What’s coming up on Sunday TV? Sneak preview.

What’s coming up on Sunday TV? Sneak preview.

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, 
so here’s a little project I have been prepping this afternoon
for a TV show on Sunday Afternoon, 2pm – 3pm.
Yes, that’s right!
I have been invited by Sara Davis (Crafter’s Companion) 
to guest a show for her,
and combine our Claritystamps with her Spectrum Noir pencils.
She knows I love them and use them all the time.
Here’s a simple demo I will be doing,
which shows off our beautiful Wall Flower stamps on craft card.
I had a look what else is for sale on that afternoon show, 
and Sara has included some Craft Card too.
Result! In the back of the net!!
These Spectrum Noirs are so lovely on Craft card.
Check out the blend.
Now that’s what I want to show you on Sunday.
Amazing what you can do with a couple of good pencils 
and a black ink pad.
Mind you, the artwork is pretty key, too!
This wonderful large stamp will be available unmounted, 
together with 3 smaller single flowers 
and their masks on Sunday,
Of course, I shall be up with the lark on Easter Sunday, 
for our usual Clarity morning show, 9am – 11am too.
Although not that usual!
Remember the personalised stamps we introduced 
a couple of years ago?
Handmade by, Designed by, Made with love by and so on?
Well, it’s time to offer you some beautiful new designs!
Maybe you haven’t got one yet,
maybe you are just loving the one you’ve got,
or maybe you have been thinking that 
a new one would make a nice change.
Hahaha! Read back over that paragraph.
Sounds like a bad ad for a dating agency!!!
I meant a new Signature Stamp, of course!!
Oh do behave!!
Tune in Sunday morning to see the new designs; 
they are delightful! 
My personal favourite is the little boy with the birds, of course….
Have a good Good Friday.
Until then, 
Lots of love,

50 thoughts on “What’s coming up on Sunday TV? Sneak preview.

  1. Well I will definitely be watching on Sunday!!! Wouldn't miss it for the world and bonus that you're on again in the afternoon!
    The new bespoke stamps are fabulous! And so are the other stamps you'll be showing us all!!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  2. Well I will definitely be watching on Sunday!!! Wouldn't miss it for the world and bonus that you're on again in the afternoon!
    The new bespoke stamps are fabulous! And so are the other stamps you'll be showing us all!!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  3. So looking forward to your shows on sunday Barbara, I already have a bespoke stamp but it wouldn't hurt to have another ……would it ……. lol xxx I really like this stamp, and the colour makes me think of cornflowers, and summer, and your add for a dating agency made me smile, is there know end to your talent! Will be watching and recording as always have a lovely Easter, xxx

  4. Would not miss the programmes for the world – good that there are two – I might even be lucky this time. One can always hope. My bucket list includes a "Clarity Card"
    Lovely, lovely stamps as indeed are the gentian and columbine, I think they are —- cannot put beauty into words – brain seized up after a day in Court.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  5. What a lovely stamp! SO looking forward to your show on Sunday. Haven't got the Spectrum Noir pencils yet as I have been collecting Derwent Colour Soft pencils but they are now at the top of my 'wish list' ! X

  6. Looking forward to Sunday, a good excuse to delay the house work! Have the pencils and craft card – the Desert Storm is great to work – in conjunction with the pencils well, that's another avenue to follow. Presently exploring the Spectrum Noir Aqua Pens and like the outcome very much indeed! ;~}

  7. Hi Barbara
    Lovely stamps. I am looking forward to Sunday. I have never tried craft card but your example is so pretty. Thank you once again for the wonderful inspiration.
    Hugs from Chris X

  8. Hi Barbara, this is beautiful, and my favourite colour is cornflower blue, something about that colour makes me feel nicer inside when I look at it :-).

    I'm about to ask another numpty question, can someone please tell me what craft card is like, the texture of it e.g. shiny, smooth but absorbent or rough and absorbent like cardboard, and if a seller says it's craft card is it all the same or is there different kinds, and which kind would I be buying for doing the stamping and colouring in with pencils /paint /ink etc.? Sorry, a lot of questions there but with not being able to go anywhere I can't see or feel it for myself. Thank you.

    Looking forward to Sunday's shows. Hope you get the chance to have some rest tomorrow
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda – I've always found craft card to be a slightly rougher texture than stamping card, but not as rough as cardboard if that makes sense! I purchased some cards and envelopes made from craft card, and they had more flaws in them (little folds and creases) than I had expected, so I don't know if that is normal for craft card, or that I got a duff batch. I'd be interested to hear what others think too. Hope my answer hasn't confused you even more! Susan x

    2. Craters companion do a craft card that Sheen a uses for faux leather. It's rougher than normal but is absorbent and colour pencils work fine. They also do another less brown card called desert sand and this is smooth and Brittany to colour on. XX

    3. Hi Brenda. I'm looking at a piece now and it is certainly a little rougher than normal white stamping card. In fact it's smoother and lighter coloured on one side, which looks OK for pencils, though I haven't tried that yet. I got it mainly to experiment with the faux leather technique, for which it is excellent. I'm afraid it was a one off from a local craft shop so I can't help with suppliers. Sorry, that's not really much help to you guess. x

    4. Thank you all very much for taking the time to help me :-). It sounds like the Kraft card I saw on the website I buy my basic card from is different as it looked a bit stripey and smooth. Guess I'd be best to buy the proper ones from Crafter's Companion, at least I'll know they do work, and it can always be used for something else if I don't like it. I have a problem with rough feeling paper – it's an Asperger's thing, the feel of it or even the noise if someone rubs their hand like to crease a fold in any paper, it all makes me have really bad feelings inside! I know, what am I doing paper crafting, and using chalks, which is another one!!!! I'll maybe wait and see if Crafter's Companion put it on offer, then it's not so much of a waste if I don't like it. I don't buy from Create and Craft if at all possible, they seem to think Scotland is on the moon, and charge so much postage for the privilege of waiting 2 weeks at least for our purchases, long after folk are emailing in to say they have received their exact same item!!! Thanks again, you all have helped, love Brenda xx

  9. Ooh – a double dose of Barbara – I'm very excited, although I'll have to record the shows in case any pesky guests need my attention! Love the colours and this beautiful stamp, and I look forward to seeing you work your magic, Susan x

  10. I have this set of stamps and they are wonderful. I love that you have used blue on them. Those pencils are fabulous to work with too. I have been patiently waiting on the new bespoke stamps and will be treating myself…most definitely! I got the Christmas set was and they are fantastic, so happy with them. Going to lock family out of the house on Sunday so I can watch in peace and quiet. Hugs Emma x

  11. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant 2 Shows with You! Great! I for one won't be missing them. Love this stamp, it is beautiful. Love my Spectrum Noir pencils too. Looking forward to seeing the personalised stamps as well. Love Alison xxx

  12. I totally agree those pencils are really nice and they blend beautifully. Love the look of that new stamp too, can't wait to see the new stuff. Hope everyone has checked if they have shows on record series as its billed as a giveaway show and so mine was not going to record until I did it manually. Seriously hope that made sense lol just would hate anyone to miss the show xx

  13. That's lovely,,. I'll be there on Sunday, and I too love the Spectrum Noir pencils have all 5 sets ,.whats good for you is good enough for me lol,,.xx

  14. that corner looks rather lush coloured in like that on kraft card. i agree with you about the pencils. they are fantastic.
    no relaxing Easter for you then? make the most of the next 2 days , hugs xx

  15. Hi Barb
    Can't wait for Sunday video already set although I'm just about to go and set it up to record the PM show – thanks for the heads up as I'd have been gutted to have missed it. Love the colouring you have done so far it looks divine – if only mine was 100th as good I'd be happy.
    Take care
    Beverley xxx

  16. Haha Barbara you always cheer me up I do love this new stamp wonderful get an extra hour Sunday if you on tv better go backset to record that too exciting have a great good Friday xxx

  17. Really looking forward to Sunday and have the recorder set ready as I will be at church, also set it for the afternoon show too
    Your sneak peek looks lots of fun
    Jackie x

  18. Hello Barbara, Yep, I'll be there, watching your show on C&C online while enjoying my Sunday breaky. Really looking forward to your show and all the new goodies (my wishlist for Ally Pally is getting longer ;=) ) Love the stamp – just beautiful! An agree, the Spectrum Noir pencils are FANTASTIC! Shame I won't be able to watch your guest appearance on the Crafter's Companion show on Sunday afternoon as it's Easter Sunday and I'll be at my sister's for "Kaffee und Kuchen" 🙂 But C&C now keep shows for a week, don't they? So hopefully, I can watch the afternoon show on Sunday night or Easter Monday. See you at the Ally Pally week on Saturday. HAPPY EASTER /FROHE OSTERN xx

  19. Hi Barb,

    Beautiful stamp and beautifully coloured too. WOW! I am sooooo happy you are bringing back the personalized stamp, I bought one when they were last out and actually e-mailed your company about 6-8 weeks ago asking whether they were still available to be told you had stopped them but may bring them back in the future and here we are, cannot wait lol! I want one with my blog address on so watch this space lol!
    It will be lovely to see you with Sara, she is such a lovely gal!
    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  20. Hello Barb. Cant get out of cooking for all the family on Sunday so will have to watch you later when peace reigns once more. Will thoroughly enjoy seeing your demos with my feet up and a cup of tea. Happy Easter to you and yours. xx Margaret Col.

  21. This is a lovely stamp and this blue looks great on the Kraft card. Will see you Sunday and the afternoon programme sounds interesting too. I love the Spectrum Noir pencils and have been using mine this evening together with the blending solution and the paper stumps which I haven't used much before but certainly give a nice smooth finish if that is what you are after. Enjoy the weekend and hope you get some time to relax. x

  22. Love this stamp and that colouring looks great. Looking forward to a double bubble of you Barbara on Sunday. Hope you get some time to relax this weekend. Happy Easter! Hugs xx

  23. Hi Barbara this is pretty and reminds me of cornflowers – we had them with our wedding flowers so they are a favourite. I'm hoping to watch before we go to my sisters but will have to play catch up with the afternoon show. Looks like it is going to be fun. Right, must text my friend about your bespoke stamps, she was after one last year and we searched your website.
    Enjoy your Friday. Love Diane xxxx

  24. Hi Barbara, looking forward to Sunday's shows. I have recently purchased these pencils but haven't had the time to play. Maybe I will sit and join you on Sunday and play along. Have a lovely weekend. Kind regards Joanne K x

  25. Hello Barb, wow can't wait for Sunday, a double dose of CraftalongaBarbie. I love these flower stamps and your colouring is awesome, the stamps are on my wish list, but have to hold back on craft purchases for a while. Have a blessed Good Friday everyone. Bx

  26. Hello from USA. Have set the recording for Sunday normal shows but will have to text mum to record the afternoon one. Oooo oooo new handmade by stamp need one of these! Also loved the eggs yesterday. Xx

  27. Lovely effect with the blended blue on the Kraft card, and a very pretty stamp. Will have to record Sunday as we'll be clearing out our kitchen for a new one to be installed from Tuesday. I'm certain it will be chaos, from which I'll escape to the watch the recording. Enjoy at least some rest over Easter.

  28. I'll be watching and recording! I have this stamp so might have a go at some colouring. Haven't got craft card though but I'm sure that can be arranged for the future. x

  29. I'll be recording the shows to watch later as will be out ( Easter service! ) so looking forward to watching all the latest amazing stamps and art work from you & your team. I love the new stamp with cornflower blue colours, its beautiful. Best wishes Barbara x

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