Crowborough Open Day 1 was so Groovi!! And inky and painty!

Crowborough Open Day 1 was so Groovi!! And inky and painty!

Late again. 
But in my defence, it has been 
one hell of a day!
This was the Open Day Hall at Crowborough at 8 in the morning.

Two hours later, it was a different story!

The Clarity demonstrators were in full swing,
Sally on Stencils and Stencils,
Paul on Fusible Fibres and the new Color Burst powders,

Dee on Reinkers and Alcohol inks,

 Maria on the new fabby Groove Plates.

The Kitchen Team was rocking;
the lunches were super and tasty!

My Mum was having a good time too!
Always love having her there xx
Ready for this?
There were TWO of us called 
And the guests were all smiling and enjoying their day out.
Not for too long though ! Then it was back to the artwork !!

After fish and chips at ours, 
the crew kicked back and relaxed.
What a great bunch of friends.
When I look at the individuals sitting at the table here,
I realise just what a lucky girl I am.


and very very funny.
Oh! And they bake exceedingly good cakes!
So now I must get to bed.
Tomorrow is another day, 
and I want to be as fresh as a daisy!!!
much love,
PS. I am in love with the Groovi Plates.
The more you do, the better you get.

46 thoughts on “Crowborough Open Day 1 was so Groovi!! And inky and painty!

  1. A BIG thank you to you and your team for another great open day. Everyone was so generous with their time and knowledge. Hope tomorrow is as good as today. Many thanks again love Bev xxx

  2. Wonderful, It looked fabulous, I just wish I was near. I'd be in my 'elephant' so my granddaughter would say. Glad your Groovi plates are proving a hit !! and what a great set of colleagues and friends to work with. You must be tuckered out !!

  3. On you had a wonderful day!! I bet tomorrow is even better!
    Love and hugs to all the gang! I may not be there in body but I'm with you in thought! Xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Glad your day went well,everyone looks really busy.I wish I'd have been able to visit.
    I'm sure you'll all have another great day tomorrow.
    Looking forward to Thursday and more demo's with the groovi.

  5. What a lovely set of photos, made me smile looking at them and reading your blog. Hope it's another brilliant day tomorrow. Wish I could be there.. Ann

  6. That looks like one fun day with wonderful people. I'm there in spirit! Have another great day tomorrow and keep on Groovin'. xx Margaret Col.

  7. Looks like a fantastic first day wish could have been there hopefully next year would really love to come have good night sleep ladies and Gents lots love and hugs xxx

  8. Hi Barbara and all the gang. Wow it looks like a fun day was had by all – look at all that lovely Clarity stuff for sale. One day I will get to Crowbridge! Glad to hear you have had a great evening with fun laughter and cake!
    Hope tomorrow is a big success too
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Looks like everyone's hard work paid off. Can't wait til it's my turn "pop norf" what a brilliant, talented team you have and lovely people too. So pleased it went so well and that the groovi plate has been such a success for you. Can't wait til I get to play on mine. Congratulations team Clarity and please can you save me one of those delicious brownies xxx

  10. Thanks to all for a great day. Lovely atmosphere, lovely products old and new and a very accommodating team. Barbara, I thought your extras on the hour were so generous. Nice to see you all relaxing afterwards. Carol

  11. Looks like a fun time was had by all, sooooo envious. Pity Aberdeen is so far away and that I'll be even further away at the 'Oop There' events. Spent yesterday Groovin' along an' it ain't half bad. Pretty successful actually. Ordered more parchment (both denominations) from the Clarity Emporium before it too is a sell-out! ;~}

  12. I felt I was right there across the pond as you all,say in the UK . But here I sit in virginia , and vicariously enjoying the excitement . Thanks so much for sharing. What a lovely bunch of coconuts . Joy now jan

  13. I always love reading your blog,you have such a way with word,this one really made me smile,cause in my head I was going you know Mr Kipling lol hope you Daisy's very fresh tomorrow Debbs x

  14. It was a fab way to spend the day and I'm looking forward even more to getting my Groovi bits 'n' pieces now and I'll be trying out all the new PaperArtsy colours I bought – you'll be seeing Sam-look-a-like pieces of art on my FB page this weekend! Loved all the demo's and meeting all the crafty people there – great to spend time with like-minded people.
    As soon as I've tweaked my fab slate necklace I bought from your Mum, I'll send a photo for you to show her Barbara – what a sweet lady she is 🙂 x
    Have another fab day today 🙂 xxx

  15. Hi Barb and team, it all looks fantastic, really missing coming to join you all this year, but I am thinking of you all and I am sure tomorrow will be another great day….much love and hugs to all…xxxx

  16. Hello Barb and team, looks like an altogether fabulous day, with good friends old and new. How wonderful to get to share times like this and wonderful creativity. Enjoy day 2 and thanks for sharing the pictures. Bx

  17. Looking at the pictures from yesterday I wish I was there! You showed Paul demonstrating the "new Color Burst Powders" Have I missed something?? or are they very new? I haven't seen you demo them. Is this a new treat in store?

  18. So glad that a great time was had by all and another fab day to come. You obviously have the best team of people over at Clarity Towers. x

  19. Hi Barbara, glad it is going so well for you and everyone is having a great time :-). Maybe it would be better for you to do more of your own open days instead of the big shows. Your Open days seem to be far better for you body, mind and soul than the big shows are. Hope today is going really too. Love Brenda xx

    Hi Donna, that must have been so hard for you, registering your dad's death and organising his funeral, I hope you had someone with you to support you. I'm kind of glad you've been into work, I've been worrying about you being in the house on your own not doing anything all that time. I'm assuming schools are the same down there where the kids finish at lunchtime on a Friday, so at least it would have been quiet. I'm hoping your kids are young enough to not know what has been going on for you and will just be happy to have Miss back :-). Keep going, you're doing really well. I don't know if I've missed something but my teapot still has all the flowers bit at either side of the dragon's head to colour in? I don't mind what kind of sky, let you have the choice, you've not had much say in what our teapots are looking like. love and bear hugs xx

    Hi Dot, you're on nightshift, that must be hard going for you, and very frustrating too when you can't properly communicate with your granddaughter. I don't know if it will help but in case, what I learned to do to help me sleep is I put the telly on the news channel so it's just normal talking voices. And I keep it really low so I have to concentrate to hear the voices. That helps the racket and agitation in my head go quiet enough to get to sleep. I leave it on all night. I used only have to do it sometimes when things were really bad, I think the fact that I've been doing it petty much every night in the past year and a half says it all!!! It wouldn't need to be the telly, I used to use the clock radio the same, on a talking only station and put it on the snooze thing so it went off after an hour and then every time I was awake I'd just hit the button to do it for another hour, that's for every night when things aren't so bad. Me personally I've never for many years managed to just go to sleep without anything going. Talking books is another one that might work, just be wary if there's any click or anything when it finishes, if I wasn't in a deep sleep I got such a fright, totally defeating the purpose, hence I gave up on that one!!! Or the calming music really low. The important bit for me is it's a normal talking voice, and to keep it really low so I have to concentrate. You've probably tried everything, but if not might be worth a shot, no harm done if it doesn't work. White noise, have you tried that, drives me nuts, but I know it does work for some sufferers. You know the noise you get in between the radio channels. I think you can get apps, and youtubes and stuff of long periods of white noise if you want to try that. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Take care, and hope you're managing to catch up on your sleep during the day xx

    1. Lights, have you tried her with any lights things. I've got one, it's a dome with different coloured circles, and when it's switched on the dome turns slowly, and the light inside shining out the various circles makes moving different circles of light over the walls and ceilings. Like a slow moving disco ball shining up instead of down, a more sophisticated version of the wee ones you get for a baby. Autistic people can find moving lights helpful, the fibre optic Christmas tree with the flashing on and off, changing colours, that's another one for me, snow falling, the flames in a real fire, well everything about a real log burning fire really. I had a screen saver on my old computer that was like pipes being joined up, on this laptop I've got bubbles bouncing about the screen. It's hard to explain, it's like these things cast a spell on me and it's really hard for me to not stare at it or give it my full attention. As you can imagine that got me in a bit of trouble, pre-diagnosis!!! Hope you an find something in this that helps xx

    2. Hi Brenda. I know what you mean about Barbara doing her Open days instead of the "big shows", it seems like Barbara is, understandably, much more relaxed doesn't it and enjoys them so much more? Selfishly the only problem for me is that I can get to see her at Ally Pally but it is too far for me to get to Crowborough so I wouldn't get to see the Clarity team. I don't have autism but I do suffer from insomnia and I do the same as you to get to sleep. if I can't have the tv or radio on I make myself count backwards from 100 concentrating on "writing" each number in my head. Most times I only remember getting down to about 70 so that works for me too. I hope you arefeeling better than you were earlier this week. Take care x

    3. Hi Brenda, no don't worry I'm not alone, my 2 sisters and I are doing everything together. Going back to work was really hard, the children were in as unlike Scotland our children stay on a Friday. They think I was off sick so that saves some questions.
      Hmmmm, think I must have coloured the flowery bits as part of the dragon! I used the bigger flowers as his eyes, did contemplate which bit was which but obviously my dragon will be bigger than yours! I think a nice pale blue for the sky will look good with all the other colours. Can't wait to see your teapot, it will be good to see how close a match they are ( size of dragons aside!) XX

  20. Hi Barbara. I am glad to see that you all had a great 1st day. What a great team you all make. I bet those fish and chips went down well too : ) Take care x

  21. Hi Barbara,
    I had a brilliant day with you and the 'C' team, I have learnt a lot from the demos and had a lovely long chat with your mum and her tale of the sour gherkin was just brilliant!! I bought one of your mums handbag charms, it looks great on my bag and of course I couldn't leave without some new stamps too.
    Hope today has gone well too, take care,

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