An hour with a familiar face and a new stencil….

An hour with a familiar face and a new stencil….

Hi there!
So glad you could make it.
Before I disappear in here, and you can’t get through the door!
Wednesday’s blog is something new, 
so how about a brand new stencil? Or two? Or three?
These three, 
plus the Flare Frame
are being showcased on the German TV next week, Tuesday.
But I thought it would be cool to not only give our German friends a preview of what to look out for on the TV Show over there, 
but also hatch them over here in the UK today! 
So here’s a little Scrap-booking kinda piece I did today,
using the Circles Frame.
Actually, I am missing my daughter even more than usual today.
I wanted to spend an hour thinking about her, which is like being with her if I keep the thoughts positive and upbeat. 
But I had to work and prep the German TV.
Then it occurred to me that I could do both!
She’s 25 now and a slender young woman.
But she was the cutest little peach as a toddler too!
Needs framing? I think so!
Put the 7″x7″ Circles Frame 
and a piece of the same size Gelli Card 
through your embossing machine.
Plate sequence for my E-Bosser, from bottom to top:
Rubber shim
copy paper
The front
The back
Replace the stencil and make a hinge at the top with masking tape.
Make a mask for the centre out of a Post-It.

Close flap. We have lift-off!

Pick 3 Distress Colours to use with the Blending Tools.

We still have a great offer on the Mini Blending Tools 
and the Free Blending mat

Load up the blending sponges 
and start working the colours into the openings.
The round blending sponges work brilliantly 
with this particular stencil!

Work around the stencil, thinking colour balance as you go.

All the time I was going round, 
I was chatting to Gracie in my head. 
I think light, bright colours help keep thoughts light and bright.

I want to flick water at the ink now.
So I have taped the stencil down on all 4 sides and in the centre.
Trying to avoid seepage…


Just figured out my scanner is defunct, 
so had to take a picture of the photo.
Hence the fuzz.
But hey!
You get the picture!
You really do!

The pink ink picks up her little anorak perfectly.

She was a little doll.

Still is!
Check this transformation out!
Yep, that’s my girl…
Love the saying by Dr Seuss, too.

have a great
Lots of love,

46 thoughts on “An hour with a familiar face and a new stencil….

  1. What gorgeous stencils, and what a gorgeous girl Grace is. I hope you get some time with her on your trip. My family live in UK, fairly close, and my heart goes out to those whose loved ones are further away. And then there are the grandchildren ………..! Love Carol xx

  2. This is a great blog Barbara and yes I agree Grace certainly was a little cutie ! I love the new frames and feel a purchase coming on ! Although by no stretch of anyone's imagination could Grace be referred to as an ugly duckling she has definitely grown into a beautiful and very elegant swan. Sending you a hug xx

  3. Stunning stencils winging into my basket as we speak! Stunning card, stunning technique, stunning inspiration and a stunning daughter! Thanks for sharing … Again! xxx

  4. Lovely, lovely card and the pictures just stunning – what a beautiful, young lady.
    Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday yesterday, it made me feel so happy that I had lovely, positive people out there in the ether!
    Have a great week to all who read the blog.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  5. That's a beautiful page for a beautiful daughter, I know how you are feeling, I miss my boy too. I enjoyed using the circles stencil as well, but it's not as pretty as yours, I used polyfilla and the eraser on the end of my pencil for mine 🙂 why not give yourself some time off and skype Grace for a chat xxx

  6. Wow Barbara stunning stencil lovley colours your daughter has grown from a cutie to a beautiful woman you must be so proud she is always in your mind and you can be so proud that she is finding her way in life like your son too happy memories xxx

  7. What a lovely photo which must evoke some happy memories. You have a beautiful daughter who is making her way in the world, as is her brother. Be proud, you done good kid!
    Gayle x
    ps love the new stencils

  8. So lovely and bright, love the colours you have used, and such a sweet little girl , and she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady,.
    Don't forget we was once like that lol,,,.xx

  9. Live the new stencils think may need them Grace is so beautiful in and out just like her mum big hugs for you today as your missing her and lots love joy xxx

  10. Love that new circle stencil, and the lovely cheerful frame you have made with it.
    Grace has grown up into a beautiful young lady you must be so very proud of her.
    Jackie x

  11. What a lovely colourful frame. It brought a tear to my eye to see your beautiful little girl all grown up and twice as lovely. Really good idea for scrap bookers. I think the tree will be really useful too in so many different projects. I haven't tried putting them through my machine yet. Must give it a go. Thank you for another fantastic tutorial.

  12. Lovely selection of new frame stencils, and the frame you have done for Grace's photo is just beautiful! Hope you get to spend some real time with your fabulous daughter very soon X

  13. Awww Barbara wee Gracie is soooooo cute 🙂 And all grown up Grace very beautiful too 🙂
    I especially like the circles and cracked frame stencils, and the bright colours are just perfect for your photo. I must remember, when I have a go at this kind of thing to blend the colours together, I'd be trying to keep them separate and have it looking like one circle is partially hidden behind another. Your blending way looks far better, softer /gentler not stark like I would have ended up with. Thank you for sharing and for more tips and inspiration 🙂
    Hope you get to see Grace soon
    Big bear hug, love Brenda xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Grace is so beautiful and so cute as a toddler. I bought the flame stencil at the NEC. I NEED THE NEW ONES TOO!!! It's a lovely way to mount a photo.
    Hugs from Chris

  15. Oh Barbara! I know what you mean about missing your daughter! There are days I wish I could turn the clock back but then that isn't going to happen! Grace is living her life because she was given all the love and support you could give her when it mattered and now she has the confidence to make her own way in the world. Try and Skype her if you can or send her a little message.
    The new stencils are lovely and I do like how you've used the circles here! What a great picture of little Grace! Love and hugs Xxxxx

  16. This is a lovely idea to frame a photo, and the cute little Grace fits in perfectly, and grown up Grace is a beautiful young lady and with different inks her photo would fit in their equally well. I can empathise with your missing your kids when they live a long way away and chances to see them are few and far between. I have been feeling a bit down myself as our son was coming to visit in the summer from Australia, but unfortunately has had to put it off so not sure when he will get here now. I try, and do mostly succeed in staying upbeat and accepting, but just occasionally 'the mopes' set in. He is a lovely son and I am very proud of him, and I know he will come over as soon as he can. Anyway that aside these frames are great and are definitely on my wish list. x

  17. Hello Barb, ooh I am loving the new stencil designs, and this one is a must have. Gracie is a beautiful young woman now, and was a gorgeous little girl in years gone past. No wonder you are so proud. Love the colours used for framing the photo. Take care and huge hugs. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara,
    great new stencils and I will watch next tuesday for sure.
    And to all the others: You can watch the livestream of Barbara´s german show in the internet at HSE24 .
    Great idea to combine this stencil with Grace´s photo.
    Rolf xxx

  19. I love this Barbara, thank you so much for sharing the ebosser combination, I hadn't cracked it so will give that a try. Thanks for the free postage in April too, i shall be indulging!!

  20. Beautiful scrapbook page. I love these stencils, I have run my bird one through my cuttlebug and the effect was great. All you mums should be very proud you've given your children wings to fly. So many parents don't and prefer to keep their babies as babies. Sorry, just had a run in with one of my neighbours who seems to have a collection of young women running around after him and making a nuisance of themselves.

  21. The problem is – you make me want to play and buy all the new things!! and then work is in the way and moving house (or trying to) means most stuff is packed! ahhhhhhh!
    Your daughter is just lovely – a tribute to you then and now and totally understandable about how you miss her.
    A busy couple of weeks for you at the moment – TV here and Germany and Ally Pally – hope you make some you time somewhere in there!
    Much Love
    Kim x

  22. Hi Barb,
    Beautiful project to go with a beautiful young woman (& such a cute toddler!). Really love the new stencils and can feel yet another purchase coming on! The Dr Seuss saying is great – you should make it into a stamp ( if that's allowed that is). Thanks a lot, love Alison xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    It's just like home from home looking at the photo of your craft room – except your's is posher!!
    Fab demo, gorgeous child and beautiful young lady.
    Maureen xx

  24. Hi Barbara
    So much for tidying your room last week lol! Grace was such a poppet as a toddler (cute pink coat) and has grown up into such a beautiful woman. These frames are fabulous and look so useful. I like the circles but the tree looks interesting too. I hope you get to speak to Grace or Skype her soon, Skype is fabulous it seems like they are so muck closer when you can see them too. Take care of yourself and make sure you sit in the sunshine for at least 10 minutes!
    Love Diane xxx

  25. Really like the new,stencils, love what you have done with the circles one. Looks really good as a photo frame. Lovely colours for a pretty little girl, what a stunner she has turned out to be. Understand how much you must miss her though. Joys of being a Mum aye!!! Here's a hug from me as one Mum to another. Really looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally.xx

  26. Ooh, Barb, what a beautiful daughter you have there, but she could hardly be anything else, considering what a cutie she was to begin with. Love all the new stencils, I want them all. I wish I was wealth and could indulge to my hearts content.

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