Puppet on a String…

Puppet on a String…

Hi there!
Wednesday is flying by!

Do you remember Sandie Shaw?
I loved her when I was a kid!
We just missed her 68th birthday on the 26th February.
68. Cor, remember when she used to go on 
Top of The Pops barefoot?
Did you know she was the first British act to win 
the Eurovision Song Contest?
Essex girl. Dagenham. 

Well, today I thought it would be cool to air our puppets, 
or marionettes.

So out with the Distress Ink on Clarity Card stash!

Go on, pick one! 
All I did was split a large polybag down one side and along the bottom, then open it like a book.
Drip a couple of drops of the Distress Inks or Inkabilities, 
or any bottled inks you might have
onto one side of the sleeve, spritz with a little water, 
then open and close the polybag to swoosh the ink around.
Lay a piece of the A5 Claritycard down on one side; the first will be the darkest.
Close and open the flaps, next one. And so on.

Stamp the lovely Him and Her Puppets into place, 
using Black Archival

Add the Handy hands…

Colour them in with Distress Markers,

and add the puppet strings, using a ruler and black Micron pen
(Ruler’s on sale this month…)

Wrap draw the strings around the fingers.

Don’t they look cool?
Don’t look too happy though.
Maybe he’s just told her he only wants to be friends ; 
he doesn’t want any strings attached…

 Actually, these two images would be a dream for anybody 
who is into altered art or mixed media work.

Let’s make a special blog offer:
Buy the puppets, and we’ll give you the hands free!
Handsfree – get it get it?

I couldn’t resist.
here’s Sandie Shaw.
Come on! Singalongasandie!
It will take you right back. 
Did me, dancing around in the corner of the living room 
to Top of the Pops on a Thursday evening!

Those were the days 
xxx much love,

48 thoughts on “Puppet on a String…

  1. Those were the days {Mary Hopkin} indeed ~~~ I am now singing Puppet on a String~ing~ing~ing~ing, like a puppet on a string ~~~ cool design today ~~~ maybe you should enter Eurovision? We might do a tad better ~~~ must be coming up soon? something a little Chitty Chitty Bang Bang about these two too ~~~Deb xo

  2. Fabulous card design as always Barbara. Yes I remember Sandie. My 3 sisters and I used to dance on our beds as dad wouldn't let us dance in the lounge. Memories! Off to do some late night shopping and I will have this tune in my head all the way. Hugs xx

  3. Great card Barbara! And now you've got me singing puppet on a string!!!
    Quite apt as that's how I feel…like a puppet but without someone clever operating the strings so nothing quite coordinates!

  4. Those were the days… Mmmm Mary Hopkins! I remember now!
    Love these puppets! Your backgrounds are well cool too!

    Now who sang Little Arrows? And why has that one popped out of the blue? Oh no… Earworm!

  5. Oh blimey,I'm singing it now! The backgrounds are great, how do you do it without them going muddy? The stamps are great too but I really can't buy anymore after Sunday!Wx

  6. Flippin' 'eck, that takes me back lol. This is such a terrific project, I love the idea of using a plastic bag to make the background and the puppets are fab. Lainie xx

  7. Flippin' 'eck, that takes me back lol. This is such a terrific project, I love the idea of using a plastic bag to make the background and the puppets are fab. Lainie xx

  8. I remember Sandie Shaw well – I was a midwife when she had her daughter, Grace, back in 1970 or '71! It was amusing as she had her photo taken in the mian ward though she was in a side ward. She gave all of the mothers in the main ward a half bottle of champagen and shared out her veritable florist shop of flowers, to make up for the inconvenience of the photo shoot.!
    Unusual card. Haven't got these stamps but I like the way you've used them.

  9. Hi Barbara
    I love this card and the offer on the stamps is fab so of to order mine as soon as I've finished typing.
    Oh gosh Sandie Shaw those were the days weren't they and the tune will stay in my head for days now,but I will enjoy it.

  10. Should I admit to remembering Sandi Shaw? Like a Puppet on a String is now whirring around my head!

    Great piece of art work Barbara and a lovely offer for the stamps. Hugs xx

  11. Great card Barbara, and the stamps work so well on your background…what a great offer too…so now you have us all singing and dancing bare foot…cool…..xxx

  12. Hi Barbara Oh yes Sandi Shaw, that takes me back! I think I can still hear my gran tutting because she had no shoes on! I love these backgrounds, must have a play with my inks again. These puppets are so cute and now I understand the hands!!!! I've seen them in the Clarity Sale and have been trying to work out what they meant ie sign language!!!! Oh dear, how silly am I. Still I hope that makes you laugh! Enjoy your evening love Diane xxx

  13. Great background technique! Oh I remember recording the charts on a Sunday evening, sitting with my tape player trying to hit pause just before the DJ started talking again! Constant button pressing. Xx

  14. Gosh,Top of the Pops, it was a Thursday night ritual, with mum and dad tutting away at groups with long hair. My dad had a list of Do Not Bring Into This House and long hair was one of them. As for Eurovision we never missed it but not so good anymore. Love your background, really got to try it. xx

    1. Oh Lynne yes long hair a big no no. One of my cousins had long hair and his dad ,a policeman , despaired of him. He's now Chief exec of an oil company and bald!! Xx

  15. My Nan used to buy all the top ten 45s in those days, Puppet on a String, Those were the Days, Lily the Pink ….Oh blah di oh blah dah (or whatever!) Silence is Golden and all the others! Brings back great memories 🙂

    I'm afraid I can't think of ToT Pops anymore as it makes me think of Gary Glitter – my mum and sis used to stomp about to his songs.

    Pretty backgrounds here – I'm not a great puppet fan though! xxx

  16. Well, Sandie Shaw! That's a blast from the past. Terrific songs then, and they often come back in some guise. I do like this the background technique and it suits your puppets so well.

  17. Hello Barb. I used to have a record player where you could leave the top arm off and it would repeat endlessly. My poor parents! Love the card and the puppets but find all puppets a bit creepy! The idea of pulling anyone's strings perhaps. xx Margaret Col.

  18. This is great Barbara and love all the inky backgrounds which the puppets stand out against so well. Sandie Shaw was so popular then and I can remember singing along to Puppet on a String and watched the Eurovision Song Contest. Our songs were always up there then, not so these days … hey ho. x

  19. Lovely artwork as usual, Barbara, thanks! The pastel shades are great.

    I hope this isn't against your blog rules but I had to share this link — I've just read it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/13/coloring-for-stress_n_5975832.html Now psychologists are discovering what crafters have known for decades. Colouring in reduces stress! 🙂 It's official! Maybe Clarity should bring out its own adult colouring book, with all your fab stamps in it! I bet that would go down a storm. (Because you don't have enough to do! 😀 )

    Hope it's okay to share the link. If not, I'll happily delete.

  20. Hi Barbara, thank you for this and for the reminiscing. I do really enjoy these reminiscing blogs. I didn't see Sandie Shaw, wasn't even one year old that Eurovision, but I do know the song and the other ones people are talking about. And like others I too used to sit with my tape recorder trying to record the charts without the DJ wafflle!!! I do remember when Brotherhood of man won. And when Bucks Fizz won I was in a guest house in Oban away with the school, we were all crowded into the tiny wee TV room, and we got pokes of chips to celebrate 🙂
    I'm off to find a youtube of the Sandie Shaw Eurovision 🙂
    Love Brenda xx

  21. Hello Barb, lovely card, super background, one I have not tried yet. Love the puppets, great tribute to Sandie, one of my all time favourite songs, which is probably why I watch the vintage music channel so much, love hearing all the old numbers. Have a great day all. Bx

  22. Great backgrounds, and the puppets are fun. Loving all the reminders I used to love Eurovision, not so much these days all got a bit political so I will stick with he happy memories Thanks xxxx

  23. Hi Barbara. Now I have an internet connection again I have been able to catch up. I think that Mondays birds are simply fabulous, I love them so much. Will they be the ones that I get with my voucher, I still can't decide!
    Love todays puppets, and Sandie Shaw, going to have that song in my head all day now : ) Take care

  24. To right about those were the days Barb. I am 68 and I well remember Sandie's performance, and even the dress she was wearing. I don't understand why current entries to the song contest aren't catchy tunes. (Like Sandie's or Abba's) They are the ones we remember because even if we don't know the words, we can hum the tunes.

    Love the background making technique. I only have one or two inks, I wonder if I could use the food safe ones I have, that I use for airbrushing? Hmm, I might have to try that.

  25. Great blog & song, remember Sandy so well, she always reminded me of a neighbour. Brilliant song. As you said 'Those certainly were the days', when we used to dance round our handbags. Nice to reminisce. Love the puppets but wonder if I'd use them. Backgrounds brilliant must make them again, like the pastel shades.

  26. Watching and listening to this track then led me on through the other links at the end and then from one link to another until I was totally buried in nostalgia. Really fun and relaxing. I love this post and the way you have woven that story line into it. Beautiful artwork. xxx Maggie

  27. I enjoyed the little tutorial for inking the backgrounds Barb and am going to give it a try. Here in the US I don't recall Sandie Shaw, but I got a giggle out of the clothes and hairdo's from the time, it did take me back to my 17 year old self. And all the boys in proper coats and ties, always for a date or a dance, those times have changed. Your sense of humor/play on words here on this post made me smile this morning.

  28. Fabulous card design as always Barbara. Yes I remember Sandie. My 3 sisters and I used to dance on our beds as dad wouldn't let us dance in the lounge. Memories! Off to do some late night shopping and I will have this tune in my head all the way. Hugs xx

  29. Another great card and I love the background, i'll definitely give that technique a try. I remember Sandie (can't believe she's 68). I saw her on stage 2 years ago. she was touring with Jools Holland and she was great!!

  30. This is one of my favourite sets and my next canvas when I get change- what do you reckon a bit of grunge black and white paint and a drop of red somewhere? The little Marionette peeping over the top of the canvas – Mmmmm how can I' do that? I love what you have done with them. I love Sandy Shore too didn't she sing Puppet on a String???? Sam x

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