A Groovi Meadowgrass Border

A Groovi Meadowgrass Border

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Back in Blighty, and coming back down to earth 
after a week in heaven.
Thought I would get in the groove
with a simple Border card.
So here is a step-by-step for you,
the very important Border Plates
Easy, relaxing and very, very pretty.
Let’s get going….
Establish the border first, using the double-line on the borderplate.
Top and Bottom.

Add dots to the lower border line 
with the dots on the other border plate.
Pretty basic really.

 Let’s take an aerial view.
Two double rows, the lower one has dots below it.
Now attach the border you have made to the meadowgrasses plate, 
all ready to add the grasses.
Get in the groove with the small embossing tools 
and emboss the line art.
Stay within the double-line border.

Now it looks like this:

Piece of cake.
But so relaxing.
I can concentrate on the point of the embossing tool 
and completely lose myself in the process.
Or I can let my mind wander back to France, 
and the fun we had.
I want to make a wrap-over.
So a little further up, 
I have scored a single line from the Border Plate.
(Told you, these border plates are key.)

Now I have moved to the Scallop line
and am adding a scallop edge to the straight line.

Like so.
Always working from behind, remember?
Time to emboss the grasses.
This is where the soft side of the mat comes in.
I have to show you something.
I found the gridlines on the soft side of the mat a little distracting.
We actually didn’t ask for them on BOTH sides, 
but when you get 5,000 mats with grids on both sides from China,
you can’t really send them back, now can you?!
So guess what?
I got rid of them.
Now you see them…
Soft sponge,  damp with water and rub gently…
Now you don’t.
I figured it was a lot easier to show YOU 
how to get rid of the lines if you felt the need,
than open all 5,000 packs and clean them myself,
or box them all up and send them back to the manufacturer !!!
Not the scourer side.
Anyway, moving on…
Medium and large embossing tools for the whitework.
Gentle featherlike strokes.
Notice I use the Groovi Plate Mate to clamp the artwork .

Flip the mat to the hard side for colouring in.
Add a sheet of black card, so you can see what you’re doing.
I used only 2 colours.
Green and Yellow over the top.
Colour from the back.

Added dots to the scallop edge.
Had to flip back to the soft side for this embossing trick.

So what have we got now?

Flip to the back again and add a score line 
– a fold line using the single border line.

While we were in France, 
I watched in awe at the experts pricking and snipping.
So I thought I’d have a go at cutting the lace edge, 
and see what that looks like.
Here’s how I tackled it:
I trimmed the parchment back and then snipped up into the curves.
I then found it easy to cut along from scallop to scallop actually.

Slowly does it.
I’ve probably just broken every rule 
in the Parchment Craft Law Book.
So what?
Works for me!

 I figure that if I wrap the flap over the back,
(say that when you’ve been at the sherry!)
then I can attach it at the back!
And it looks pretty, too.

Not sure if 3mm double-sided adhesive was the answer,
but it was worth a go.
So I ran it along the edge of the back of the black card.

It shows through a bit, but hey!
It’s definitely stuck!!!
Maybe a glue runner would have been less evident.
I will try that next time.

The good news is the front!
I love it !!

What a lovely, lovely way to spend an hour.
I have so enjoyed making this!
And the initial border idea is ideal.
You can introduce loads of different patterns and parts of plates
into that area.

Got to go.
Dinner’s on the table!

Lots of love,

57 thoughts on “A Groovi Meadowgrass Border

  1. Really beautiful Barbara! It's great to have you back! Although with you blogging everyday its as if you were never really away!
    3 more weeks for me at work so that means it isn't long until the retreat in Crowborough! I really cannot wait!
    Hope your Monday is kind to you!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. That's lovely. I was on holiday in Devon last week and took my Groovi plate with me as I hadn't used it yet. I spent a lovely hour or so at the lake whilst my husband and friends were fishing. Did the butterfly and coloured it with Spectrum Noir pencils, not bad for my first go. xx

  3. Really lovely and very delicate. I too am on holiday this week and have my Groovi plate with me for a play! We had a family free week we thought so lots of time for crafty while hubby gets stuck into Wimbledon. The family have now all decided to come which is actually lovely so not as much time as I thought but I'm sure I will fit it in as well. Looking forward to the retreat in Crowborough soon x x x

  4. Beautiful work Barbara. I'm so looking forward to getting the starter kit for Xmas , it's ages away but I'll watch and learn until then x

  5. Oh I really want this groovi set. Just can't manage it at the moment as it's been an expensive time for us all in this family. I suppose it's not going anywhere and I shall just have to wait! What a beautiful card. I bet someone frames it – whoever the lucky recipient is. xx Margaret Col.

  6. guten appetit. lovely parchment work. i think most glues show underneath parchment. maybe you could try tiny dots of wet glue under the embossed dots in scallops…… hugs xx

  7. Hello Barbara

    Thank you very much for the tip to remove the white markings. I also find them very distracting. Your work of art is beautiful, the meadow grass plate is my favourite.


  8. Hi Barbara, I really love the colouring in of the parchment, it looks really good. I also like the idea of attaching the scalloped edge at the back, it saves parchment paper, but finishes it nicely. Unfortunately, parchment is a nuisance when it comes to attaching, you could cover up the double sided tape with a length of ribbon or a straight piece of card in a coordinating colour. I haven't really found an adhesive that doesn't show!!!
    Have recently ordered my Groovi plate and looking forward to playing with it and creating some wonderful parchment cards. Had my letter about the retreat yesterday, so am really looking forward to that too. I don't always comment on your blog, but do read it daily 🙂
    Best wishes Moya xx

  9. Your tutorials certainly come at the top of my list. Lovely delicate design. I am glad the lines came off as I can see that they would be very distracting
    Saving my pocket money up for the kit but also know that I shall want the new wee folk you mentioned too.

  10. This is so elegant, I'll have to try a wrap around style with borders. I wonder if you make the border a bit wider and colour it, could you glue under it without it showing? A bit of experimentation needed. I didn't get the meadow grasses with my kit – I think they'll have to go on my Christmas list.

  11. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, very pretty, thanks for sharing. That's what is so good about craft, so many choices of things to do depending on what you feel like at the time. You do seem very down /sad to be back home from your time in that beautiful tranquil corner of France. When that sad feeling goes you've got all those special and happy memories and feelings stored so you can relive it any time and sharing it with Dave and your friends that went with you will make it feel all the more real again, and God willing, you can go back there again lots more times and /or have many more happy and special times with the people you love and hold dear to your heart. I don't like to see you sad, and it makes me feel sad too for you. Big hugs with Dave and/or Romeo might help you to not feel so lost and sad. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda how are you doing ? Has today's blog tempted you more for the groovi starter kit I'm tempted for the borders now on my wish list , I've had a lovely weekend just doing a little crafting using the groovi picking it up and putting down conserving my energy it's so relaxing and so rewarding seeing a finished piece to make a card with big hugs xxx

    2. Hi, I'm a bit out of sorts in my head just now, been trying to do a wee bit of this, a wee bit of that, but mostly end up doing nothing! Bit agitated so I end up messing things up, so then I get more agitated and frustrated and it's a bit of a vicious cycle. And my eyes are sooo bad just now that I'm struggling with stuff that normally I wouldn't be. Nothing has happened yet re any new worker, only viewed some intro videos, waiting for Nicola to discuss them with me, then she'll need to arrange to bring whoever is first to say hello before they can start coming with the current worker. I'm hoping you hold onto your heat wave, don't be sending it up here!!! CFS makes your body thermostat a bit defunct which means my body can't cope with extremes of temperature and when it's hot even breathing feels laboured. And with my body already struggling so much just now I'm dreading the heat that's coming. It's not like I can just stop doing everything, being totally on my own I've got no choice but to fight to make myself get everything needed done.

      Glad you've had a good crafting weekend Sheila.

      How are you doing Donna? I know this week, especially Wednesday is going to be so tough for you. I'll be thinking about you. Did you manage to find a good present for your step dad? I'm very much aware that I'm holding you guys up from colouring in your rose bowls, I don't mind if you want to go ahead and start colouring it in, I can catch up later. Big bear hugs, love Brenda xx

    3. Oh Dot that's made me chuckle, this bus is going to be brimming with cake tea bags, coffee, wine ,cheese and craft goodies fit to bursting by the time it gets to Barbara with everyone having their own personal summer in the heat wave! Xxx
      Brenda I hope you manage to keep cool if the weather gets hot try putting ice in front of a fan, it works a treat as I've found out the last few days! Xxx

    4. Brenda Hope today is a brighter day for you I don't like the hot weather like you it. Saps my energy the little I have you take care thinking of you haven't started my rose bowl yet so no rush when your ready you too Donna
      What a good idea the ice in front of the fan I have two going one either side of my lounge .
      Hi Dorothy what fun that bus would be Barbara could start a crafting bus touring around Great Britain xx

    5. Dot, it's not the scratchy green ones, it's the soft ones you need to take with us!!!! I'm afraid me and Sheila will be on tea duty during that job, I'll be lucky to clean the lines off my own one when I get it!!! xx

      Thanks for the tip Diane 🙂 I don't have a proper fan, I think the constant noise would be a bad one for me. But I do have one of the wee hand held ones somewhere, I think, so could maybe try it with that if it gets too bad. It's not got hot yet here, still a cool wind blowing. Wednesday is meant to be the worst for heat here, and that's garden day, typical! So I've just asked if there is any possibility of changing the day to another one. xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    This is really pretty and beautiful. I love how you have used the borders. I also never know how to stick the parchment without the glue showing. The meadow grasses plate is fabulous, one of my favourites. Thanks for this post, I will try to have a go at it later in the week. Love Alison xx

  13. Wow Barbara stunning ,I've had a groovi weekend only doing a little at a time to conserve my energy did 4 using the landscape / butterfly and meadows and used the stencil that you used on c&c show with the butterfly they look beautiful and as you say so relaxing now I know why I need the boarders they will go on my wish list ,looking forward to more groovi -ing this week thank you for fetching us such a wonderful crafting product an award winning mindfulness one crafting hugs xxx

  14. This wildflower border is really pretty Barbara and the embossing and colouring is just enough to add that special something to the finished piece. Hope your Monday doesn't bring you back to earth with too much of a bump. x

  15. I love this new system of yours, I'm saving my pennies so I can join in the fun. Glad you had a good time in France and are back home safe & sound. I've just got back from a lovely weekend with my sister & family in Forest Row, had a very relaxing time, went for a long walk along the disused railway line with their dog. Such lovely views across the fields, (sorry too many lovleys, but can't think of any other words to describe it.) Congratulations Roz so happy it was you, looking forward to Saturday at my favourite craft store!

  16. Lovely Barbara loving the border work and your cutting tip to, don't think I could do the fancy snipping stuff but that would work for me would love to see how you do the whitework and the colouring to …..Dot..xx

  17. Thank you Barbara for this timely blog~having received my 'Groovi' goodies this weekend. Will help me in refreshing this old brainbox, unfortunately due to financial restrictions I had to leave out the rulers until my next buying session comes around…….xxxx thank you for all your inspirations they are a real help

  18. Groooooooovvvvvviiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I too was in the groovi yesterday afternoon – it takes you off in to a quiet place where life is pleasant and free from stresses, strains and worries – love it.

    Much Love

    Kim xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    This is so pretty and I love the journey you are taking us on. You are learning from your team and you are passing your knowledge on to us. Love the effect of the colours and the scalloped edge. Oh please Father Christmas I have been sooooo good this year! Take it gently tomorrow as you return to work and no burning the candle at both ends to get work done for TV!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  20. Hello Barb, such a lovely image, I can see how this calms the mind. I do have it on my wish list, but will have to wait a while. Thank you for all the tips and inspiration you give us. Bx

  21. I have had a problem with the lines so have used my permango mat as plain colour, just off to wipe my new board to make it clean, thank you, Lovely card, I am enjoying doing this again, just waiting for corner punch to arrive and off I go mounting. everything I have done

  22. Hi Barbara. Love it, making a feature of the back flap is a great idea too : ) I am saving up to get the starter set and borders as I know I will be able to do it in small "bites" because of your Groovi set. Can't wait : ) Take care xx

    1. That's why I love the groovi as you can pick it up and put it down just do little bits at a time and it's so relaxing and enjoyable xxx

  23. Thank you for the tutorial BarbaraI I do parchment craft and love it. I am thinking of buying the templates, what do you use to colour them in with .x

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