Wiped out but feeling Groovi…..

Wiped out but feeling Groovi…..

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by. 
Just got in from the TV Show.
What a morning!
We launched our new Groovi Parchment Craft System.
If you watched, thank you.
If you invested in us, thank you again.
Sold out in half an hour.
Now I know you must think
“Well, she obviously doesn’t take enough stock”
All I can say is, “it isn’t physically possible to make more!”
In fact, we have had to buy two more Laser Cutting machines (costapacket), and introduce a late shift at work, to get this launch off the ground.
It has been months in the planning, design and production, and even though those involved were all convinced that you at home would see the benefits too, there’s always that little pesky worm of doubt in my head. He manages to work his way past all the positivity and upbeat confidence, and turn on the tension taps. 
Did it today BIG TIME!
Dripping nose, dripping hands. Clear sign of nerves.
 Haven’t had that for ages!
But I think it became very clear very quickly, that we may have hit on a winning formula, something very special. 
Just a quick recap, and then I have to go take a nap.
Here is the sample I was working on,
using the Groovi Starter Kit and the Hills and Trees Plates 
which are included.
See how the precision laser etch gives you really crisp line art?
Very easy to use, and especially easy to get your head around if you are a stamper.

 I didn’t get to the colouring in part, because it sold out, 
but had I been able to show you, I would have been able to show off how amazing the Spectrum Noir pencils glide on parchment.
Another reason I have been telling you for months you need them!!


 A work in progress.
I have at least a fortnight to complete this card!
Like I said on the box,
this is very new to me, too.
But what I love is the instant gratification,
the sharp, crisp, even lines when I use the etched plates.
It is a great starting place, that’s what I think.
Here are the other plate designs we launched today
The Gallery on the Website is loaded with our Design Team Samples too…
We have even opened a new Groovi Gallery!
The You Tube this week will recap what it’s all about, 
so if you missed the show but are intrigued,
then more will be revealed on YouTube Tuesday!
Now it’s time to close my eyes.
Tired but happy.
And exceedingly relieved. 
Much love

95 thoughts on “Wiped out but feeling Groovi…..

  1. Fantastic! I have done some parchment work but it is tracing the image and holding it in place which hurts my hands so I then don't do any more for months. This will help so much. Looking forward to seeing more next weekend at the open day.
    Thank you for an amazing new product.
    Love, Gill.

  2. It was lovely to view the new direction Clarity is taking in exploring parchment craft today and indeed bringing it to those of us who haven't the patience to do all the fiddly cutting, then make a slip with the scissors and have to scrap hours, indeed days of toil.
    Although I'm still not convinced it is for me, I have ordered a few items to give it a go.
    It was also great to see Emma Burns lovely work displayed and what a find Susan Moran is! Well spotted, Barbara.
    Enjoy your well-earned snooze. ;~}

  3. Absolutely brilliant idea and product. Can't wait to get hold of it. Loved all the stamps too and such great samples and demos. Hope you can take a few hours to recover from the nerves and stress. You all deserve it – the whole team from Clarity. xxx Maggie

  4. Wonderful show and the new parchment products are fantastic. I am so hoping they will be available on Open Day as I did not order due to arriving while we not at home. I can do some basic parchment but this will make it so much better. Longing to have a go. Brilliant as usual Barbara. x

  5. Hi Barb, caught the first twenty minutes of the show today and was instantly hooked. Recorded the rest will watch it later. Thanks for bringing another smashing new thing. Ever changing, ever challenging but oh so good. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, I'm sure the event will be as fun and succesful as both North and South shows last year! Can't wait to catch up with my new friends too. Lots of love. Jillyxxx

  6. It has got to be a Groovi club added on to the Stamp and Stencil Club,I for one would be joining. I have to make up my mind now can I afford the stamp club half price sale ,the Groovi products and the new stamps?

  7. Absolutely inspirational show. Hope there are some left on Saturday, when I am attending my first Clarity Open Day – counting the days..

  8. Absolutely brilliant show Barbara. Nigel always manages to put you at your ease and although you were nervous when you started I think you relaxed the more the show went on. As for your hour with Dean – or Mr Wingit/Mr Craft as he likes to also be known – I never stopped giggling from start to finish. I love it when you work with Dean or Nigel – it just works! Thank you to Maria for planting the seed of an idea into that fabulous head that is Barbara Gray. I tried parchment some time ago but couldn't get on with it – at least I think I will be giving it a go once again. I love this idea so much – all the gorgeous samples were breathtaking and one day I will be that good too. Now all I have to do is wait for the postman to bring my Starter kit/the three other kits and the new stamps and I will be raring to go!! Can't wait for the Christmas show – best get saving. Lol xxxxxxx

    1. My credit card is looking rather ragged right now. I hope that I do not need too much from the Christmas show, especially with the Retreat coming up fast. Barbara and Maria are showing us far too much that is essential. xxx Maggie

  9. Great show as always, fantastic to see your new products. I have struggled with parchment craft in the past so this will be great to try. Ordered the hen and cockerel, stunning artwork, like nothing else. Enjoy your rest. x

  10. Absolutely fantastic show. You looked lovely, despite the nerves. I have dabbled with parchment craft and struggled, especially with the snips. Someday, someone will show me how to do it. The new products are awesome. So well done to you and the team. What a lovely show. You must be very proud.
    Best wishes (Anne)

  11. Great Product, great show and you so deserve the success. The time and effort you put in along with the dream team really shows and deserves the rewards you reap! Runny nose, sweaty hands, never mind you are a star. Thank you again. As you said teamwork makes the dream happen and it seems to have done it again. See you soon. Enjoy your nap! Lots of love

  12. Have recorded the show but not managed to see it yet. So glad that it was a success for you. I have done some parchment work (although it is not my favourite craft). Sometimes it takes so long to complete and I guess I am a bit inpatient. Good luck with the new venture.

  13. You need to have faith in yourself, Barbara, we all believe in you. This is another product that has been well thought out. I don't think parchment craft is for me but I'm sure this will be a great success. Well done, you can relax now, well until next week's show!

  14. Was out at the Doncaster Stamp Magic show, missed you but truly understand that you can't do everything, can't wait to see the shows which I recorded to see all this exciting new stuff

  15. Managed to watch the whole 2 hours in peace and quiet, bliss. Great show, very impressed with the new parchment products, . Well done to you , the DT and the rest of the Clarity clan 🙂 x

  16. Hi Barbara
    What a day! You didn't even get a chance to do the splashy technique with Dean. I loved everything on the show but was watching a recording as a little family crisis got in the way. All sorted now and I have a HUGE shopping list at the ready. Will order from you after my hols. The Groovy Plate is just genius and well done to you and your team.
    Hugs from Chris X

  17. A great show Barbara and I love the Groovi system, such a clever idea and will certainly make peoples first stage into parchment much easier and more achievable. I have to say the samples were all beautiful too. I don't think you needed to worry as your products are always first class and worth the wait. Hope you have had a good rest, you deserve it !

  18. Loved the show so funny as well as productive. I don't know how you manage to get through so much. 2 hours sounds a long time but not for all that you do. Could watch you all day. New Groovi plates are brilliant. Unfortunately I have just ordered a ruck of stuff that I needed ( how daft just before a show) but did I hear you mention Groovi for the Christmas Show on the 18th. Will look forward to that. Hope you have got your feet up now.

  19. I want going to but I did!!! I had told myself that I had quite enough 'stuff' and didn't need anything more – but I do!!! So I did!! Hey ho!! Too late to cancel now!!

  20. Hello Barbara

    Well done! You have certainly hit on another winner with the Groovi. The show was superb but I wish you had been able to do all your demonstrations. I especially wanted to see you colour the parchment.


  21. Hi Barbara, Fab-u-lous and Groovi what a great new product. Truly a clarity moment. I have always had an inkling to try parchment craft, so now I can, can't wait until the kit arrives.
    Barbara you and your design are formidable with the ideas you come up with, very well done.
    Have a nice rest.

  22. I only managed to see half an hour of your show this morning but was really truly amazed at the Groovi system. I caught up with the rest of the show this afternoon. Such a brilliant concept. I have dabbled in parchment but it is very time-consuming. Samples were just gorgeous – well done you, your DT and rest of the Clarity team.
    Hugs Chris A.

  23. Barbara, stellar performance today, so pleased for you and the team. I have been waiting for your post today so I could say that you and your company have gone up a gear. The packaging and presentation, the way the products are designed, the packs put together, superb. As someone who works in her other life as a commercial specialist, I have to say I admire how far you have come. I am not saying it was bad previously but you now operate at a different level and all this without forgetting your core can base. Your new product line reflects your ethos that products must work on different levels for different abilities, value for money, something for everyone. That is so hard to achieve, people think you come up with an idea and somehow the product comes out, but there are a lot of false starts, long days and despair. So well done, you and the team truly delivered, you must be C&Cs favourite person right now. Wow, take a well deserved night off.

    1. I agree with every word you have written, Karen. We all know that if Clarity bring out a new product, it has been well thought out and tested and will fit with all the things we already possess. I can see how well this new system will fit with basic stamping and with other parching products. xx Maggie

  24. Wow, what a show – it was excellent and if you hadn't said anything about the nerves, no-one would have known! I really love the Groovy thingy – I've tried parchment craft but didn't get on very well. Then I was lucky enough to be gifted a huge box of parchment stuff so have been meaning to have another go – now, with a Groovy kit, I might get on better. Will you have any available on Saturday please?

  25. Aaagh!! It was awful..I had to sit on my hands and not order any of the fantastic goodies you had on the show today. Going on holiday at the end of the week, so I wouldn't have been here when the order arrived. Will just have to drool over the art work on the gallery in the meantime.

  26. Hi Barbara,

    Loved the show and new products. Thought Mr May, MrTurnup and Mr Wingit did a great job! When my husband and I do DIY jobs for our daughter we call ourselves Cockup and Bodgit. (Maybe it will give you an idea of our skill level!)
    Must also say , loved your zentangled top.
    Congratulations on your success, you deserve it. Enjoy your nap.
    Gayle x

  27. Oh Barbara, where to start. Well I managed to watch the whole of your show live, a first in a long time, but I kind of never got to sleep last night so that meant I didn’t have to wake up!!! And just as well, since my DVD recorder decided it wasn’t receiving an aerial signal when it clearly was, so no recording! How do you work that one out – the aerial is plugged into the DVD recorder, the DVD recorder is plugged into the telly, the DVD says no signal while I’m clearly watching it no problem on telly! Ah well, never mind you’re bound to do the demos on here at some point so I’ll still get the benefit of them.

    What an innovative revolutionary idea you’ve come up with and produced with the amazing quality and precision you are renowned for. I can see a whole load more awards heading your and your team’s way!:-) You’ve brought parchment craft bang up to date. And as you say made it accessible for anyone to do, with the more experienced / talented having the ability to take it on to further levels. I’m so happy for you that your launch went so well. Aye, you do still get nervous with big new launches, you should have more faith in yourself, we do, but I totally get it why that wee worm of doubt creeps in! I grappled for hours, I always wanted to try a bit of parchment craft, but not the fancy, frilly traditional stuff as that’s not my thing. But I was thinking this is an awful lot of money just to try something new, that I maybe won’t like, and I’ve got loads of stuff already still waiting to be used /tried. Could I maybe still go along your new journey with you by using stamps instead since I’m not that bad at outlining, freehand drawing basic things. Then I found your new website and as I was reading through it the penny dropped. Barbara you’re genius! It’s like your new parchment system was made just for me!!! Aye, nothing happens by chance in God’s world, eh, just like me finding your new blog just before I was about to so need it! Outlining, a wee bit freehand drawing, simple colouring in something that I already know helps me calm down, get a break from stuff, feel a bit better. And what does this new concept involve – all of the above, perfect, Mindfulness my way, and no need to have anything prepped /made first! This new system, no prep, easy to do, as simple or difficult composition as I want, can do it up or in bed, even late at night and maybe even when my eyes total rubbish, and I’d have something, hopefully good enough, to put on cards to show for it. Rather than going to bed at night upset that I’ve totally wasted another and another… day doing nothing because I couldn’t motivate myself enough to start /continue the crafts /arts I want to be doing. I would have something there to just pick up and do at any point on all those days. Which would then hopefully take my mind of whatever the troubles were that day, and help me motivate myself better to get going with everything else. So looks like I’m going to have to smash the piggy bank and treat myself to something that is hopefully going to improve my quality of life and help me to better things arty wise. And since you are still learning too it should be easier for me to follow you on this journey. I’m going to wait until Nicola is back and talk it over with her first, although I do know what she’s likely to say, it’ll just be how many of the designs!!! Love the geese and owl stamps and the new shape stencils too. Hope you’re feeling happy and content. Love Brenda xx
    By the way, on your show this morning I kept getting drawn back to your new sleeveless dress which has miraculously grown sleeves since the other day!!!!!

    1. Hi Donna, just to let you know I'm thinking about you my friend. I'm also signing up for night duty, if you ever feel like a wee blether any day or night, even if it's about nothing, I'll keep checking in in case. And as you know I'm not good at going to sleep so I'll take my laptop to bed and keep checking in until I go to sleep too. And if you never feel like a blether then that's fine too, nae worries, I'm here if you want to. Take care, love and huge bear hugs xx

    2. Aw thank you Dot and Sheila.
      What a lovely special thing to say about me Dot, thank you 🙂
      Are you ok Dot, you've been awfie quiet the last few days?!!!
      hugs back xx

    3. HI Brenda you are getting to know me pretty well sorry to put a wee damper on Barb's
      blog but need to talk ..It was the love of my life and my late husbands birthday today I lost him so suddenly just over 2 years ago I miss him so much and was in a bad
      bad way for so long I have plenty family around me but sometimes I feel so alone
      Sorry but need to let you all know what this blog mean's to me …xx

    4. Yes Barbara go ahead, nae problem, happy to help and give a wee bit back for everything you do for me 🙂 xx (Donna's dad is very poorly)

      Ah Dot, thought something was up. There's no need to be saying sorry, we all have our bad bits, I should know! Dot I know how it is to feel so alone, you must miss him terribly, I feel for you. I hope being here is helping you feel less lonely and to feel that people here, including me, care and want to share and chat with you and help you if we can. It's good to talk it out, a problem shared and all that. And then you're not on your own with it are you. I'm happy to have a blether with you too, anytime you'd like a wee bit company – you know me I can talk for Scotland when I get going!!!! Hope it's helped to share your sad time with us, love and big bear hugs to you too xx

    5. Hi Dorothy big hugs to you life is not easy but like you say this blog means a lot to all of us and it gets us through some dark times
      Barbara's blog and clarity has helped me too crafting hugs to Barbara's blog xxx

    6. Thanks Brenda its good to be here and get a wee laugh and chat about stuff so glad I found Barbara on the telly and this here blog big hugs back ..xx and to you to Sheila thanks for that glad to be here even though I know i'll never be great artist I'm enjoying trying …..xx

    7. Brenda, I just read about you taking your laptop to bed to check in till you go to sleep. Please make sure that you put the laptop on a firm base and not on the bed itself while it is turned on or connected to the mains. There are too many fires caused by computers unable to get rid of the terrific heat because they are on soft bed covers etc. xx Maggie

    8. Hi, am I missing something Barbara not innovative because there are already a vast amount of design templates made by a very well known company that do the same as yours, they have been around for about 10 years. Can you tell me if your plates are different in some way please? I don't want to,purchase another product that will just gather dust as Parchment craft is a true art that I feel cannot be achieved using a template, or maybe I am wrong please advise me folks 😏 xx

  28. Absolutely amazing Barbara I have invested and cannot wait for it to arrive, loved the show, but then I always do.
    Thank you for bringing the fabulous tool, I love parchments crafts but have never had the patience to have a go, now I can!!.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  29. Well, all I can say is it was worth the wait…the samples were stunning, the product is sublime….I have only just started to dabble in parchment and have found the level of pressure to apply the tricky bit – your product looks like it will put all those issues to bed with outstanding results all with the Clarity excellence of designs. As to the rest of the show, the geese and the hen/cockerel superb – rather regrettably I am saving my pennies at the moment due to the on-going saga of my house move – but as soon as its all done and dusted and my craft stuff unpacked I know what I will be adding to my crafting stash!!
    Great show, you were as ever the professional (drips and all)!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  30. It is an amazing system. I watched this morning and I am not surprised it sold out. I would have given anything to have had a system like this when I first started. So Congrats to you all xx

  31. Stunning Barbara, brilliant shows, fantastic to sell out you and your clarity team deserve a massive sell out and you deserve a well earned rest happy crafting hugs xxx

  32. Hi Barbara
    Great show full of laughs as usual and what a wonderful new product,but unfortunately I'll have to wait a while before I buy and yes I will be buying these.

  33. Loved the shows Barbara your dress was beautiful. What a product you must be chuffed ann proud congratulations to you all I'm so happy for you loved the stamps too love June horrocks xxxxxxxx

  34. Congratulations Barbara on another success. I haven't had chance to watch all the show as today turned into a family get-together (these impromptu times are very precious) but everything is recorded and I am looking forward to watching tomorrow. Hope you have had a relaxing evening.x

  35. what a show! by the time i got to watch everything had disappeared. about time to start a wish list then….
    you looked really well on telly today and loved your top, my kind of monochrome, hugs xx

  36. Well I still haven't had time to watch the recordings of your show – maybe tomorrow now. It all looks very intruiging though and Emma's samples that she shared on Facebook were amazing! Hope you managed a little doze this afternoon and still manage to sleep tonight – sunshine is supposed to help with jet lag, and I hear you've had some today in the south! x

  37. Hiya Barbara hope you have had your wee nap …well what can I say that hasn't been said Groovi is just another Clarity 1st that is such a amazing concept it deserves to too do well,
    I felt you were a bit nervous this morning but when I saw what it was I thought go on our Barb
    that's not gonna last.
    And It did'ny well done you and all the Clarity team especially the design team's samples especially to Emma who I would like to say again Brilliant hen so chuffed for you …xxx Dot

  38. Hi Barbara
    Couldn't believe I overslept this morning! Good thing I had pressed record! I managed to watch half an hour of the show with Dean where everything was selling out ( you two do make me laugh!) so I haven't seen the new product yet but it sounds fab. I just need some me time to sit and watch the recording. Congratulations on yet another brilliant idea and sell out, you are an amazing person and your top was beautiful. Enjoy your much needed rest, and get the champers open in the office tomorrow to celebrate with your hard working team. I'm thinking this will go on my Christmas list, it's something hubby might enjoy too.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  39. Another great show Barbara – and you looked lovely in your new dress! Not surprised everything flew out of the door this morning. Nigel and Dean were on good form too. Well done to everyone who worked on this launch. Hugs xx

  40. Great show Barbara & definitely a groovi new product! I've been fancying a go at parchment. After this morning i can see a way of making it work for me. Just need to save up for one of everything"

  41. Fantastic programme great all your hard work has paid off. You must be really proud of your team. Couldn't order today but hope to soon. Hope your mind has stopped buzzing.

  42. Wow Barbara! You looked fabulous yesterday!! That top really flattered you. I have never done parchment but really get the concept, Genius!! I have recently bought masks and stencils (not many) but love how you design it all to work together, a truly expandable system!! You are always such fun on the tele and I agree that you wouldn't know it but for your enthusiasm and excitement to explain it, all with modesty! Well Done xx

  43. Hi Barb,
    What a fabulous idea! The shows were brilliant and Dean and Nigel were the best presenters you could have had for the launch – Nigel because he's so enthusiastic but very caring as well ( I loved it when he gave you a cuddle when you said you were nervous!) and Dean well, he is just your crafty husband! I tried parchment a few years ago and made some pretty cards, but got very frustrated when I made a mistake after hours of work. I have looked at all of my Pergamano stuff recently and was wondering whether to give it another go or throw it away. Well, now I know what the answer will be! Truly ingenious and so easy. I have ordered the starter kit, the borders and the butterfly and meadow set directly from you. Can't wait for it to arrive! Thank you yet again, love Alison xx

  44. Hi Barbara. Catching up from Saturday so I must say that I loved the flicking art, and all of the brilliant limericks, you area very clever bunch of ladies. I bet you struggled to pick a winner Barbara didn't you?
    I haven't had a chance to watch yesterday's show yet (ironing to be done so watching you will make it painless : ) ) My dodgy hands sadly don't allow me to do parchment craft but i do think you have created a wonderful new twist to this craft. I'm not surprised at all that the kit's sold out so quickly. You have hit the nail on the head once again, no doubt at all : ) Have a good day. Take care xx

  45. Hi Barbara, Loved yesterday's telly show. Desperately want the new 'groovy' stuff, but I'll just have to save up and get the lot -soon. Loved the part of the programme with you and Dean, really made me giggle on a Sunday morning – more please.X

  46. Congratulations Barbara,
    for a great new idea – the Groovi Parchment System!!!!!!!
    The exampels made by you and your team are really fantastic.
    I love it so much when they are coloured. It looks incredible fine and smooth (or do you say soft?)
    And as I thought before it was such a funny show with you, Nigel and Dean. I laughed a lot ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  47. Thought I'd add my voice to the chorus 🙂 — great show, Barbara, and a a truly innovative product. I can imagine the hand work and long hours that have gone into the planning and designing. All worth while. It's fab. I had decided parchment craft wasn't for me because it took so blooming long to do and then I'd make a mistake… but your Groovi parchment system has changed my mind. I'll definitely be trying it again. Thanks for a great show and great ideas and designs, as usual. By the way — I used to wonder why there weren't any repeats of the Clarity shows when there were so many repeats of other, less interesting, shows, and then Dean mentioned yesterday we would never see repeats of Clarity shows because there was never any stock left to sell. Well, I should have known! 🙂

  48. Well Done Barb,
    When you first mentioned it, i didn't even know what you were talking about!
    but i knew you would be right, and how right you were.
    Another string to your bow.
    How clever you are to keep coming up with all these ideas.
    We will always follow you.
    Lots of love xxx

  49. I could't believe how everything sold out so quickly. I'm a parchment crafter and love your new products. Hopefully a lot of people will start this lovely craft.

  50. Hi, am I missing something Barbara not innovative because there are already a vast amount of design templates made by a very well known company that do the same as yours, they have been around for about 10 years. Can you tell me if your plates are different in some way please? I don't want to,purchase another product that will just gather dust as Parchment craft is a true art that I feel cannot be achieved using a template, or maybe I am wrong please advise me folks �� xx

  51. What an impressive thought! The shows were splendid and Dean and Nigel were the best moderators you could have had for the dispatch – Nigel on the grounds that he’s so energetic yet exceptionally minding too ( I adored it when he gave you a nestle when you said you were apprehensive!) and Dean well, he is only your sly spouse! I attempted material a couple of years back and made some pretty cards, however got exceptionally baffled when I committed an error nightfall of work. I have taken a gander at all of my Pergamano stuff as of late and was pondering whether to give it another go or discard it. All things considered, now I realize what the appropriate response will be! Genuinely shrewd thus simple. I have requested the starter unit, the fringes and the butterfly and glade set specifically from you. Can hardly wait for it to arrive! Much obliged to you once more

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