It’s a Rollover!!!

It’s a Rollover!!!

Hello there!
I have just been chuckling away to myself, reading all the comments from yesterday, the chattering away in the wee hours and the guesses at where we went and what we did.
So many of you were soooo close.
So many of you figured out that the Rugby Club must be involved.
Part one CORRECT.
But the keys? Nope.
In all honesty, 
you had two hopes of guessing what we took back:
Bob Hope and No hope!
So shall I tell you?
Before I do, let me take you back to San Francisco.
Remember that clever street artist who did that amazing painting with aerosol cans of paint while we watched?

And Steve carried it around SF in a white bin liner all day?
It was his birthday this weekend, so I had taken the picture to my friend Jayne, who owns the lovely Gallery in Crowborough. She framed it beautifully,
and last night we gave him his present.
He was over the moon – just like in the picture!
So here we are together, showing off the artwork.
Oh. And the little thing we had to return to the Rugby Club….

Yep, somehow we managed to snaffle the remote control from the Big TV Screen.
Can you imagine all the rugby players turning the club upside down, looking for the remote?
It’s bad enough at home, when they go down the back of the sofa!
Not the rugby players – the remote controls!
So there we are.
No winners today!
Instead, let’s have a Rollover!

Simply leave an uplifting, pleasant, positive comment below 
which includes the word Groovi.
Then on Sunday, I will pick a random winner to receive a 
£40 Clarity Gift Voucher. 

£40 ????
I say! I say I say!

What are you waiting for?
Got to be in it to win it….

much love,

138 thoughts on “It’s a Rollover!!!

  1. wowww…aerosol cans of paint? thats really groovi! This picture is sooo amazing – i love it!
    And yes ,it's time for sofa – let the weekend begin!
    Hugs from Tini

  2. You're right, wouldn't have guessed that in a month of Sundays! Reminded me of the time I went shopping with my Mum and she opened her handbag to use her phone and pulled out the TV remote control! I can't remember whether Dad had much joy changing channels with Mum's mobile! Wishing you and all your readers a Groovi weekend, Caroline xx

  3. It was my hubby's birthday on Monday , and he's groovi ,,,,,lol,,,.picture looks lovely ,. I made hubby a lovely card clarity stamps , your bird in a house one , was so pleased with it I made 3 more,,,. xx

  4. How hilarious!! Not sure that anyone would have guessed that one!
    OK something uplifting with the word Groovi in…
    How about my version of the first verse of the famous Simon and Garfunkel song "Feeling Groovy"

    Slow down you craft to fast,
    You got to make the morning last,
    Just putting the vellum in,
    Looking for fun ..
    and feeling Groovi………

    Enjoy the weekend x

    1. perhaps I should more correctly put "parchment" rather than vellum in!! and infact the last verse works just as it is!

      Got no deeds to do, no promises to keep
      I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep
      Let the morning time drop all its petals on me
      Life, I love you all is Groovi

  5. Loved this art work before but it looks even better with the lovely frame .
    If I could win this £40
    A groovi I would buy
    Failing that I'll need to wait
    Till Santa Clause comes round

  6. I did giggle at that. I have left things like display boards at venues in the past forgetting they were ours lol. Have a Groovi weekend however you are spending it

  7. Talk about being a day late and a dollar short….I believe I posted after the fact! But that's ok! I am after all, just getting started here!! But know what? It's Friday and I am feeling Groovi!!!

  8. Ha – TV remote lol!!!

    The rugby boys cried into their beer
    But now they can all sing and cheer
    The groovi Barbara had the remote all along
    now its returned its time for a song……

    Feeling groovi!

    My thats bad!

    Rachel x

  9. Wow what a 'groovie' picture – looks even more spectacular in a proper frame – no wonder he loved it. Can't stop laughing as I have this mental picture of beefy rugby players backsides in the air like a scrum around the sofa looking for the remote – I just hope no-ones bottom coughs at the same time.

  10. Slow down, don't move to fast
    Time to make the crafting last
    In the mood for mindfulness
    Parchment to hand and feeling groovy.
    (Sincere apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)
    Just caught up with the Groovi shows, Barbara. Would love to give it a try but need to save some pennies first. But then if I was fortunate enough to win your generous prize guess what would fall into my basket!
    Thanks for the fun and inspiration you bring and don't let the moaners get you down. In this world of instant gratification some people have lost the art of waiting in anticipation.
    God bless. x

  11. A tv show, not a movie
    Introduced a plate mate called the Groovie
    With a tumble dryer sheet
    Parchment craft became neat
    And so easy there's time for a smoothie!

    Lots of love! Xx

  12. The work of art looks even more Groovi now it is framed. I know where our T.V control is, it's always in my husbands hand. No chance of walking off with that one.

  13. Damn, I read the blog post whilst at work and was gonna come and comment when I got home. Head like a sieve so needless to say I never came back to comment. Hey ho, I too would never have guessed that it was the TV remote you returned.
    San Francisco from an aerosol can
    Had it framed, now Steve's a happy man
    Barb and her crew half inched the remote
    Barbara smuggled it back under her coat
    The Rugby boys were at a loss
    No remote for the telly but they were not cross
    They reached for their Groovi's and began to emboss!
    But calm is restored now, the remote has returned
    And all the lads have a new skill learned.

    That picture looks amazing in that fabulous frame. What a fantastic talent.
    I just want to say too whilst I am here, although you were a little hurt recently by some harsh (unfounded in my opinion) comments, be reassured that there are a lot of nice people in the world. I went shopping this morning with my Mum for presents for Grandson number 1's birthday. We hadn't even got out of the car park when she stumbled and fell on the pavement. Where she fell there was an old black man playing some sort of instrument and he had a box for people to throw money into. Like a shot he threw down his instrument and rushed over to help my Mum. He comforted her and helped me to get her up off the floor without a second thought. Two other ladies stopped and asked if we needed help too. Thanking him for his help we slowly got her together and walked on to do our shopping although her wrist was very sore. Long story short, I (and my Mum) both stopped on the way back to say thank you once again and put some money in his box. What a lovely man. She seems fine now, had it checked at her surgery and although sore we don't think anything is broken. The people with the least seem to give the most don't you find? Something to make us all smile I hope.

  14. I sit here anticipating a Groovi weekend with Jo Rice then a cheesy movie night with crafty friends. What could be more fun?
    Thanks for all the fun and inspiration. X

  15. What a great piece of art. Steve looks very happy with it. I have been to my local craft class this morning and I took my Groovi plate cards and everyone was very impressed and wanted to know all about the system. So I have had to promise to take it with me next week and show some of what it will do. You never know, it might be even more orders for a fabulous product. I reckon it will will as the product of the year next time round. In the meantime, have a wonderful time with your great team over the water. I cannot wait to see what wonderful ideas come out of your trip. xxx Maggie

  16. Plenty of songs with that word in it but what about my husband and I being groovi. He was feeling very low the other evening. He is very stoical – however he managed to "plane" his thumb with an electric plane, got a chest infection and to top it all gout! I thought I will get him groovi. Took down my birthday balloon which had a little hellium in it! Well we got groovi – danced, sang, laughed until tears rolled down our old groovi cheeks. 46 years married and not a cross word! We will be going to our ballroom classes and grooving! round the floor.
    Now the other groovi is another matter. I am totally enchanted by the new product and your excitement Barbara has certainly rubbed off. Your mindfullness, thinking etc etc have made my week and most likely weeks to come. What a groovi star you are. Not to mention dear Dave – I think he must be stoical too. Here endeth my epistle and my wonderful week with the MOJ or otherwise known as the Ministry of Circus Acts!
    Hope this makes you laugh. Can we get in the groove at Crowborough Workshop?
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  17. What a wonderful thing did our Barbara invent a groovi plate so crafters all over can groovi around. I await my turn as the post mans not come with my wonderful parcel from clarity towers . When it arrives I can groovi all day from morning till noon in my craft room to garden listening to the tune of the groovi plate making sweet pictures for friends love Joy

  18. HI Barbara our Brenda was close thinking it was Steve OPBC [Official Plastic Bag Carrier] lets throw a bit off Simon and Garfunkel into the mix ready Night Owls SING……

    Slow down Barb you move to fast
    Groovi is gonna last and last now
    Kick out the moaning droans
    Have some fun and enjoy Groovi
    Feeling Groovi

    Hello Clarity what you knowing
    I've come to watch your Groovi growing
    Ain't got no qualms that it will
    Doot-in-do-do Lovin Groovi
    Feeling Groovi

    Got no doubt her promises she'll keep
    We'll be drousy and ready to sleep
    Let the morning drop it's petals on us
    Barb we love you and your Groovi

    Can't get the song out off my head now…Love..Dot… xx

    1. Dot, you're just brilliant. Aye, noo I cannae get the song oot ma heid either, but I'll let ye aff as I do like Simon and Garfunkel 🙂 No sure Donna's gonnae enjoy us keeping her awake the nicht wi our cats chorus though!!!! xx

    2. No bet our Donna is singing along as we speak and Sheiila and Diane they'lle be
      up for a wee sing song Brenda not to forget our Emma Sheila… Maggie Silvercrafter who seems to love Cornwakk as much as I do ….xxx

    3. Well owlet, don't go blaming us when you get into trouble for sleeping in or falling asleep at work!!! What have you got planned for occupying yourself over the weekend? (And nothing /don't know is not allowed!!! 😉 xx

    4. Well I really want to get my teapot finished so we can start our P.P.P and I am having dinner with my sisters on Saturday. Hoping the weather stays sunny so I can have good walks with Phoebe. Errrmmmmm not sure what else yet. Xx

    5. Hi Sheila, maybe Donna needs to stick with you, going to bed early, instead of being led astray by Dot and my nightshifts!!! Are you joining our Clarity Night Owl Cats Chorus, erm Choir? We're going to see how many people on here we can keep awake with our singing!!! xx
      Donna, I get the hint, I better find my teapot, wherever it's lurking, and get it finished, or I'll be singing on my own on the naughty step!!!! xx

    6. Hi Brenda not asleep just in bed as better to help with the pains in my legs enjoy your choir night don't think I can join tonight but will read your antics tomorrow hugs xxx

    7. Well, without googling don't know, funny feeling it's a weird one, but can't recall! My first time of using a tablet for this! Just a cheap android, got my music on card on it plugged into speakers, supposed to be learning it in case laptop breaks down, only had it about 18 months!!! Hope I can get quicker! xx

    8. Aye, I was left talking to myself last night, but then that's nothing new!!!
      I know it's a murder of crows, guess it can't be that, but they do cannibalise young ones if they don't have enough food so very apt, certainly changed how I viewed owls after learning that! Hope you have a nice time with your sisters Donna xx

    9. I think that name fits crows, I shall keep you in suspense and tell you later. Incidentally I have discovered there are two names for a group of owls so get your thinking cap on. XX

    10. Well owls are synonymous with being wise, graduation, so is it something to do with education? That's way too logical for your world so I guess that's a no then!!! xx

  19. Barbara,I hope you get in the groove in France and spend your precious free time having fun with the teamies while making lots of lovely new creations, I'll be thinking of you all.

    I couldn't sleep last night so I lay there planning what to make for the next Clarity show with the new stamps, I wondered if you was awake too doing the same as me! I love your new Groovi system and will get one when I can. I'm sure it will be the new craft tool of the year,

    Julie xxx

    1. If you want any help with those new stamps, Julie, just say the word and I will take them off your hands. Meanwhile, I will carry on with the Groovi and the new stamps from this month. Have fun. xxx Maggie

  20. I'm having a Groovi birthday today, sadly not yet received the Groovi plate my hubby ordered for my pressie, hopefully it will turn up tomorrow, I know you've been inundated. Enjoy the design team

  21. I've entered the mindfulness Groovi to try to find something uplifting to share with you today. Just as I did, the sun has come out for the first time today and is shining through my little stained glass piece in the window, so I have a lovely scene of flying a red kite in a hilly landscape in the corner of my eye as I type!
    I hope you can pack your suitcase and your car full of crafting goodies for your time away in France, and leave NO ROOM for worka and holic, or any of those troubles that have been stalking you for the past week – just leave a little bit of room for some lovely French cheese and wine to bring back with you! Susan x

  22. Hi Barb,
    Wow, the picture looks fabulous framed – I bet Steve was well chuffed! I was going to say something on the lines of groovy kind of love or feeling groovy but others have got in there first. Instead I'll settle on being honest and say how wonderful the Groovi system is and looking forward to all of the new plates – how about some wedding or new baby themed ones – that would be Groovi. Thanks again and thank you for your reply to my email. Love Alison xx

  23. Get into the groove,
    yes you´ve got to prove
    Barbra´s new thing…

    and so on and so on…

    The Groovi system is very new.
    Everybody steps into this shoe
    and is excited about the new big thing –
    Barbara you touched our "Dingeling".

    a great weekend to everybody
    Rolf xxx

  24. Hi Barbara
    Love the picture and how Jayne has framed it especially the colour of the mount,it really makes it pop.
    Oh yes guess what arrived today,I'm going to be grooving all weekend with my groovi plate.

  25. Hi Barbara, glad we helped to give you a wee laugh. And glad the rugby players got their remote control back, wouldn't like to see those guys disgruntled!!!

    G – gonnae win awards fir sure
    R – richt guid Mindfulness
    O – ootstaundin
    O – oor Barb, yer michty braw
    V – verra user-freinly fir a'body
    I – isnae it jist pure dead brilliant

    Love Brenda xx
    p.s. hope you gave Steve a white bag to take his present home in as you've obviously not discovered his is still hidden under his bed full of golf balls!!!! 😉

    1. Thank you Barbara. Brain must be firing on all cylinders for once!!! Must be the company I'm keeping 😉 xx p.s. don't suppose you can sing, we're short on sopranos!!!

  26. I don't know what is happening as I wrote it out and its not there now the other comment is, its all very confusing lol.
    I will try again and apologise if you see this twice!!
    I have had a Groovi day today as we have been told that we are 'OUTSTANDING' at work and it finally seems that we are being recognised as being a great department (as we always knew we were). I am please for everyone and we all had a happy day as a result. I am feeling Groovi baby….yeah!!
    Love Sam
    PS I love reading your blog every day, it makes me happy and sometimes laugh out loud 🙂

  27. I am having a Groovi kind of day completing a collage board for the downstairs loo with painting, stamping and photos of the four dogs we have had in our family, thoroughly enjoyed making it and since I used the backing from an old picture as a base a totally free and unique and personal bit of decoration, and a lasting memory of the three dogs no longer with us and the mad mutt sleeping beside me now

  28. I've had a groovi day today at work, on the field involved in sports day! Now I'm home feeling very impatient waiting for my christmas groovi plates to arrive. Come on Mr postman hurry hurry hurry!
    Love Trudy x

  29. Groovi day, groovi weather and most of all groovi crafting I completed my latest project a lovely piece of zentangle, so now I am also in a groovi state of mind.

  30. @Dawn, completely agree with you, perhaps it's also the sensitivity to pain..
    Hi Barbara.. here's my writing on to enter the contest, though I'm still not sure, what I will be writing next..
    "Groovy on the street
    to stop the pedlar's feet
    amazed at the sight
    to have a taste
    everyone joins in
    to groovy by me"

    Hugs 😀

  31. Hello Barb, what a funny lot of comments today. Glad to have another chance! I've got that other song in my mind:
    When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do
    Is take a look at you, your daily blog will do
    When you're on TV, I can feel my heart beat
    When I've made that order I need it here
    Wouldn't you agree, Barb, it's you and me, we have a Groovi kind of love!
    xx Margaret Col.

  32. When Stella Got Her Groove Back , came to my mind but didn't see it so pay me no time ., it's groove back and Groovi and just plain having a good time with Barbara and friends at this blog all,the time ..have a Groovi day

  33. I love the painting done with spray paint! I can't even use it without leaving drips and spits!!

    I am waiting for the Groovi to become available in the U.S.

    Barbara, your blog posts and videos are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your insight and inspiration.

  34. TV remote well I never lol, I can just picture the scene. Steve's picture looks fantastic in its frame.
    Now then, the Groovi mate starter set is top of my wishlist so i have everything crossed , even my lovely whippets Trevor and Jason have their paws crossed for me lol. Seriously I've really enjoyed the demos on the TV and the stunning makes with the new system by the DT.
    Enjoy your weekend, take time to smell the flowers xx

  35. Hi Barbra love the framed picture and your brother looks so happy with it

    The more I see the groovi plate
    The more amazing it becomes
    Cant wait to order one
    But for the moment I have to sew
    For My Beautiful Daughter's Wedding Day

    Have a great time hugs Pauline xx

  36. Oh Barbara how funny! I can imagine the panic at the rugby club as all those beefy men look for it. My step dad has to have it beside him, can't bear it if someone else has the remote!
    Ooo a rollover how groovi I have to say thank you to you and all the lovely people on your blog for helping me cope with a difficult time. So many lovely comments and well wishes. Xx

  37. Well I would never have guessed that you brought the rugby club tv remote home by mistake. I bet you were popular over at the club when they went to turn the tele on I must say that picture looks fantastic in it's frame with that bright and groovi mount and steve looks really happy with it. I'm looking forward to seeing lots more Groovi plates. How about something with hearts and numbers for anniversaries. x

  38. Oh that's so funny, I can just imagine them looking for the remote. I've just seen a video on Facebook of someone doing these pictures with aerosols. They are amazing. It looks fab now it's framed.
    I love the Groovi and think it's an amazing invention. It really gives parchment craft a modern feel. I look forward to giving it a go when I get saved up for one.
    Hope you and yours have Groovi weekend. X

  39. Hi Barbara,
    this is with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel 🙂

    Slow down you go too fast,
    You've got to make your crafting last,
    Making mindful art's the way,
    Live in the moment, feeling Groovi.

    Hallo Barb'ra watcha knowing?
    I've come to see your You Tube showing.
    Clarity's the one for me,
    Stamps and stencils,
    Now the Groovi!

    Got housework to do,
    But hey, it will keep,
    I'm stamping and brayering, pencils knee-deep.
    The chores can all wait 'till the crafting is done.
    Art I love you,
    All is Groovi!

  40. Oh you do make me smile, the mental picture of all those Rugby players looking for remote. Glad Steve liked his Groovi gift, a special gift for a special brother. As for the Groovi plate, just fantastic. Thankyou xx

  41. I LOVED the picture from San Francisco when you first showed it and now it is framed it is even better. The artist is so talented to be able to do something like that especially with so many people watching but hey ho! it is what you do all the time. Whether it is getting into the groove demonstrating on tv, getting groovy at shows or in the studio as you film a lesson or two for us – you always do it with a smile and LOTS of encouragement. Encouraging and inspiring one and all to get crafty and now it's time for US to get Groovi too

  42. For me has to be, we've got a Groovi kinda love. On hols at the minute but still have to have my Barbara fix daily, funny how on holiday all the furore about deliveries, negative comments etc just pass you by, I'm in Zen heaven, chilling and painting and arting to my hearts content. Here in Loire, weather lovely and feel inspired to take my first steps in watercolours and Groovi is my inspiration, who cares that I can't draw, I can trace and like Groovi follow the tramlines (spell checker suggested trampolines, ha ha) of my tracing. All those photos I take I can use to trace the outlines onto my paper and then it is a masterclass in colouring and shading. Love it, love it and Groovi inspired it as not sure you can deliver Groovi to holiday destination yet, so real thing can wait until I am back home. So a bit of tracing paper a few paints and some Babs inspiration and I definitely got a Groovi kinda a love! Many thanks as always for your thoughts (collectively including comments). I'm officially well chilled. Karen

  43. Hi Barbara
    Nope would never have guessed that one !! Haha be you were popular ! Love the groovi plate so here's my effort
    Gee Barbara
    Right here we go
    Over the parchment
    Ok take your time
    Very carefully reveal the design
    Inspirational and quite divine.

    Just Groovi

    Glad Steve enjoyed his picture, it's even more amazing now it's been framed. Enjoy your weekend
    Love Diane xxx

  44. When I'm feeling blue
    All I have to do is pick up
    my Groovie plate mate
    then I'm not so blue!

    I can craft all day, have a good old play
    stamping and colouring away
    doing parchment tooooo
    It's a Groovi kind of plate mate !

    I'd have never guessed a remote control ……. That was a lovely gift for your brother, after he'd carried everywhere for you! xx

  45. What a great present for your brother. I guess the artist was in his own groovi world as he painted it. And now you have hundreds of Crafter's getting into the groove with the fabulous groovi system. Hugs xx

  46. Hello Barbara

    What a lovely present for Steve. I had to laugh about the remote control. My husband (who has dementia) has hidden our younger daughter's Sky remote control. That was about six weeks ago. She and her husband have turned the house upside down and still can't find it. It could be anywhere in their house!

    My parcel arrived today so tomorrow will be a groovi day for me.


  47. How thoughtful – a great reminder of a fantastic trip beginning in the amazing San Fran.

    My ditty:-

    Found remote,
    Trio stroll.
    Groovi, Mate!
    Ruck 'n' roll!

    Ah well, perhaps there is a McGonagal in my ancestry! ;~}

  48. Lol! How do you make a rugby team happy? Send Barbara to return their half inched tv remote control. Did they do a Groovi dance when you handed it back? Steve's piece of art looks lovely framed; bet he was thrilled with it.
    Got my Groovi kit & extra plates and borders yesterday and had great fun working on a birthday card for my mum. Still need to perfect my technique but I'll get there. Enjoy your weekend. Love Jeanette xxx

  49. Hi Barbara
    Travelling back from hols this morning. I have managed to follow your blog most days. It is one of my daily pleasures. Even us oldies can have a Groovi time in Ibiza. I need some artful crafting to bring me back to earth. I bet Steve was pleased with his present.
    X Chris

  50. well who'd have thought it! fancy running off with their remote, you really brighten my day with your shinanigans. I love reading your blog and all the comments people leave, its real groovi.

    keep making us laugh

  51. What's that smell I heard him say
    It must be the beans I had earlier today
    The sheets were loose, I felt them waft
    I suppose I'd better get up and craft
    If he moves much more under that duvet
    I think he'll smell something really groovi

  52. That is hard for me; English is not my first language… but I'll give it a try:
    By staying in the groovi' you can't go wrong and by staying often in the groovi' you will get better, your fantasy is the limit and beauty the result!

  53. Groovi' on a Sunday afternoon. Can't find my daisys for my floral hair wreath. I just had them. I need them to set the mood for my groovi' afternoon in the sun.

  54. I suppost most comments today will be about craft, but mine will be about another one of my hobbies. Potplants. Or rather one plant in particular. I always wanted to plant Geranium seeds (for the living room of course, as it's too cold here to have them out side), but you can't buy the seeds here, and no flower shop wanted to help me order them from abroad.
    Then the wonderful age of the Internet arrived, and I could order the seeds myself. And boy did they bloom! Now, for the first time, one of the plants has given me two seeds! And the amazing thing is how they are shaped. They have a little swirled feather on top, so that when the wind catches them, they will twirl away like a little helicopter. THAT is really groovi.

  55. We've made plans for this weekend
    A family get together, precious time to spend
    Father's Day filled with laughter & fun
    Making memories & taking photos of everyone
    Capture Dad's face & our little boy's eyes
    As he hands over his gift which is twice his size
    Wobbly, young sunflowers supported by sticks
    He's so proud of those plants & that he grew six (groo VI)
    Together they'll nurture them into the summer
    Just the same as they take care of one another

  56. Hello Barb, well I never, snaffling the remote, glad that Steve loved his painting, it is beautifully framed, amazing art. It's Saturday today and I am feeling GROOVI, will make time for some art and then maybe take in a movie. Have a great day everyone, some of the comments are brilliant. Bx

  57. There's a 'Groovi kind of love' in craft land because 'Wild thing (Barb) you make our hearts sing, you've made everything Groovi'. In fact we are definitely 'Feelin' Groovi'.

  58. oooh i can see people going nuts for the lost remote, do did you manage not to notice that in your bag? a lighter or a pen sure, they seem to swap owners all the thime, but that huge remote? funny though and glad you came "clean" love the artwork, i've seen this artist around, prob on youtube or facebook, so talented

  59. Hoping to feel Groovi in the grooves sometime soon. A wonderful product. I gave up trying to teach myself parchment a long time ago but your new product has renewed my interest.

  60. I saw someone making those pictures in New york, They are very groovy. Seeing you lovely picture reminds how I nearly bought one and will keep an out in September when I fly out. I bet he loved his gift!

  61. When we watch your shows ..
    Everybody knows ..
    Things will all sell out
    What's it all about?

    When you start your demo
    All our plans we let go
    We become obsessed
    Yes Barbara you've guessed
    It's a groovi kind of plate ….
    Yeah, yeah's just a groovi kind of plate !!!!


  62. Its a groovi kinda love ! I ummed and aghd and gave a wide bearth…unsure if I could master this groovi parchment art! Then came Crowbrough and I knew straight away I just had to have a go – the wonderful Maria demonstrating did the trick – yourself giving it your all was the seal on the decision – so starter set in hand I took the plunge and love it!! The ability to mix the stamps with groovi is a damn excellent idea and can't wait to see what else you bring! Perhaps the wonderful Madeleine will make an appearance in the groove as I reckon she would be a huge hit!!!
    Much love
    Kim x

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