Day 2 Crowborough and some new exciting paints…

Day 2 Crowborough and some new exciting paints…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in, although it is very late,
but just a quicky before I hit the hay.
What a day, what a day!!
Many thanks to all who came along to Crowborough. 
It was a pleasure for me to be there – 
not like work at all.
Thank you to a brilliant team of demonstrators:
Sam Crowe, Paul Church, Maria Slimms, 
Dee Paramour and Sally-Ann Hanes.
Thank you to our friends Heather and Len, 
and all the folks who put it together for us.
Some of us had a little Pizza party afterwards…
Too tired to go dancing though!
And so that’s it until we take the show on the road 
Oop Norf 12 & 13 September. 
Tickets are available on our website.

 Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to doing nothing.
Except my blog, that is!
Am really looking forward to having a play 
with the new Color Burst powder paints.
Here is my first effort with them on a little canvas a while ago;
was quite a while ago;

Tomorrow, I think I will have a go at recreating this one, 
step by step.
May even try a little something different….

Yes, I will work out how I arrived at this point.
Bit of arty Sherlock Holmes.
Should have written it down, Barbara.
Do you ever though? Do you? Do you? 
I detect a little bit of Spectrum Noir pencil in those birds, 
don’t you?

I have been so immersed in the Groovi Plate for the last fortnight, 
I have got IWS 
(Ink Withdrawal Symptoms !!)
But this evening, I’m afraid I am zonked.
Cream Crackered.
Donald Ducked.
Time to stop.

Much love,

42 thoughts on “Day 2 Crowborough and some new exciting paints…

  1. Barbara your wonderful even though your Donald ducked you still blog for us clarity crafters ,
    Rest well for your crafting tomorrow hugs xxx

  2. I so enjoyed my day, so thank you for bringing the open days, I felt like I was with a room of friends …great demos, great art, great products.
    Now go rest
    Much love
    Kim xx

  3. I'm so pleased you had such a wonderful time… I can feel the pleasure this weekend has given folk as soon as I turn on my iPad! I am soooo looking forward to going up Norf with you guys xxx.
    Have a well Deserved rest xxx

  4. I had such a good time – so many crafty people in one room! Can't wait to try out my new toys – have had to send out for some tumble drier sheets!! Thanks Barbara and team xx

  5. Hello Barbara

    My mum and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was lovely to meet you and all the team, and what a team, friendly and very talented. Well done to you all for putting on such a great event and I am very much looking forward to next year. Can't wait to use my goodies tomorrow (neither can my two girls!). Have a well deserved rest and I'll be tuning in on Thursday. Thank you very much for my raffle prize. Sarah xx

  6. Thank you so much to everyone, I had a lovely day, lots of inspiration. And came away with a bag crammed full of stuff. Not got anything out this evening – was cuddling my little one as was away from her all day – but lots of toys to play with tomorrow! I had decided I wasn't going to go for the groovi plates for now, but seeing the samples and demos I changed my mind! I think they'll be great as something I can stop easily to look after the baby (without covering her in ink or paint!) and pick straight up again when she naps. Let's see how that works!

  7. Sounds like another great success. Well done to all the team. That's a pretty little canvas. I bought a Colour Burst set, very unusual for me, I'm usually a very Late Adopter but it's it down to Paul's demo, especially with the stencils.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I hope you manage to get some Barbara time.

  8. Thanks from us (Marie and Beryl – the BOGOFfs!!!). We both had a really super day and I can't wait to play with my new toys tomorrow – especially the Groovi stuff. If you and Maria are right that we WILL be able to do it, I have high hopes….. Now, have some Barb time – you deserve it! xx

  9. Hi Barbara I can understand that you are so tired it looked like another amazing day. Thank you for taking the time to do a blog post. You are a very special lady. Get some rest. Hugs Jackie

  10. Hi Barbara well it sounds like you have had another fantastic day and great fun was had by all. Isn't it great when work doesn't feel like work. Hope you have a good rest tomorrow, some me time and time with Dave. I'm intrigued by these paints!
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Thank you and your team for a very enjoyable day on Friday i look forward to a play day with my bag of buys.
    You all worked so hard to give us all a great time thanks

  12. Seemed a great event Barbara dos pleased for you. I had a lovely day saw my son first time in six months he's working away on a new job it was lovely to see him. Have a nice rest of you can love to Dave xxxxxjune horrocks xxx

  13. Was an amazing event again, thank you! Sorry I lingered was having too much fun I do like to chat! Thanks again to all who worked so hard! Lots of love xx

  14. Hello Barb, glad the open days were a success. Great team work. Love the image, was looking for the color bursts yesterday, they look brilliant. Take care. Bx

  15. Hi Barb and all The Team,

    We had a lovely time at Crowborough yesterday (Saturday) everyone was so kind, helpful, talented, my husband Robin has to sit alot while i wander, and Debbie asked him if he would like a cup of tea and a cake at one point, so kind. So thankyou to EVERYONE and of course you Barb for making such a pleasant day.


    Julie Bee

  16. So glad you had a lovely couple of days , really wanted to come , I'll. be there next time,,.
    Have a lovely relaxing day ,,, looking forward to seeing your next project with the birds , but only when your ready,,.luv Annie ,,,xxxxx

  17. I'm so glad the open days went well and that you enjoyed them. Looking forward to seeing the powder paints in action with you and no I never write down the "how" but often wish I had.
    Jackie x

  18. Glad that everyone had a great time – you have an amazing team! I look forward to your demo today – they look a bit like brusho paints, are they the same sort of thing? Susan x

    1. Hi Susan – I bought some and they are similar to Brushos but a lot more "controllable" as they are little puffer bottles and a much finer powder – you need very little and the colours are so vibrant.
      I've got Brushos too, so will carry on using them as well 🙂 x

  19. Looked like a fantastic day, sadly too far darn sarf for me, and oop norf is just out of the question, how about mid-way some time??? I know… I'm pushing it!!! just a thought. Congrats though, with your days !! X

  20. Really enjoyed yesterday (Saturday) in Crowborough Barb. Thank you so much and thank you to all your lovely team for making it such an enjoyable day. Love this card – looking forward to seeing how you achieved that result. Di xxx

  21. Well done on a wonderful event again. It is great to meet up with like minded people and share our enthusiasm. Wonderful demos, and everyone so helpful. Even Fred enjoyed his day mostly chatting to other men. Thankyou. xx

    1. See you this time next year then Lynne – maybe you can persuade Fred to get his clubs out again then him & Peter can go off golfing xxx

  22. Another fun and informative day was had by all, certainly by the comments you have received. Can't wait for the workshop in August! Also can't wait to see what your demo with the new paint powders – they look interesting!
    Late last night took up the Groovi again and made birthday and anniversary banners to add to quick cards I'd already made – what a great embellishment they make and add a special touch. What I liked best was the 'no mess' part – no ink pads or stamps to clean! ;~}

  23. Thank you so much to you and your team for the very enjoyable open days. Having woken yesterday with hopeless, worthless head on calmed down watching a couple of the superb demos. They were very absorbing. I went fr the stencil brushes I'd saved for. However succumbed to the Groovi plate instead and bust the budget. Oops! Who needs food and petrol anyway.

    Very unusual for me to start anything after dinner but I broke out my new Groovi goodies and produced a fairly respectable tree. Went to bed and didn't wake to 5.00 am, fabulous. Feel much better today and will be practising some more trees today.
    Thanks again. Ali xx

  24. So glad day two was good too and understand how cream crackered you must all have been feeling so take it easy Barb and thank you for still keeping us folk up to date. Love the cute birdies and am looking forward to seeing the step by step with the powder paints. x

  25. Thank you for a fantastic day! Madeline and I enjoyed every minute of it; wonderful demonstrators, great food and what a view! I spent far too much money and am now itching to try everything out. Winning one of the hourly draws was a bonus though. Hope you had a good rest after your two hectic days and the feet held out ok.
    Love Gill ( that's Gill with a G for goldfish)

  26. Thank you to you and the team for a superb day. My daughter and I really enjoyed it. Spent too much (obviously, but IMindoors didn't even grumble!). I have already been playing with my Groovi and my pencils – magic!
    Mags x

  27. We had a lovely day on Friday, good company, great demos, lots of crafting goodies to buy and a super lunch, what more could you want, this is everything a craft day should be, so a big THANK-YOU to all involved. Already looking forward to next year.

  28. A wonderful day presented by an inspirational lady. I feel renewed after my days crafting experience.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for the quick selfie in the car park…

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