Trees, Lynne Hammond and Maya…

Trees, Lynne Hammond and Maya…

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Monday morning, and it’s back to reality!
Good to be back in the saddle though.
In fact I have got so much more energy than a week ago!
The old grey/gray? cells are pinging ideas all over the place!
So please allow me to blog a simple Monday Trees Blog
which I did on German TV last week, so that i can get back to designing the Christmas Wee Folk and the Christmas Word Chains!
Stamp the tall trees from the Tree Rows set 
in black Archival on Claritycard A6. Add the girl with her labrador. 
This little Wee Folk stamp from Wee Folk Set 1  ALWAYS makes me think of our lovely Lynne Hammond.
She has the most beautiful chocolate lab.

Allow the black ink to dry completely, and then cover the trees with their respective masks. They come with the set.
Run low-tack masking tape around all four sides. Moon optional.
Cover up the meadow area, the land, with masking tape and a piece of copy paper.
Load your brayer in Stonewashed ink (light-blue), roll it out onto the Clarity Blending mat and transfer to the sky area.
Flip the artwork, cover up the sky with said masking tape 
and copy paper,
clean your brayer and load with Lettuce (light green).
Same process as with the sky….
Add a little Bottle (darker green) to the lower edge.
It should now look like this:
Colour in the trees with Distress markers.
They work beautifully on our coated cardstock.
Remove the masking tape around the border.
Using a black micron pen, run a deckle line around all four sides and add a path for Lynne and Maya to stroll along…
Very easy, but pleasant.
I do miss our black labs, Dutchie and Duke.
Home just isn’t right without them.
But with our lifestyle, all the running around and travelling, 
it just wouldn’t be fair.
See the other two tree rows? They are lovely, too.
The stamps come unmounted, so easy storage.

No, no dogs. Not yet anyway. One day though…I promised myself a couple of beautiful faithful companions. The fence is already in place!

Speaking of large furry friends, we had a limerick competition last Friday, for a Bear called Fred who like to wear red (don’t ask!) You should go and read  the entries. Blimming funny. 
Many thanks to all who joined in the fun; it was very hard to pick a best one, and the laughometer definitely spiked a few times!
But there can only be one winner, and this time 
the winner of the Fred Bear Limerick is….
here is her masterpiece…
There once was a bear named Fred

Who insisted on wearing bright red

When it faded to pink

It caused quite a stink 

With the folks who’d nicknamed him Red Fred
Well done Jane! 
Please email me your address:
and we will get a £20 Gift Voucher out to you tomorrow.
Much love,
Barbara xxxx

37 thoughts on “Trees, Lynne Hammond and Maya…

  1. Congratulations Jane on your funny limerick; now you just need to decide what lovely Clarity goodies to spend it on.
    Lovely piece artwork today, Barbara. The Wee folk are so great to work with.
    Now I'm really excited to hear that there's to be a Christmas set too. I'm sure we'll all have lots of fun with them!
    Glad you're feeling refreshed after your break. Love Jeanette xx

  2. Well done Jane!

    Great work today Barbara! especially as I have those goodies somewhere in my room! Great to hear about the Christmas set.

    Becoming demob happy now as I've only got 9 working days left before retirement. I'll have to think more carefully about my spending then though 😉 xxx

  3. Beautiful Barbara I have this set I made my dear friend a retirement card using the wee folk too they are so versatile happy crafting , I put my order in for my canvas /paints / stencils to make the card you blogged yesterday for when I get back in my bungalow to use my e bosser might be another 2 weeks we have been here in hotel for 3 weeks now good job I have your blog to read managing to do a little crafting clarity hugs to all xxx

  4. Hi Barbara, playing catch up today. So first yesterday's blog. I loooove the canvas you've made, love everything about it. Alice is right up there in my favourite stamps, might even be my absolute favourite :-). I hope she's going on your gallery wall. Your New Design Club. I had been looking at it for several years before I joined, even bought a few back copies, but knowing I'd get a lot of stamps that I wouldn't have actually bought for myself made me reluctant to subscribe, having to be very careful with what I spend money on. When all that really bad stuff happened nearly a year and a half ago I decided to join, I so needed something to look forward to. I thought even if it was just for a year! So I joined that Christmas, and then the stencil club too, and now intend to be part of the club for as long as you do it :-). Yes I get a lot of stamps and stencils I would not otherwise have bought for myself but that will just push me to be more creative, expand, take new directions, finally get on board Barbara's arty train 🙂 And now we are going down the wall art and canvas route, receiving these stamps and stencils each month means I am starting to build up a library of all sorts of things to use for wall art 🙂 I look forward to it coming in each month, to be honest, it's the only thing I do have to look forward to. I know I'm paying a subscription but it truly is like receiving a present each month 🙂 The projects that come with the stamp and stencil are very professionally done and invaluable too, definitely going to help me get going with becoming more arty and attempting wall art. They often also start up a thread in my head of what else I could do with the stamp /stencil 🙂 I love to read your newsletter too 🙂 And then there's the 10% discount, member's sales and free P&P! Which means I can buy more stash, things I wouldn't otherwise be able to, and I don't have to save up items and do one really big order once or twice a year :-). Which reminds me I've still got a wee bit left from my brother's Christmas voucher to spend, yay (I have ordered since then, but keep putting off doing an order by phone to spend it!!!)

    Please could you, or someone on here, tell me in numpty language, and I mean basic numpty language, what Alice's look is portraying? I can't read non verbal language and really struggle to understand emotion words – what they mean. To me her face is blank but from everything said I know that's not right. I would hate to use Alice in an inappropriate setting. Thank you. (And I get told I'm highly intelligent, I don't think so!!!!)

    I love today's artwork too. I don't do fussy, I don't get it. This style is my thing, and I'm so glad you are now also showing us wall art and canvas demos as it will help me not only to get started but also to find my own way, my own ideas, because I can totally relate to and get your style :-). Thank you very much. And I'm very happy to hear your batteries are recharged 🙂

    Right, I better go and get today's chore done, so I can tell Nicola I've done something today when she phones later!!!!

    Love Brenda xx

  5. Well done Jane, a clever limerick. Beautiful card Barbara, glad you all energised again. A little break does us all good. Now I am curious about the Christmas wee folk, sounds exciting. xx

  6. Congratulations to Jane for her great limerick. I know just how you feel not having dogs around. Mine were only in kennels for three nights while I was gadding around over the weekend, but Friday night without them was truly awful and I just could not settle. It was great to fetch them back this morning. Thank you for this great tutorial today. I watched you do it in Germany so it is good to have the how to follow.. Once I have washed all my brushes today, I might be trying that one. I can't wait for the new Wee Folk, and the parchment reveal – hope that is very, very soon.. Have a lovely day, either in your craft room or your garden den, and enjoy the beauties around you. xxxx Maggie

  7. Hi Barbara
    Ooh Christmas Wee Folk and Word Chains- that's something to look forward to. I love my Wee Folk. They make it so easy to create a scene. Today's card is lovely and I am getting much better with the brayer thanks to your blending mat. I am just going to have another look at some of your YouTube videos. Thank you for inspiring us.
    Hugs from Chris X

  8. Hello Barb, love the trees stamp set, but my best purchase has been the wee folk (courtesy of me winning the last Limerick draw). Well done Jane, I did have a right giggle when I saw yours. Barb, the dogs will come when there is time. Love the artwork. And obviously something to look forward to with Christmas items soon arriving. Take care all. Bx

  9. Congratulations to Jane and welcome back Barbara…your landscape is beautiful, Lynne and Maya look right at home there……I know what you mean about faithful companions,,.i would be lost without our labs,,,Tess and Eric……enjoy your evening….hugs…xx

  10. I love the scene you made and the wee folk girl with the dog goes beautifully. I must admit since seeing you put your own artwork in with paths and hills I have tried a little bit of this. I think the art to this is not to get hung up but just to go for it otherwise you get tense and it all goes wrong I love the limerick so congratulations to Jane. x

  11. Great artwork again today, and congratulations to Jane on her winning limerick! Enjoy spending your voucher. Glad to hear your batteries are recharged and creative juices are flowing again Barbara – don't overdo it though!!! Susan x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Glad you're back safe and sound. Artwork today is lovely.
    Congratulations to Jane – great Limerick Jane. Enjoy spending your voucher.
    Love Alison xx

  13. That made me smile Barbara. I do love that stamp. Maya and I look quite at home in your beautiful scene.
    Congratulations Jane. Great limerick! x

  14. Hi Barbara lovely artwork and the wee folk look great in your landscapes. Congratulations Jane, your limerick was great, enjoy spending your voucher. I'm looking forward to seeing festive wee folk ( I won't say the c word!) and word chain, I wonder what's in store.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Congrats Jane. Lovely artwork, I think I have seen a photo of Lynne and Maya somewhere and thought of that as soon as I saw this stamp. All these wee folk seem very familiar as does the beautiful Alice. Word chains and wee folk for Christmas – ya big tease!

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