Legalise Cannabis!

Legalise Cannabis!

Hi there!

Saw this stand in the middle of Munich today.

All about legalising Cannabis….
Actually, it said FREE CANNABIS. 
Now if it had said that in Edenbridge, there’d have been a queue a mile long!!
The posters tickled me:
Just trying to imagine the Autobahn with half the drivers stoned, 
wearing Flip flops and blowing kisses at each other.
Probably best not to take your hands off the wheel at that speed though… Or get stoned behind the wheel. Or drive Mercs in flipflops at 150 mph.
Mind you, maybe it would lighten the mood a bit. Maybe they’d smile more. 
It was a glorious day here, not a cloud in the sky.
There was a phenomenal Pavement Artist,
right in the middle of the Fußgängerzone, the pedestrian precinct.
I love looking up at the rooftops myself.
But it was too hot to bask in the sun for Mum, so we ducked down into the Ratskeller and had some real tradional fayre.
Mum had asparagus with Kalbsschnitzel (veal). Found the lemon in a gauze tissue sublime,

 Dave had roast pork with dumplings, more like half a small pig and enough for a family of four,

and I went for the healthy option:  Matjes Herring with apple and salad

Absolutely fab food and a beautiful venue.
Tomorrow we visit the Tegernsee and Garmisch. 
It is so lovely here in Germany. 
Will be sure to share whatever we discover!
Love, light and peace man!
Barbie xxxx

48 thoughts on “Legalise Cannabis!

    1. See my comment – Anne (Reading) not sure you are right. It does cause so much suffering. However democracy and free speech prevail. Never put a reply on, so hope you do not mind

    2. Hi, when I lived in my first flat, there was a neighbour who started smoking cannabis and that person then started hallucinating – talking to people who weren't there, and behaving erratically. And it seemed this was occurring outwith the times they were smoking it too. And they frequently drove a car while like this too. So I think mental health wise and to the general population of non partakers cannabis can be very dangerous. That's my only experience of it, maybe that was a highly unusual reaction to it, I don't know. I hope you don't mind me saying too, just thought it might help xx

    3. My view is that if it was legal and you are over 18, then you can use it. I know that teenagers use it, being a parent, trust me I know. If it was legal, like any other drug, tobacco or alcohol, it is up to the user to be responsible x

  1. Evening Barbara!
    If that van was set up in Manchester you never see the end of the queue!!!!
    Food looks fab. Local foods are always a good option!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your break!
    Love and hugs xxx

  2. What beautiful pictures, especially of you three – glad you are having a break. Cannibis – well if you saw the mess it does to people's brains you would not go there, never mind legalise it. The devil in the brain!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  3. Barbara you're so funny. Loved today's travelogue, thank you :-). Looks like you're all having a good time. Maybe the people WERE actually campaigning for free cannabis to be handed out if they'd just come off the roads you were on the other day!!!! Maybe it should be handed out on the border as you enter!!! That art is amazing and the buildings are so interesting and intricate too, is that the norm in Germany? I'm trying to bypass the bit about you're lovely dinners, such fayre is only something I could dream about!!!! Hope you really enjoyed your choices.

    I love your NDC Alice stamp, just perfect 🙂 It's a big deal for me to think this as I really struggle with faces even not real ones, and have practically no people stamps as a result. Faces, especially eyes, are really scary for me and give me bad feelings – an Asperger's thing. But Alice doesn't give me any problems only nice feelings 🙂

    I need to ask please about the walking the brayer technique, I'm totally not getting it and I really want to as the result is something I've been trying to work out a way of doing for several years. I've got myself soo frustrated about it, stupid useless Asperger's head! Unfortunately, I'm needing to see it actually done or maybe loads more words to describe what to do, if you don't mind, if it's at all possible, once you get back from your break :-). I need lots more words than normal people to understand most things :-(. That's why you get so many words in my comments, because of me needing all these extra words I also say them! Until I started talking on your blog it was always seen as a negative thing, always irritating /annoying or whatever the emotion word is (more Asperger's!) to people. I'm always told I use too many words, I need to use less etc. I spend an awful lot of time trying to work out which words to miss out, that's after I've spent an awful lot of time trying to work out how to say something!!! And then I start talking on here and suddenly I'm getting positive feedback for doing exactly what I've been told for years that people don't like!!! Very topsy-turvy world, when you've got Asperger's and trying to understand /be part of your world (your world is what I call the non Asperger's world)!!!!

    I look forward to reading tomorrows edition of your adventures 🙂
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda, as I understand it, walking with the brayer means that you only press very lightly on the brayer and go in one direction up your card/ canvas, then turn the card and repeat the process. As you get less paint to pick up, you can press on a bit harder and fill in the gaps that you have. There are some videos on you tube done by Paper Artsy who make the paints. These might help until Barbara can come to the rescue.

    2. Dearest Brenda, I love what you have to say. Every single day I look out for you and make sure you are ok. I find you to be very eloquent. Also, i think you are super sensitive like me, which is probably why we click so well. Xxx

    3. Thank you Alison for taking the time and trying to help me. That makes a bit more sense now! I have to interpret literally, unless it's something I've learned to question, so "walk the brayer" up the card to me was trying to make a walking motion with the brayer, and I really couldn't work out how that was possible and still get paint /ink on the card!!!!! Ok, I can give this a go now :-), and google the Paper Artsy youtubes on it too. I'm smiling now, this is one thing I don't need to feel shut out off any more, and that's a big deal with the way things are just now :-). If I get this to work, I think my rather empty scrap box is going to very soon be full of all sorts of walking the brayer backgrounds!!!! Thanks so much, much appreciated, love Brenda xx

    4. Barbara, what a lovely thing to say. That means an awful lot to me, thank you very much. yeah things are extra tough just now, I'm just trying to focus in between on here and on doing wee bits of craft to help me through. I did feel you were like me on the sensitivity side of things, I've been telling Nicola this, that I kind of feel I can connect with you even though I've never met you :-). Hope you're enjoying your well earned break. I'll be going to bed tonight with a big smile on my face and a warm feeling inside. Thank you xxxxxx p.s. my story is on it's way, just to read over the last bit and let Nicola read it before sending to you

    5. Hi Brenda how you write is so sincere you say it as it is and that takes courage ,life is very difficult and a uphill struggle each day reading Barbara's blog each day I know I'm not alone in my struggles as many people who craft have lots of struggles each day too
      And it helps to know we arnt alone ,I'm still in the hotel due to my water leeks might be another 2 weeks or longer before we can go home my crafting I cannot do at moment as I'm struggling with coping with it all but I know I can read Barbara's blog each day it helps me through .take care sheila xxx

    6. Thank you very much Sheila. I agree totally, I can't imagine how I'd be right now without Barbara's blog and the lovely community she's gathered here round her. And it's good that we can share a bit of our struggles and there's usually at least one person who can identify with what we are going through, and then we can do that for others when they need it too. Me too, it very much helps to know I am not alone. I really can't image how you are coping being stuck in a hotel room for all these weeks and with nothing to do, and the constant worry of your home. Even having to sleep in the different bed, I know you suffer a lot of pain, and that must be made worse by not having your own bed and sofa and stuff. I do hope you are able to get out and about a bit, and that they hurry up and get your home finished so you can move back in and get back to normal. Hopefully they see it as a priority because of your ill health. If it helps, I'm managing to get back to feeling I want to craft by doing wee bits of really easy stuff, quick stuff so that I get an end result quickly and that isn't going to go wrong. That's helping me get the good feelings about it again, which then makes me want to do more. The other thing I am going to try, when I'm a bit more into it, is doing something Barbara has shown us soon after because it will feel like I'm kind of crafting along with people. (I'm definitely trying walking the brayer asap :-)) It's worth a try, even if it just helps make the time pass quicker. Let us know how you get on and we can help encourage you back into crafting too. I'm thinking about you, and you take care too xx

    7. Thank you Brenda for your kind message I don't know if you have got the clarity brushes but I find them brilliant to use with the stencils if you find the Brayer a struggle with your c.f.s./me do try the stencil brushes I have both depending on the pain of the day it gives me more options to use for my craft goodnight crafting hugs sheila xxx

    8. Thank you Sheila, and for the good tip. Yeah, I wasn't thinking on that when I pictured filling up my scrap box with brayered backgrounds!!!! 22 years later and I still think I can make my body do what I want it to do, silly me!!!! I've got brushes, and I hadn't thought about them being easier on my hand and arm, I'll remember that, thank you. I guess brushes will be easier on the arm than the blending tool is too, hadn't thought of it like this. That's great, thanks. It sounds like you're like me, always trying to work out ways to get round /increase what we can get out of our bodies!!! I'm very fortunate in that I'm quite ambidextrous (a positive Asperger's thing :-))so I can get double out my arms for a lot of things by swapping between, but I'm not that adept so crafting is right hand only!!! xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    Well it certainly looks as though you are having a fabulous time. Daves's face is a picture looking at that enormous plate of food! Anyway, I'm really pleased that you are having a great time. Love Alison xx

  5. Hi Barbara
    At first glance I thought that was your mum over by the van helping herself! Hmm after your description of the autobahn the other day they don't need to legalise it!!!
    The pavement art is amazing, you always find such wonderful art when you travel around, I do love the rooftops too, people need to look up more don't they.
    Your food looks fantastic and you all look as though you are having a wonderful time. Hope your dad is ok home alone or is Steve on dad duty?
    Enjoy your fun and frolics.
    Love Diane xxx

  6. it was a glorious day here too. you were making my mouth water with all that food talk. i love german food, it's full of flavour. enjoy your break and the sun as here it's meant to hide for some days….. hugs xx

  7. Barbara Wanted to say how much I liked the Alice stamp and stencil in the clarity club she is so beautiful my mum was called Alice such a sincere face she has looking forward to when I get back in my bungalow to craft again maybe another 2 weeks or more I cannot seem to get my crafting together as not coping well each day but I can still read your blog xxx

  8. It looks beautiful, all of it! I must admit I do love the German language Fußgängerzone and Ratskeller. My fave is Rathaus, I think that it should be used for our local council.
    Rnjoy the rest of your trip.

  9. I told Barbara that this topic might cause a stir ! I think it is more about freedom of choice / speech than condoning any form of drug use… It's clear to see the effects of alcohol abuse all around us, and yet nobody is trying to restrict its use …Don't get me started !!!! p.s. Munich is a great place to visit, Great food, Culture , and unusually , brilliant weather. So it's off to the Mountains tomorrow for some clean air , peace and inspiration ….x

  10. That food looks really yummy Barbara, not so sure about the Cannabis though, personally I don't think it is quite as benign as some would have us think it is. Anyway you all look as though you are having a nice relaxing time and the weather looks great so have another good day tomorrow. x

  11. looks like you had a lovely day Barbara – thats fabulous! Really wonderful. I can just imagine the scene with a sign saying free cannabis in the this country – I suspect there wouldn't be a queue – more a stampede! Lol!!! Hugs rachel x

  12. Hi Barbara,
    cannabis should be legalised as a medicine for example for people with multiple sclerosis.
    I know someone who can bear up against pain after smoking a joint. As I know she did it two times now because she is afraid of being addicted.
    If I would be sick and there is no other help I would smoke it as well and I won´t care if it´s allowed or not.
    have beautiful days in Bavaria

  13. Lovely photos, lovely city, lovely visitors ( you 3) I hope the show went well that your break refreshes you. We had a wonderful holiday in beautiful Garmisch when we retired. Loved the Wankberg, wonderful mountain, pity about the name. x

  14. Hi Barb, Enjoy your well earned break, hope the weather holds for you. Dave has such a lovely expressive face, you could hold a competition as to what is Dave thinking! I wouldn't mind betting you know what he's going to say before he say's it, just by looking at his face:)

  15. Well it sure looks like you are having a fabulous time in Germany. I wonder if they would be as generous with the cannabis as they are with their meal portions. That is a lovely photo of you all at the table. What big smiles you have. I always wonder who volunteered to take the photo and what did they do to make you all smile so much. The street artist is amazing; such fine detail using just chalks or pastels!
    Looking forward to seeing your next adventure tomorrow xx

  16. Hi Barbara. Wow, there would have been a riot over here if that van had set up, wouldn't there. I love the pictures that they were showing (not sure we would want to see everyone running around naked though, not a pretty sight once we hit an age when everything heads south!).
    You sound like me, I spend half of my time looking up at the buildings when they areas beautiful as what you are seeing at the moment. And look at the food, glad to see you all enjoying yourselves : ) The pavement artist's work is stunning, they deserve some recognition for their talent. Thanks for sharing your travels with us man : ) Take care x

  17. Brenda It is always good to see your comments. Please don't change a thing about how you write. Enjoy doing your little bits of crafting, that sounds like a great way of getting back into it. Take care : )

  18. Wow – that blue sky is just so uplifting! Glad you're having some relaxation and fun after all your gadding about. Have you braved the pool yet to get in your swims after your last experience in Germany?!!! Susan x

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