YouTube Tuesday – Dictionary Definition of a Flower!

YouTube Tuesday – Dictionary Definition of a Flower!

Hi there!
Welcome to You Tube Tuesday.

Here’s a very simple but effective technique,
using an old book and a lovely floral stamp.

Items Used:

Spectrum Noir Colouring Pencils – Floral

I hope you enjoyed that one.

But now I must go and get ready for our Road Trip, 
which starts early tomorrow morning.
I cannot wait !
Still have to pack.
In fact, we ought to get the suitcases down from the loft …

much love,

39 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Dictionary Definition of a Flower!

  1. Another fab tutorial – I really loved how the background shading made the focal image stand out, and the finished piece with the curled edges and twine! Thanks for all the inspiration you give us all, Susan x

  2. Excellent blog I love YouTube Tuesday… I agree with you I think you are the only stamp company in the world with matching masks. Have a wonderful trip to America!

  3. This is beautiful, such a great size stamp set. I get round using books by scanning in and then printing out the page! Bit of a faff I know but I just can't bring myself to tear out pages from a book! My dad would probably disown me as well as he trained to be a paper conserver and worked on books. The stamps with the masks are a godsend especially when the stamps are intricate I use the ones I have all the time. Great demo! Xxx

  4. Hello Barb, this is just awesome, love the idea of the old book page and the flower stamps are gorgeous. Great video. Have a wonderful break, enjoy your time with Grace. Bx

  5. Beautiful stamps Barbara – though I can't bring myself to rip up a book. Nope just can't do it. 🙂

    Have an amazing time in the USA seeing Grace, Mark and the vistas you'll pass through. Hope the boys behave themselves!! xx

  6. Hi Barbara, great effect and finishing touches, enjoyed watching it, thank you. Does anyone know if there are any copyright issues of using dictionary /old book pages in artwork if the card was going to be sold? I would also like to try the idea of making things – stamping, colouring in, cutting out, using old book pages and then kind of integrating it into a collage type thing. Well, I've got the picture in my head, whether or not my finished piece would look as good I've no idea!!!

    I got my tomato plants in their hanging baskets this afternoon, ready for going out tomorrow. That was a very hard job, body done now! The problem is, when I came up with my brainwave idea of bringing everything up to do at the back door to save my garden time for other things, I hadn't given a thought to where I was going to put the finished hanging baskets until tomorrow! So, I've got 4 residing in the bath, and the other 2 sitting on the kitchen floor!!!! What do you think my chances are of Daisy not tipping the 2 on floor over between now and midday tomorrow, very slim, I'm thinking!!!!

    I'm kind of getting out of here for a couple of hours on Thursday. Kind of, because I am but it's not that straight forward, but then what is when it's me!!! The cavity wall insulation is going in and it's going to take 3-4 hours. I already know from the ones round about being done that it's a noise that gives me the really bad feelings, an autistic thing, and the really bad feelings make me need to hurt myself. Daisy is really going to hate it too. So Nicola got permission to support me here for the whole time. She's now saying she's going to take me and Daisy away in the car while they are doing it (but I didn't tell you this bit 😉 and I hope nothing bad comes from it! ). We're going to go somewhere where we can sit beside the car but it still be a naturalish landscape and relatively quiet, and Daisy can be investigating inside the car, and have 360 degree telly to look at, but I'm still there with her. Obviously it's good that I'm going to get out of here for a bit but it's so hard too because we've got to stay where the car is for Daisy, but better than nothing and far better than being stuck in here for all that time with constant noise that would make me feel the need to hurt myself. It’s going to be so weird and scary going out, the last time was last September and that was only a quick door to door to take daisy for vaccinations. When it’s been a long time, everything looks so big and spacious and just so different in all ways even colour to how I picture or feel going out used to be. And it’s fast and noisy and a far worse sensory overload for me than it used to be when I was doing it more.

    Barbara, you must be getting very excited by now for your holiday and seeing Mark. Even though you've left packing your cases this late I bet it's going super efficient and all gets done with time to spare ;-). Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and you gets lots of quality time with mark :-). I'm looking forwarding to seeing your photos and hearing your stories, if you are up for sharing 🙂

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, Thursday sounds like a day of adventure for you and Daisy! Hope Nicola finds you a calm quiet place to visit. Lots of beautiful spots in Scotland so I'm sure you will find somewhere with a view to admire.
      I don't know about copyright when you use a book page, I know using images is a very tricky area but never thought about printed words in a book. I suppose a way around it is to get a CD with script paper that are covered under an angel policy then you know that no one will be unhappy. I have a few of these that I got from C&C. Hope that helps put your mind at rest. Your arty project sounds like it is forming nicely, should look great when its finished. XX

    2. Hi Brenda I hope the weather is kind to you on Thursday and I hope Daisy behaves herself not only in the car but with your tomato plants too!
      I don't know if it would work, but could you type a page of words on the computer and print it off as your book page to stamp on? That way they are words you have written so you own them. You could either write random words or a story you have made up.
      Take care love Diane xxx

    3. Hi Brenda thats another thing ive lesrnef from you about the loud noises and how it affects you does music calm you if it does maybe a wee cd in the car take care…Dot.xx

    4. Thank you Diane :-). Daisy was a wee star, tomato plants survived the night and are now out. That’s a good idea typing pages of words, I could tailor them to suit the type of stamp and using basic definitions and stuff surely isn’t infringing copyright. And I don’t think I would have been able to tear pages out of any book anyway. Thank you xx

      Thank you Dot :-). It’s not just loud noises, it can be all sorts of quiet noises too. Every person with autism has different triggers. Loud noises are a general one and can cause pain in the head instead of or as well as the really bad feelings. Like for me a few other noises are low humming noises, people talking with low gravelly voices, eating noisily is another, people clicking their finger nails, or using an emery board is another, someone rubbing /creasing paper. Noises that you wouldn’t necessarily hear yourself, tumble dryers is a common one, and that’s not just your own tumble dryer but the neighbours tumble dryers too, especially if you live in a flat – I know from personal experience! Yeah, I’m at the very bad end of the scale for bad noise problems!!! The very bad feelings noises make don’t suddenly go when the noise stops either. With some noises a millisecond of hearing it would make the bad feelings appear at the top level, other noises it’s a build up. When the noise causing it stops, it’s rare that the bad feelings subside at that point. It can even take a day or two for them to start subsiding, and can take a week or two for them to fully go. While those bad feelings are still there it also makes us a lot more likely to react to things that normally we’d be able to get through without showing it. Does that make sense. Like, for me, people talking in a loud sharp voice causes pain in my head. Normally I can handle this for a bit until it builds up and then I’d have to say, or react. But when I’ve got the really bad feelings from a noise thing, I find I can’t manage a loud sharp voice for even a minute. These feelings also makes it harder to concentrate, or we can only concentrate for a shorter time, things wind us up more easily, things we could sort of tolerate become intolerant. And to complicate it further, it may not be just noises that cause these bad feelings, for me some touch things do it too. I did find some music that was calming for me, the classical music for baby compilations. It’s pieces without the bass. I’ve got a few of them but haven’t been able to use them since moving here as they are attached to really bad stuff that happened at my last place. I’ve not been brave enough to tackle that one yet, especially as I’ve still got some post traumatic stress disorder from that time! Don’t know if you’ve tried this type of music for your granddaughter. You know, I was very reluctant to admit to feelings making me need to hurt myself, not the done thing to admit to hurting yourself is it! But then I thought, why not, why should I feel ashamed of something that the condition I was born with makes me do! And there are many autistic people out there who can’t say, and need people like me who can to speak for them too. And how else is the non autistic world going to learn /accept /understand /help if people like me who can say don’t. So thank you Dot for making me feel my decision to be honest about hurting myself was the right one xx

  7. Thanks for the tutorial Barbara it was very informative.
    Have a great trip and enjoy seeing the family. Sorry I can't remember if you are visiting Grace or Mark.
    Jackie x

  8. Good evening Barbara, lovely artwork and enjoyable video. I hope the packing is coming along nicely. Have a great time. Safe journey. Kind regards Joanne K x

  9. Amazing artwork. Glad you've put it on utube for us. Have a super Road Trip & a great time with Grace & hopefully Mark as well. Whatever you manage to fit in enjoy it. Safe journey and

  10. Hi Barbara I really love these stamps, they tempt me every time you use them. Love the book background but I'm another non book tearing person! Yes you are the only company I know of who makes stamps and masks! I hope you have a fantastic road trip with Dave and Steve, drive carefully and enjoy any time you get with Mark and Grace.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. I have spent all day looking for that set of stamps, which had vanished. I am glad to say, they turned up this evening when I had given up looking. They are lovely to work with and I took up your challenge to use one of your dictionary sheets and was delighted with the results. Off to bed now, but I hope you have a wonderful trip with Dave and Steve, and get to see both of your lovely children. Sleep tight. xxx Maggie

  12. Thank you for this great tutorial Barbara and like the look of the pencils on the written page and the seethrough nature of it and the shading gives it lovely depth. Have a wonderful trip and have a good time with Mark. x

  13. Hi Barbara,
    stamping on an old page looks fantastic and your video is great…
    I use this technique often for my cards as well.
    Have a beautiful time with Grace and Mark
    Rolf xxx

  14. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    dein Video ist wieder Inspiration pur. Ich bin von deiner Arbeit begeistert. Ich liebe die Specrum Noir Stifte auch so sehr. Sie sind fantastisch und das colorieren macht mir viel Freude. Die Blumenstempel sind wunderschön und deine gefertigten Karten gefallen mir sehr gut. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

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