Floral Bouquet Early Anniversary Card….

Floral Bouquet Early Anniversary Card….

Hello there,
Thanks from popping in!
Bit slow out of the starting blocks today,
so it’s nice to just make a pretty card for you.
Monday’s blog is flowers and trees, right?
So let’s use that wonderful new silk bouquet stamp
Coloured in with Spectrum Aqua pens.
We stock these now; they’re fab.
Here you can see they’re lovely for simply colouring in.
Good starting place. 
Now let’s funk it up a bit…

Mind you, if you like a more delicate look, t
hen you may want to get off the arty train at this stop…

I’m going to travel a little further,
by firstly adding a little shade and depth to the flowers 
using the Spectrum Noir blending Pencils.

I just want to mention here that the reason -and the ONLY reason- 
I use, promote and sell Spectrum Pencils and now the Spectrum Aqua Pens is because they are really, really great products.
The price is right.
So once we’ve enhanced the flowers and the bow, 
we could get off the train….

Thinking, thinking,
add a yellow pencil border while I’m thinking…
Got it! The ride gets a bit messy now.
Sure you want to carry on?

Well brace yourself and get your apron on then!
I have got little spritzer bottles with diluted Distress ink,
and I think I’m going to go for it.
We sell packs of 5.
Right. Here goes.
In preparation for the Crowborough Open Days, we have once again invested in an immense stock of the Ranger Distress Reinkers, because they are so brilliant for so many applications.
That’s why we are able to offer the Whole fab Collection again 
from today. We can only do this until we run out of one of the colours, you see….
I haven’t bothered about the new colours they have offered. We looked at them and concluded that the 48 originals were sufficient!
If you invest in the whole box of 48, 
you basically get 5 bottles free.
So as not to flood the card with colour, I held a piece of copy paper in the firing line. This way I could control the amount of spritz.
Take a look at the copy paper in the photo – 
I checked it and then blocked it as much as I thought necessary.

Aerial view of the inky bombsite….

Bit messy, but well worth it.

Oooh I say! That copy paper might just come in handy…

Once the flower panel has air dried,
Spray mount it to a piece of white card, leaving a slim white frame.
The Stick and Stay spray is ideal for this.
Now stick and spray the white panel to the copy paper where you think it would look best.

Cool. Now trim the copy paper back.
I use our C-thru ruler with the steel inlay for this.
The grid on the ruler makes this ultra-precise.

Nice and precise with a craft scalpel.

Once again, spray mount to a large piece of card, like so.
Then score fold and trim to create a lovely folded card.
Glad you stayed on the train?
I am.
In fact, this will be perfect for my parent’s Wedding Anniversary card.

It’s in September admittedly, so a trifle premature.
But listen! The speed this year is flying by,
I will be very grateful to have it done when the time comes!

Must dash, said the Mexican…
Much love,

40 thoughts on “Floral Bouquet Early Anniversary Card….

  1. Morning Barbara. I like that, really nice colours and the spritzed inks look amazing – must try that! Sun shining here – hope it is for you too. x

  2. Hello Barb, well it is not always that I am this close to being first to comment – lol. Love this artwork, such a beautiful colour combination. The spritzing is just brilliant. Spent yesterday afternoon playing with my granddaughter, shaving foam and distress re-inkers. Her comment at age 7 (nearly) was this is awesome, so thank you for the inspiration. As for the year flying by – well we are nearly half way through May, so I agree rather get it done, and stored away. Have a fabulous day. Bx

  3. Love the spritzing, and the fact that you used the shielding sheet of paper as the background. Hope you're not too tired today after your long journey yesterday? Always like to be ahead of myself with cards for my family when I can to avoid that last minute panic!! Susan x

  4. This is gorgeous Barbara and I love the new stamps and sentiments. I love the way you break it down so there are stopping points according to personal taste or what you have in your stash and as I don't have the reinkers to spray with I would be stopping at that point but it is a great idea to watercolour and then use the pencils over the top which definitely adds more dimension. x

  5. A beautiful stamp creating a beautiful card. Happy colours and I love the way the pencils enhance the pen work. If I were doing this design, I think I would do two, one at the earlier stage and then the second to take it through to the end at the station. See, I am chicken and I would want one to be certain of before really going for it. I think you are right to stick to the original colours. xxx Maggie

  6. Beautiful . Hard for me to stop and often regret it but can always start again . I just like it to come out right ( or at least usable ) first time around . You have no idea how frustrating this can be when your not an artist like you . Wonderful instructions . So appreciated . Joy now jan

  7. Hi Barb,
    Love this stamp. – just waiting for mine to arrive. The finished card is gorgeous and I'm sure your mam and dad will be delighted with it. Once my stamp comes I'll have a go at this as I've got the reinkers, the markers and the pencils – so there's no excuse! Thanks a lot for more inspiration. Love Alison xx

  8. I love the flowers Barbara your parents will love their card it was lovely meeting you on Saturday I was thrilled what a lovely man dave is he helped me to get my goodies thank you dave so much. I met Maria I had to ask someone was it her she looks brilliant she's a clever lady. Thank you Barbara and David you made this old girl very happy. Love always June horrocks xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Oh my – what a lovely creation. As I don't yet have the bouquet stamp, I'm going to try the lesson using the bunch of Freesias and pink/mauve colours…….. Thanks for the ideas Barb xx

  10. Super card again Barbara. Love the neatness of the card had you left at the 1st stop but if I could find the confidence I'd like to go to the end. Great colours and very arty. Haven't got the Aqua markers as yet or in fact the stamps, on the list though! Hope you weren't too long in the traffic last night, bet you were dying for a cuppa when you got home.xx

  11. Beautiful card at the start and later. Both really lovely. Also delighted with my Clarity Design stamp and inspiration today.
    Have a great week
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  12. Hi Barbara, this artwork is lovely, beautiful, thank you. Genius using the copy paper to block some of the spritzing 🙂 I must learn this, I'm, always over spritzing, still not learned 'you can always add but you can't take it away'!!! And bonus of backing papers that match perfectly. I'm glad you've got more re-inkers back in stock, I've been waiting for a few colours, I buy the re-inker as I buy the ink pad, so I've got a few to catch up on. Drat, I had told myself I didn't need the aqua markers, looks like they'll need to be added to my need list after all!!!!

    Daisy was so funny this morning. Yesterday I finished off the craft wee bits and pieces I had been catching up on so decided to just put away all the stuff I had been using. Daisy was in another room while I was doing this, and then the door was shut overnight. Usually when I open the door in the morning she goes running in direct to the window to see what she's been missing! This morning I opened the door, she ran in as per usual, but suddenly stopped just inside the door, and had a long look all over the floor, at the cleared floor space!!! The cheeky wee monkey, she's very demonstrative, so I know exactly what she was thinking, 'wow, finally decided to tidy it up then'!!! That's bad eh, my craft room mess was that bad that even the cat notices it tidied up a bit!!!!

    Hope your Monday hasn't added loads more to your to do lists
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Haaaa Daisy sounds just like Cleo! Cats are so good at making judgements! Cleo has a look that she gives me and I can almost see her rolling her eyes and tutting. Xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    I have just bought this lovely stamp. There a lots of colouring opportunities here and decoupaged flowers and borders and ……. Can you tell that I like it A LOT!!!
    X Chris

  14. Hi Barbara lovely card lovely colours and yes September will soon be here I have just renewed my clarity club gold membership wow it's a year since you added the stencils 1st June 2014 where has it gone still doing my tea pot colouring is has helped me through this hotel stay hopefully soon be home happy crafting xxx

  15. Beautiful stamp, love the flowers and what you have done here is great! Love the spritzing, and the colours. I ordered mine but didn't order a mega mount. Silly mistake as when I use it I have to stick it too a lid of a plastic box!! Will be rectifying that ASAP! Glad to hear you got hone safely last night. XX

  16. Hi Barbara this is a fantastic card the stamps is beautiful. Come September you will be so pleased you have it ready for your parent's anniversary. I have the pencils on order and I would love the pens but that will have to wait my birthday has come and gone for this year. Have a great evening. Hugs Jackie

  17. Hi Barbara love this artwork and the layers you have used to colour it in. The spritzing is an interesting step that needs investigating ! ( by me that is!).
    The card is lovely for your parents anniversary and yes this year is flying by! My daughter and I were talking this afternoon about how quickly time is flying by, less than a month now until exams start!!! Enjoy your evening. Love Diane xxx

  18. Beautiful….just beautiful! Just ordered your 6 x 6 Gelli pad and mount and can't wait to receive them as I am a distress ink fan too…..so much fun waiting to be had 🙂 Hugs xx

  19. Lovely cannot wait to find my card goodies again and start creating again 4 more sleeps and moving craft room flooring goes down same day my craft room shelf a arrive week today let building progress then in pack and play time so looking forward to disapearing in craft again so of to bed night night at its YouTube Tuesday tomorrow l

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