Glazed Chinese Lanterns

Glazed Chinese Lanterns

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Rainy Thursday afternoon here in the South of England.
Poor old Dave didn’t escape the lurgy, I’m afraid. 
He’s just arrived at where I was about a fortnight ago. 
Don’t envy him that at all. 
So now it’s my turn to be nurse.
Poor sod.
Poor sod because he’s ill?
Or poor sod because I’m his nurse…
So here’s a step by step which I did this afternoon.
Just decided to go where the art took me –
and am delighted with the result1
Let’s take a look.
Go get the kettle on, and then just follow the pics…
We need the Chinese Lantern Stencil – one of my faves.
There is actually a second Chinese Lantern stencil
where we have extracted just a couple of the pods.
That’s quite cool, too:
But anyway, back to the pods in question!
Drag Grunge Paste 
through the stencil 
with the spreader 

Cut back to the edge, like so:

Wash the stencil, replace, and spritz through it.
I used

Same sketch with a blue ink,

Then I sanded the top of the Grunge Paste down a little.

More blue.
Salty Ocean.
Chipped Sapphire
Tumbled Glass
broken China.
Take your pick!

Here’s where I threw caution to the wind 
and decided to try something new!
Remove stencil…

Cover with Detail Clear embossing powder,
tap off excess and heat set.
Now we’ve sealed in the blue and the colour, 
it’s time to super glaze the whole piece.
Coat the whole piece with Versamark ink.

Another coat of embossing powder.

Tap off excess and heat set.

 You have to be able to touch this now.
The card seems to change property and become like a coated fabric canvas.
Really really cool.

Totally like glass.

Let’s get in really close…

See the blues trapped in the glaze?

Using double-sided adhesive sheets as close to the edges as I could,
I attached the piece to a canvas board.

Now this is going in my hallway gallery for sure!

Doesn’t that look like a glass tile?
So what am I trying to say, 
apart from showing you a neat glazing trick?

Hands up if you make cards to sell.
Hands up if you make things to sell.
Hands up if you sometimes wonder what the point is,
when you spend half a day making a card, 
and then only charge £2.50 for it.
(And there will be hundreds of people saying 
“£2.50 ?! I wish!! ”)
So here’s what I am suggesting.
Invest in a batch of Canvas Boards and adhesive sheets.
And get a box of the fab little stands we sell too.
And if you are thinking that that’s a big investment, 
I will add 2 things:
1) Let’s call it a sprat to catch a mackerel.
2) You have probably wasted more money 
on a mediocre meal in a restaurant recently.
And then, when you stall up, when you sell your artboards 
instead of your cards,
you can charge a lot more than £2.50.
You may call me ambitious, 
but if I were exhibiting at an upmarket craft show
 – and I spent 20 years selling slate vases at upmarket craftshows, so I think I can gauge a market – 
I would tag this artwork at between 
£45 and £60, depending on the weather! 
Yesterday we talked about confidence.
I think we have to know our worth and what our time is worth, too.
Food for thought.
I know there will be regions where you would argue the market couldn’t handle that tag.
I would argue that there are restaurants in every town.
Be brave.
What’s the worst that can happen?
That’s right!
You made all your Christmas Presents!
Much love,

69 thoughts on “Glazed Chinese Lanterns

  1. I love your project today. Not feeling confident to use Canvas for the moment, but really wish to try. I sell my cards here in France, and not doing to bad…..Just need some French word chains….. Thanks for sharing and take care of Dave.
    Laurence xx

    1. Just had to say I think Laurence's idea of French word chains would be fab! There are so many French words we all recognise, they would add even more style to our artwork… hope you're reading this, Barbara! 🙂 And I hope Dave gets well soon!

  2. Brilliant, I love this. Also your thoughts on selling cards, I used to sell soft toys had quite a little business going. I have not been brave enough to sell my cards but I am getting a stock so maybe. Poor Dave, not much you can do except keep the drinks flowing. Hope he soon feels better. xx

  3. Poor Dave, I hope he soon feels much better. Lots of honey and lemon for him with grated ginger as well. As you know, Barb, I struggled to sell any cards just before Christmas at £2.50. Still, I have most of the cards done for 2015. I have started doing canvases instead of birthday cards this year, thanks to your boards which are great to work on. Off now to do one that I need before the morning – nothing like cutting things fine. Love those lanterns with those gorgeous flecks. xxxx Maggie

  4. Hi Barbara This is beautiful and will look lovely on the wall gallery. My mission this year is to try grunge paste so when I get some I have this stencil to play with. I know what you mean, sometimes you walk into a gallery and see something with a ridiculous price on it and think I could do better than that! … day! Just walked into the lounge to find hubby enjoying his wet day off watching Robin Hood with Sean Connery and Audry Hepburn – he's had a lovely day!
    I hope poor Dave gets better soon and he can have some rest instead of dashing about like you did. Add a touch of whiskey to his honey and lemon! Take care love Diane xxx

  5. Lovely make today and I'm going to give it a go. I've never tried to sell my work, but I know that people don't appreciate the amount of skill or time that go into these pieces (or my cards!). I'd be interested to hear about any of these works of art that sell for £45 (though I know they're worth that!). Thank you, Jan

  6. Scuse my french here Barbara – that is bloody brilliant!! Will definitely be having a go at this and I am also going to have a go at something similar to one that Maggie C did recently too. Watch this space. Those colours are amazing. Hope Dave feels better soon – despite his nurse. Lol xxxx

  7. Hi Barbara, it's lovely and I'm glad you feel proud of it enough to hang it in your gallery. Thank you also for your pricing thoughts and advice. Sorry to hear Dave now has your virus. Hope he is better at doing what he's told!!!!! (If you need any help on this one you know to send him to us!!!) And I hope that he gets well soon. I'm sure your doing a grand job as his nurse 🙂 Love Brenda xx

  8. Arrrr poor Dave! Hope he gets better quickly. Are you a better nurse or patient? I'm guessing nurse as I think telling you to take things easy would have been impossible! I usually make cards and keep them until my Dad comes and takes them to his work. He usallt brings back an empty box which is great. Unfortunately (for me) he is retiring in July so not sure what I will do then! Xx

  9. Love love love it really getting into canvases we have just sold our bungalow so cannot buy anymore till after move then we'll hope to have my own room to craft so know stopping me then. Poor dave hope he feels better soon lots live to you both xxx

  10. It looks great Barbara I love it. I am not keen on glitter but I love the high gloss look like this. I am in the process of finishing a canvas myself for a challenge. The canvas stands are great for the IPad and IPhones too and I use them to stand Birthday cards up on the mantelpiece that way they don't keep getting knocked over. and I use them to display family photos on my cabinet. Xxx

  11. Oh Poor Dave – hugs and get well soon to Dave – man flu – the worst kind 😉

    Todays art – brilliant – reminds me of some of the meditteranean ones my mum has brought home on her travels and now are on the kitchen wall – so I make you right with the price!!!!


    Much love
    Kim xxx

  12. Absolutely correct about pricing your work. So many artists under price their work and, not only could they justify asking more and deserve it, they don't sell as much because it is too cheap. It is all about marketing and price tags at the end of the day.
    Hope Dave gets better soon, but good job you are recovered enough to be nurse! ~~~Deb

  13. Hi Barbara, first of all I hope Dave feels better soon…and secondly what a gorgeous piece of art work…and I totally agree with you about the possibilities when using canvas…I have been inspired by your work and made some which are going on sale next week in a shop in Cheshire….so thank you so much…hugs….Jo. X X

  14. Oh that looks amazing! So tactile. I have to admit thinking the boards are not for me. I just faff about with a bit of cardboard. I'm not at all arty. But you are right, what's the worst that can happen. My toe is twitching and ready to be dipped in. So what if I'm as rubbish as I know I will be. I will just not show anyone! Thank you for the kick up the bum xx

  15. Hi Barbara and 'poorly Dave'.

    I really love this piece of artwork, it's stunning.

    So sorry to hear that Dave has succumbed to those nasty flu bugs, but I 'm sure a large dollop of TLC from yours truly will work wonders!

    I have just seen the lovely news that my poem won in Dave's competition and I'm very pleased it gave you a boost!

    I went to Sazzle's workshop in Nottingham last Saturday on your recommendation and had a great time and hope to go again next month. We worked on three projects using the Sketched Lady stamp and I was very pleased with my first attempts. I also made a card for my daughter's birthday yesterday (Wednesday) and she loved it and was most impressed! I think I'm on my way at last.

    Also, may I congratulate you on your well deserved awards. Many thanks too, to all of you who have made such nice comments about my poem. Now I'm looking forward to choosing my prize! Actually not quite sure what I need to do claim it, but I'm sure I'll find out! Here's to crafting!

  16. Oh, poor Dave. Hope he is feeling better soon. Today's blog has got me thinking. I'm only just starting out in the selling world. I'm building my stock first before I take the big plunge!! But I am scared of making the last step and no one liking my wares! I wish I had more confidence. xx

  17. i am utterly speechless – totally blow away by this art work. Wow ! I have just had the day from hell working at the MOJ – more like a zoo or circus! This has made my day. I will rest peacefully dreaming of making something like your artwork. You keep me sane, you keep me going. I wish I was a fly on your art wall of inspiration.
    I hope poor, old, wonderful Dave (less of the old!) is better soon.
    Thank you for giving me a peaceful night – I remember your words – today is yesterday, put a tag on it and move on.
    I cannot thank you enough. Your blog is my saviour.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  18. Super artwork and the canvas really does add value.
    My daughter in law makes and sells bespoke paper cuts of family trees starting at £40. She does well and few customers query the price. Like you she works really hard at her marketing. I think Deborah makes a good point that being too cheap can be a turn off.
    Poor Dave. I hope your TLC helps with a speedy recovery. x

  19. Hi Barb,
    Oh dear poor Dave man flu is never pretty – please give him my sympathy and tell him I hope he feels better soon. I love this artwork as it looks so glossy. As you know I've been to many a craft fair and still get so angry when I over hear people moaning about how expensive something is. I think they go expecting to pick up a cheap bargin as they are not shopping in a shop – they're not – they are buying a one off original that someone has spent hours creating so that they don't look like everyone else who has gone into a bargin basement shop. It doesn't matter whether it's a card or a huge piece of furniture – the principle is the same – it's unique, a one off and that's what your paying for. Sorry, rant over but we do tend to under estimate ourselves through lack of confidence.

  20. Georgeous colours and shine on that canvas Barbara and I'm sure you are right about us underestimating our worth and that we should have more confidence in ourselves and our abilities! Sorry to hear Dave has now got the lurgy and hope he is soon feeling better. x

  21. hi Barbara. I am sorry Dave is poorly. You will love being a nurse. I am inspired by this latest art you have created. I have put all the ingredients ready for tomorrow. I have to use a different stencil but I can't wait to get started.
    X. Chris

  22. Wow, what a winner today's project is. Fabulous. Love everything about it. I have managed to sell quite a few of my cards in the past, mostly papercrafted. Didn't do stamping at that time. I sold them via,a flower shop locally, but no room to display them & as you say 50p an hour isn't a lot, most of the time you only get pence back over the outgoings. So thanks Barb for your ideas. Have to wait and practise first though.

    Hope Dave gets over his flu soon, with your nursing him he should do fine as long as he does as he's told. You can get your own back now. No seriously hope he recovers soon & that you're feeling much better yourself.

  23. Hello Barb, this is stunning, beautiful colours, sometimes I think that I should use black card more, so will give this a try, as I have my little canvas boards to try on before moving to the bigger ones. I bet Dave will enjoy the TLC, hope he gets better soon. Thank you for the advice on selling, we do under estimate our effort sometimes. I have sold cards made before, but often think I am charging too much (although not really had complaints). I think these canvasses will be a good item to sell. Thank you for the confidence boost. Have a good day everyone. Bx

  24. Well it appears my original message didn't make it to post!!

    Poor Dave I hope he feels better soon.

    This artwork is fab Barbara – really stunning and a technique I'm going to try. I've some other ideas sparking off as well. I agree we don't charge enough for our time when selling our goods. I'll have to brave up and sell my pictures and other products for a more realistic price. Hugs to you both xx

  25. Hi Barbara. Have just spent some time catching up on the last few days lovely posts. All of your pieces are beautiful as usual, but must say that todays is a real stunner. You would never believe that it started off as a piece of card would you? It really does look just like a glass tile, truly gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear that poor Dave now has the dreaded lurgy. I hope he will stay in bed and rest, just like you did(n't!)? Wish him a speedy recovery from me please.
    Going back to earlier in the week, it was interesting to see where people rate themselves on the mouse/lion scale. I am a 2-3, people that know me may see something different sometimes but I put on a face, same as many others seem to : )
    I hope you take it steady, you need to look after yourself as well as Dave so that you don't catch it again. Take care x

  26. I absolutely love this! The colours are lovely. In fact I must just go and try this. I have all of the ingredients.
    As for selling our art it's interesting, lots of people often say that I should sell my cards, I live in an economically deprived area, we have a little local gallery and I see they have people's art and cards in there but they never seem to sell. At the moment, crafting has really helped me to find peace, to relax and start to re-find myself after a pretty tough few years. I am still a bit vulnerable and might take things a little too personally if people didn't like my stuff. I have however started to lay down some foundations in case I change my mind in the future, got a name, got email addresses and got a FB page, LOL. By the end of this year I hope to be back in professional employment and then……..that'll be then. For the moment it's one step at a time 🙂

  27. Beautiful artwork, as always Barbara.. I love the glazed tile effect. Sorry to hear Dave has succumbed, time for the chicken soup?! Hope he feels better soon.
    Gayle x

  28. Brilliant concept Barbara, and I love the finished effect. Also I do agree with the pricing, especially if you can get them in a craft shop, even it they take 50% of the sales, you would still be quids in.

  29. Barbara you are so positive and inspiring that you make anything seem possible. I have never made cards to sell as I thought I would barely get the money back for materials, let alone my time. I've sold pyrographed door names for babies on Ebay before but other people were selling plaques they had made with cutout wallpaper pictures for the same price as my handcrafted and bespoke ones. I would dearly love to sell my artwork in galleries, now that would be a dream 🙂 but with the internet I suppose all things are possible now! The canvas boards make our work look so professional and I didn't even know you had the stands. I'm going to give it a go and make some canvases when I can concentrate a bit better then go for that dream and try to sell some in the future. Keep on doing what you're doing Barbara, you're doing a grand job xxx

    PS hope Dave feels a bit better soon

  30. Hi Barbara, probably am repeating a lot of what has already been said, but the words that came to mind "truly inspirational". I love this and would love to be able to create something like this. I make cards, sometimes to sell, but you cannot put a true price on the time taken. I more often make cards for friends, family and colleagues birthdays whereby you can tailor them to the individual – much more personal. I really love this art work and these would make superb gifts,but really like the idea of putting some in restaurants – light bulb moment !!!

    I am really pleased you are feeling much better and hope Dave recovers very soon, I am sure you will take good care of him…

  31. Got Me ….. Hook, Line and Sinker ….. Beautiful.
    Happy Chinese New Year.
    (and … thank's for the sale … (I think!!!! … will know when the CC statement arrives!!!))

  32. Great tutorial. Barbara could you tell me what the grunge paste would be that I can get in America also the cardstock.? What products here would be comparable to what you are using?

  33. Love this project, and your encouragement has made me get out a display stand ready to be filled with things my lovely guests might want to buy! Now I just need some time in my craft room!!! So sorry to hear that Dave has the flu – man flu can be really dangerous (so I'm told) – hope he's feeling better soon with your excellent nursing care, Susan x

  34. I love this technique. I made a rose panel but didn't glaze the whole card…Will have to do it again as I have an idea to put on canvas. As for selling, I used to sell my cards and boxes in a shop and did pretty well. My price points started at 2.50 up to 6.00 but on any commission I charged 10.00 as I always made a presentation box for the card. I have moved now so no longer sell in that shop but I still sell by word of mouth @ 6.00 minimum. My last card sold for 20.00 ( wedding card) and a small 5 x7 ink on canvas sold for 35.00. I am not bragging, I am agreeing with Barbara, I was at an art exhibition in Edinburgh on Thursday…where…a bar in a small cinema…they get ten percent of any sale, extra people in for drinks, best part was the 'art' wasn't that great ( not my cup of tea) but the artist sold two pieces and he has his work there for a month, he only put in ten pieces. To be perfectly honest , what we do in our craft world is far more artistic, a lot more thoughtful, and better presented. So don't knock yourselves! You put the work in, you deserve to be paid for it and if you follow Barbara's techniques, you can't go wrong!!!!

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