Gelli Plate Scraps to the rescue!!!

Gelli Plate Scraps to the rescue!!!

Hi there!
Sorry I’m so late tonight!
Been a busy bee all day!
What with German TV next week
and the Ally Pally show this week, 
and a Magazine deadline tomorrow –
So what do we do when we’re pushed for time?
Yep, that’s right!
Reach for the Gelli Plate stash!!
Thursday’s blog is always blue, so here are 2 blue-ish backgrounds.
Mmm…but which one?
Correct. The really tatty one!
I used the Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic paints here:
Stamp our lovely Bird Tree, which our lovely Annie drew, 
into the lightest corner, using Black Archival.

Trim the margins and cut a panel from the top.
Aha moment.
Drop the top panel to the base of the card.
Love it!!
Attach it with low-tack masking tape at the back, 
and maybe even trim the 2 sides, 
to make sure the edges are plush.

Now tell me that didn’t work!
2 minutes, and stop the clock!
It took longer to decide which of the two Gelli Scraps 
I was going to start with!

Isn’t it funny how sometimes it literally just falls together perfectly,
and other times you can spend hours on a piece 
which never really gels. 
If you didn’t know I started with a scrap, 
you could think that I actually had a plan here!

And I did!
The plan was to be done:
all German demos done, tick
Magazine article, tick
Blog made and written, tick
Ally Pally van packed and parked and done, tick
chicken in the oven, tick
ready for Maria and Susan, beds made up, tick
who travelled all the way darn sarf to help at the Ally Pally Show
I love making lists of things to do, 
and then ticking them when they’re done. 
Sometimes I add things I have already done to the list,
just to be able to tick something !!!

So all that remains for me to do now is 
wish you a sound nights sleep 
and a safe trip to Alexandra Palace if you are visiting 
the Greatest Stamp Show in the South this weekend. 
The Clarity Stand is under the beautiful 
Rose Stained Glass Window. 
much love,

41 thoughts on “Gelli Plate Scraps to the rescue!!!

  1. Love the colours love the result – so definately all your boxes ticked!!! what a busy busy bee you have been!!! But I bet you feel good about it all !!! Always good to tick off things on the to do lists!!!
    Hoping to pop in on Sunday x
    Take care – much love
    Kim xx

  2. Phew! Was worried you weren't going to blog today and I love checking in every day to see what you've done. Love what you did today, just shows sometimes the simple things in life are the best 🙂 Received my gelli plate, gelli card, brayer and wee fairies from Clarity today and can't wait to play at the weekend. Have a great time at Ally Pally, hope it goes well, wish I could be there. Have a rest now, you deserve it! Love Debbie xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Very clever I must say! Hope ally Pally goes well and that you don't overdo it. Can I just say thank you to you and your lovely team. I received a Clarity parcel today and there was a little rose stamp in it. How thoughtful of you.i already have the large version that I bought years ago – I think it was one of the first stamps I got actually – so the small one will compliment it. Thanks again, love Alison xx

  4. Very clever Barbara! my pile of backgrounds rarely has anything that I want to use but my hoarder instinct won't let me ditch them! You have the knack of just seeing something inv that paint and card!
    Hope all goes well at Ally Pally and then in Germany! Safe journeys all round! Xxx

  5. Great blog. I ticked everything off my list today too! I will be there on Sunday and hope you've got some Spectrum Noir pencils left – I've been saving up and then you do a special offer………fantastic and thank you! Beryl xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Lovely artwork today, wondered where you were going putting the top at the bottom but I should have trusted you, it looks amazing. I do like the tree stamp.
    Oh you are so like me, I love a list and yes I add some easily achievable things that I can tick quite quickly. It gives you such a boost doesn't it to tick things off.
    I really hope you have a great time at ally pally and sales are good for you, I'm sure they will be. I got my weekends muddled so will not be able to make it unfortunately but I hope you have a good time and most of all enjoy yourself.
    Take card and get a good nights sleep.
    Much love from Diane xxx

  7. Wow Barbara this card is amazing. I really must do more with my Geli plate. I will be at Ally Pally on Saturday. I will try to say hi but you are always so busy. I have a list as long as my arm. Hugs Jackie

  8. Oooh! I'm feeling satisfied for you with all those ticks. It is amazing how things work out. Sometimes it's about not over thinking things and having a little trust in oneself. Beautiful work as always. Have fun at Ally Pally.

  9. Well done Barbara all the things on your list ticked off and packed ready to go. I'm not that far ahead. Must do a list of what to buy and pack a bag as staying overnight with hubby's sister. Back to your blog before I get too excited. I'm a list maker too mainly because if I didn't I would forget some off the things I have to do. Love the gelli plate background and the bird's tree stamp. Brilliant artwork, wouldn't have thought to cut off the top to put at the bottom. Great when background already done. See you on Saturday at Ally Pally, safe journey.xx

  10. Glad you are ready for Ally Pally. It is certainly satisfying to know everything is prepared for something and for the moment there is nothing to worry about. Love this piece of artwork too and hope all goes well at the show. x

    1. PS I hope that Ally Pally does not have the same bugs that some of us picked up at the NEC. I am now sneezing my head off again, so I will be putting myself in the plague corner at Sazz's workshop. xxx Maggie

  11. You been busy busy busy again warn out reading it would love to come alley pally sometime may will next time so much going on here got me tax returns finished after fighting with new computer and printer not connecting phew all done for this year and printer know connected to me Mac Pro just got to get used to it all know night night sleep well

  12. I really like both your gelli pieces and shifting the top panel is a bold and inspired idea. Like Alison I too received a Clarity parcel today, a back order item, with the lovely little rose stamp tucked inside. I now have the set of 3 sizes. Thank you very much; a lovely surprise and much appreciated.
    I was hoping to come to Ally Pally on Sunday but expect to be exhausted after singing in a concert on Saturday evening. Carmina Burana , very full on. I hope the show goes well and successfully. Carol x

  13. I must dig out my scraps again. I never seem to be able to see what you can see or else I just don't want to part with them. Hope Maria & Susan arrived safe. Wish I was closer to Ally Pally…maybe if I ever move back to Kent. I love lusts & like you add things I've already done so I can have more ticks but then I keep adding more below too. Well done on a good day's work done & dusted. Xx

  14. Beautiful, looks like it was planned and worked on for ages, so great it was from a scrap! Great colour combination too. Good luck for your TV show and for Ally Pally. Xx

  15. Wow this is so lovely and such a good idea to say use what we have I. The back stashes on busy days. You certainly are having busy days. Hope Alley Palley is fun with lots of great crafters stopping to get some wee folks, great stencils, stamps, amazing brushes, and to,say hello. Have fun!

  16. Wow beautiful glad your list is all ticked ️enjoy the show don't forget to chill too always make time for that cuppa happy crafting xxx

  17. Beautiful tones, love the card! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Ally Pally, my first card trip out in 6 years (bank manager groaning already lol) x

  18. I was thinking about you yesterday Barbara and thought you must have been really busy, I write lists too, I have to now because my memory is getting worse, is it age or life that does that? Wish I could go to the Ally Pally, have never been there, hope you have a great show with lots of visitors. I love your bird tree picture, your gelly prints never let you down … lots of love xxx

  19. How inspired to use the top section as a panel on the bottom – it works so well! I guess I need to play more with my gelli plate to build up a stash – sadly my efforts are much less arty than yours, although I did use one piece for my partner's birthday card – hope he likes it!!! Enjoy your weekend – we're going away to St Andrews for a birthday break, so hope the sun keeps shining, Susan x

  20. Well done with all the ticks on your list Barbara, I don't know how you keep going at that pace. Love the inspiration with the geli card background. I'll look at mine more often now. Can't come to Ally Pally, but I hope its very prosperous for you.

  21. Hi Barbara, I really like this, thank you. You know, you're too honest, if you didn't tell us it was using a piece of scrap you had found and that it all just fell into place then we'd be thinking you had slaved away for ages making this!!! But then some of us, me, would be too scared to try it for ourselves, so I'm glad you are honest about it!!!!

    What a productive day, glad you managed to tick all your list. It's exhausting just thinking about what you've achieved in one day! I need lists for everything too, helps with the myriad of spinning plates in my head that I'm constantly chasing my tail to keep spinning! Unfortunately in the last year and a half of stuff going on I've lost my way big time, and had more and more plates to keep spinning and more and more crashing to the ground, so lists got into a bigger and bigger mess and now it's too scary to even think about making lists for anything! And what's the point because now only more gets added on and practically nothing gets taken off, despite my battle to get them to work at sorting it all out! The practical mess I was left with /in nearly a year and a half ago was 3 years worth of always being told 'soon' to everything and since then despite my huge battle it's only got progressively worse. I've spent the winter with a lot of the living room furniture in my bedroom, still as many bags and boxes of stuff around the place, a living room even more of a building site and totally unusable, work I've paid for that's either not working or not finished properly, jobs half done or waiting to be started, and endless empty words. Right now I just feel sooo helpless and worn down, with all the tanks totally empty, my health deteriorating, and feeling I'm never going to get out of this mess ever, that this is me for the rest of my time alive. No one wants to know, I had even tried to get myself some help from social services when this huge stuff started, which was a huge deal and very scary for me to do myself, and was literally told to sort it out for myself! Which I've since spent the last year and a half nearly trying to do! Sorry, just feeling rather down just now, been trying to hide it but it's got a bit too much for me today.

    I do hope your show is a lot busier than the NEC was. And that you are not affected by the heat or air pollution you have down there today. This is our last nice weather day up here, so I'm trying to make the most of it sitting in the sun in my craft room with the window open 🙂

    Love Brenda xx

  22. gorgeous gelli background and a fab make. have a wonderful show. wish i could be there! just got my latest purchase through and the little rose really did make me smile. thanktou xx

  23. Absolutely beautiful. I am a professional list maker, I even break jobs down into small junks, just so I can keep ticking off. Sad or what! Hope you all have a great and very successful weekend, you deserve it.

  24. Hi Barb, playing catch up, having been away for work, love the artwork, great idea to switch the strip around. I make lists, then cannot find them, and have to make new lists, and forget what has been ticked off. Take care. Bx

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