Little Alice on a canvas board.

Little Alice on a canvas board.

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in this Sunday.
Have been really looking forward to getting back up here 
in my little art den,
and doing something.
Isn’t it amazing how being creative,
getting with your hands 
becomes such a part of you? I have missed my daily art fix!
I invested in a very VERY expensive pair of scissors whilst in Germany too, so I want to try them out…
I had a really brilliant cheap little pair for about 20 years,
which I got in the States, 
but lost them on the last day of the retreats last year.
Have been driving myself up a wall looking for them, 
always thinking they would turn up.
Finally had to accept that they are gonski.
Gulp that I lost them.
Gulp at the price of these little puppies…
They’d better be good!
And I shall keep them in a safe place!
Many of you are in the Claritystamp New Design Club,
so you will have received little Alice this month.
I drew her myself, and she speaks volumes, I think,
without saying a word.
I never usually blog a new Design Club Stamp 
or stencil for that matter, 
but I like this little girl so much, I decided to share her.
That way, those of you who have her will see another application,
and those of you who aren’t in the Clarity Club will see how fab the stamps we send out every month are!
Here we go!
Let’s set the scene first…
Cover with Tinned Peas Chalk Acrylic, using a brayer.

Add some Cheesecake… 

Walk the brayer through some Yellow Submarine 
and then walk it onto the canvas board too.;
this paint is translucent, so the other colours peep through.

By walking the brayer
I mean don’t apply any pressure to the handle;
literally just roll through the paint with the brayer, 
and then transfer the paint to the canvas in the same way.
In a nutshell, think landscape!
I added a touch of Hyde Park to this one…

Next we need one of our new Frame Stencils, the 
Cover it with Potting Soil Archival Ink.
Love these names!

Add a little Fern Green too.
(ink pad of the month – great discount)
Time to run the canvas board through the Ebosser 
or embossing machine.
Plate A
Copy paper
Canvas Board
Stencil, ink side facing the canvas board.
Copy paper
Plate D
Plate C

Remember to position the stencil with the green canvas 
to the bottom, like so:


Here’s another one…

Here’s one I didn’t listen to myself, 
and ran the green through sideways….

 Plenty for my stash though….

Now comes Alice.
Cut her out.
Well, what can I say about my new scissors….
you get what you pay for.
They are fab.
Thank God!
Trust me; I tested them in the shop. 
I was cutting out business cards and bags and all sorts, 
making sure!
Time to colour her in.
I want her dress to look a little worn and tatty….
Used the Spectrum Noir Blending Pencils, to start with.
We have a great deal on the pencils, 
and are able to extend it for a little longer…
£76 for the lot!

I want to sit her in the frame, you see?

Add some yellows and blues to her dress,
and attach her with Mod Podge, or glue.

Add a misty backdrop with a couple of blue and brown pencils…
The pencils work brilliantly on top of canvas board 
and acrylic paint.

I want to tatter her dress a little more, 
so that it fits better into the grungy artboard.
Using a craft knife, lightly scratch criss crosses into the dress.
Then lightly go over those scratched areas with a pencil.
You can use the pencils to add light and shade to the background.
I did a lot of yellow pencil work to brighten the overall picture.

I hope you like this. 
I had great fun combining the embossed tree stencil with Alice.

Wonder what she’s thinking…

Wish I’d worn a cardy….

So if you are wondering about joining the Clarity club/clubs,
then why not take a closer look?
Here is the link to give you all the information:
And if you are really going to dive in, then you may want to consider both the Stamp AND the Stencil clubs, 
and go for GOLD!
If you are already a Clarity Club Member, 
and you think it’s worth joining,
then please leave a message below, 
telling others what you like about it.
I’m going out on a limb here, 
because I am hoping that everybody loves it!
I have been writing the Monthly Club Projects for a good many years now; can’t even guess how long, 
but it must be over 15 years.
Every month for over 15 years!
Does anybody know? 
Has anybody been around since the very beginning?
Apart from me that is!
The kids used to stick the photos on for pocket money, 
and that was when they went to Edenbridge Junior School!
I lose years… 
But it’s all good.
In fact, tomorrow my job is to draft and prepare next months!
And can you get hold of Alice ?
If you join the club, then immediately, of course.
Otherwise, she will be available as a back issue in 2 months time. 
Just enter NDC into the search bar on the homepage of the website, and loads will pop up….loads.

Must dash.
Time to freshen up for Poldaaaaark…..
much love,
Can I pick a winner for the Fred the Bear Limerick tomorrow?
That means you can still enter if you haven’t!
Come on!
£20 Gift Voucher for a limerick???
Go for it!

75 thoughts on “Little Alice on a canvas board.

  1. I am a Gold Member, belong to both clubs and the Sencil one is up to 11 already so I have to renew soon, like this month some time.

    And I will

    I love getting a stamp and a stencil every month.

    Thanks Barbara for the extra inspiration oN how to use Alice, don't have that particular stencil but I do have another square one, so I'll give it a go…..

  2. Hi Barbara
    This us lovely and Alice is just gorgeous and sits nicely in that frame. Yes I'm a member of the club and I get very excited every month when the envelope plops through the door. I can't wait to see the stamp, every month is different and what I like is the fact they are often not one you would buy if you saw it, but because it is yours you play with it and get to do different things. Your news letter is a hoot too, I always have a good giggle at your news, it's like you are in the room talking to me. Now what's is Alice thinking (like the cardi thought, yes still just a bit too chilly for a steeply dress!) I think she's playing hide and seek and the others have got bored and forgotten about her- she's got the look of someone who is hiding but is getting a bit worried in case she's been forgotten!
    Enjoy your evening with Poldark- Sundays won't be the same will they! Take care love Diane xxxx

  3. Definitely would say YES join the NDC club. I am a Gold member and love my envelope arriving each month. The tutorials are all filed, a really good reference if I am not sure how to tackle something. Alice is great, think I might try doing a picture for my grandaughter. This canvas is wonderful. xx

  4. Hi Barbara I got my Gold membership as a Christmas present so every month there is a gorgeous stamp and stencil to play with I just wish I had more time. I have some of your storage binders too I love looking through my stamps now as they are so much easier to see. I do like Alice she is a beautiful stamp I love how you have used her on the canvas. Enjoy Poldark I am really enjoying this new series I remember it from the first time around and I was a big fan then. I did have all the books but I got rid of them last year now I am kicking myself. Have a great evening. Hugs Jackie

  5. I absolutely love Alice and the NDC printed tutorials are always good but a fair few times I have heard myself say WOW Or OMG BARBARA these are brilliant – yes I do talk to myself at home. Xxx I love your grungy artiness Barb, this picture is shows it off really well. Xxx Sam PS what did them old scissors look like????

  6. I look forward to the envelope landing each month. Have just renewed my gold membership for another year, so lost more goodies to look forward to, and the inspiration from the project sheets really helps.
    Love these canvas pictures too. Have just got to work up the courage to use some of mine!!!

  7. Only yesterday I sent off to join your Gold design , so looking forward to receiving the lovely stamps and stencils .. My birthday is coming up and my DD and Son are treating me to this ,. So I won't be opening it till the 28th , cannot wait,,. Roll on next Tuesday ,,.xx

  8. Hello Barbara

    I am a gold member and I look forward every month to the goodies. The stamp and stencil come with instructions for two projects for each and an amusing letter in Barbara's inimitable style.

    I can't praise the clubs enough. If you go for the gold you also get free postage all year round on orders over £10.


  9. My kids bought me membership to the stamp club for my birthday a few years ago and when you started the stencil club I became a gold member, I just love the inspiration they give me.. The newsletter always make me smile, if anyone is thinking about joining do it if you can, you wont be sorry, it's fab. Thanks Barbara for your help, advice and ideas . Jx

  10. I have been Gold Member for Three months, and love it. The design sheets for both the stencil and stamp are inspirational. The news letter is great too,. A present to myself which I look forward to every month.

    Actually there are two things I look forward to every month, the other being your 2 hours on Create and Craft – I don't miss a minute.

    Enjoy Poldark – he is rather a dish isn't he. xxx

  11. I have just renewed my gold membership as I love getting happy post every month. When it arrives I sit down with a cup of tea and first of all I read Barbara's letter, sometimes spilling my tea as I giggle at the antidotes! It is really nice getting something that is just for me to play with. Sometimes what comes isnt something I would normally choose, but when I see the inspiration I can usually see a way of using the stamp or stencil that I like. The club has taught me new ways to craft and remind me of things that I learned over twenty years ago that I hadn't dome for along time!
    I also love the free postage that I get with my gold membership and find myself making a wee quick order during a tea break as I can do it quickly on my phone. I also find that with the 10% discount I buy more as Clarity is such good value for money and very competitively priced.
    I have been a member since I joined on my 40th birthday at the SECC three years ago and I have enjoyed being a part of the clarity family since then..

  12. I so love this stamp Barbara – I'm still in the gazing and admiring stage at the moment, but I might use her for my great-niece's birthday card, as she is a special little girl too! I've been a member of your design club for many years (sadly not since the very beginning), and am now a gold member – I agree with Diane, the stamps and stencils are often not ones that I would choose for myself, but they really do make you have a play and experiment, and the tutorial sheets are so helpful! I really do need to try another canvas – had a bit of a disaster with some brusho paints and grunge paste and a stencil last time, but I've bought some gesso, so I'll just have another go I suppose using a bit less paint!!! If at first you don't succeed….. Susan x

  13. I have become a Gold member as soon as it went out. Am living in France and can't wait every month for my stamp and stencil to arrive. They are great and we also received explained project and "shopping" list. As I am in France I don't get the free postage but if you're in Mainland UK, you will also got free postage all year long when you order for more than £10. Just go for it, it's worth it.
    Laurence xx

  14. This is fab Barbara! Its really moody! That little girl can be made to suit all styles and moods of the artwork!
    Those scissors look amazing! I'm really fussy about my scissors and they have to snip right to the end…which a lot do not do!
    These new ones need a special place on your desk and a special box to keep them in!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, I absolutely love belonging to both your clubs. I get so excited opening my envelope each month. It's like getting a Jampory bag that you used to get as a child…the anticipation and then the surprise…the oooh and aww on seeing each new stamp and stencil. Full size, I might add. Plus the brilliant full colour project inspiration sheets and your entertaining newsletter. Gold membership is a priority as it brings such joy throughout each month xx

  16. Re joined both end March love my happy post think was one of first this month as arrived Easter Saturday wonderful surprise Alice is beautiful she is so beautiful and peaceful sitting there thank you for her and the wonderful stencil lots love Joy xxx

  17. I have been a Gold member for a while and can highly recommend joining. I love receiving the Clarity envelope each month and this month's was a delight to open. I love the Alice stamp, it is full of charm but she also seems wistful as she gazes out of the picture. The stencil is very versatile too although I haven't had much time to play yet ( too busy cuddling new grand daughter – thanks to all who sent congratulations) Thank you Barbara – another winner and a gorgeous card too.

  18. I was given the stamp club membership for my birthday and added the stencil one myself. I love when it comes through the post each month it's like my only little celebration each month. I think the Alice stamp is super so as we are home for a couple of weeks I will be able to get down to using her. Must also renew my subscription down side being that being I am coming up to another year older!

  19. Hi Barb,
    I think Alice is waiting for a partner to come along and whisk her away from all this! But I do like what you've done with her.

    To anyone who is thinking about joining the Clarity Club – don't delay. It's wonderful and when that big white envelope drops through the door every month, the stamp and the stencil (If you are a Gold member) are worth every penny, in fact the newsletter alone is almost worth that. The postage on orders is free if your order is worth over £10. That's so silly because who would order anything for less – everything is yummy.

    I think I joined your club about 2001 but unfortunately I shredded a lot of the newsletters – which are a source of information and enjoyment. I have one from 2nd September 2003, and the next one is from January 2007 which was a traumatic time for you. Believe it or not I shredded it and stuck it together again because it really affected me. They are the only two old ones I have.

    If Sam Crowe has got your old favourite scissors, will you tell us what you do to her ha ha.
    Maureen xx

  20. After reading all your blogs I really NEED to become a gold member. I have just spent a hefty amount on lots of clarity products as I am a stamping beginner!! I have watched Barbara on C&C for a couple of years now as I am fascinated with how easy Barbara makes it look, an amazing lady, and you have me in stitches, especially when you are with Dean Wilson, love you two together.Anyway, when I decided to give it a go I knew the only way forward was with clarity products. I am saving for the open day in June, as I know I will have to purchase lots more, can't wait to meet you and the team. So hopefully I will become a member in a few months. Thank you Barbara for inspiring me to give it a go. Sarah xx

  21. I only came across Clarity Stamp in the last three years or so and eighteen months ago I became a GOLD member of the NDC. I can't tell you the thrill of waiting for each month's envelope to drop through the letterbox. The newsletters always feel personal just to me and I always have a go at one of the designs you suggest for us. In short I strongly recommend the NDC to anyone serious about stamping/stencilling/paints and inks. Long may you continue, Barbara! I follow your blog every day too and have made many of your designs. I really look forward to having a go at new techniques… you make everything seem possible, even to relative newbies like me. Thank you so much… Gill xxx

  22. I too have just renewed my Gold Membership. Just make sure you have a coffee and choccie biscuit to hand to sit quietly and enjoy when that envelope arrives. The project sheets are inspirational and easy to follow showing a couple of different ways to use both the stamps and stencils. This months stamp and stencil, as above are delightful. JOIN you won't be disappointed. Just wondered if anyone has tried to put a canvas through the grand calibur yet?

  23. The club is amazing the stamps are fabulous and when I rejoined last month I updated to gold membership and have got my first stencil now too and that is superb as well. I can't recommend the club enough
    Jackie x

  24. Hello Barb – another gold member here and there just aren't the words or the space to say what a fantastic club this is. I love the stamps you send and echo the fact that it stretches you to receive something you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself and the stencils are such great quality that they emboss easily which saves on embossing folders. All that plus a giggle a month, news of what's coming up and free postage and you can see why we're so enthusiastic. When will it end? Never!! xx Margaret Col.

  25. Hi all
    We joined the stamp and stencil club earlier this year and love it. It's always fun getting home from work to find and nice package waiting for me from clarity on the door mat. I would recommend anyone to join who loves clarity products. its well worth it.
    Thank you Barbara for giving us so much fun and inspiration, and it was lovely to meet you at Ally Pally on the 11th.
    Barry & Jay (your 2 fairies)

  26. I love receiving my stamps and stencil and the staff at clarity are fabulous gold star rvery tine but my favourite item is the newsletter Barbara tanks I look forward to hearing you news can't wait for next month with all your adventures

  27. My husband bought the stamp and stencil club membership for me this
    Christmas. I'm really enjoying being a member and love it when the envelope arrives. This month's stamp and stencil are my favourites so far.

  28. Not sure what happened to my comment! I wanted to say I found some old technique sheets from 1999, when you had to stick you own photos in place!! I must have been among the first joiners. I stayed with it for some time, until my health stopped my crafting for a while. I rejoined a few years ago, when the technique club and stamp club ran side by side, then they amalgamated and the technique sheets became glossy and more professional. I sadly left a couple of years ago, as the cost became too much for my limited budget, but I still follow you with interest and sometimes buy the stamps and stencils I fall in love with. Anyone who can manage it will surely find a lot of fun with the clubs. I wish I could too and maybe in the future I'll be able to rejoin. Fingers crossed!

  29. I think i have been in the club for over 2 years now. I get quite excited every month when i'm waiting for the parcel. it's a surprise every month. and it's good value too.
    love this moody canvas. and after all that you used the lopsided canvas. i knew that you would turn it around, hugs xx

  30. Gold Club Member here and I love it! Also, as part of my New Year resolutions I buy the stamp, pad, and stencil of the month as well as a few other inks, so I can increase my supplies each month without breaking the bank.

    I have a very good pair of embroidery scissors,also German. Even my lecturer in college tried to relieve me of them and she told me, in no uncertain terms, look after them, scissors like these don't come along every day.

  31. Happy to add my voice here. I can't recommend the gold club highly enough. I joined (for the stamps) about two years ago and when the stencils were added I happily became a gold member. It's a big hit financially but it's exceptional value and I think it's really worth it. I always look forward to that Clarity envelope coming through the door! I haven't been disappointed yet, and am frequently DELIGHTED with what we get.

    This month's Alice is beautiful, so thank you Barbara, for such great inspiration in using her. My other favourite was the fantastic Celtic tree stencil. Great designs. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's like a big kid waiting on the large white envelope every month! 🙂

  32. Me again. Have just read all the uplifting comments about the club, and all I can say is thank you! If I ever needed a little nudge to keep going, you just gave it to me xxx

  33. Hi Barb,
    Love this piece of art using the delightful little Alice. I have yet to play with my stamp and also the new stencil. I joined the NDC a year and a half ago and then when you brought out the stencils, I had to become a gold member. I have just renewed my membership and have to say that it's the best thing I do each year. I look forward to my envelope arriving every month and greedily digest the newsletter and the project sheets. I have made some fabulous cards using your ideas. The ginkgo stencil has to be one of my all time favourites and I have also done a canvas using this too. The members only sales are a bonus too and free postage ( over £10) is a big plus. I now order from Clarity instead of C&C as I get my discount and free p and p – no brainier! Thank you for inspiring me to try things I never thought of attempting before. If you are thinking of joining the club(s), think no longer – just do it, you won't be sorry. Love Alison xx
    Ps the Fresco paints are absolutely fabulous too!

  34. Happy to add my voice too. I'm a gold member and can't recommend it enough, the project sheets that accompany the stamp and stencil are great – two ways of using each product, which in turn gets you thinking if other ideas. There is also the added bonus of the member's sales twice a year too. Thanks for the inspiration Barbara. Hugs xx

  35. hi Barbara I had been in the stamp club for a while then you fetched out your stencil club too it was too good to not join both as I did and ive never been disappointed little Alice is my favourite stamp so far she is so serene I look at her and wonder what she is thinking she is beautiful and dear to my heart as my late mum was called Alice memories .im due to renew my membership and it will be a definite its like having a birthday each month and such a wonderful surprise as I never know what's comming in my envelope till I open it ,the letter that you enclosed its lovley to read I also love the new format in teaching new ways to craft to me it's worth the money for both as I get free postage and only have to spend £10 so if anyone is wondering whether to join do and you won't be disappointed crafting hugs to all from a clarity addict xxx

  36. Barbara today's blog is brilliant I cannot wait to get back in my bungalow so I can use my ebosser and order the canvas and new stencils to have a go using my new Alice stamp like you have on today's blog welcome back home xxx

  37. I love my club letter arriving, I started off as a member of the stamp club and then when the stencil club started I went gold! Really enjoy the newsletter and the step by step photo projects are so well produced that when I have a crafty block they are the first thing I reach for. The stamps and stencils are such great quality and work well for lots of techniques that other lesser quality acrylic stamps can't be used for. Thank you Barbara and all at Clarity for two great clubs that I hope continue for many more years! XX

  38. I love Alice and the tree stencil which came with her, and I think she sits beautifully in the tree frame and I love the way the SN pencils work over the acrylic paint. I am a gold member and it is great when the envelope arrives and you open it to see what surprises are in store this month. The project sheets and the newsletter bring you Barbara right into my living room and even when the stamps and stencils do not immediately fire the imagination you read the sheet and fairly soon the brain is fizzing with ideas. It is certainly good value for money and the discount and the free postage is an added bonus. This is my first year of being a member, in fact my Stamp Club membership runs out quite soon. Am I right in thinking that the 10% discount on orders only applies in the first year or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Anyway the gold membership over £10 free postage is useful on its own. Thank you Barbara, and fancy how long it is you have been doing this. I think you need a long service award, but please don't stop! x

  39. Love, love, love the New Design Club, joined one NEC exhibition a few years ago and leaped at the chance to add the stencil one.when it started a year or so back. It is easily the highlight of my month, it brightens my day up no end when the package arrives. Why, because each month I get a new stamp and a stencil to try, two newsletter packed with tips and techniques to try out, step by step instructions, beautiful photos to follow a list of goodies to buy and best of all a letter from Barbs herself. I am not sure where you find the time and energy to fit us in, with a daily blog, monthly TV shows, a business to run and hopefully still a life away from all the madness, but your letter to club members is another slice of your blog, telling us what you've been up to, things that drive you nuts, things that inspire you and life in Barbara land. I can't think of a time where I thought oh I have already read that, so somehow you still find new things to say. I can only manage one comment a month! Anyway I settle down each month to read the newsletter and your letter from cover to cover, have a play with the new stamp and stencil and find it better than any of the other magazines I subscribe to and I subscribe to a lot or did since I am currently looking at which I should keep, space beginning to be an issue. What is staying is my Clarity subscription, in fact I made sure in February I renewed both through until May 2016 to make sure I did not miss an issue. Go on if you have not tried it, you will not regret it. Karen

  40. I am a gold member of course. My first stamp after I joined the NDC was no.7 Nautilus in August 2006. Can't believe it is so long ago! I still look forward to that envelope arriving every month! 'Alice' Is beautiful. Keep on keeping on Barb xxx

  41. Just love the little girl stamp and your canvas. Been a member of the stamp club a few years now and this year went gold. Marvellous value for money. Can't wait for it to come through the post each month. On goes the kettle for a tea or coffee, then sit down and open my treasure. If anyone is thinking of joining you definitely won't be disappointed. Great inspiration, 2 sales a year and free postage over £10, also a brilliant newsletter that gives you a laugh a minute. Really enjoy hearing all your newsy bits and your funnies Barbara. I keep losing my tweezers and find them in the funniest places.

  42. Gorgeous canvas with the beautiful stamp and lovely stencil! I am a Gold member and I love receiving my monthly package of awesomeness! It's definitely worth the money and some! xxx

  43. Love this canvas and love Alice, I also love the names of the paints LOL Most of all I love it when that big white envelope drops through my letterbox. Nothing much I can add to all of the above comments except to say that it's extremely good value for money. Oh and I must confess that I am secretly pleased when I know I have mine and others are waiting, then traumatised when I am the one waiting a rehearsing what kind of a fuss I will be making at the post office if it does not arrive.

  44. Hello Barb, another lovely creation with little Alice. I love the Clarity club and am a gold member (I have just renewed recently for another year), at the beginning of every month, it is almost a ritual, as the moment I hear the post drop through the door, I run downstairs to see if my Clarity envelope has arrived. When it does, it gets opened no matter what else is going on (aka work), and first the newsletter gets read, then the stamp and projects reviewed, then the stencil. Then they all get filed away in their respective folders. If my craft mojo goes awol, I get out the project sheets and have a browse through for inspiration. So let it be said, that there are 2 great Clarity (and Barb) sources of inspiration, the club and your blog. Wouldn't want to be without either. Thank you and all the team that put it together. Bx

  45. I have just sat and read the comments, what else can I say, Clarity Club and all it gives you is the best thing since sliced bread. I would not be without it. Some times it takes me a while to get into action to try the ideas and its wonderful. May it long continue. You are our star Barbara keep up your inspirational work, take care and look after yourself.(that's from the nurse in me)

  46. I have just sat and read the comments, what else can I say, Clarity Club and all it gives you is the best thing since sliced bread. I would not be without it. Some times it takes me a while to get into action to try the ideas and its wonderful. May it long continue. You are our star Barbara keep up your inspirational work, take care and look after yourself.(that's from the nurse in me)

  47. Oh Barb
    glad you are back on form – this is lovely – and makes me want to go and 'play' in my little craft room.(I try and copy what ever you make, whenever you blog it!)
    Thank you.

  48. How tantalising you all are with your comments; my NDC stamp and stencil are awaiting me and I will have to rein in my enthusiasm for a bit longer before I can view them, never mind use them. I'm another who joined five years ago but signed up to the stencils thus Gold pronto – madness not to – free p&p, 10% discount, members offers. Why wait? The thrill of opening the envelope to discover what treats are in store, reading your down-to- earth, no flannel news letter twelve times a year, is quite honestly priceless. Then comes the fun of planning how to use the stamp and stencil, sometimes ones you would not have chosen for yourself. Brilliant! ;~}

  49. Another Gold Member here too; this month is my renewal date. Look forward to getting the envelope on a monthly basis, and have loved all the stamps and stencils I have received. I especially enjoy the newsletter, a great read Barbara, cheers up a gloomy day! Anne x

  50. Hi Barbara, have just been catching up with all your antics over the last few days. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about everything. Gorgeous canvas. Kind regards Joanne K x

  51. Have just renewed my gold membership! Cost outweighed by discounts and free postage but nothing beats the monthly 'gift' of a new stamp and stencil, plus the project sheet – and not to forget Barbara's musings on life the universe and everything!! Plus the daily blog! Bargain!!!!

  52. Hi Barbara lovely artwork as always! I too am a clarity gold member. I so look forward to receiving my large envelope each month but sadly mine hasn't arrived's lovely to get free p and p but the most entertaining part is your news letter.keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated.

  53. I am a Clarity Gold member and love it when the envelope drops through the door. I can't wait to open it and find out what is inside. The fun begins when I follow your instructions just to see if I can achieve a similar result. It is so much fun reading the ramblings, it is like a friend called Barbara dropping through the letterbox as you feel she is talking directly to you. The free postage and discount are a bonus as I feel that the free stencil and stamp are worth the cost of the membership on their own. Thanks Clarity and thanks Barbara.

  54. I am a gold member, I have been in the club since 2008, I can't believe it has been so long (I just checked my first issue- number 35 but I have a few back issues older than that!)
    Every month I wait for the postie to see what loveliness you have come up with and every month I am always delighted. Now I get a double whammy with the fabulous stencils too.
    I was particularly pleased to meet Alice she is adorable. This canvas is brilliant and thanks for explaining walking the brayer…I couldn't get what you meant but I do now. I hope those scissorss turn out to be worth their weight in gold…..they certainly cost enough! Xxx

  55. Hi there all you lovely crafty folk, I must add my comment- I have been in the club so to speak since 2006 and eagerly await the posty every month. Best subscription ever to have , joined up to the gold club as soon as it was launched, the new designs are fabulous month after month, as usual so is Barbara's inspiration with each one. A real crafty genius if ever I've met one! Well worth investing in, I've kept every one even the newsletters which are great to read too.Wxx

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