A new and brilliant technique…..

A new and brilliant technique…..

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Saturday’s blog a new technique, right?
Remember yesterday I pointed out that Steve had been carrying a white bin liner around all day?Well, let’s take a look inside….
Whilst walking the length of the Embarcadero, we chanced upon a street artist.
He was creating art and listening to real hip hop house music.
so I thought I would share him with you,
because he was so very talented.
All he worked with was some aerosol cans of cellulose paint –
hence the mask and the glass shield.
See Alcatraz in the background?
He used a frisbee to make a moon,

and a paint scraper to create stars and flood lights.
So very much a man after my own heart.
I was watching very, very carefully,
soaking it up like a sponge.
As he was working feverishly at his artwork, I was converting everything he was doing into workable art ideas for us lot!
It took 15 minutes from a blank piece of white paper to complete.
The crowd clapped, he said the painting was for sale for the princely, very modest sum of $20 –
and I didn’t hesitate.
I stepped forward and whipped out $20 
before anybody could even raise their hand.
Done deal.
And so now you know what was in the white bin liner…
check this out:

Alcatraz was a mask cut out of a piece of card.

The San Fran skyline.
The Pan American building.

Golden Gate Bridge

The bay…
Blimming masterpiece.
Now this might not be the kind of art I would normally go for,
but the pure talent oozing out of this modest Mexican bloke on the street just baffled me.
Very, very, very clever.

So when I get home, I want to try some new tricks.
And if I have to go to Halfords and get a loads of car spray paint and a spray suit – so be it!
I reckon it’s doable. 
With a few months of practice and a lot of paint!!!!
much love,

59 thoughts on “A new and brilliant technique…..

  1. Very nice piece of art work.
    Just this week I found some you tube movies on spray paint art.
    In case you forgot how to to it when you're back in the UK. Looking forward to see you're spaypaint art.
    It's probely as good as you're stamping art

  2. I've seen these street artists on the Embarcadero myself – it's fascinating to watch – you find yourself caught up and not wanting to move on – good luck with either trying it yourself or finding another medium to try it with!


  3. Wow what a fab piece of art work. I just wish I could/knew how to create such a thing in such a short space of time. Can't wait to see what you come up upon your return.

  4. Wow Barbara, what amazing artwork. I, like you, would not normally be drawn to this type of art, there must be something about this guy that's extra special. His talent clearly comes from the same mould as yours :-). Now that's brotherly love, carefully carrying round your purchased artwork all day for you!!! Or did you have to bribe him!!!! My brother was easy to bribe when we were kids, he didn't like walking, so it was always if you walk to there you'll get a treat – ice cream, sometimes it had to be progressed to chips or a burger though!!!! I look forward very much to you translating this artist's techniques into something we can all incorporate into our artwork. I can see me needing to talk Nicola into some trips to the DIY store in the months to come, fortunately for me, they are about to move building and there's a large DIY place just down the road from their new premises 🙂 Knew that was going to be useful, it was meant to be!!!! But please don't go getting us all into spray painting, I don't think trying to build fume cabinets in our craft rooms will go down well!!!!. Hope you're all enjoying today's adventures. Love Brenda xx

    Donna, hope you enjoyed your night out, and you're not suffering too badly today 😉 xx

    1. Hi Brenda, not too bad today, even though I got in at 9.30 this morning and went to bed, got up about 3! Was I out clubbing, all night rave??????? Nope………….. I was at work with 30 very excited children doing a sleepover in the school hall! My back will a few days to recover! Xx

    2. Now that's dedication! Good school that, and how times have changed. And here's me been thinking about you out having fun, I shouldn't jump to conclusions eh, but in my defence who would have thought you'd be on your way back to school on a Friday evening!!! Sounds like it was worth it though, 30 happy children 🙂 xx

  5. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us Barbara. Never seen anything like it ever. Hugs from Scotland. Rita xxx

  6. Interesting art work, I can just see the people at Halfords looking very confused when there is a sudden rush on spray paint! I didn't see this street artist when I was last there but did pick up an acrylic painting of the bay from one of the stalls in the craft market. Now you know how we all feel seeing you create art from a blank piece of paper! Xx

  7. Hiya Barbara. Very much an artist…. Seen history before…. Very very impressed. Lucky you to get an original…
    There was me thinking that I was doing great with my can of spray etching on my design piece for the Clarity Challenge that this month lol
    Hugs xx

  8. Wow! Yes, a very talented man and well done you, for snapping it up (as well as taking all the ideas on board for us!) Enjoy the rest of your stay. Love Jan x

  9. Wow amazing art work, no wonder you snapped it up quick Barbara. Before you go dashing off to halfords, why not give it a go with an Air Brush, you would then use all your lovely inks and paints, wonder if it would work on a Gelli Plate, mmmm theres a thought. Love San Francisco spent some time there when I was 19, a long time ago now, so its nice to see your photos and take a trip down memory lane. Enjoy the rest of your holiday, hugs Karen xxx

  10. I am gonna stop using my phone to leave comments cos they keep disappearing! Booo.
    This is awesome art and so much talent for such a modest man. $20 for such a fabulous piece of work – bargain. I hope you get it home ok Barbara. Fabulous.

  11. I have watched this kind of artistry for years. I have a few pieces myself. The brilliant part is that you got someone else to carry it around all day for you. Well done! 🙂

  12. WOW – you were in the right place, at the right time – that artwork is pure genius! Lucky you Barbara.
    Enjoy the rest of your day, Carole xxx

  13. I have seen a few of these videos online and they are amazing. So like Linda just wondering what you going to do and whether I need to bring a boiler suit and mask to the retreat. Love the picture you bought though, brilliant. xx

  14. Whether you can use his ideas or copy his technique doesn't really matter as the picture is amazing. A truly unique souvenir of an amazing place and worth every cent.


  15. Beautiful! And I can't wait to see how you get on with spray paints when you get home! Looks like you're still having a good holiday!!! Xxxx

  16. Lol. There are some amazing street artists in the world, I've seen several videos on Facebook and YouTube, it never ceases to amaze me xx

  17. B****y marvellous – pretty certain there are youtube videos of him doing this – its soo clever – some people are so talented – so you teach us Barb Im all for it!!!
    Much love

  18. What a talented young man I would have been right there with my $20 to Barbara
    cant wait to see what your take on it is, check out that new eBrush set at crafters companion are
    doing just now might work with what you have in mind. keep enjoying your break…Love..Dot.xx

  19. Hi Barbara and dave& steve I have seen this before but it was children's pictures. Your picture is beautiful very clever man.
    Glad your having a fab holiday love June horrocks xxxxx

  20. Stunning picture. Saw this technique 15 plus years ago in Spain and son aged 15 then, came home and did the same……..super spacey creations, so effective. No protective booth then though…just a lamp in the street at night and a face mask! Love this one!

  21. Oh wow Barbara this is amazing you definitely got a bargain there and lots of inspiration. I am so enjoying the posts from your holiday it is so kind of you to share them with us. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Hugs Jackie

  22. wow! I never thought Steve had such a master piece in his bag. Does that mean another job for Dave… building you a spray booth! Good luck with that one Dave'

  23. Think I've seen something like this on a You Tube video. Awesome! Real, raw talent. What a fab piece of artwork to own and to inspire. Look forward to seeing what you produce xxx

  24. Hi Barbara, got one , no two of these pictures too, wonderful to remember the time in san Francisco, really nice guys who do this Kind of art.
    Have a lot of fun there and looking forward seeing your pictures,, Gisela

  25. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing this amazingly talented young man, and for supporting him by buying one of his astounding pieces of art. I wonder if he is the same one that is on youtube (mind you there are a few). Bx

  26. Hi Barbara
    This is an amazing piece of artwork, what a great reminder of your holiday. How far did Daves jaw drop when you stepped forwards with your $20! How kind of Steve to carry it around all day, I would have been made to carry it myself! We saw a street artist in Edinburg doing something similar (health and safety hadn't got to him yet though!) and my daughter was fascinated but the cost of the spray paints has stopped her from playing. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  27. This is so clever and no wonder you wanted to bring it home and I'm sure you will soon have that cased in your own inimitable style Barbara. Glad you had another fabulous day. x

  28. Fantastic work! Sounds like a good you tube Tuesday for the future! Once retired I thought I'd get to keep up with this blog but it's harder than it was at work. I don't seem to have a lunch hour now! Still it's good to catch up and be able to take some time to read a lot of the other comments!

  29. Hi Barbara. WOW……..BREATH TAKING……..STUNNING……you are one lucky lady to have seen the making of this, to be able to enjoy it every day, and all for just $20!!!! Take care x

  30. This is so clever, we saw a guy when we were in New York doing this and couldn't resist buying one of his pictures. It will be great to see your take on it.Wx

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