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How about taking a little walk with me along Carmel Beach?
It’s where Mark has headed off to today, Northern California.
Dropped him off at Heathrow this morning.

But let’s join him for a while – in thought at least.

We have a new set of the most beautiful landscape stamps; each comes with a stencil, too.


Napa Valley:

Lone Cypress:

Today let’s visit Carmel-by-the-Sea.
I lived there for a while when Mark and Grace were toddlers.
We must have walked that beach hundreds of times. 

Stamp the scene in Black Archival on Theuva Card
and heat emboss with detail clear embossing powder.

Cover up the round scene with the centre of the stencil,

and let’s add some Tumbled Glass

and Broken China to the background, using a brayer.

Colour in the beachy scene with Distress Markers,

Add a little sky with a make-up sponge.

Looking good…

Trim back the background.

Let’s lighten the bottom with some large circles, 
using Jo’s Bubbles Stencils and a white Brilliance pad.

Tear some hills using the side of the Clarity Blending mat
and extend the skyline.
Actually, it’s Carmel Valley, where all the movie stars live.
Clint Eastwood and Co.

Now we can either leave it all nice and smooth,
California sunshine,

or we can spritz it with some blue and yellow Distress inks,
and add some ocean mist.

Choices, choices, choices..

Mount the artwork on larger white card, 
and use a Clarity Brush  with Stormy Sky
to extend the skyline even further.


Squeezed Lemonade around the edges 
will make the path and the sun/moon pop.

Mmmmm. Bit dark at the bottom….
I know the Pacific is cold and deep, 
and if we were doing a fishy scene, this would be great.
But a leisurely stroll along the white sandy beach it is not! 

I have added more Brilliance White 
through a piece of Punchinella to lighten the whole thing. 

That’s better!

Have a great time Mark.

If you go swimming in the Bay, you know what the locals say: 
try not to look too much like a sea lion!
aka shark lunch!
Brighton may not be as sunny, 
but at least the only sharks you are likely to meet 
are two-legged in the Lanes!

Much love,

32 thoughts on “Carmel-By-The-Sea….

  1. Hi Barbara
    I fell in love with these stamps when you showed them at CHA. Lots of possibilities for colouring and the frame stencils are so useful. The background is lovely and I like the way you have used that Brilliance ink.
    Hugs from Chris x

  2. This is beautiful Barbara and I love the white Brilliance ink which is wonderfully opaque and really adds to the scene, it's on the list. Hope Mark finds what he wants in California because if they are happy it makes having them so far away easier to bear. x

  3. Thinking of you ~ I know all about the heartache mixed with hope and joy for the future when a loved one moves abroad {only I was the one moving} These days, with Skype and email it isn't nearly so far as it was for me {Ferndale, CA} thirty years ago ~ God, that sounds a lifetime away! So, sending you a Great Big Virtual Hug xo

  4. Love this Barbara I know you will be very sad just now as mark has left I was the same when my son went to work away. I comfort my self that he is healthy very happy and excited what're could us mums want love always xxxx

  5. Thinking of you Barbara I too know the mixed emotions of having children living away form the UK but as June says I too comfort myself knowing they are well and happy.
    Take care,
    Hugs Jackie x

  6. Lovely and refreshing! I'm sorry Mark has gone again but it's great your children have made their own way in the world. Following Grace on twitter and she looks happy xxx

  7. another ink pad i need. brilliance white. these techniques are so cool and produce striking effects.
    you are going to be drawn to america more than ever now. take care, hugs xx

  8. Great artwork Barbara!
    Mark will be fine I'm sure and it's testament to you that he has the confidence to go to start a new life! And of course you'll miss him but he'll always have you in his heart!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  9. Haven't tried anything with these lovely sets yet – they're on my "to do" list for the w/e together with the fairies & elves.
    You've created a lovely bright piece of art and I love that Brilliance Ink. I have some teardrop shaped colours I bought over in the U.S a few years back so will have to dig them out.
    Looking forward to Saturday – sunny forecast here and lots of crafting planned….my perfect w/e!
    Hope Mark had a safe journey, presumably if he's not there yet, he will be very soon.
    Take care, Carole x

  10. Lovely artwork today Barbara I'm loving what your doing with that white ink…sending a big cuddle broke my heart when my youngest flew the nest and he is only an hours bus ride away bet there's lot's of broken heart's in your area now the handsome lad has gone..Best wishes Mark be what you want to be and reach for the stars make your mum proud as alway's…Dot.xx

  11. B E A Utiful! Loving the white circles and the punchinella adds a smaller size so will layer up nicely. Good luck to Mark, now you have two reasons to visit America. Shame they are on different sides of the country, makes visiting them both on the same trip hard. Sending you hugs XX

  12. Love the card and the stamps as they evoke many memories and I now envisage a whole raft of possibilities. Drove to Carmel and Napa from San Fran when living in Houston; visited a craft shop (no surprise there) in Carmel and Turnbull estate in Napa – pity no Turnbull reds can be sourced here in the frozen north!
    However, a sad day for you, Barbara. Airports are such soulless places! Having waved my other half off last Friday for a number of months – or even longer, I can certainly empathise; we were apart for much of our early years but since 2004, have spent most of our time together. However – the big upside of modern techno is Face Time and the ubiquitous iPad! We see and speak regularly, a big departure from the early days of 'ship-to-shore where your conversation could be heard across the South China Sea!' Safe journey, Mark and chin up, Barbara! ;~}

  13. Oh dear Barbara I can't imagine how sad you must feel about Mark, I am missing my son and he is only half a mile away, how daft am I. They need to be independent though and I am sure you will be on a plane soon. Love the card, never been to America would love to go. I have got to try those brilliance pads they look great. xx

  14. Really lovely! The effect of the White brilliance ink is fabulous! I am sure you will see Mark again soon – that will be something to look forward too! My son and his girlfriend are travelling through Africa and India for seven months, they left in October and will be back the end of May – I can't wait to see him! xxx

  15. Hi Barbara This art work is beautiful and I can just see you and the small children walking across the sand all those years ago. I know you will miss Mark especially as he has been part of the business since he's been home but as you say he is making his life now. It's hard but you have to let them go for them to come back. Sending you a big hug and I hope your lovely Dave has got something nice planned for the weekend for you. Night night, sleep tight. Love Diane xxx

  16. Hi Barb, this is a really lovely card, beautiful scene. It will be hard with both Mark and Grace so far away, but they are always in your heart. And with technology as it is, at least you can still see them with Facetime or Skype. Good luck Mark. Bx

  17. Hi Barbara. Sorry I haven't commented, lack of internet connection! Love all of your blog posts that I missed and todays is another great piece. Just adding the white softens that dark water beautifully, love the punchinella effect. I hope Mark had a safe journey, it must be so hard waving him off, but time will pass quickly and you will see him again before you know it. Take care x

  18. How effective the white brilliance pad is, I saw you use it on your show & was most impressed. I hope Mark soon settles to his new life in USA but I do feel for you and Dave. We don't like parting with our babies – no matter how old they are! Pat x

  19. Lovely artwork and it's great how you have lightened it all up with the Brilliance white pad! Sad day to see Mark leave home, but I'm sure you're really proud of the handsome, sporty, bright and independent lad he has become. Wishing him all the best in sunny California, and sending you a big hug to help fill your empty nest! Susan x

  20. Hi Barb,
    Love the artwork today and these stamps and stencils are on my wish list. They have been since I saw you demo them from the CHA – stunning. It must have been a hard day for you yesterday seeing Mark leave but you should be proud of how he has turned out and as you say it is time for him to make his own way. Just think of all the holidays you can have though visiting him and Grace! Love Alison xx

  21. Wonderful scene. Wishing Mark all the best , you've obviously raised him well, he's "only a day away", took my queue from Annie. Happy singing 😉 x

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