A Gelli Plate trick. Step by Step.

A Gelli Plate trick. Step by Step.

Hello there!
Happy Monday, back to work.
And Monday’s blog is Flowers and Trees.
So after a tedious day at the office, 
grinding away at proposals, write-ups and other such delights,
it was so nice to come home and switch off.
The little Gelli Plate was wimpering in the drawer again, 
feeling neglected and getting all resentful towards the sexy Groovi Plates, which are getting ready to go on TV this weekend.
So I got him out and played with him for an hour, and now he’s as happy as a clam again.
Here’s what we did…
Brayer a small amount of Black Acrylic Paint 
over the 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate, (£3 off until July 1st)
which is positioned on the matching Mega Mount.
(1/2 price for one more day)

Lay the stencil on the wet paint,

and blot well, using copy paper.

Remove the stencil, and blot again.

The paint underneath the stencil stays wet, you see.

Lay a sheet of A6 Double-sided adhesive 
on the dry image on the Gelli Plate.
Like so:

Peel and reveal!

Of course, this side is still very sticky, 
so sprinkle with talcum powder 

brush and cover with a big brush.
You will be amazed at the feel. It is like silk.
Smells nice too!

Go rummage around in your stash of background papers 
and find something suitable.
I had a cool Shaving Foam piece which would work well.

To avoid getting bubbles, 
let’s remove the top part of the wax paper,
attach just that part, and then slowly peel back the wax paper, smoothing as you go. 

Love it when it works!

See what an excellent waxy looking coat the adhesive takes on when covered with talc?

Line the outside of the adhesive sheet with a Sharpie Pen and ruler.

Trim and mount to suit.

Happy with that.

It has a really deluxe feel to it.

Mount on white for freshness.


So now I will stop for the day.
Ought to tidy this room up really, but it can wait.
14 hours is ample.
Did I tick a load of boxes? 
Yes. But most of them weren’t mine!
much love,

29 thoughts on “A Gelli Plate trick. Step by Step.

  1. Fab artwork Barbara. My gelli plates are feeling somewhat neglected too. I guess I need to show them some love. This technique would be perfect; definitely going to give it a go. Xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, very arty and unusual, thanks for sharing. Bet it would have people flummoxed as to how it was made!!! Yes 14 hours is way ample! That must feel so frustrating, spending all those hours and mostly ticking other peoples boxes! If your gelli plate is whimpering, then goodness knows what mines is doing, still in it's packet never been used!!!! Poor wee thing, I had better do something to cheer it up pretty sharpish eh!!! That might cheer up my forlorn empty background spares box too!!!! love Brenda xx

  3. My Gelli plate and paints are very lonely as well, but I'm lost in a world of Groovi. Got to try and wobble the Gelli more often than 'Once every Preston Guild'.

  4. What a great technique Barbara and really must try this one! I'm sorry your first day back at work was rather frustrating, hopefully tomorrow will be better. x

  5. How very different Barbara, I've had my groovi out today colouring my parchment and my partner cleaned of the lines on the soft side of my groovi mat thank you for all the useful tips from yesterday's blog ,ive even found that my large stencil folder holds all my groovi starter kit and extra plates it makes it so easy for me to carry it under my arm so I can toddle from room to room holding on as I go xxx

  6. What a clever technique! I love my gelliplate, and I'm definitely getting better results the more that I use it and the less paint that I use!!! Never thought to pick up the paint with an adhesive sheet though…genius. Hope you get some rest and can tick some of your own boxes tomorrow, Susan x

  7. Very novel technique and a great result. I love your background too. Just got back from a wonderful trip to Berlin, so catching up. Carol

  8. Hello Barb, what a great technique, and lovely fresh background. Mmmm, now to find in which folder my adhesive sheets are, and to get the gelli plate out, I hear it calling me. Bx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Very novel idea to use the adhesive sheets like this. I think I would have to use a different colour to black as its a bit too dark for me. Love the stencil ,it's one of my favourites. My Gelli plate is feeling a bit neglected but I am loving the Groovi so muck. Great idea Sheila to use the stencil folder, will be copying that idea! I cleaned off the lines on my Clarity mat yesterday and what a difference it makes, no more confusing lines for me. Thanks Barb and hope today is better at work for you. Love Alison xxx

  10. wow! how amazing just when you think you've seen it all, you come up with yet another new idea. very different and so effective, sometimes I wish I could be inside your head!

  11. Hi Barbara
    Sorry playing catch up as I've been travelling, this is wonderful and thanks for the talc tip!
    Welcome home.
    Love Diane G xxx

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