A Groovi Chick!

A Groovi Chick!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just got back from an evening walk,
after a long but good day up in Peterborough.
The Groovi plates were epic again.
Pinch me.
I really did try to hang on to the embossing tool as long as I could,
before Martyn virtually prized it out of my hands  
because everything had sold out again.
Thank you so much for watching and supporting;
I curled up when Beryl, she who called Martyn Nigel –
 was pulled out of the Cup of Chance.
Anyway, it’s late,
so I thought I would just show you a step by step of the piece I wasn’t able to completely complete today.
Not everybody watches Clarity on TV.
I understand that!
And then, we’ll play a game. A guessing game…
But first:
Well, the first thing was the trickiest part for me; 
that was to take the round shape stencil,
you know the one from the pack of different shapes,
and use it to emboss a large round frame on parchment.
Now I had a starting place for my little creation!
The new Bunting Alphabet Border was next, 
so I attached it to the Groovi Plate Mate, 
the large frame in the Starter Kit.
Wiped the parchment with a tumble dryer sheet,
and lined up as many bunting flags as I needed to spell PEACE.
That’ll be 5 then….
Perfect and crisp every time.
I get such a kick out of this!
I think now that I am starting to trust that it will work every time, 
I am enjoying playing, mixing and matching the plates and parts of images.

In with the little letters.
They are a perfect size for when 
you want to spell long words in little areas!
Back to front and from behind when you work.
But when you flip it – voila!

Time to perch the robin, dove, birdie on the bunting.
Slide the appropriate plate into the mate ,
then position the parchment so that he sits in the right place.
Did you even see the two new Christmas plates? 
They were technically sold out 3 minutes into the show.
See him in the background, all ready to join the party?

 There he is!
Now, when you have done all the embossing and image transfer you want to do with the bird, 
exchange the Bird plate for the Hills plate which comes with the Starter Kit

Add the hills and a moon, always staying inside the Stencil circle.
You see, the cool thing is once you get to grips 
with the stencil shapes,
it makes it so much easier to have an edge to work to!
Check out the tiny tree in the background.
Comes from one of the baubles 
on the other Pine Branch border plate.
Look again…
 That’s what I love about the Groovi Plate System: 
being able to use little elements from various plates.

 So then I started using the holly wreath around the deer
to build holly garnish.
Yes, let’s call it garnish!
This isn’t finished, not by a long shot.
I still want to add an ornate border, and some shading with my fatter embossing tool and the soft side of the mat.
However, that requires time and skill, 
neither of which I have this evening.

But I just love being able to study the images on the plates 
and then apply parts.
Like the snow here.
Done using the dots on the bird’s breast.

Just bear in mind, that I am only about a fortnight ahead of you on the Groovi trail!
So it may not be a Parchment masterpiece,
but it’s definitely got potential !!!
Now I want to challenge you.
Dave, Brother Steve and I went for an evening stroll after
our steak and chips (or in my case, steak and salad).
Clue No. 1 : We didn’t go far.
Clue No. 2 : We were returning something.
Where did we go?
And what were we returning?
If you can guess this correctly, 
I will send you a £20 gift voucher,
and an application form to join INTERPOL!
They need you !!!!
Please write your answers below.
Let’s see if we have a Sherlock Holmes in our midst.
After all, we do live in Crowborough,
the home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!!
Lots of love

269 thoughts on “A Groovi Chick!

  1. So pleased you had another sell out show. After all the the hard work you've put into innovating craft you deserve this success.

    Did you go to the rugby club to return a key after the open days at the weekend?

    Have a good evening. xx

  2. Hi Barbara. I've just watched the show on a recording as I was at work. Great show and what a groovi sell out.. No niggling doubts now eh! I'm going to guess that you walked to the Rugby Club, returning something you borrowed but I'm tired and my brain is foggy so not really able to decide on what it is!!!
    I'm off to bed but do very pleased the groovi revolution is taking off

    Much love
    Kim x

  3. I watched you on my iPad in the USA . Enjoyed every bit of it . Your invention is so cleaver . Deserves an award for sure . Don't know where you get the energy to do all you do . . Can't imagine what you returned . .

    1. Janice, where do you find Bsrbaras show on USA TV? I'm in the Pacific NW and can't find it. I'm always bummed I don't live near Barbara because I want her for my friend.😁

  4. Hi Barbara
    Great successful show this morning and a good giggle with Nigel.Bought my plates of your web site first thing this morning but you have left me longing for the snow flake,never mind not long to wait though.
    Sorry no idea what or where.

  5. Hi Barbara, I watched the show ,fantastic sell out again good we have got the blog as your selling out before you can demonstrate the wonderful groovi plate , after watching the show I got out my groovi set to do the landscape ,looking forward to what's coming out next you want to be very proud of you and your clarity team rest well crafting hugs xxx

  6. Fantastic show, loved the designs you did with the Groovi plate. I like the way they mix and match to make a unique design. The colour of your blouse really suited you, went well with the tan. I shall be buying Groovi but have just had some other lovely products from you so I am saving up again. Looking forward to the show in July.

  7. Loved the Show. Have only attempted two bits of groovi parchment so far – but the second piee I turned into a card for my neighbour's birthday – she was thrilled with it!

    As for where you went – perhaps to the Rugby Club to return the key?

  8. Did you return the Grace statue to her place after a spring clean?
    Hoping to catch the show on replay tomorrow, was busy writing reports today!

  9. Recorded your wonderful show as I was hard at work at the MOJ – so far removed from Interpol. I think you went on your usual walk along the railway track and returned a small animal. Sure I am not right – don't want to win – a Barbara card will certainly suffice before I shuffle off this mortal coil!! Apologies – I would rather be working for Interpol – must be more intelligence there. In a very sarcastic mood, I think and just before bed. I am shutting Pandora's box and thinking of the lovely creations you made today. Maybe I will pluck up courage to send you my effort – constructed from a Clarity stencil and some parchment as I have just ordered the proper lazer sentils. Really the brain has gone – cannot spell for tofe!!
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  10. Fantastic show today …how brilliant that it all sold out again!!! Really chuffed it has taken the world by storm! Can't wait to get mine and have a go!! I keep my fingers crossed its waiting for me each day as I get home from work!
    Were you walking to a neighbours house to return their dog that had strayed into your garden?
    I know its random but someone else has said the rugby club keys!!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  11. Just about to watch the show on catch up whilst I have a nice soak in the bath, congrats to all at Clarity, the Groovi system is at the top of my wishlist 😊 xx

  12. Great show today, Barbara!!!
    I guess as well, you brought the key back to the Crowborough Rugby Football Club where you had the Clarity Open Days.
    Best wishes

  13. Hi Barb, Loved your show today, had a giggle and was amazed you sold out, but not really, coz they're so great, you deserve a medal!!

    I reckon you returned the key to pandoras box !! just DON'T open it again !!!!

  14. Well, we've noticed that your parchment work in the above photos hasn't been done on the blue backing mat… so… Did you borrow a placemat from the Berni Inn where youhad your Steak and Chips/ Salad, and then walked back to return it?

    Dawn and Margaret Rogers

  15. Hi Barbara What a great show today and your face as Martyn announced the sell outs was a picture! Loved your top, you always look so eligant. I had a good chuckle at Martyn being called Nigel, what a hoot! The new boards are beautiful. Now I think Steve was carrying a white carrier bag as per usual and I recon it was the tea towels from the rugby club you had taken home to wash after the weekend which you were returning.hope you enjoyed your walk, it's been such a lovely day.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love Diane xxx
    Ps glad we made you chuckle last night at the thought of all of us turning up in coach loads to help with the packing of orders xxx

  16. Great show! Well done on another sell out. I think you all walked to the local post office so Steve could post back the item he borrowed (and carried in his plastic bag) from Nancy when you visited her wonderful home. XX

    1. What is it the night, first Barbara's got in my head lost with her impossible Sherlock Holmes stuff and now you – big hero 6, baymax? What, have I gone to sleep and woken up in a parallel universe where everything appears the same but not quite, or have the aliens landed!!!! xx

    2. Big Hero 6 is a new computer animated film, which is absolutely brilliant! All about a robot called Baymax who is made to help people. Its full of fun and the relationship that builds between the boy and Baymax is so sweet! Xx

  17. Hello Barbara, I love your blog, your products, your company, your tutorials, and you! I am guessing you went to the library to return a book.

  18. Well done on another huge success – I would say don't let it go to your head, but knowing your head who knows where it would end up!! I can't possibly say what you were up to – I'd lose my job at Interpol if I did! Have a good rest tomorrow – not likely eh? xx Margaret Col.

  19. Loved the show but we know have Virgin TV it said show was 4-30 pm the listing had changed had put record on set few days ago was confused but then you came on at ten so recorded to shows to get your hour show Virgin really mucked up there but didn't miss show was brilliant cannot wait to get my groovi plate from you ordered last Sunday so ready and waiting to play. What did you take back tonight first thought was spare key for rugby club so will go with that night night love Joy xxx

    1. Me to was cursing Virgin tv this morning although watched it live still hit the record button on everything that was on in morning so I could keep the recording feel sorry
      for the people who were working…xx

  20. Hello Barb. Fantastic show this morning although I am embarrassed at calling Martyn "Nigel" in my email – must have had a senior moment!!! I was so thrilled at my stupid message being pulled out of the cup; I shall frame this gorgeous card and proudly hang it on the wall – thankyou. I too think you went to the Rugby Club to return the key but that has already been guessed… Beryl [remember Saturday and the two BOGOFs – I am one of them!] xx

  21. Great show to day glad lovely Martyn ignored his earpiece and let you do as much of your demo
    as he could.
    Might be a while before the profit starts coming in after buying another 3 costapacket machines
    but im sure they will pay for themselves in the end the groovi is so destined for an award.
    Was you returning a quick borrowed blingy top to a friend after just going for your own classy
    gear after all'
    Best of Luck…take a breather..Love…The Bus Driver…lol…xxx

  22. Hi Barbara, I watched your show this morning and really enjoyed it. Martyn's face when you told him you were just doing one more bit of your demo after it had all sold out, he didn't know what to say!!! You really suit that colour of top you had on, far nicer than anything blingy ;-). The penny has finally dropped, the busy Groovi plates, that I thought would be too busy for my kind of thing, they're mini libraries, genius 🙂 Where did you go and what did you return – well if Steve’s involved and you were outside, it’s got to be something in a white plastic bag!!! What's he acquired this time!!! I'm at a total disadvantage here, haven't even got a clue where you live, so how can I make a guess at where you went? Or is it stupid Aspeger's that is causing my head to just go, 'eh', you've lost me!!! Love Brenda xx

    1. Night Owls that we are gives Barbara something to read with her cornflakes you
      know how Barbara is No.3 in the crafty blog list does it go with comments or views
      to the page if its comments i'll just keep talking to myself on my nightshifts…xx

    2. I've not done any craft for a week now, and I was doing so well, last week until the huge Friday mess! I was even working on new basic sort of arty stuff I've never done before! Did you manage to get any artwork done for your step dad and your dad's card too? It might be to do with the follow button thing Barbara was wanting us to do, I clicked the button but it wanted personal details so I hit the back button!!! xx

    3. Whoever it is disnae matter anyway as she won the award night girls better get
      some sleep taking my wee grandson to his induction day for highschool tomorrow as hes a wee bit nervous such a sweet kind boy that got his gran on here in the first
      place take care …xx

    4. Well, if it's to do with the rugby club, you've said there is a golf course right next door, so was Steve there pinching all the wayward golf balls while you had your open days and you've discovered his white carrier bag full of said balls hidden under his bed, so you were marching him back there to return them all!!!! xx

    5. Hi Sheila, at least at this time of the night we're not bothering folk while we fill up Barbara's blog comment box because everyone else will be in the land of nod xx

    6. Hi Brenda yes after watching Barbara as I put it on record I got out my groovi starter kit and did a landscape really enjoyed been able to craft a little now it's time to go back to bed as been in bed once already hugs xxx

    7. I remember that Dot, he did a running commentary, he's so funny. It was when Barbara won awards and was about to do her USA TV debut wasn't it? Give Ian (I think you said his name is Ian), give him a big hug from me too. He'll be fine having his granny go with him 🙂 Guess I better try go to sleep as well then, it was 5-6am this morning! xx

    8. Hi Brenda well I help my daughter as much as I can as she is on her own with the
      kids so im there every morning for the school run and then when I get back I try to
      do a bit crafting but my problem is jumping from one project to another and never being satisfied that its any good but it keeps my mind of things when im not with the
      family…loving your idea about the golf ball pincher,,,,and for sleep who am I kidding
      glad were not alone here so Hi Sheila hugs to you to …SLEEP….who am I kidding…xx

    9. ps …Aye Ian that told Dave to use his paint brush finger if anyone was stressing Barb oot at CHA your right will give him an extra wee hug from you…. yeah we better try and nod off…night hen…xx

    10. Sorry ladies, there I was saying how wide awake I was next thing I know its 3.30 and I'm laying there with my Kindle in my hand still and my tablet on the floor. Not cut out to be a fully fledged night owl yet! Xx

  23. I'm afraid I didn't see all your programme this morning but managed to catch the part where Beryl called Martyn Nigel and the expression on Martyn's face was a picture! So pleased your Groovi Plates went so well though I am not surprised. Sorry I cannot think of anything that hasn't already been said and returning the key to the rugby club seems the most like scenario. x

  24. Hello Barbara

    Loved tne show today. Watching for the postie every day now as my Groovi kit will soon be here. Will be ordering the new plates in the near future. Can't think what you returned, it's possibly too late to be returning the key but it seems to be the only thing I can think of.


  25. Hi Barbara
    Great show yesterday, I missed out yet again, I will endeavour to be quicker next time. You have re-kindled my interest in parchment craft, I tried it years ago but found it too much faff with all that tracing with pen and ink, and then trying to stay on the lines. Your system makes it so much easier.
    It was a lovely evening for a stroll, to unwind. I was wondering what you could have taken back… could it have been a step in time?

  26. I would love to think that you had found the time to read a much loved book and returned it to the library but given your busy schedule I guess it was work related so really ant think unless it was something to do with the open days

  27. Morning Barbara, never written on your blog before (never seen it -but will continue now) , but I just wanted to pop over and say that I bought the Groovi kit on the Sunday, it arrived on the Tuesday and I had a play, OMG I could not believe how easy and therapeutic it was, I loved it. I like many others had tried parchment but it took so long and if you know me you will know I like to get things done, so I gave up on it. This kit has transformed my thinking of it, I have made 2 designs so far, the first one I finished all the tracing etc. and then coloured one of the flowers and mucked it up, it looked awful so I am not going to use that (although I might me able to decoupage something on the top to disguise it), anyway I digress, so I did another one yesterday and it looks great, I am so pleased with it. Have ordered the 2 new sets and the new borders so looking forward to a happy delivery soon. It is a truly brilliant product and I was mesmerized with you on C&C, – Nigel – oh I mean Martin!!! – so enjoyed it as well, it was so nice to see such a lot of demo'ing and congratulations on the sell out, well deserved. hugs June Smith xxx

  28. Hello Barb, the show was fabulous, what a success yet again. Just shows that you have brought us something that everyone wants. Hope you had a lovely stroll, all I can think you may have been returning, was a baby bird into the woods/forest. Take care. Bx

  29. Your ideas with the plate are so clever Barbara. It's always good to have an evening stroll after a hectic day.I wonder if you were trying to return your blood pressure to normal and clear your head! Enjoy the upcoming weekend, I hope to get some crafting time tomorrow x

  30. As I like a challenge Barb, I've looked back on your mindful Wednesday blogs and read thru your comments again. Living in Devon, I've researched the web – Crowborough, Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Not doing too well here, Shall I go on Google Earth and find out where Crowborough is.
    Nahh – Getting into deep and the dog is waiting for a walk so – I reckon –
    You focused your mind, you took yourself to a quiet place and you kicked Wurka and Hollick into touch.
    I was going to say Wallice and Grommit, but that didn't sound right, so I researched your Mindful Wednesdays to find out the names of these two demons !! x

  31. Hi Barb,
    Firstly can I congratulate you on another sellout – I'm so pleased for you. That must surely have got rid of all that negativity from Facebook the other day. Show was excellent ( as usual) – I like that Martyn ( or Nigel!) lets you do demos although I think he was a bit shocked when you carried on when everything had sold out! Loved the new Christmas plates and the borders – ordered them from Clarity as soon as they appeared on the website – and looking forward to the snowflakes. I think you will need a massive stock of those for next show! My starter pack and meadow grasses and butterfly came later on so I went immediately to have a play. So easy! I didn't have tumble dryer sheets ( have now) but still managed. Made a little piece for a friend who was calling round for coffee after work. I sort of did the one you showed with the butterfly and Grace on except mine said Carole. Coloured it in and mounted it on some of your blue stencil paper. She was delighted with it and is putting it up on the wall at school! I was really quite chuffed! Going to try a couple more today as I've got some cards to make. Thank you so much for this brilliant piece of kit.
    I was hoping that you'd gone somewhere to bury Wurka and Hollick but I think returning the key is more likely! Love Alison xx
    Ps well done to Beryl as well xx

  32. Hello Barbara – I got the starter kit and extras at launch – all lovely quality and I am loving seeing the ideas and inspiration for using the plates.
    One thing! I like smaller designs and small cards. is there any chance of making an adaptor plate to fit into groovi mate that could take smaller design plates? Would make the whole system perfect for me 🙂

  33. Hi,
    Was it the key to the Rugby Club? And I haven't looked at any of the comments above. Thrilled to see my teapot on the Thinking Clarity Gallery! You are so lucky to have such wonderful countryside around you. I had forgotten how lovely that area is until last Saturday. I grew up in Croydon but went to school in Oxted, so not so far away, and haven't had any reason to come back until now.

  34. Hi Barbara. Loved the show yesterday, thank you for carrying on with your demo after the sell out, I think you should be allowed to complete whatever you have started!
    Pippa has beaten me to it by saying that you return Grace the statue after giving her a wash and brush up. That was he first thing that popped into my mind when I read your challenge! Have a good day. Take care xx

  35. Do you know what Barb, practically every day you say something that is applicable to my life.
    Today I started researching Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and also looking at Sherlock Holmes.
    Mind blowing……. Had a ding dong with my stubborn brother day before yesterday and wow I've sent him a quote from Sherlock Holmes which is perfect. Kind, but perfect. So thank you thank you for inadvertently helping me, and you didn't even know you did it x Like a weight taken off my shoulders. He is intelligent enough to 'get it', so no risk there.
    Love your knew groovy plate system, want to go on this journey with you too.

    1. I agree, your brother is super. Wish my brother hadn't hurt my dog, it was a day when I was unable to use mindfulness to solve the problem.
      The quote from Sherlock Holmes was my way to move forward and put it behind us, and learn from it. xx

  36. I've still got the show to watch, despite being retired and knowing that I will only order from you direct, I'm saving it for when I do my ironing later!

    I know I will just have to have the Christmas ones !

    Have no ideal what you were doing but will look forward to finding out and whether anyone gets it right ! LOL!

  37. Hi Barbra my guess is you were returning the keys to the venue which you used last week
    I m loving this journey with the groovy its on my list soon as my daughters wedding is over as I have three brides maid dresses to make so have to put a hold on my crafts at the moment
    much love Pauline

  38. Hi there Barbara! I am guessing that it was the stenciling tool you were returning on your walk?! I am thinking yours was taken for an order and someone had lent you theirs? Just call me, one of the Scooby Do gang! Now I am all the way over the pond, so perhaps its a disadvantage (or a good excuse!) but in any case I am having a good time! Very excited to receive my Groovi starter kit….

  39. Just watched your fab show whilst doing the ironing – love how you are just using little bits of the designs to make the whole! Now I think in the busyness of the open days you ran out of baby wipes, and had to borrow some from the baby change area, so I think you walked down there with replacement baby wipes!!! You know, I think your groovi system must have been inspired by years of having Martyn and Dean jogging those wobbly counters, as you didn't have to tell him off once! Susan x P.S. Happy Belated birthday to Brenda M

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