Clarity Open Days 2015 – GET YOUR TICKETS SOON!

Clarity Open Days 2015 – GET YOUR TICKETS SOON!

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in.
I’m afraid I ran out of hours and wasn’t able to make a new YouTube this week.

My hair’s a mess,

been staring at a screen for way tooooo long,

and have got a stonking headache.

So whatever you do, 

 I don’t think I would react well….

American TV on Thursday,
and I really must get my head round what I’m doing then!
So I asked Jim to just upload our little OPEN DAYS Video.
If you haven’t had the Clarity Open Day Experience yet,
then all I can say is both Crowborough darn sarf 
and Catterick oop norf
were the best events of the year last year.
We had a blast. 
Check out this short VT

If you did attend either Events last year, then please do leave a comment below, and let others know what you thought….

We still have about 30 tickets left for the Crowborough Days, 
but that’s it.

Crowborough Dates are June 12th and 13th

We have the dates for Catterick now too, 
and tickets are selling well.

Catterick Dates are September 12th and 13th

If you fancy spending a fab day with like-minded people,
at a lovely venue with non-stop arty demonstrations by 
members of the Clarity Team and myself,

then go online and order your tickets now, or ring 01732 868215.
The best £5 you’ll spend in a long time!

lots of love,

43 thoughts on “Clarity Open Days 2015 – GET YOUR TICKETS SOON!

  1. Hello Barbara

    Love the pics and comments, but hope your head clears soon. America on Thursday? Does that mean you have to fly over the pond this week?

    Don't think I will manage any of the open days this year but my life is about to be turned upside down, so, fingers crossed for next year (maybe even lucky enough to come on retreat!)


  2. I went to the Open Day in Catterick last year and it was one of the best days out of the year. I felt like I'd had a great day out with my family. As well as the wide range of wonderful Clarity goodies on sale, there are also inspirational demonstrations by members of the Design Team and Barbara herself. Dave is his entertaining self on the till and Barbara is a great hostess with the mostest and a very funny compare on the microphone with the hourly raffle. A very tasty packed lunch can be purchased at a reasonable price and there is plenty of refreshments and seats to sit at. I couldn't make the other big trade events last year due to my health but this was just perfect for me as I could browse at leisure, take a break, watch some demonstrations and shop a bit more. Everyone was so friendly and helpful if you wanted to ask a question about a technique or talk about all things Clarity. I thought that I'd only be there a few hours at the most as it was just Clarity, but ended up staying all day. If you're hesitating then don't. You won't regret it. xx

  3. So funny Barbara :-). Barbara, I keep telling you to keep your fingers out the sockets!!!! 😉 We'll let you off the hook, re Youtube Tuesday!!!! 😉 Nae bother. There's a whole backlist for anyone who has extra bad withdrawal symptoms!!!!! 🙂 Sounds like you've got a muckle to do list there :-(. Sorry, I can't comment on your open days but they sound great. Unfortunately it's not something I would be able to attend even if I had someone to take me as too many people and all moving around the whole time would be too much for me cope with – I'd be hiding under my hat the whole time, not seeing anything!!!! I hope this year's are even better and everyone has a great time. Love Brenda xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    I do so love your pictures, they are really funny, went to Catterick on the Saturday last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first event I'd been to and had a bit of trepidation, but don't know why as it was a great day out. The packed lunches were excellent value for money and all of the demonstrations were superb. The only downer was that I spent way too much money – most of it being on the full set of Distress Re- Inkers – but it was worth it. Can't wait to go to this year's event. Love Alison xx

  5. Hello Barbara. You look how I feel – except without the headache thank heavens. Haven't been to an open day but oh how I'd love to go. Just a bit too far for a day return and then it's the cost of the fuel and the hotel. Ho hum. One day! Have a wonderful time all you lucky people and what fun to see the video. xx Margaret Col.

  6. Lovely photos Barbara, they made me smile. I don't drive so can't come to the open days but I know they are a huge success and it's wonderful to have Barbara, and design team doing demos along with all the Clarity goodies in one place xx

  7. I'm sure we all say 'it's cool' to forget about YTT today with everything else you have to worry about Barbara. I'm sorry but like Maggie C I live just too far away to make a day trip of it. We do have a rugby club here in Taunton so perhaps you could have it there instead If you ever do get a bit closer I will definitely come along to see you. Hope your headache is soon banished! x

  8. Sorry, Barb, but I am going to "tut" at you, but only for rushing around so much that you end up with a headache. I hope it is now on the way out to join Worka and Holick somewhere far away. The amount of rushing around you do just exhausts me reading about it. Slow down a little, lady, and stop to smell the flowers. Just focus on that trip to see the kids with Dave and Steve. I know everyone will enjoy those Open Days, but, as you know, I am just too far away from either venue for a day trip. I am sure there would be a venue somewhere round Redditch – a village hall with a good car park – just a thought. Get some massage on that neck and your headache will vanish. xxxxx Maggie

  9. Went to Crowborough last year and it was FANTASTIC. Lovely day, great location and kitchen services. Was great to meet all the crafters behind the scenes and to put faces to names. We stayed in a terrific b&b close by. Already bought our tickets for this year!

  10. I went to Catterick last year and really enjoyed the day – super venue, lovely lunches, wonderful Clarity demonstrators and loads of Clarity Stuff just crying out for a good home! Came home with empty pockets but a head full of "things to try" . Got my ticket for this year looking forward to it already!! Xx

  11. I went to Catterick last year and really enjoyed the day – super venue, lovely lunches, wonderful Clarity demonstrators and loads of Clarity Stuff just crying out for a good home! Came home with empty pockets but a head full of "things to try" . Got my ticket for this year looking forward to it already!! Xx

  12. Hallo Barbara,
    deine Angebote für Workshops, Events, Tag der offenen Tür und Messen
    grenzen an seelischer Grausamkeit!!!!!!!!
    Was sollen wir armen Stempler in Deutschland denn machen. Denk daran,
    du bist auch eine halbe Deutsche. Der Norden Deutschlands würde sich bestimmt
    sehr freuen.
    Bei HSE haben ich wieder einiges betellt und mich gefreut, dass die Masken in deutscher
    Sprache erklärt wurden. Einige habe ich schon zerrissen.
    Wenn Post vom Clarity-Club kommt, ist das immer der schönste Tag des Monats.
    Danke für alle Anleitungen, sie sind einfach super.
    Über etwas kleinere Schablonen würde ich mich auch sehr freuen.
    Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

  13. Would love to come to catterick to meet you but too ill to do an open day and travel that's why I love your blog each day and you tube also your magazine contribution and your c&c 2hr shows as it gives me lots of inspiration and not forgetting the clarity club happy crafting hugs xxx

  14. Went to both shows last year south and north, met and made new friends such loverly, creative and generous people! A
    South ticket is mine already! Can't wait,
    Thanks Barb you work so hard to bring us what we want before we even know what that is! Love and hugs Jx

  15. Hi Barbara I went to Crowborough last year and it was FANTASTIC. Great to meet up with members of the DT and of course yourself, Dave, Grace, your Mum and brother, and other members of the Clarity team. Look after yourself, hope your headache goes soon. Hugs xx

  16. Hello Barb, please take care of yourself. Headaches are not good, they are usually stress triggered. Hope American tv goes well. Love the open day video. Have made a promise to myself that when work lets up and i can sweet talk my boss, I will attend one of them. Look after yourself please. Bx

  17. I went to Catterick last year and it was one of the highlights of the year topped only by the clarity retreat I went on in the summer! And this year I am lucky enough to say I have the same things to look forward to!
    The open days are an opportunity to meet some of the Clarity team and ask all those important questions like ' what do I do with this? ' or 'How do I do that' and of course 'Can I fit all that I've bought in my car?'
    It's an opportunity to chat to Barbara and other members of the DT and to meet up with Facebook friends! And all for a really good price!
    I have my tickets all ready for the Ooo Norf open day…have you got yours ….and if not why not?!

  18. Loved going down south to the "up north" day at Catterick last September. My friend Sandra and I made a weekend of it, driving down and exploring some of Yorkshire. We stayed over in a lovely b&b before joining the Clarity party.
    We had a fantastic time, learning new ways to use what we had as well as buying lots of new products to try and recreate the wonderful examples as demonstrated by the fun team. It was good to watch them all put their twist on the lovely products. We loved our day and our basket was full by the end of the day and our bank balances much less!
    If you are thinking about going just go and order your ticket and put lots of money in your purse! I went with a list that i added many more things to that I had to have!!

  19. Went to Catterick with my sister last year. We had a great time. I was lucky enough to win the £100 voucher. I signed up for the design club so I've been getting the benefits every month since. I look forward to seeing what the new design will be and what new techniques I'm going to learn
    Thanks very much Barbara and your fantastic team.

  20. Hi Barbara
    I would love to come to one of your open days but both are a little too far away for me. You must be busy getting ready for your USA programmes. it's fantastic that you are sharing your talents and wonderful products with our cousins across the pond.
    Hugs from Chris X

  21. Don't just think about going to the open days, just get your ticket and go. Went to crowborough last year with my daughter, which got her crafting again. Had a wonderful day, it was great to see demonstrations first hand and to be able to ask questions direct. We have our tickets for this year and can' wait to go.

  22. Don't just think about going to the open days, just get your ticket and go. Went to crowborough last year with my daughter, which got her crafting again. Had a wonderful day, it was great to see demonstrations first hand and to be able to ask questions direct. We have our tickets for this year and can' wait to go.

  23. Barbara, know exactly how you feel today – had a absolutely rotten day at work today – feeling emotionally drained and exhausted! So even though no YouTube I forgive you as the blog still brought a smile to my face.
    I have a ticket for Crowbrough now thinking about a Catterick one!!
    Chill and relax in readiness for the american tv!!! knock em dead!!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  24. Of course you forgiven for no YouTube. Hope head is soon better, I think headaches are so lowering, I usually just want to sleep. Have got my ticket for Crowborough and one for the chauffeur (hubby). Last year was brilliant in every way, plenty of chance to see all the demos and chat with others. Wonderful idea. xx

  25. Hi Barbara – I must say I thoroughly enjoyed a fab day at Crowborough last year, so much so, that I've just got tickets for this year too on Friday the 12th.
    My other half Peter is driving me down bless him, and will come in for a while, but then he'll be visiting the golf club down the road until I've had my fill of demos and chatting.
    I'm looking forward to meeting some Facebook friends there, Carol Morgan and Lynne Bishop, we've arranged to meet on the veranda at 2 p.m. for a cuppa and a chat – if anyone else will be there, it would be lovely to meet with you.
    If you're thirsty and need a break around that time Barbara, I'll happily treat you to a nice "cuppa tea". Take it easy and have a safe trip to the U.S., Carole xxx

  26. Don't fret about not doing a video it's no biggy that we wait another week for the next one, don't put yourself under such pressure, it's not as if you have anything else to plan is it! The open day I came to last year was such fun, a real buzz about the hall in Crowborough all day. The demo team were great to watch too. If you can't decide wether to go or not, just do it, you won't be disappointed!Wx

  27. Hi Barb, oh dear, have you been over doing it again? You need time out my friend.
    Lovely piccies to go with your sentiments lol! Hope the American show goes well, if its like the ones here it will go brilliantly and that's because you are a professional.
    Wish I could go to one of the classes but too far for me. Shame.

    Have a great evening

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  28. Sadly summer is my busiest time, so I can't get away for either of the open days and am really envious of everyone who can attend! Hope you manage to get some time to rest a bit and get rid of that headache before your American TV date. Susan x

  29. LOL, bad hair days are an absolute must in life! LOL Good luck with the prep for the US. I am soooooo hoping to be able to get to Catterick, alas am not able to plan that far ahead at the moment! Priorities squeezing in on my crafting. Rest assured this will be sorted by the end of the year. In the meantime fingers crossed that i'll get there.

  30. Ooh those piccies are hilarious! Please don't overdo it! Take care! I would love to go to one of your open days but I am not well enough unfortunately – it would be difficult getting there too. Maybe one day though, it would be so cool! xxx

  31. Hi Barbara
    Love the pictures today, I hope you have got on top of that head ache though, you are rushing around again aren't you!!!
    One day I'm going to make your open day, my friend and I were talking about it today but I'm already booked up that weekend so roll on next year. I WILL make it one day, I have promised myself a treat !
    Hope all goes well for your shows on Thursday.
    Look after yourself.
    Love Diane xxx

  32. Love your pix and words. Put a smile on my face! Went to the Open Day in Crowborough with my friend Carol last year and had a WONDERFUL time. So much so that we're going again in June and have already bought our tickets 🙂 xx

  33. Great pics, I love the cat doing 'her' exercises. I went to Catterick last year, very comfortable venue, enjoyed the day immensely, couldn’t believe the price of refreshment, they were certainly value for money. Your team of demonstrators were really friendly and helpful. Great day, I’m already booked in for this year.

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