous and talented business woman. I've always found your Clarity team to be efficient, polite, and giving excellent customer service. I'm delighted that you have won so many awards for your new and innovative products, your blog, your talent, and in my opinion they are well deserved and I'm always delighted to nominate or vote for you and Clarity. Go and dust them off next time you encounter some hate sayers!
    I know that running your own business you need to listen to both the negatives and the positives, because that's how you learn and improve, but I will take a leaf out of your book and not check out any TripAdvisor reviews just before bedtime, just in case….!!! Well done for using mindfulness to turn it around, and thanks for the lovely flowers – I will enjoy colouring those when I get a moment or two, Susan x

    1. Well said Susan. Patience is not one of my virtues so everything is slow to me lol. Take the constructive criticism and ignore the rest thar just complain for the sake of it 😉 xx

  47. Dearest Barbara, working as I do in the world of Parking Enforcement I know all to well how negative words can hurt, but I was once told there is no such thing as negative publicity….I struggled with the concept but slowly I grew to understand…turn the negative in to a positive, learn what upsets … Analyse it…can you change it? Do you want to change it. Should you change it? Do you get my drift? In the same way you put the blue on the stamps for quality control you need to apply the same methodology and thank people for the feedback!
    So please, please, don't let the moaners upset you xxx
    Will have to play catch up on tomorrow when I get home from work xx

    Much love
    Kim xx

  48. Hope Dave gets a better night of sleep tonight. By the way, what has happened about your resolutions for this year, one of which was to read more? I have read the first four of the Poldark novels for a start and reading helps me to get to sleep and relax. I am off in a minute to find some decent paper or thin card to print out those flowers, and to remember to set the DVD to record for tomorrow. I have just read Kim Shaw's post and she is quite right. I would go a little further – if you can do something about it, then do it, if you cannot do anything about it, forget it. The way that Clarity has grown over the last two years alone proves you are doing more right than wrong. There are a huge number of us who love you and what you do. Concentrate on that positive, and have another great sellout show tomorrow. xxxx Maggie

  49. Barbara, your team are some of the most helpful I have come across, so I am sure they are pulling out all the stops. I dont think some people realise how much pressure such a successful launch puts on a small business where by definition there are limited bums on seats to manage such an influx in orders, however well planned the launch. as the old saying ought to say, you can't please SOME of the people ANY of the time. Don't let these unreasonable expectations and unnecessary comments get you down. I am so looking forward to tomorrows show, now if you could just arrange to get my order to me by tea time………………

  50. It is horses for courses. If you want mass produced efficiency and speedy delivery do not go for Clarity – but if you want something truly unique and very special itvis more than worth the wait!!!

  51. I hate to hear that folk are so impatient and they really haven't had to wait that long. Can you set up an email to be sent to everyone with outstanding orders saying exactly what you've said here?

    Years ago I worked for a company where we handled a lot of enquiries for corporations. Sometimes these could take weeks to answer. We were told to keep in touch with our clients even if it was to tell them we still didn't have an answer but to let them know we were working on it – so they didn't feel neglected or forgotten. It worked surprisingly well. An email might have the same effect. And I'm sure most of your clients love you and follow this blog so know how busy everyone is and how much you care about us. Maybe it's just some new folk who don't appreciate that you don't have hundreds of people packing orders or a huge warehouse with huge stocks. Or a big notice on your home page?

    But it's still a better problem to have than no-one buying 🙂

    Go for a walk in the garden and admire the flowers! Ain't nature wonderful?
    All the best
    Kelly xx

  52. Hi Barbara I am so sorry that you had so many negative comments. I don't really know what people expect. I am happy to wait for things to arrive and really it is never that long. There are way more important things to get upset about. You are a lovely lady and there are lots of us who appreciate what you do. Rant away all you want. We love you. Hugs Jackie

  53. Keep thinking positive Barbara, you can't please all of the people alll of the time. Ignore all of the negativity. We all think you do a wonderful job and that you are amazing.xx

  54. OK. Here goes. I get so cross as people tend to think that whatever is written on or by computers doesn't count. They can be as rude or impolite as they like and no one will really get hurt. We can cope. You can and I can, but some young people without experience just can't and that frightens me. You only have to read the comments written today to realise that out in the big world you have thousands of supporters who genuinely care. What does it really matter what a few say? Would they say it to your face – I doubt it! But we would. We would tell you straight out how clever, witty, inspiring and all over great you are and if we have to wait a few days for something so special then so what??? Please don't give it another thought and appreciate those of us who do keep up with your every thought and idea and appreciate you as you are. Easy to say I know so rant all you like but then do try to forget all about it. xx Margaret Col.

  55. Barbara. I do not like to take part in negativity on FB and I haven't been around much these past few days to see any (thankfully) It does really anger me how impatient and rude some people are…the operative word being SOME….We love you, your products, ideas, innovations, talent, generosity, humour, kindness. We also love the people behind the scenes who work really hard in design, production and delivery. Of course I am a huge fan and RAVE about Clarity all the time…rightly so….I don't like to wait too long for my clarity products but only because I am so eager to get my hands on them! But what about the company who takes your order, then your money and leaves you hanging for twelve days (when I had to get in touch with them) to be told the product was sold out !!! Or the company who took my money and only sent half my order, noticed on receipt that bill was less than taken out of bank account, but no explanation! Luckily two days later there was a refund of items not sent…but poor show!! Obviously this company was NOT Claritystamp!!!!! Where I have always received excellent service over internet and telephone. No point in telling you not to look because customer satisfaction is very important to you but remember as a lot of ladies here have already said….We LOVE Claritystamp and Barbara Gray. xxxx

  56. Barbara I'm so sorry to hear of these negative comments, I haven't seen them, thank goodness. I agree with everyone on hear – you and your team do a fantastic job, and I have never had a negative customer service experience from Claritystamps. Indeed quite the reverse when I have had an issue. I appreciate customer service is important to you – as it is to any company of quality, and ask that you remember it is only SOME people who feel the need to comment negatively. Please hold on to the thought that more people love what you do and appreciate all that your fabulous team do for us. Hugs xxx

  57. Oh Barbara, I can’t even tell you off for going to that room, and late at night too as I would be nipping at your heels following you in!!! And I can't tell you to not read those comments as customers and what they think matter so much to you. All I can say then is to keep in your head what your extended Clarity family think and feel about you and your company and the products you produce, and remember how many more of us there are compared to those not nice people.

    Keyboard warriors – love it, perfect description of the cowards that lurk in those places, and occasionally also like to stick their tuppence worth here!!! They’ve not got it yet, they’re not going to drag us down with them, well maybe for a very short time, but then we all put our wagons round whomever is in the firing line, until they decide to crawl back in their holes and then we’ll dust ourselves off, make sure everyone is ok and move on. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinions but not if it means needlessly hurting a fellow human being just because they feel like doing so. Those opinions should be kept to themselves or if they feel that strongly voiced in an appropriate manner to the appropriate person /organisation etc. For goodness sake you told us Dave was getting up at 3am, staff were doing late shifts, what do these horrible people want, you all to wear yourselves into your graves just so they can get their craft order a few days sooner! No, Barbara they are so not worth it, you’ll never manage to satisfy people like that, not even if you personally hand delivered their order the next day, they’d still find something nasty to say!

    You were so worried that we wouldn’t ‘get’ your Groovi system when you launched it, so why would you be prepared for the massive overnight success it is. You can’t employ staff to sit and twiddle their thumbs all day every day just in case you happen to unexpectedly get a short mad rush for a product! As I’ve said here before, C&C seem to think Scotland is on the moon, rarely got a parcel from them before 2 weeks of waiting! If a massive business like that takes so long to deliver then how can anyone expect your family business, to provide quality products very quickly no matter what the demand! Don’t give those people any more thought, and instead of barring yourself from that room, you should be putting a ban on them, I believe that is possible. And then if they want to say anything they will have to phone and talk to your staff member in person, lets see how many of them are actually brave enough to do that! Glad you managed to turn it round in your head and you are feeling more positive again. (Must remember to set DVD to record tomorrow – maybe if I write it I will remember!!!) Thank you for my vase of flowers, I think, Donna's clearly happy to see them!!! Barbara, I love you, I think you’re an amazing very special person and amazingly talented and sooo good in so many ways to your fellow human beings. Huge thank you to you, Dave and all your Clarity employees. And you come here and rant as much as you need to, we're all here waiting, happy to give a wee bit back for all you sooo generously give to us love Brenda xx

    p.s. I know it’s nothing, but I try and help out in my own wee way, when there’s a rush for a new product I wait until I think the dust has settled before putting my order in, so you have one less in your mad rush to fulfil orders

    1. Hi Brenda, flowers just in time haaa Haas I think Barbara must have know!! How is your teapot coming along? I haven't done my sky yet, so you can relax…………but not for long 🙂

    2. I've had a few days of tears still managed to write on clarity blog through them as didn't like the negative comment on the new groovi and today the negative on clarity delivery ,
      I just think it's a mixture of the stress been out of bungalow for so long, my depression /CFCs fibromyalgia and not been able to craft as much as I would like too due to the pains in my wrists and hands could be the arthritis ,and my dearest friend after having major surgery to take away her cancer has now started her 1st chemotherapy yesterday life eh and people rubbish clarity just because there parcel is late arriving appoligies as shouldn't put this on Barbara's blog xxx

    3. Donna, of course Barbara knows, nothing happens on Barbara's blog for no reason 😉 A number of us seemed to have reached the point of needing something else to help us with something. Phew, I thought I was going to have to put in a nightshift to catch up on all the teapot bits I seemed to have missed!!!! I'll confess now, I've been struggling so bad, proper extra bad, something that happened last week on top of everything else, ended up hiding under the quilt, not able to face the days, and trying to hide it and keep up appearances on here. And yesterday was my birthday on top which I always struggle so badly with – birthdays, Christmas etc. are such hard bleak times for me and only make me feel so badly what I have had to miss out on and will miss out on my whole life, things that pretty much all folk have or have had and take /took for granted, the 'normal' in life. It's over now, both yesterday and last week's mess, can't have that time back, can't have anything to make up for it, just have to try forget I was supposed to, basically I didn't get the wee drive round the village to see the houses decorated, which also impacted on the parade that goes past the back of my cottage. I think the phrase 'being kicked when your down' or whatever it is sums up what I'm living week to week for the last wee while and with no end in sight! Anyway it's done, and Nicola gave me a nice wee visit, so I've got something good to see and feel inside although I'm currently trying to find it again inside because of the worker today, determined she is not robbing me of that too. But I'm definitely not in quite as bad a way as I was. So I'm like you, although I've got more teapot bits then you to catch up on.

    4. Oh Sheila, not so good. Yeah, everyone will be expecting you to be happy at being back in your bungalow, relaxed etc. but my experience is that that's when everything you've been holding tightly onto, hiding pours out. Tell us on here to get stuff out if you want, we'll understand, and support you if we can. I think our bodies are in sympathy with each other, I'm in extra pain too, feeling like I've got the flu, totally done in the whole time, but can't sleep much, and still we carry on as best we can in silence eh. And yes, folk saying all that negative stuff wrongly, it does get to us big time, if only that were the only things we could find to complain about in our lives eh! I've got arthritis in a finger from an accident when I was 18, fortunately I've managed it with supplements for years so it's not got worse but I do have to be careful and limit some of the crafts I do. I do know what a bad and restrictive pain it is, and I've only got it in a finger or two, it must be so awful to have it in bigger /more joints. I'll keep you and your friend in my thoughts, take care xx

    5. Happy birthday for yesterday! I'm glad we can share things like this and know that someone cares enough to feel bad for the other! I'm glad you are feeling a little better xx

    6. Aww sweetheart Happy belated Birthday wish you had told us you would have had
      a barrage of good wishes on here to make you happy and know that we all care a lot
      about you it was my granddaughters birthday on sunday and do you know what I bought her a big disco lamp and she just loves it she was dancing around and watching the lights flicker on the walls, and I had tears in my eyes and in my head I
      was saying to myself thankyou Brenda who gave me the idea to make this happen
      I wish I could just come and hug you to death …love Dot

    7. Thank you Dot 🙂 That's great your granddaughter loves her disco ball, now that's made my week, that I've managed to help her have feel good time 🙂 🙂 xx

    8. Hi Dot, glad to hear your granddaughter enjoyed her disco lamp, it must be nice to see her happy! Come and get me too and we will give Brenda big hugs together XX

    9. Thank you Barbara 🙂 How lucky am I to have found you, your blog and all these lovely caring people 🙂 Good luck with your show, I'll be watching, and no doubt adding more of your new products to my want list 😉 xx

  58. Nooo! You logged into that yukky snake pit forum didn't you!
    How brave some of those people are hiding behind their computer screens, maybe we should pray for them? Their lives must be so void of anything meaningful that they fill the gap with bitterness and ugliness of spirit. I'm glad you've now locked yourself out of there Barb, you do so much for so many in variety of ways, and most of us are extremely grateful for you, and we cherish you xxxxx

    1. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto…. you are brilliant and such a lovely person Barbara. Keep smiling and laughing… off to watch your show now… bliss!!
      Crafty hugs xx

  59. it seems people have nothing better to do than slag others off. i have no idea what forum you are talking about as i've never seen any such comments but definitely not worth visiting.
    this download is ace. very lovely vase of flowers.
    keep calm and carry on, hugs xx

  60. So if you made it this far on the comments, you'll know you have enough fans not to worry, but you know that anyway. You have a phenomenal success in Groovi, the problems are because it is a success, you identified the problem, you are all doing your best to solve it, you can do no more, but some little demon inside said I just can't quite believe in my success so I will go and find something to make me see I am not quite so great because I prefer to see the bad rather than feel the great! Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. So there are some negative comments and people. What great marketing, Groovi is so good you have to wait a long time to get it, only special people get Groovi because it is so exclusive you have to be on a waiting list to receive it. I bet loads of businesses would like to be in that position. As a previous comment said, turn the negative to a positive. So pat yourself and your team on the back because you did something right otherwise they would not be talking about you, and acknowledge the bit in you that wants to see the criticism, you saw it, you were already dealing with the problem, what's next. Oh and of course come back here to read all the positives. Karen

  61. Barbara, I don't do Facebook etc and frankly I'm glad after hearing about the negative comments !
    Frankly if peeps are unhappy …phone clarity …have a chat …be open to reasons!
    Don't worry , you can't always anticipate phenomenal success!
    The groovi is on my wish list and wish I could watch tomorrow's show live,
    Sleep well,

  62. Oh Barb you still make me laugh ,even when the going gets tough .
    The bit about Keyboard Warriors ,well that's a polite way to put it lol
    Chin up ,you've told me that before !!!!!!!
    They never praise you ,but there bloody quick to put you down .
    Can't wait to see the bling top to moz :))))
    Martine xxxx

  63. Hello Barb, Well, I am shocked that such people exist – I have never seen anything like that which you describe; how awful for you – I feel quite upset for you. I endorse everything all the others above have said. All I can add is just think about the weekend activities which so many of us attended and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of. You, Dave and all the Clarity team deserve a big pat on the back for all you do. I am off now to set the recorder for tomorrow which I am sure will be another rousing success [got a blingy top I hope!!]! Oh! and thanks for the flowers which I shall now print up and break out my SR pencils……….. hugs xx Beryl

  64. Hi Barbara
    I like Ruth do not do facebook dont hold with it.
    Would love to wish you and all your team great things for a wonderful new product for all of us to use and enjoy.
    Looking forward to new items to buy and use in this range.
    Well done to everone, keep your chin up you are an amazing lady.
    xxx Lynn

  65. Hello Barbara, I would like to thank you for all the fabulous ideas you come up with, no negativity from me sweetheart, I remember first seeing you on Create and Craft doing your thing when you very first started and I have loved everything you do so yep, I'm a massive fan. I did miss out on some of your stuff for a while but I'm back now and will remain with you. I prefer the blogs to Facebook so I won't bother with all of that 🙂 I KNOW you will always do your best for us all and would never doubt you.
    Keep doing what you do best teaching us all to have fun with our crafts…
    Love and a big hug ~ Lady Anne xxx

  66. Thank you for the flowers Barbara – I will be returning them after giving them some loving care and attention with my paints and pencils.
    I'm a firm believer in that saying "If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all!". Ditch the negative people and only surround yourself with positivity & happiness – works for me! Onwards & upwards….
    Good luck with the show tomorrow – it'll be a real hit I'm sure. I've had a sneak peek and the Groovi additions are going to be on my shopping list once they're on the Clarity website!
    Send love & hugs, Carole xxx

  67. Hi Barbara
    Well you have a lot of happy reading tonight just look at above so many happy people
    who not only love your products but love you for just being you lovely lady.
    I know all businesses need the Internet to promote there products and social networks
    being one of them but keep off those sh#t forums with there inconciderate numpty's 'to put it politly' who have nothing better to do than make people feel bad.
    I wish you every success in the world and when Groovi hits the USA were all coming on a bus
    to clarity towers to volunteer free of charge.
    Good luck for the show tomorrow can't wait..and don't worry about a blingy top you always look
    classy…God Bless…xx

    1. Hi Dot, drive your bus past me and I'll come too 😉 Always been meaning to ask, which area of our lovely land do you live in? How's it going with you, must still be very tough for you with father's day coming up? Is your granddaughter still sleeping at night? xx

  68. Oh Barbara,
    I've been in those late night places. Why do we do it to ourselves?!! Take no heed of the moaners. They should try doing what you do & get on without moaning. Glad i don't do Facebook. Hear very little positive about it.
    Enjoy tomorrow. I've set the box to record.
    Hugs ((())) Alison

  69. Hi Barbara
    Oh I don't like it when you are upset, yes my hand was up, I would have followed you into the forbidden room and been upset by the comments and would have taken them personally. That's why I don't do Facebook, too many people who think it's fine to say unpleasant things on a computer but wouldn't dream of saying them face to face!. I hope you and Dave get a better nights sleep tonight, I think all the lovely people on the blog will be sat on your bed tonight keeping the baddies away, we will all try to be good and not sit on your legs!
    I put my Sale order in tonight and followed it up with an email asking for you to take your time delivering it. Please don't think I'm trying to be unpleasant, I would genuinely like you to take your time! Thank you for the new picture, I'm going to print them all off so we can have a family colouring session.
    Now Barbara I think we should organise a Clarity coach trip for the blog, we will all come and hep you with the orders and packing and I'm sure a few of us will bring cake for the lovely team too and there must be a few amongst us who can put the kettle on, rustle up a meal, put the Hoover round etc, what time would you like us?! I hope that thought has put a smile on your face – I wonder what you would call a gathering of Clarity blog readers?
    Thank you for the Bridget a Jones clip – I love that film, always makes me laugh.
    Night night, sleep tight
    Love Diane xxx

    1. I make a mean banana flapjack, and chocolate fudge, I could do the tissue paper wrapping, or checking, I'd be good at that, me being hawk eyes, can I come!!! xx

    2. Count me in, I make a very good cup of tea, and can arrange a beautiful plate of biscuits! I would love to pack orders as I could keep an eye out for stamps that I have missed in my browsing sessions! XX

    3. Haaa haaa no no, I would only keep a look out, not take any! I'm sure Barbara would have scanners at the exit! Just had a new job come to mind, I could work in the quality control department that way I can play all day! Xx

    4. Can you imagine, if we did get let loose in Clarity Towers, kids in a sweet shop would be a total understatement eh. Something else to put on the bucket list me thinks 😉 xx

  70. Hi Barbara. On holiday and only just got connected. Take no notice of the moaners. They don't deserve a minutes thought. I have not got my groovi yet but will be ordering shortly. I really don't mind how long it takes to come because it is well worth waiting for. Try to ignore those negative people who are never happy unless they are being nasty. Facebook is a way of keeping in touch which is miss-used.
    Big HUG from Chris X

  71. Hi Barbara, stop stressing, I was one of the 'Clarity addicts' at 9.00am a week last Monday trying to order 'Groovie', I couldn't even get to pay at first. In the end I was successful, then I panicked what if my order had gone twice, so I e-mailed and received a pretty quick response. It is normal to wait about 10 days for my parcel, who cares it's what is in the parcel that matters and Clarity is always top quality. I like 'Mindfulness Wednesday, I bought 'The Mindfulness Colouring Book' by Emma Farrarons -it's handbag size and great to carry about when I'm out(with pencils of course). I like the idea of a Blog coach trip to help, but then maybe we'd all eat too much chocolate cake and tell too many jokes getting nothing done. Just remember there are always whingers who get 'cheapies 'out of negative comments. Thank you for the 'rose bowl', it's printed out and ready to colour in tomorrow, after the Christmas 'bits and bobs'. XX

  72. I was saddened to read your blog. I don't like to think of such a lovely person as you being upset by a bunch of mean spirited people who really aren't worth the time any of us have spent on them tonight. Their opinion is irrelevant and there are so many people here who love what you do so sleep well tonight and have a wonderful show tomorrow. xx

  73. Barbara, I also follow your blog silently since I first watched you on German TV. I do not often comment since I have also made the experience that people on the net let out their fury and spitfulness on others when they are in disguise. They write things they would never say anyone in the face.
    But I wonder if you dreamed about the negative comments on Facebook or removed them all? Checked both Claritystamp and your personal account and could not find a single negative thing – all thumbs up and 4,9 of 5 stars is not bad either.
    In Germany we say: "Deine Sorgen möchte ich haben!" (I want to have YOUR sorrows). If everything is well we tend to think there must be something wrong and turn every stone upside down until we find something to worry about.

  74. You have become a victim of your own success,if something is worth having its worth waiting for. I am looking forward to receiving my Groovit Kit and I know it will be top quality well packaged like all the orders I have had before. Think about Jean and everything will seem irrelevant.

  75. Hi Barbara, don't read things like that before you go to bed is the answer, I can talk, I used to check my work emails all the time and fall asleep thinking 'bloody hell, what next' and know I'd have to go in to 'that' the next morning! Although when I wok up the next morning it didn't seem quite as bad reading it the second time!

    I'm looking forward to receiving my Groovi stuff – no hurry for me as I just stroke my goodies to start with in any case, and to tomorrow's show.

    Don't let the bu**ers get you down! 🙂

    Thank your for the colouring page. That reminds me, I must finish the boots! x

  76. I hope all the complainers watched DIY SOS on TV last night & felt ashamed that their only problem was waiting for a parcel to arrive!

  77. Well, I haven't seen all the complaints, but I can see it's something about parcels not arriving on time…. Hahaha, they should live in the Faroe Islands. Parcels usually take a month to arrive. You HAVE to be patient to live here. I even waited for several months for an envelope with hobby thingies in it.
    Please don't let it get to you, if people complain. Let it bounce off like water off a duck.
    And have a lovely day.

  78. So sorry that you have been abused by the face book trolls, I don't do face book, there are some strange folk out there. You seem to be a lovely lady with a big heart. I love your positive outlook and enjoy your blog everyday. Just keep on doing what you enjoy doing and ignore the moaners and whiners, life is to short. love Joan x

  79. Hi Barb just wanted to say that your products are worth waiting for. I ordered your Groovi kit and it arrived in 4 days. That's quick.
    Stay positive.
    Hugs Judy

  80. Hi Barb, just been in and saw the last couple of days posts.
    When they are moaning about something they are still talking about the product "which is great by the way" any reasonable person would understand the wait knowing how it became popular so quickly. Some people have nothing better to do but moan and should be completly ignored. Sue J x

  81. People who moan are not worth the emotional time! Easier said I know. I know things will come and don t set any kind of time scale, I think it also means people are very excited and not very patient when it comes to waiting! Fab product and am waiting very patiently for mine. It just shows how right you have got it, it's really popular and looks amazing. X x x x

  82. Hello Barb I don't comment very often but can't ignore what you experienced on f. book.
    My husband and I worked our own business with 16 hour days, 7 days a week for 10 years. He worked 105 hours a week and I worked over 80 hours EVERY WEEK. We had two holidays on year 9 and 10 for 2 weeks. I learnt in the early years – you will NEVER please everyone no matter how hard you try. Many do appreciate and understand and they are the people I really appreciated and focused on. They made it all worth while.
    So we are not alone and I do understand. You know the answers to overcome and how smart you really are. RESPECT TO YOU X

  83. Hi Barbara. I agree with the rest.Its a pity some folks have nothing better to do than gripe. I bet they don't go back on and say thanks when their stuff does arrive, and compliment you on the fantastic ideas and quality of what they've got. I am not a Facebook fan either. It is insidious and is just a forum for moaning.
    My groove kit arrived in less than 5 days and I'm thrilled with it. I have been a parchment crafter for a few years, and this puts a whole new angle on it.Its great. Go to bed having read all the positive posts on this blog and you'll sleep the sleep of the righteous.
    Thanks for all your work and inspiration.

  84. Look at all these ladies here showing their support.
    What a wonderful following you have here.
    There will always be those that criticise,
    and like you, i too would always look. I search for it I'm sure.
    But there are so many more happy customers, and great friends.
    Lots of love,
    sleep well tonight x

  85. Some people are just mean minded. I wonder how they would cope in your place. You and your team work so hard Barbara and produce fantastic products. Thank you xx

  86. Barbara – It must be exhausting for those awful people carrying around all the negativity and spite all the time! Would they have as many loyal and dedicated followers? NO. You and the whole Clarity team do a great job, I have been watching you and shopping with you for years (remember those shows at The Commonwealth Inst in London, now that was a dark and dismal place for those people to hide in) and I have never had any complaints about anything, the service is always spot on and if something is new and a big hit you expect to wait. What a shame after such a great weekend at Crowbrough. The people that matter are the only ones who's "constructive" criticism you should listen to (but only if you want to)

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