YouTube Tuesday – It’s a Word Chain Sale!

YouTube Tuesday – It’s a Word Chain Sale!

Hi there!
Welcome to Youtube Tuesday!
I’m afraid that the time didn’t stretch to a video this week.
So instead, I thought I’d air a previous one and have 
A Super Sale!
This little VT shows off our Word Chains, 
our funky, fabulous strips of eclectic word stamps,
which are so popular with card-makers, mixed media artists and scrapbookers alike.
Check out the framing technique here, 
then scroll down for a super deal.

39 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – It’s a Word Chain Sale!

  1. How marvellous! O love a bargain !! Can't believe the first sunday in the month has come around already. Reminds me, Haven't receved christmas parchment bits yet from C&C. Will have to call them tomorrow! I love this demo and have used this one a few times already. Feel it. will lend. itself to a nice festive card too! Lots of love Jillyxx

  2. Don't apologise Barbara we are lucky to have you blog each day ,
    Like Susan I've spent in the members sale and a set of groovi plates too awaiting for another launch on Sunday wow how quick these months are passing happy prepping for Sunday's show crafting hugs xxx

  3. Hi Barbara, no need to be saying sorry, always good to revisit 🙂 I'd be feeling bad if you tried to squeeze in making youtubes for us when you are snowed under like you are. There are loads in your library to keep us all as occupied as we want to be! And a sale is always welcome, 🙂 that's very generous of you. I've only got two sets so I think I'll get a couple more while we're working out my Groovi dilemma!!! I've been having to do paperwork – if you can call written work on the laptop paperwork!!! Think I'd much rather be crafting, it's given me a sore head and heightened my agitation! And I'm at the stage where it's had to be made a bigger mess before it gets better!!! Really quite scary actually and probably why I've been doing total avoidance, because the total chaos of stuff all over the place is only giving me a huge reality hit of just how not coping and how big a mess I am. I've never been like this ever in my life! I survive on lists, or used to! Nicola has been trying to get me to make proper lists of everything for her again, hence all this sorting and clearing out and writing and stuff. But I'm seriously not coping with the magnitude of it – the reality it's showing me of the mess and chaos me and here is! And, I had all sorts of craft stuff all mixed up in it all! And, it all stuffed all over the place in my email!!! Seems to be the dumping ground – chuck anything into anywhere in amongst my emails!!! So I've spent hours clearing out, chucking the craft stuff into my craft folder for reorganising another time and grouping all the other bits and pieces under different headings! Feels like I've got nowhere! And I've still got to go through the old lists from over a year and a half ago, and tackle all the practical jobs part too, and I sooo don't want to go there with either- that's way too much reliving of bad stuff! I can see me being up most of the night doing it as my head is too worked up, and all I know to do for that is to finish whatever it is that's making me feel this way! Anyway, hope you are getting lots ticked off on your to do lists, and you're not going to bed with the fastest spinning washing machine head like I've got!!! Love Brenda xx

    Hi Donna, thinking about you my friend, do you want to talk? xx

    And you too Dot, is something wrong for you, or are you on babysitting duties now, our schools close this week but I know some areas closed last week? Thinking about you too friend xx

    1. Hi Brenda your trying to hard your brain & body can only take so much in don't forget your cfs/me plus it's far too hot to do very much give yourself a red card I haven't crafted today as far too warm try to hover out your brain that's what's my partner /carer says to me we are only human not robotic hugs xxx

    2. Thank you Sheila, wish I could hoover out my brain, I'd hoover out an awful lot of bad baggage too 🙂 Hope you're staying cool xx

      Yeah donna I know, some things in life you just wish never had to happen, and seem impossible to contemplate getting through. You'll get there somehow, I know that's not helpful at all! But at least you'll have your sisters with you, so you're not having to face it alone. Just keep trying to not think about tomorrow until you have to, you could try playing a mindless game on your tablet over and over, that's what I do to use up time when things are too tough. Wish I could help you through it. I'll be there with you psychically, giving you big bear hugs. I feel for you, love Brenda xx

    3. Thanks Brenda, funnily enough I downloaded a game earlier! Candy crush, apparently its one of those games that you get into!
      I think your lists sound like a good idea, but don't try and do them all in one go or you will be too stressed if you can't get them finished. Hope its going better and you feel like you are getting somewhere. Hope the weather doesn't get too hot for you tomorrow, try and stay cool. Xx

    4. I've never played that, I like time management ones like Roads of Rome, and shapes ones, fitting shapes in – so Autistic!!!! I was going to try getting all the lists finished tonight, doing my usual!!! But I think you're right, maybe I need to try stop for now and start again tomorrow. I've got all the craft stuff out and away to my craft folder so I can try to forget about that until another time. The lists stuff I've got all together in about half dozen pages with another couple in another folder, so it's just taking off what's been done, no longer is needed and putting them into some sort of order, so it's a stoppable place. Thanks for saying that – don't know how many times I've been told similar and still I can't do it for myself! You'd think I'd have learned by now eh!!!Maybe I need to be playing a game too, doing some knitting, that works too if I'm not too agitated. Do you knit? And Daisy needs a brush, poor wee soul, she's got the soft fluffy fur, great in the cold but she must be suffering a lot in his heat, and she's just getting on with it, my wee pal, she is such a good girl. I got my garden visit changed to Friday thankfully, it's to be cooler and the fresher by then and hopefully dry for grass cutting. What are you supposed to do at night in this muggy heat, I can't go to bed without my quilt wrapped round me, it wouldn't feel right, but I guess that's going to make me cook!!!? xx

    5. Glad you have stopped for the evening. Sleeping in this heat is never easy but try and get some rest. I knit…………….sort of! Can make a scarf but nothing more complicated than that! I don't know how animals cope in the heat with their fluffy coats! Phoebe is having a haircut on Thursday so that should make her feel more comfortable. Very sensible to get your garden visit changed as any outdoor activity is a bad idea if it gets as hot as they say its going to be. Xx

    6. There's no sort of about it, if you can knit a scarf, then you can knit! 🙂 Knitting is one of those things that fool people, there basically is only 2 stitches and it's what you do with those stitches and the wool that makes the pattern but people get scared off because they think it looks so complicated. It's the patterns, all the abbreviations, that cause people to struggle. I bet if they wrote patterns in straightforward language a lot more people would have a go. You just need someone to show you how to shape your knitting and how to read patterns, but you've definitely got the skills if you can knit a scarf. I had to do an emergency water from the windows this afternoon as a couple of plants were badly wilted and although I've got all the windows open a bit, the muggy heat I felt standing at the fully open window was unbelievable, so aye, I must be a bit sheltered from it staying inside with the windows only open a bit. I can't open them more as dafty daisy would fly out after one of her flying 'spiders' and probably bolt in fear and get lost or worse! she likes to stand on the windowsill and look out the open window at the front with me, guess she must feel safer being up that wee bit more as she's rarely asked to go out the back door this year, it's been ages since. Looks like she's decided to be an indoor cat! I'm happy with that, much safer for her, but it is sad that she doesn't come out in the garden with me, I would have enjoyed that. How's your candy crush game going? Is it one of those match 3 in a row ones? xx

    7. Game is going well, have found the first few levels very easy, although I have a feeling its just lulling me into getting hooked and then it will become impossible. It is one of the matching groups of the same colour type so in theory should be non taxing………….we will see how it goes.
      I have looked at a pattern…………like you said, complete gobbledygook! And it was beginner level! So I agree straight talking for the patterns would be great!
      My bedroom is at the front of the house so gets sun all day long! Feels like I'm in a sauna, so definitely no quilt needed! Xx

    8. Hi Brenda I'm fine just a bit shattered with the garden work my own fault really as my sons were going to help me with it at the weekend but I've always been a wee bit independent and couldn't leave it any longer.
      Please try and calm down to hell with the lists and do something you enjoy believe
      me life's to short to worry about anything. I was wondering are you a bit OCD about
      things being in the right place and stuff being moved gets you upset as we find this
      with Amy .. take care maybe get a wee thinner duvet would help to .. love Dot …xx

    9. Yep definitely Dot, a lot of autistic folk need things in set places and can't handle them being moved, and I'm bad with that one. It's things looking right and not looking right, like lining up the jelly babies, it just looks right (don't know how to describe it) and so that's calming and makes you feel nicer inside. Maybe it's a bit like eating chocolate or whatever your favourite food is, it just tastes nice or feels nice or whatever. It's also about change, a lot of us have varying difficulties to do with change, and that's change of anything right down to the least wee thing that you wouldn't even give a thought to. And control comes into it too, us living in such an unpredictable and chaotic (to us) world controlling what's around us, what's ours, is like an attempt to balance /protect us from that chaos and unpredictability. If someone comes in and moves something even a fraction it makes me feel bad feelings and very agitated and you just feel this strong need to put it back in it's right place right away to make the feelings go. I even have it with people just touching my stuff, that's not everyone and not everything, it depends on how I feel about that person and what type of person they are. What helps me is people asking me first – is it ok to… because then that gives me total control of everything round about me and that keeps me calm and stops me getting the bad feelings. A lot of autistic people have OCD, mines are checking things, this things in specific places, but my worst one is 'people contamination' like people touching me and my stuff contaminates it, but that's not all people, and there's varying levels too, some people I've no problem with and others I can't bear to even be near me. I don't know if Amy can say yes and no to you but if not still asking her if it's ok, or telling her you're going to might at least give her warning of what you were about to do and maybe she'd show you a reaction that you'd know if it was ok or not. My brother used to wind me up no end, as siblings do, especially as a teenager, I clearly must have been very possessive and reacting badly to what I felt was an invasion of my space, my stuff but they didn't know I had Asperger's, so it was just a game to them, while I went through all sorts of awfulness and fear and stress not handling it at all. Does that help any? bet it feels good though to have tackled your garden yourself 😉 xx

      These games tend to get very aaaaaagh, wind me up no end, that's why I tend to avoid them, like you say the first few levels are easy, but they never continue that way!!! Poor you, can you sleep in the living room or somewhere instead, the fridge sounds like a good place right now, guess that's maybe why Americans have such large fridges. My bedroom is usually the coolest room in the summer but not tonight, it's the same as every other room. It's weird being hotter at night that it normally is during the day, I think my body /head is struggling to work that one out – is it night or is it day!!! I couldn't sleep without my quilt wrapped round me right up to about nose level or over my head, depending on how I'm feeling!!! If I feel hot I stick my feet out for a wee bit, much to Daisy's amusement, one of her favourite games!!! I need that security feeling, a sheet or empty quilt cover wouldn't work. Well it's a nice change from feeling too cold soo much of the time, I think of it like that. xx

    10. Thanks Brenda that makes a lot of sense to me
      As its exactly what I was meaning you explain things to me better than any help we have which is not a lot as you know so thankyou my friend see you later thanks again…xx

  4. How wonderful, Barbara. thank you. I haven't any of these sets yet so, despite my budgeting plans and promises to cut spending on crafty items, I will have to take advantage of the amazing offer. I have just had a holiday in Devon where I discovered a lovely shop run by a very talented lady who was making cards, handbags from recycled jeans, lovely pictures from pebbles etc found on the shore, and delightful little fairy houses complete with fairy inside and many other things. It was so nice to chat to her (and buy a lot of her products, hence budget cut-backs). I am trying to catch up on all the blogs I have missed as no WiFi or internet where we stayed, also keen to get back to crafting as have suffered withdrawal symptoms. 🙂

  5. Great sale, have spent my crafty money on groovi stash so I will have to pass! Thanks for reminding us of this technique with the wordy border, always good to have a memory jogger! Xx

    1. Hi Donna don't know what tomorrow brings but take each day as the days will soon pass
      It will soon be Barbara on the telly cannot believe it's 1st July tomorrow I'm wishing winter here as don't do hot weather didn't even get to craft today as hot weather saps my energy even more than normal hugs xxx

  6. This is great and love the way the words frame that cute little baby and the pen work is great too. Thank you for the wordchain offer and look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

  7. Hi Barbara really looking forward to Sunday, hopefully I can chill out and watch you! This is a great sale, thank you. Don't overdo it this week will you.
    Love Diane xxx

  8. Hi Barb, thanks for the great offers, still love this idea, so will go have a mooch around the website. Looking forward to Sunday, cannot wait to see the new stuff. Take care. Bx

  9. It's your fault my bank manager is crying now, just spent a fortune 🙂 Good luck with the show Sunday, although you'll be great as always x

  10. Fab deal, but our finances have hit the scuppers for the foreseeable! Boo hoo! Thank goodness I am a member of your clubs so I will still get my monthly Clarity fix! xxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    No need to apologise – we all know how busy you are. Great offer as well, there are a couple of sets I haven't got yet so might just have to see if the budget will stretch to them as I'm waiting for your Sunday launch Christmas word chains! Love Alison xxx

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