Thursday: Roadtrip on the Alpenstraße!

Thursday: Roadtrip on the Alpenstraße!

Hi there!

Thanks for joining me here in Bavaria today. 
And what a beautiful day it was!
Garmisch Partenkirchen was our first destination. 

Now this is what I call wall art!
Tucked in between the mountains, looking up at the Zugspitze, the tallest mountain in Germany.

Saw a silly cow up on the balcony,
And this silly cow ate way too much Kuchen! Coffee, cake. Cake, coffee. 
Food frenzy in the Alps!
Picture Postard town. 

But what I enjoyed most was the climate! No wind and a pleasant 20 degrees centigrade, but no direct sun. The sort of day you dream of.
T-shirt and shorts were in order, and a stroll through the beautiful Kurpark,
With its magnificent flower beds
And fabulous scupltures.

We just managed to avoid being mowed down in the Pedestrian Precinct by cyclists with built in ROW (right of way) before we set off for the Tegernsee for a late lunch.
I had been there many times many years before, and really wanted Mum and Dave to experience it.
It is breath-taking…
So we hopped on a boat and soaked up the sun and the scenery….
Mum using my Iphone camera was a challenge! She is such a technophobe!

She still uses the oldest Olympus Trip 35mm in the world! 

I don’t think there’s actually a film in it. I think she just clicks away and makes us pose !

And after our tour of the lake, it was time for ice cream, Spaghetti Eis to be precise!
Had to be done. It’s the law….But rather than torment you with a photo of the biggest plate of ice cream available on the open market, let me dig up a recipe for you, so you can join in!!
Yep, that was our day in the Alps. Wonderful weather, sublime scenery and class company.
Look how crystal clear the lake is!
Time to retire to bed now. But not before I make a plan for tomorrow.
Loving Bayern….
Much love
Barb xxxx

47 thoughts on “Thursday: Roadtrip on the Alpenstraße!

  1. How wonderful this world is! Thanks for sharing part of your trip with us…I feel like I've been there now!! You bring lots of happiness into our lives Barbara, and I wish you plenty happiness back!
    Have another great day tomorrow! Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. Loving the silly old cow on the balcony and the scenery photos are just fab – the sort of sightseeing I absolutely adore.
    You all look like you are having a ball!!!
    Continue to enjoy!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  3. WOW what scenery and the town really is picture postcard!! Sorry but next time you go I will have to come along…carry your bags marm!!!!
    Glad you are all having fun. Thank you for sharing xxx

  4. oh barbara how jealous you are making me. have lived in Germany while hubby serving with the army. the ice cream shops were our fav places/also the cake shops after a Sunday walk.thankyou for the memories of great times. Spaghetti Eis.yummy xx

  5. Beautiful photos! Lovely colours and art! Laughing and wondering if your Mum does have a film in her camera! Eat cake and more cake ! Enjoy your break! Xx

  6. Yes folks , this is one beautiful part of the world. Breathtaking scenery, and what's more the Bavarians don't seem to have morphed into European clones, which has got to be a good thing , They still have their identity and culture. It's been a whirlwind trip , but just to breath it all in today was brilliant. I'd like to return someday with walking boots ! x

  7. Oh it looks amazing Barbara. Thank you for sharing your travels! We haven't been to Germany – it looks stunning.I would like to share our joy today as we have become grandparents for the second time. A beautiful little girl (Indie Elizabeth, was born to our son and partner in the early hours of this morning. Our second grand daughter. We are so lucky as they both live quite close so we will see them often. Enjo the rest of your holiday Barbara. X

  8. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous pictures, such beautiful buildings and scenery. – not to mention the ice cream! Pleased you are enjoying yourself and hopefully recharging those batteries. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip. Love Alison xx
    Ps love the silly cows!!!!

    1. I found the Paperartsy videos :-). Not had a go yet, thought I better be sensible for once, elbow and shoulder joints extra sore today!! Your description was just right too. Obviously, the pictures in my head of what I wanted to achieve were nothing like as arty as the lady shows you, I think I'll be getting of the train after a stop or two!!!! Thank you again, love Brenda xx

    2. Aw thank you Darcy. Yes they are helpful, I know what I'm supposed to be doing now! I'll keep your offer of help in mind for if I get stuck 🙂 xx

  9. How beautiful a place. Thank you so much for taking us on your holidays and introducing me to new parts of the world. Love the silly cow on the balcony. Reminded me a a time when I lived in a maisonette and my neighbour called down to me from the balcony upstairs. My 4yr old daughter called out, "Mum, Cow is calling you". Still can't remember how I explained that one away.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday xx

  10. Hi Barbara, what a beautiful place. I especially love the look of the Tegernsee. Great art as well as ice cream!! Say hi to Dave and your Mum too, looks like everyone us having a great day. Hugs xx

  11. wow Barbara beautiful scenery you look so relaxed in your photos it's the break away and all that coffee and cake and good company is doing you the world of good wonderful memories your blog always makes me smile xxx

  12. Hi Barbara, what a beautiful place. Even the buildings are worth a good look, and you won't here me saying that very often!!! It comes across that you are having a good break away and benefitting from it :-). Are you working out what art you are going to paint on your walls when you get home? We have a floral clock in Princes Street Gardens, well I'm assuming it's still there anyway! The top temperature here is about 10 degrees C! But it is sunny a lot of the time so it feels nice sitting in it in my craft room 🙂 Have a good night's sleep and enjoy tomorrow's adventures 🙂
    Love Brenda xx
    p.s. I'm glad your mum is a technophobe, so she's not reading what you are saying about her!!!!!!

  13. What gorgeous scenery and yummy ice cream and the buildings are beautiful with all that wonderful artwork on the front, and everywhere looks so clean too. Glad you are having a lovely time. x

  14. Hi Barbara. Wow, what a fabulous time you are all having. What beautiful scenery, buildings, gorgeous flower beds and with scrummy food to boot. I love the ice cream spag bol. Thanks for sharing the recipe. At least your Mum managed to get you both in the photo, not like my wonderful old Mum in Law, in her later years it became a standing joke that she managed to cut off at least one persons head in every photo she took. God bless you Elsie: ) )
    Thanks for sharing Barbara. You really do have another career as a travel writer up your sleeve if you ever fancy a change you know : ) Take care x

  15. Hi Barbara oh this looks gorgeous, bought back memories of a school trip to Austria where we stopped in Bavaria and the painted houses were beautiful. It really looks like you are having a wonderful time and relaxing in the sunshine – good on you. The scenery is breathtaking and you all look like you are enjoying it. What beautiful flowers too. Have a great day today and eat loads of cake and ice cream…….now where's my noodle press? Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barbara it is so lovely to see your photos thank you for sharing them. You all look so happy a break is just what you need to recharge the batteries. Continue to have a good time. Hugs Jackie

  17. Ooo yum I remember spaghetti eis from my days in Germany 79-82. It was my absolute favourite. So glad you have lovely weather to enjoy it all. xx

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