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What’s today? Ah yes, Wednesday…
Wednesday’s Blog is something new, 
so here are some delightful new Style Stencils 
we launched recently. 
They are very retro, very chic,
What’s really cool, too, is that you get both the inny and the outy, the positive and the negative.
There is also an excellent set of Stamping accessories, which work brilliantly to jazz up the stencil girls.
But let’s get to grips with a new technique too…
About time we tried a new Gelli Plate trick!
Here goes…
Brayer a layer of Buff Titanium or Naples Yellow
onto the Gelli Plate

Place the Dotty Wave Stencil on the wet paint,

blot with copy paper, 
lift away stencil and lightly blot again,
so you end up leaving a light, almost translucent layer of paint 
on the plate.

Once the Buff Tit layer is completely dry, 
add another thin layer of Phthalo Turquoise Acrylic Paint

with the brayer.

While the paint is still wet, lay the two stylish ladies on the plate, and press down gently

Place the Dotty Wave stencil over the wet turquoise and the girls, and blot with copy paper.

Blot the area around the stencil with copy paper.

Once the outer area is dry, 
quickly lift off the two stencils and blot with copy paper.
This is cool!
See how the paint underneath the stencils stays wet, 
so it can be removed completely.
The blotted copy paper is pretty good too.

Now it’s time to lift the girls off the Gelli Plate. 

and cover the plate with your brayer.
Do you need to clean the brayer inbetween paint colours? 
God no!!!!
Just make sure the different coats are dry.

Whilst the white paint is still wet, flip the Gelli Plate on its megamount and place on the piece of clean white Gelli Card.

Flip back, rub the card on the back and then peel off the Gelli Plate.
All things being equal, 
the two ladies should peel off the plate easily.

Now comes a neat new application.
You see, the whole piece is actually covered with acrylic paint, isn’t it. So the best way to add detail on acrylic paint is with these marvellous Spectrum Noir Pencils.

This is how we add pleats, shadows, skirt hems and so on.

I went with the Marine Set.
Here is a special offer:
If you haven’t invested in these Waxy pencils yet, 
they are really excellent.
They certainly work on top of acrylic paint! 
And that’s a result!

Let’s use the Dotty Wave stencil to add pattern to one of the dresses. Literally just draw through the circles.
Very Polka Dot 60’s!

Colour in the dots with a different colour pencil.
It’s so easy and soooo authentic looking!

make-up sponge and a dab of Mustard Seed Distress ink to add vibrance to the girls.
I used the outy stencil to keep the yellow on the dresses.

Cut back the edges and drag the chisel end of a matching Promarker around all 4 sides.

Mount on a handmade Gelli Plate background 
which uses the same family of colours.

I used a Charcoal pencil underneath the skirts and to make a floor.
We have a neat little tin of pencils from Derwent.
And if you were looking for a white pencil, a proper white pencil which works on Acrylic, it’s in this particular little tin.

And we musn’t forget the blotted ladies.
Not blotto! Blotted!!!
There’s a whole new project waiting to be created!

Yes, I like this. 
I like the depth you can achieve with the pencils.
Let’s have a Special offer on the 3 stencils
£15  £10 for all 3!
(only until Sunday though…)
In fact, let’s drop the Multibuy price 
£28  £20
(only until Sunday though…)

It feels good, after all the award hype and excitement,
to just snuggle back into my little room and get arty. 
If I told you I was quite introverted, 
would you believe me?
I am you know. I think I was just raised in a society where we were told that shy was bad and outgoing equalled confident.
What a lot of cock that is !!!
But we aim to please I guess, so we fake it to make it.
And then there comes a point where we don’t even know ourselves where on the extrovert/introvert scale we really belong. 
All I know for sure is that I love being alone in my artroom,
preferably with no noise and no phone, 
just making something and being creative. 
Ironic that I have a job which involves the absolute opposite!
What about you?
On a scale of 1 to 10,
(1 being mouse, 10 being lion),
Where are you in your heart?
I think I’m a 3-4 most days.
much love always,


  1. Oh gosh I can't believe the coincidence of a conversation I had with my husband this morning and your introvert/extrovert quandry!!!!! No, i no longer know quite where on the scale I belong and would probably put myself at a 3-4 too … on a good day, when I am being kind to myself! If you can fake it Barbara then so can I … just THANK YOU for sharing that you do … there may be hope for me yet! Love to you from Debbie (friend of Margaret Craners!) xXx

  2. Fabulous! I absolutely love these stencils! I might just have to go down the gelli route one day! My clarity gift voucher is absolutely burning a big hole in my pocket, alas I've not quite narrowed down my options! As for your question I am probably more of a lion but have not only enjoyed but really benefitted from being a mouse at times, as have the people around me, I'm a terrible chatterbox – you may have noticed.

  3. Hi Barb,
    A gelli plate demo – yay happy day. I'm a chatterbox like Pam G, but not really an extrovert. I am happy with my own company, but also happy in a group – as long as I am not the centre of attraction.

  4. Lovely work – where do you get the ideas from? Don't answer it's just a good job you do!! I would never think of doing that.

    I'm probably a 4. Not so much introverted as not confident or is that the same thing. I probably come across more confident that I feel. I worry too much about what others think. xxx

  5. Gorgeous pieces..

    Same here, love being alone in my room, in the *zone* lost in time and space just creating, find it so hard to put myself *out there* but it has to be done in this industry.

  6. Wow brilliant offers I'm a mouse but my crafting has made me a little braver I would never have thought I could enter my cards into blog challenges but I do now thanks to clarity happy crafting xxx

  7. Hello Barbara – love these designs. As I child I was all mouse, but I think going to work and uni helped my confidence and ability to fake it, so now people don't believe I was ever shy. Still an introvert really though, so need my time on my own to recharge my batteries through baking, crafting and reading!

  8. What a great technique thank you for the tutorial.
    I'm definitely a mouse and I would say I'm around a 3/4 although I have to be much more confident in my role as Vicars wife.
    Jackie x

  9. Love your make from today. It's ages since I got out the gelli plate. Will have to give it a go.
    Yes, I'm a mouse too-probably a 2-3 when left to be. Since retiring, I spend a lot of time on my own, crafting, and am quite happy to do so. Family keep trying to push me to join things and go out more, but why, if I'm happy?
    Thank you Barbara. It's good to have you back!!! Jan x

  10. This is an amazing piece! I just adore it, the whole feel of it. I used to be a lion, but things change and now I'm a mouse ~~~ happiest on my own so most days I'm a 1 or 2 at best.

  11. This is such a great gelli plate demo, and the way you have coloured the ladies is fabulous! I must get my gelli plate out for an airing soon. Thanks for the offer on the stencils too Barbara. As for lion or mouse I think I am a confident person and can chat to most people without any problem, and I do like my own company sometimes but like to have background noise and not too much quiet. I was very shy as a child but singing gave me confidence and I can still get up and sing on my own but do still get nervous and probably find it harder than I used to now I am in my sixties. I would say I am probably a 5-6 or maybe a 7. You can see from the length of my answer that I don't do concise hahaha. x

  12. Magnifico!! utterly blown away – must get the geli out.
    As to introvert/extrovert – maybe you need to talk to my husband – Management Consultant. He has psychometric tests!! Well I will join you in saying you are a shy extrovert? Or maybe a just off the scale introvert. I have been "tested" and come out shy extrovert – like the buzz but also like the calm and peace of one's own space.
    Glad you are back and feeling better.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  13. That's brilliant Barbara! I love blue and yellow together …it's just right!
    As for introvert/extrovert I probably would say that I am a 4 most days which might surprise some people!

  14. Nice to see that you are feeling better. Back to the ol' Barb. Not old as in old but more yourself, you know what I mean….. I'm digging a huge hole ……. I think I must be a 2. I don't have much confidence, I know that. By the way, I love the stencils, they are on my wish list x

  15. Good to have you back in your art room Barbara. I too am a fan of these pencils, and I love what you achieve with them here. It's really good to dig out the old Gelli plate and acrylics again, bit like giving a really comfy jumper a new lease of life. Introvert/extrovert well we are all multi-dimensional and on the day can be one end or another of the spectrum, I know after a hectic few days/weeks(!), all I want is to be home with beans on toast and my craft room, keeps me busy for hours and days if I can. Then it's on with the war paint and off to face the world as though nothing will faze me. If you ask people at work, I am loud, strong minded, opinionated, forceful, all the things I need to be in that world. At home I can be as quiet as a mouse, happy in my own company for many a day, so today I am a mouse, tomorrow in the office I will be a lion!

  16. Hello Barb. What a joy that card is – so different and really pretty. I hate to say it but I was shy and unsure as a teenager but not now. Really I guess I'm about a 7 now. Sometimes we all need a bit of a break though and I too love the quiet of my craft room. Then I crave company and just need a chat! xx Margaret Col.

  17. Great to have you back Barb. Well I would say I am a 3-4 but that depends on what mask I am wearing. Not just for crafting these masks they are really useful in life too. Depending on where we are and what we are doing and who with depends on what we allow people to see. One of my classic lines is " I have more front than Woolworths" meaning the shops. But what people don't see is what is going on inside! Some days a 2-3! Love today's work Barb Don't go over doing it now will you?! Lots of love Vanessa XX

  18. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, and more new arty tips and tricks too, thank you. Glad, and relieved, you are getting back to your old self, still try to take it easy and factor in extra rest /chill times for a bit, even if that's playing in your art room. In my heart mouse or lion, that's a hard one, not!!!Obviously me being so scared of people, I must be the tiniest mouse, how far into the minuses does the scale go!!!! Love Brenda xx

    1. Och just no coping the now Donna. It's been /is an endless tough battle for me and it's all kind of got too much in the last couple of weeks, and there's nothing in sight at all, no break, nothing to look towards or work towards at all. That's how I work, the only way I know to get myself through life – always looking towards, working towards the next ok /good /break thing. But it's just this tough, lonely battle for as far as I can see. The last time I got to go out of here (other than the garden) was last September and that was only to the vet for Daisy's annual check and vaccination. Nicola is the only person just now that I could go out with but she's not allowed to being a manager, her taking me to the Commonwealth Games was a one off. She is coming here next week though, it's the boiler service so she's arranged to come and support me herself for that afternoon, and plans to see how she can help with how I am just now and to have some normal chat time with me too, something I get very little chance of just now, apart from on here. Och it'll be fine, I seem to always somehow manage to keep going, find a way to, no matter how tough stuff gets. Thanks for asking after me, you're very kind, hope you've been enjoying your annual leave xx

    2. Hi Brenda, hope your visit with Nicola goes well and you feel happier. Soon be warmer and the sun will be shinning so you will be able to sit on your doorstep and take photos of the birds. I have been crafting every day, thought I would get the gelli plate out today as I always want to play when Barbara uses it. Sending you a hug and a smile across the miles! XX

  19. Oohh lovely, another gelli plate tutorial! My absolute favourite! Thank you so much for sharing your enormous talent. I'd place myself at 2-3 on the scale. I can do it if I have to but it doesn't come naturally and I'd much rather be in my lovely craft room world! Glad you are feeling a little better and back in your own craft room bubble. Amanda x

  20. Lovely card Barbara. I have this set so will give this card a go. Have yet to try acrylic paints on the gelli plate but have enjoyed using my inks with pleasing results. On the introvert/extrovert scale I would have to agree with Tracey, 1-2in truth but a 5-6 in public.
    Gayle x

  21. Hi Barbara,
    great trick with the Gelli plate and I think I have to order the stencil together with the stamps. The price is great. You made a beautiful card.
    I love crafting alone by myself especially when I try something new.
    I´m wondering how many crafters here are writing they are a 3 or 4 on the list. I would say I´m a 7 (between mouse and lion maybe I´m a kangaroo???)
    Rolf xx

  22. I think about a four for me – occasional roar up the scale – depending on day, circumstances etc – but generally a pussy cat!!!

    love todays art Barbara x

    Much love
    Kim xx

  23. Hi Barbara, I would like to think I am a 3 but in my heart I am a 2 as I like to craft late at night not always the best for my health but there is something about the peace and quiet with no interruptions re cooking, housework, etc. – Love your project and the lovely fresh colours you have used, thank you so much Barbara for working so hard for us, with your Blog, tv work and your beautiful designs not sure how you keep going – hugs Jennifer x x x

  24. Hello Barbara love this technique, and your finished design is fab. Really must get my Gelli plate out again and play! I'm an introvert too, probably a 3 – 4. though when training/facilitating I put on a mask and zoom up the scale to a 7 – 8, so know exactly where you're coming from. Hugs xx

  25. Gorgeous card, think I may have tobgwt the set, have been umming and arring since you launched them. I would say I am deffinetly a 2-3 on the introvert end of the scale! Find it hard to talk to people I don't know. That's why I like commenting on the blog, feels like I can be me without wanting the ground to open up and swallow me! Xx

  26. Fabulous technique Barbara. I must have a go at this. Thank you for always being a constant in our lives. You are very inspirational and always brighten up the day. I love being in the quiet on my own. It's my favourite place. But every now and then I like to be a lion! Xx

  27. Hi Barbara must get my geli plate out to play again, these ladies are lovely, especially when you got the innie and outie prints. Love the way the spectrum noir pencils work on the paint to make the dress designs, fancy a dress like the yellow and blue one! Thank you for sharing this technique with us. Now, let me see mouse or lion? I'm about a 3-4 I would say but hate awkward silences so I chatter away and probably appear much more confident than I actually am. Doesn't he
    P that my husband and daughter are both very quiet and I end up talking for them both too! Oh dear I don't know when to stop either! Take care love Diane xxx

  28. What a fantastic piece. Good to see you feeling better. I have just read today's blog and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. Very spookily I was telling my colleagues this morning how shy and introverted I am. They don't believe me but I said it is true and my appearance of confidence is just bluster and over compensating. I said that I have always faked it to make it as a result of my upbringing – never turn down a challenge, you can do anything you put your mind to, girls are at least as competent as men etc. how very spooky that you should say the same things on the same day. I am probably a 2-3 on your scale but only people who know me really well would think I am not a confident and ballsy 9. Funny really what we put ourselves through to keep all the plates spinning beautifully xx

  29. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant artwork, and great to have you back on form!
    I think I would class myself as a 3, which would surprise most people that I used to work with! I think teaching tends to be a bit like acting for most of the time. However, I am very happy and content in my own company especially when crafting or reading etc. I never like to be the centre of attention but I also like spending time with my friends and obviously my hubby and family.
    Love Alison xx

  30. Hi Barbara
    What a brilliant tutorial. I can find lots of occasions when the lovely ladies and their accessories would make fantastic projects. Lots of scope for decorating the dresses. You are clever. I am with you on the introvert/extrovert theory. Outsiders would call me a lion but underneath I am slightly unsure of myself and do enjoy losing myself in a dabble session.
    X Chris

  31. I am totally an introvert but all my friends and acquaintances think that I am an extrovert. I would prefer the peace and quiet of my own home and studio but have learned to extrovert (is that a verb?) when I am with others. I suppose most of us have been taught to be social when needed. I have always considered myself an extroverted introvert! Hahaha!

  32. Brilliant post, Barbara! I love the ladies you created. Great techniques!
    Although my friends would probably say I'm an extrovert, I'm really a closet introvert…about a 3 most of the time. I'm also a "fake it 'til you make it" gal. Right now we are totally snowed in and I'm loving it as an excuse to stay cozy in my little house.
    …Raine Phoenix

  33. Hello Barb, what great artwork, something to try (stencils are on my wish list), as I am getting more confident with my Gelli plate. On the scale, normally when on my own about a 3, but when going to meetings or on conference calls, I zoom right up the scale, which sometimes scares me. Reading through the comments, it seems to be quite common. Have a good day everyone. Bx

  34. Hi Barbara. The card is lovely. I would like to see a post where you use the white charcoal pencil on top of acrylic paint…
    Speaking of scale of the introvert, I am 2 most of the days, but at work sometimes I fake it up to 9. It's fun to see how adaptable we are… 🙂

  35. Nice to have you back in the fold Barb. Love today's technique, and I'd never have worked out how you did it, without the explanations. The ladies look great!

    I'm about a 4, I guess, but being semi disabled and 68, I don't get out as much as I'd like, though I'm saving up, as I've just bought tickets to go to Memphis and Houston in the autumn! Not bad for an old girl

  36. Amazing piece of Art Barb, lovely detail, love all the backgrounds you manage to do with the Gelli plate, I must invest in one sometime in the future lol!

    The new stencils are great too.

    On you scale I would probably be 2-3, very shy when meeting new people, never know what to say, my mind goes blank! Hopeless at job interviews!!! Which is why I never get anywhere, no confidence but I love blogging, yes its a curtain isn't it. Great to get to know people without having to face them I guess then hopefully if one day you get to meet up at least you feel as if you know them already. Wish I was a 10 believe me lol!

    Have a great day.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  37. This is wonderful Barbara although I wouldn't attempt it myself despite having the Gelli Plates. Maybe that has something to do with my lack of confidence – I am just a 2 -3 although when in company I am good at faking it like you. Thank you for your amazing blog – I look forward to visiting it every day. Di xxx

  38. Stunning artwork, you're such a tease Barbara, very generous offer. I would say I'm a 3-4 on average but can swing either way dependant on the company and situation. I don't have alot of confidence in my abilities, need to work on that x

    1. Thank you Viola – I just watched this link, and found it really interesting and uplifting. I was quite lucky when I was a senior manager that my boss for a while was also an introvert, so he understood me so well! Actually, so is my partner. I too will have to get the book…

    2. I'm glad you liked it. I used to work as a Physio and the expectation among managers seems to be that you must be extrovert to be a good physio. I can think of so many people I'd like to hear and read this…

  39. So very cool! I think I would be a 2 or 3 on the scale. But, hey, you can learn to overcome it, can't you? I really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for all you share!

    1. Hi Kristy, introversion and shyness are not the same thing. There are also shy extroverts. Introversion is about how your brain is 'wired' and you are born like this and stay like this. You can pretend to be outgoing and 'extrovert' but then it gets very exhausting and you need a break to recover. Shyness you can work on.

  40. Definitely not introverted. I can get extremely nervous and get embarrassed easily ( shine like a belisha beacon). But life is too short for me too mess around and I do have a bit of a miss bossy boots going on too as I like things to be organised. So for me I would say 4 _ 8.
    Love the artwork xxx

  41. Great tutorial Barbara – just catching up on your blog after a few days. I've just tried something new this morning which I enjoyed and hope once it's dry that it'll live up to expectations – we'll see……
    We had a training course at work for personality types and I was surprised that I came out as introvert, which is opposite to how I thought I was. It was very true what they said about introvert personality types needing "closed-door days" where you need to be alone & quiet with just your thoughts for company, and that's me! I do love company, but not surprises, so I have to have plenty of warning to plan ahead – that was another thing that they said we had to make lists – and I'm a very big list-maker!! 🙂
    I think I'd have to rely on others to rate me accurately, but in my heart I think I'm around a 4-5, so a bit panda, bit monkey, and my birth sign is scorpion, so God only knows what that means!!!
    Well today, (Sunday), I've put aside for crafting, so no matter what, I'm going to enjoy myself, and have a semi-closed door while I plan what to work on….I think I may well get out the gelli-plate and my new lady stencils – you've inspired me!
    Have a lovely day, Carole xxx

  42. I was roaring with laughter when I read the part about letting the Buff Tit dry, and my husband was looking quizzically on from the next room…but I completely lost it at the "not blotto" part and fell off the chair…

    Guess I can't claim to be on the low end of the introvert/extrovert scale…

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