All set to go! Pizza Boxes at the ready!

All set to go! Pizza Boxes at the ready!

 Hi there!
Thanks for taking the time to pop in.
I have packed everything ready for the TV show tomorrow morning,
double and treble checked everything, as is my wont.
Shall I show you how military style prepped I really am?
Hang on…
There’s a Pizza Box with the art samples for each set:
There’s a box for each demo
with the demo sequence number,
(I’ve even got a spare one, No. 7, just in case).
And each box has everything I need for that demo.
Please note this box has 2 black Archival ink pads.
That’s just ink case …
Each Demo box has a list of ingredients in it, too:
Well, you know what they say:
Fail to prepare – prepare to fail !!!
In truth, this kind of prep makes me feel safe on a live show.
Helps me, helps the producer and presenter, helps the show. 
Have I got a favourite demo tomorrow? Oh yes.
And it’s the one I shall kick off with.
That’s the way to do it, I think;
start with one you really like, that you enjoy.
That way I can be sure to be able to do it 
before it sells out too!
I’m right into building backgrounds just with pen lines at the moment, and that’s the first demo idea.
You know, this kind of thing….

(Go to ‘Two Trees Only’ 24th April Blog for full step by step)

Tomorrow I want to use an old popular classroom set 
to do this with: The Birdhouse Set.
There’s an excellent sale offer on this tomorrow! Half price!
here’s a little tease:

But tomorrow, while I’m running around, 
I’ll blog a proper step-by-step for you on this one,
because I think it really is worth having a go at this trick. 
It makes for really effective, arty backgrounds.

I do hope you have time to come and watch tomorrow.
I’m working with Dean; that will be fun.

Sunday morning, 9am – 11am.
Freesat 813 Virgin 748 Freeview 36 Sky 674

But now, the kind shepherd must take his tired bird up to Peterborough…

Much love,

48 thoughts on “All set to go! Pizza Boxes at the ready!

  1. Hello Barb. Safe travels and can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow. When you've finished you can come and organise me if you like – I certainly need it! Enjoy your show – we will. xx Margaret Col.

  2. Hi Barbara. A girl after my own heart with all that organisation…I used to do the same and I was only teaching the girl guides!! Looking forward to the show and will be there with my foot up and a cuppa. Enjoy the show and as Maggie has said We Will. Hugs xx

  3. Love that photo of you and Dave lol 🙂
    Looking forward to tomorrow, I love the "you & Dean TV combi" – you're fun to watch.
    You're so well prepared too, that is a military operation going on. Safe journey and see you in the morning when I'll be having my cuppa with you at 9 a.m…..Take care, Carole xxx

  4. Just hanging in there for tomorrow – sure it will be great as usual. Only day I have off this week so it will be a real treat
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  5. Hello Barbara

    Getting excited about tomorrow. I agree, preparation is the key. I am so pleased you are with Dean. You and he make the perfect presentation team. Everything Dean says is pertinent or funny. He doesn't witter on inanely.


  6. Hi Barbara, lovely to see you sooo organised, I do know how much that must help ;-). I'll be recording, and watching as much of your show live as I can keep my eyes open for. I don't have this garden set yet, think I'll go check out the offer, especially as C&C have free p&p today. I look forward to tomorrow's blog step by step too. Safe journey and hope the traffic is kind to you love Brenda xx

  7. All recorded and ready to watch after we ve been and visited my dad, soon to be 90 and soon to move house so lots to do to help. Looking forward to it as always. I m sure your organisation will pay off! X

  8. Now that is organised but on live TV you need to be. You have given us a little sneak preview there of what the stamps are, all labelled. I love the card you did with the line art and will be trying it out.
    Hope show goes well and I will be watching. xx

  9. Wow Barbara how wonderfully you are organised looking forward to your step by step good luck for a wonderful show big crafting hugs xxx

  10. Organised and in control, off air and on! Hope you get to C&C studios OK and the traffic is kind. I will be watching tomorrow and recording so I watch the demos again at a later date. XX

  11. I will be looking for the taped version on my iPad here in the USA .,it will make my evening or afternoon or day after .,warm wishes for a joy filled time of it . Love peace and joy. Jan

  12. I was checking to see if you'd packed a pair of reading glasses in each box too! No wonder you are a joy to watch, with that level of preparation and organisation. Hope your journey goes smoothly, and I'm sure your shepherd will look after you well!! Will be watching the recordings asap, as you come on whilst I'm still cooking breakfast for my guests, Susan x

  13. Hi Barb,
    I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight. Either the top pizza box is upside down, or the label is. This is going to worry me!
    See you tomorrow, I'll be there in my best bib and tucker (sweat pants and old jumper!!)
    Maureen xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Wow that is organisation! No wonder your demos are so good. Really looking forward to the show though and pleased to see you're on with Dean – sure to brighten up everyone's day. No shrink plastic I hope! Love Alison xxx

  15. Wow Barbara that really is organised, no wonder your shows are so enjoyable. The recorder is all set so I don't miss any of your show.
    Have a safe journey
    Jackie x

  16. I have been watching some old recordings of you from 2011 with the intention of tidying up my hard drive recorder, but couldn't bring myself to delete them. Watching you with your cut out copy paper stencils, it's no wonder you started the stencils range. Thank goodness you did Barbara. Have fun with Dean on the show tomorrow, can't wait. The two of you together are a great combo. Crafty laughs. x

  17. Now that's what I call organised! Looking forward to watching your shows & I'll be recording them too so that I can watch over again. If you're on with Dean, how about slipping in some shrink plastic in a demo?? I've never laughed at a C&C show like I did at that one – a real classic!! Pat x

  18. Hi Barbara

    Well I am not at all surprised that you are so prepared. You certainly do every job well!

    I do love it when you work with both Dean and Nigel and am so looking forward to watching your shows tomorrow.

    Good luck and I hope you get to do ALL your demo's – before all your stock is sold out!

    Lol Barbara W

  19. Hi Barbara
    I am looking forward to tomorrow so much. I call it " my special Sunday" I am waiting to see the peony stamps. So glad it's Dean tomorrow because you work well together and he is very comical ( shrink plastic comes to mind ) I hope all goes well and will email in of course.
    Hugs from Chris x

  20. So looking forward to my 'once a month fix' of C&C. Barb and Dean, what more could a girl wish for. Hope you and the shepherd have a good journey there and back.
    Beverley xxxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    looks like you are all set for tomorrow have a safe journey love the shepherd and the little bird I am all set for Breakfast with my favourite crafty STAR and presenter have fun xx

  22. Looking forward to to your shows tomorrow Barbara Safe journey there and you just
    might need that box No7 its free P&P on clarity sell outs coming me thinks….Dot.xx

  23. looking forward to watching recordings. i hope the recorder doesn't let me down.
    your last sentence did crack me up. at least you can rest on monday seeing it is a holiday…… hugs xx

  24. Sooo looking forward to the show tomorrow. Barb & Dean and some fabulous wedding stamps. Had a peak at C&C website and love the new Wee Folk set. Hope they don't sell out before demo's 4&5 or you might be needing that spare 7th demo.
    Hope you've had a safe & stress free journey, sleep well and see you in the morning. Xx

  25. Hi Barbara my goodness that's what I call organised! I take it they are new pizza boxes and you haven't made Dave eat a stack of pizza for the sake of organisation! Looking forward to tomorrow's shows especially as you are with the lovely Dean. Safe journey tonight, I will think of you and Dave loading and unloading the car at the hotel! Love the knitted Dave and his bird. Take care and hope all goes well tomorrow. Love Diane xxx

  26. Looking forward to the 'telly show', missed the last(my birthday and Easter-family time). Need to put a post it note on the telly so that I don't miss it.

  27. Safe journey Barbara and Dave – no doubt once all set up and tomorrow done you will be looking forward to that lovely road trip !!!!

    Looking forward to watching tomorrow although I have to do it from a laptop as I am in the forest and the TV does not have C&C so hoping to keep up with you on the web or app!!

    It will be a blast as always xxx

    Much love
    Kim xx

  28. That's what I call organised. Love the new items on the show – Yep I sneaked a peek to see what was coming on the show. Your knitted characters are fab and I hope the kind Shepherd got his tired bird up to Peterborough without incident. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. Hugs xx

  29. Hi Barbara you are a lady after my own heart I can understand all the organization. I hope your journey is a safe one. I am looking forward to the show tomorrow I always learn so much. I used to make knitted characters like that. We still have the little knitted Jackie and Keith that my mother-in-law made. I am rambling. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  30. Oh wow! You are super organised. Love it. So looking forward to tbe show. Bound to be a bit of fun with Dean there. Enjoy yourself – xxx

  31. Hi Barb, I wish I was as organised as you, looking forward to the show, Dean is always a good laugh and the two of you together always make me giggle. Hope all goes well. Love the kind shepherd and tired bird. Take care. Bx

  32. Watching you on TV this morning as I type Barbara – you don't look like a tired bird at all to me, but that Dean is naughty to make you laugh so much.

    I got the stamps I wanted, but it does make me cross that the C&C buyers don't stock enough of your stamps etc. so that it's a real scramble once your show comes on.

  33. Unfortunately I wasn't around to watch Barbara but I'm sure it went well as you are always so organised. I'm sure in due course I will see what new things if any were included on Sunday. x

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