It’s a Road Trip!!!

It’s a Road Trip!!!

Thanks for dropping in.
Well here’s where we say goodbye to San Francisco,
– it’s been great fun spending time with Mark –
First stop Yosemite.
The weather is a bit ropey apparently,
but hey!
The last time I was in Yosemite, I was driving a 40ft RV along a cliff edge in a storm.
Mark was not even a year old.
I remember it well. In fact, what I remember most clearly was my dear old Dad the co-pilot, with his hands over his eyes!
Ah yes, and then there were the bears…
but that’s another blog altogether!
While we’re on the road,
here’s a little crafty offering, 
using those wonderful Sunglass stamps which are on special offer.
Buy one get one free.

Here is a neat technique on thinking outside the box or is that Bubble!

Line the stencil up on the Gelli Card and then take the Black Micron Pen and draw through each of the Bubbles

So now we are going to go freehand and let the Bubbles float all over the card!
Position the stencil on the card so that some of the Bubbles are on the blank area of the card and draw through them, as before.

Keep moving the stencil around and repeat the process.
When you have finished, you will have something that looks like this. Notice how I have just drawn one of the largest bubbles.

Next, take a selection of Aqua Markers, I have gone with 7 different colours and start to colour in each Bubble. Start with 1 colour first and colour in randomly, then take the next colour and then next until you have used all 7 colours and all the bubbles have been coloured, leaving the largest bubble white

You will end up with something like this.

Now take some of the small stamps from the Summer Shades or Ladies Glasses set and add to the Bubbles. 

Lets add some colour to the white Bubbles. Take a piece of scrap paper and lay it over the car, then position the stencil back over to protect the rest of the area

Take a makeup sponge and Adirondack Mushroom and add some colour under the car so that it is not floating.

Then tear some hills into the scrap paper and repeat with the Adirondack Peach Bellini

Position the stencil to create the sun, again using the Adirondack Peach Bellini

Do the same with the other white Bubbles, so that they blend in.

Trim down 2 pieces of the 8×11 Gelli Card as follows:
 7.25″ x 7.25″ and 7.5″ x 7.5″. 
Now choose 2 colours you have used and create a border around the edges using a ruler.
 Mat and layer to finish off.

I am gathering them in spadefuls over here.
And loving every minute of it.

Doesn’t this also make a fab wedding card using the 
Wedding Wee Folk 6 and the Wedding Stationery Set
Actually the Bubbles are just crying out for any of the Wee Folk or any of the miniature stamp sets on the website!
Much love,

64 thoughts on “It’s a Road Trip!!!

  1. So colourful! Great use of the stencil. My birthday today!!! My sister has made me (using tons of PVA and red glitter) my very own pair of ruby shoes as I love the wizard of oz! How cool is that! Crafty family, had some beautiful hand made cards this morning. Xx

    1. Happy birthday Donna, hope it's a good one and you're having a great day, and a good year to come for you. And now you've got your ruby shoes all you need to do when times are hard is click your heels!!! Are you going to own up to which birthday you are celebrating this year? 😉
      (I was going to suggest we have a wee go at colouring in our teapots again, test my eyes, but we'll wait until you've stopped celebrating). Love Brenda xx

    2. Oooh it is a big one, welcome to the club ;-), although I'm heading for 50 next year, now that's scary!!! Have you still not learned – you'll get nae sympathy from a sibling!!!! Hope you've big celebrations going on, enjoy, after all this is when your life begins! xx

    3. Happy Birthday Donna – enjoy yourself, and 40 is still young. Actually Brenda M 50 is still quite young too!!! That's what I keep telling myself….x

    4. Oops, sorry Susan 😉 And sorry to all the other older than me people on here, guess I walked into that one!!! 50, 60, 70, 80… (thinking fast now), only as old as you feel, and this arty crafting lark and Barbara's blog sure to keep us all young at heart 🙂 Am I forgiven yet or do I need to grovel some more!!!!! 🙂 xx

    5. Happy birthday Donna hope you have had a fantastic day. 40! Great age! I'm just clinging on to the last few days of 49 and I'm the younger sister so role on retribution in bucket loads! Haha. Have a wonderful year and enjoy your fab shoes xxx

  2. Hi Barbara dave &steve love this card so many things you can do with the Stencil and the wee people like you say stay safe as you move on bye mark God bless love June horrocks xxxx

  3. Great card, some fab ideas as always. I went to Yosemite when I was 5months pregnant with my eldest son (he's now in his 30's!) and loved it.

    We stayed with a work colleague who had a house built right in the middle of the national park and it was stuffed full of English antiques purchased during the war when they were stationed over here. I loved feeding the deer from the decking during breakfast and watching the raccoons 'wash' their food before eating it. Your mention of it has brought back some lovely memories, thanks.

  4. Hello Barbara. Yosemite is a magical place and I bet your fairy wee folk would look amazing in that stencil too. We had quite an encounter with bears whilst there, the girls were terrified and then insisted on swimming in the river which was freezing. Such happy times. I hope you enjoy it just as much the second time around. xx Margaret Col.

  5. Very pretty cards Barbara.
    Enjoy Yosemite – I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun, no matter what the weather!
    Take care and safe journey to you all xxx

  6. Hi Barbara, Dave and Steve, your road trip sounds fab….and it is great that we get to join you on your travels…I love this bright and colourful design….even though all those bubbles make me want to go and eat some Aero Chocolate…….hugs…xxx

    1. Actually if you did what Barbara has done and coloured all the bubbles green with lighter green on the background then added brown ink all around the outside it would look like mint aero chocolate!!!!

  7. Hi Barbara stunning idea love the bubble stencil so versatile will have to put on my wish list tempted to the offer too lovely memories you make .we are due to go home to the bungalow Saturday yippee 8 weeks it's taken but it's looking lovely cannot wait to get back to my crafting can print out the mindfulness boots to colour happy crafting hugs to all xxx

  8. Hi Barbara, I love this, just my kind of thing, be very enjoyable to make, will definitely be giving this a go (that stencil is on my want /need list), thank you for sharing 🙂 Yosemite, is that where the big geyser is? What came into my head when I read Yosemite – Yogi Bear and Boo Boo!!!!! You can tell what kind of upbringing I had!!!! It was my brother that was cartoon daft though, I didn't 'get' cartoons, but clearly did a lot of subliminal learning, eh!!!! (Ok I know he wasn't supposed to be living in Yosemite but he did get associated with the bears there.) So glad you're having such a good time and making loads of brilliant memories. Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with us. Love Brenda xx

    Dot, the names of the CD's I have are Sweet Dreams Baby's First Mozart, Baby needs Baroque, Baby needs Bach, and Baby needs Beethoven. They are proper classical music pieces, played by orchestras. Hope it helps xx (I guess now I've looked them out, I should keep them out and try and get past the bad associations and see if I can use them again!)

  9. What a lovely cheerful card. Reminded me of Pudsey Bear…maybe he lives in Yosemite when he's not working for Children in Need. Thank you for the inspiration. Hope you have a less scary drive than last time…think Dave would do more than cover his eyes though!. Happy holiday! Xx

  10. I love this one. Tomorrow night, I will play with it. Those Wee Folk just fit everywhere, don't they. Hope the rest of your trip is just as great. By the way, will the Aquamarkers work as well or the Distress pens? xxx Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie, both aqua markers and distress markers are water based so work the same way. Both have a brush tip and a fine tip. I think the only difference is the distress markers are the same colours of the distress ink pads, the aqua markers aren't. But the aqua markers work out cheaper per pen. Hope that helps xx

  11. I love the idea of using the Bubbles stencil to make little scenes with pretty coloured bubbles in between. Hope you road trip goes well and that you reach Yosemite you don't get any trouble from the Sounds as though it is a beautiful place but you need to keep your wits about you. x

  12. I love the idea you have planted here!!! Fantastic.
    Say Hi to El Capitan whilst motoring through Yosemite – no doubt still have some snow on the ground here and there – such a beautiful national park – a place of natural beauty – keep drinking in those memories.
    Much love
    Kim xx

  13. Love this Barbara – really hope you enjoy your trip and that the weather is on your side! I might need to have a little play with my bubbles stencil whilst the dinner is cooking!!!

  14. What a great way of using Jo's Bubble stencil – you may have just helped me solve a design dilemma!!! 🙂 good luck on your road trip. I hope Yosemite Park brings back happy memories and that you all creat some fab new ones. hugs xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Love these bubbles, I must get the stencil it is so useful. I love the way you create small works of art in the bubbles, just amazing. Well Dave, Steve and Barbara enjoy your road trip , drive carefully, are you taking the 'bear necessities ' with you :)take care
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Fabulous Barbara! I love all the colours! And those mini sets work so brilliantly with it!
    Safe journey on your road trip! Xxxx

  17. Hello Barb, what a fabulous idea, both cards are brilliant, love the bright colours. Thanks for the inspiration. So glad you are enjoying the trip, travel safely. Bx

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