A heartfelt Step by Step

A heartfelt Step by Step

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by.
Beautiful day, here in Kent.
Hope the sun is shining where you are too.
I did a German blog on Friday using acrylic paper scraps, and several English readers said they would like to see the instructions in English.
Well, that’s easy!
Actually does me a favour too, because I really am still feeling very under the weather, as they say.
As soon as I sit up, I want to lie down again.
So here’s an up, down, up, down blog.
Recognise these acrylic paint scraps? 
Well never throw them away!
They make fab stamping backgrounds.

Here I’ve just stamped the Garden Heart in Black Archival 
onto a piece of old copy paper scrap.

Looks really arty and distressed.

You can add colour with Distress Markers 
or Spectrum Noir Pencils.

Cut back,
go round the edges with a Black Sharpie pen.

Add a lovely sentiment panel,


It’s no good. Back to bed.
much love,

64 thoughts on “A heartfelt Step by Step

  1. Hope you feel better soon. It's horrible and draining when lurgy hangs on you for so long.
    I also have the garden heart stamp and my bad but I haven't played with it yet. Will remedy that today xx

  2. Lovely artwork and sentiment, love the vintage feel to this one. Sorry to read you're still feeling rubbish, hope you feel better soon. In the meantime stay nice and warm in bed and get some much needed rest xx

  3. Barbara, please take care and rest, I suspect most of us have tried to fight a lurgie of some description and it doesn't work & you end up feel worse for longer, I'm sure Dave is more than happy to wait on you. I think the artwork today says it all "distressed" (I still really like it though) Get well soon. Kay x

  4. Love the art work today have just been looking at my treats from my orders this heart stamp and my beautiful stencil brushes thank you for blogging today take care and get well soon hugs Pauline xx

  5. Lovely a pretty stamp. Afraid it will take about a week to leave your bed. Flu is horrible

    Lovely a very pretty stamp. Hope you soon feel better, flu certainly knocks you off your feet. xx

  6. I love this, thank you Barbara. And, I've stacks of bought patterned paper that I can never think of how best to use in my kind of thing, so double inspiration for me :). You really do sound very poorly, as do some others on here, hope you all soon start to turn the corner on the road to recovery. Please don't be trying to do more than your body wants to, that's how I ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome! It's not worth the risk, Dave and your team will keep things ticking over until your body is ready, and everything else can wait, honest, (a very hard lesson I'm still trying to learn). One of them – do as I say, not as I do!!!

    It's been lovely and sunny here today too. I'm fortunate to have a very sunny craft room and now I've got the new windows it's safe for me to sit in the sunny spot, feels nice having the sun on me. And, at this time of the year, I then get to watch the beautiful sunset that's right outside my window :).

    Take care, thinking about you
    love Brenda xx

    1. Sounds like a lovely spot to craft, my craft room is at the back of the house so only gets a little bit of sun first thing in the morning. As for sunsets……………I only realise the sun has gone down when I start finding it tricky to see! XX

    2. Ha, ha, I'm like that myself, straining to see what I'm doing until it registers putting on the light might help!!! It is lovely here, in all sorts of ways. I was very fortunate. (I was escaping from very bad neighbours!) It's getting there, now that Nicola is on it 🙂 And I've got a wee back and front garden, my other discovered passion/gift – gardening, my own way!!! And that's how my gift for photography was discovered too. I have garden visits, I go out with the support worker and I'm the gaffer, I do the easy/important bits and instruct the worker on doing the rest!! Not been over the doorstep since before Christmas but I think I will be on Wednesday with a new worker, it's not been tidied up from the storms. It's going to be so coooold, wondering how many layers of clothes I can get on over my jammies and still be able to bend!!!! There's still some work to be finished in the gardens too, hopefully, if we get the support worker problems sorted, that can start this year too. xx

    3. Hope you get your support worked out, then you can get to grips with the garden. Sounds like you get the best job being 'the overseer of work'! I bet you have some great photos of wildlife and sunsets. XX

    4. Hi Brenda. Sitting in the sunshine is a fantastic feeling isn't it. And I would love to have your view to watch the sunsets. Enjoy your garden when you can get out there : ) Take care.

    5. brenda you are very right ive got cfs /me & fibromyalgia to name a few yes we try to hard especially for others and end up so Now we can only craft my crafting is my life line now and there is some wonderful people out there in craft land crafting hugs to you all

    6. Thank you everyone.
      Sheila – exactly! Hope it's different for you, but for me – and where were /are those others when it's me in need of help! Yes, it's good to be in craft land surrounded by all the lovely people there. xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    I can't believe that you're still posting when you are so poorly. Come on now, be sensible and just snuggle down onto your new mattress, let Dave wait on you hand and foot, and get yourself better. Now that I've given you "the talk", this is a brilliant idea. I have more scraps than art !!!!!
    Get well soon, do as you're told or I'll get in touch with your mam.

  8. Fantastic card Barbara. You take good care of yourself and get well soon. Give the blog a break for a day or two – nobody would object – you need to put u first for a change. Big hugs.xxxcc

  9. Sorry to hear you are still poorly, lots of rest is just the ticket! I have spent the afternoon crafting so am feeling chilled. Love this card very cool way of using up those gelli papers. XX

  10. Oh Barbara! Next year you must go and get the flu jab! I keep saying I will but rarely do! You've had such a busy January that I'm not surprised that the minute you relaxed it crept up to get you!

    Its a beautiful piece of art work and proves that you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!!!

    Now please rest up and try to sleep yourself better! Xxxx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Sorry you're still feeling poorly, but thank you for doing this. Fabulous card and amazing to think that the background is really scrap. Must keep more of my mine! Please take care of yourself. Love Alison xx

  12. Hi Barbara. Even your scraps look great! Love what you have done with the heart, it is beautiful. Please be very gentle with yourself, otherwise you are going to suffer for longer. What would you tell Dave, Grace or Mark if they were ill? Stay warm and drink, drink, drink….no, not alcohol! : ) Take care.

    1. Hi Alison Newby. Regarding yesterdays blog: I don't read music very well, but I can understand your bugbear. I have a similar problem when people use pages from books, even if they are damaged! Maybe you could write some music of your own (distressing it if necessary, and then photocopy it to use on your projects? Hope that helps : ) Take care.

  13. Hi Barbara This is wonderful and we wouldn't have known it was from scraps if you hadn't told us. Sorry to hear you are still feeling so poorly, don't go to work tomorrow, have a good rest and be kind to yourself, find a good book to read and have lots of sleep too. Hope you feel better soon. Love Diane xxx

  14. As ever what you produce is fabulous. But more important is your health…so stay in bed and let Dave look after you xx don't worry about the blog, we will all still be here when your better x now be a good girl and rest x
    Much love
    Kim x

  15. Oh Barbara, fancy bothering to try to craft. It is lovely and goes to show scraps are always worth keeping and that heart is so pretty. Now, back to bed, lots of fluids and peace and quiet. x

  16. Dear All, thank you for all your messages, The patient is still pretty poorly, however I think there has been a slight improvement tonight. I AM doing my best , but as I have explained before I am really a better Vet than Doctor. So it's a fresh bed of nice clean barley straw, good hay and top up with fresh water.Oh and maybe a 20ml.syringe of Duphacyclin , dependant upon the patients disposition. Night-Night. X

  17. Just beautiful. This is why I never throw anything away. That heart stamp is so lovely. I hope you are on the mend and don't try to do too much too soon. It sounds like you have a really nasty virus and the only thing to do is rest.
    X Chris

  18. Hello Barb, you are meant to be resting and getting yourself better. This card is beautiful, thank you for doing it in English. Love the background paper and it suits the scrap piece so very well. Take care, and I hope you get better soon. Bx

  19. I admire you commitment to the blog Barabra, but you really should concentrate on getting fit and well. Having said that, I am still checking the blog on a daily basis and loving your posts. Anne x

  20. Sorry you are still not feeling to good. Saw the German blog, my computer asked me if I wanted it translated… how cool is that. Anyway Barbara you relax and look after yourself, drink lots of fluids. Well done for continuing to do the blog, your a star. Joan x

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