The drugs kicked in!

The drugs kicked in!

Greetings from Bavaria, 

And a room with a view:
Who do you suppose lives in a house like this?
Not I! Shouted the baker……
Not I! Shouted the butcher…..
Got up at an ungodly hour in the night to get here this morning, 
Hustled from the airport straight to the studios – to get ready for the 2pm Show.
Did I say 2pm? Rubbish. 4pm. Ugh. So came to the hotel for a kip first, because I was feeling a bit ropy. 
But the counters were all set,
The products and samples were all out and in position,
Complete with ironing board! 

I think the drugs had started to kick in too….crazed look….

There you go! Thursday’s Blog is always BLUE! The Blue Wonder!  Good Quality creates Trusts.

So I said a prayer, handed it over and dived in. The show was soooooo fun to do!
The Presenter, Katja was brilliant, sell outs kicked in straight away. 
It was great. 
And before you know it, the hour’s over, we’ve had a lovely supper, and are already tucked up in bed.
Lazy day tomorrow. Munich maybe…
Lots of love
Barb xxxx

56 thoughts on “The drugs kicked in!

  1. Hi Barbara, Glad you are starting to feel better and the show went well for you. Still take it real easy though, I know it's tempting, but whatever medication you are taking will be masking how ill your body still is, lots of rest and relaxation please! Enjoy feeling less ill and your rest day tomorrow ­čÖé Love Brenda xx

  2. So glad you have been able to do your show. I have been following your illness as I have been languishing at home with bronchitis. Perhaps we are both turning a corner. I do hope so but continue to rest or you will be back at square one. It took me a while to believe I am not indispensable too but we have to know when our bodies say STOP!

    Hope you have a comfortable journey home. X

  3. I'm so pleased that you are getting back to the Barb we all love. Drugs are wonderful things but you still need some rest ……. Take care to you both and have a lovely day in Munich (if you get there) x

  4. Glad it all went well and boy you can tell you've lost loads of weight!!!
    Now relax and take it easy otherwise I'll have to give you my teacher glare!!!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    I suppose it's habit but I logged onto your blog, never expecting that you would be on it, but blow me down (which wouldn't take much at the moment) and here you are.
    I'm so pleased that the show was a success and even more pleased that you're tucked up in bed. Take care,
    love Maureen xx

  6. Well done Barbara, glad you made it for the show and feel a bit more like yourself today. You do look really slim. The set up with all the cards look brilliant. Enjoy your visit to Munich if you do go but take things easier.should be less harrowing than doing a show. Brilliant you're all tucked up in bed and relaxing. Safe journey.xx

  7. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich habe mich sehr gefreut das die Sendung bei HSE stattfinden konnte. Ich bewundere deinen Humor und das du uns so toll von allem berichtest. Die Sendung war Klasse und es ist nat├╝rlich auch etwas in meinem Warenkorb gelandet. Ich w├╝nsche dir einen erholsamen Abend und morgen einen angenehmen faulen Tag. Ganz liebe Gr├╝├če Silvi

  8. I managed to find the HSE programme and marvelled at how well you appeared and clearly on top of things. Apart from your blog nobody would tell know how unwell you've been. Mind you I nearly forgot the 1 hour difference and just remembered in time. It was a great show, lovely stamps and demos, and I could follow most of it. I learned two new words in German: Brad (!) and your Pinselding( I think)
    Congratulations to you and well done Dave for getting you to this point. I hope you can enjoy your time off tomorrow. Munich would be lovely, but do take care of yourself. Carol x

  9. Hi Barb,so pleased that you seem to be on the road to recovery and that you were able to do the show. It sounds as though it went really well and glad that you had sell outs – made it all worthwhile. Please make sure you don't overdo it though – we don't want you having a relapse. Love Alison xxx

  10. Hi Barbara it is so good to see you up and about and that you were able to do the show. Make the most of the rest times and don't overdo things. I know it is tempting. Hugs Jackie xxx

  11. Hi Barbara, great Show today in Germany. Funny too. I had to lought about the "brads". You can call them "Rundkopfklammern" (gerade bei ebay gelesen) LOL – but in Germany we call them brads too. Liked it so much. Have a nice day in Munich – looking towars to my parcel. xx

  12. So glad you got through it Barbara and with a smile on your face, even if it was a struggle. I'm sure that once you got going you forgot about everything else but the crafting, but take it easy and don't try to do too much. So glad you are in bed and resting which is just what the body needs! x

  13. Hi Barbara it's lovely to see you upright and I'm so pleased you enjoyed the show and you had lots of sell outs. It was worth the trip! Glad to hear you are already tucked up for the night and hopefully dosed up too. Have a gentle day tomorrow and look after yourself, don't overdo it! Night night. Love Diane xxx
    Ps ironing board????? What on earth did you use that for!!!??? Xxx

  14. Just watched the show, which was much better than the last one. Good presenter. I just want to know what drugs Dave has been feeding you to make you look so good. He needs to market them, or was it the chicken soup? Whatever it was, well done on a great performance and brilliant tips. xx Maggie

  15. Hi Barbara,
    war eine sch├Âne Show heute. Leider wurdest Du wieder sehr durch die Sendung gehetzt… Aber gesundheitlich hast Du sehr gut durchgehalten.
    Hoffe, Dir geht┬┤s besser und Du kannst mit Dave M├╝nchen noch etwas genie├čen.
    Rolf xxx

  16. Hello Barb, glad to hear that you managed the show and that it was successful, However you need to rest and recover, so take it easy, have a relaxing day today. Dave, make sure she does! Had a good giggle about the ironing board. Bx

  17. Hi Barbara. Managed to find the show on my tablet and enjoyed watching the demonstrations, even though I couldn't fully understand the commentary! Hope you are not too exhausted, and trust you have a restful break before returning home. Anne x

  18. Dear Barbara,

    Hope you are feeling a little bit better. You looked great.
    Thank you very much for this wonderful presentation on HSE24 yesterday. I managed to registrate the show on my DVD-recorder. Even if I watch all your new youtube-videos there is always something new to learn by watching the shows with you. You did a great job !!!
    Please continue to keep us up-to-date when you are on the show in Germany next time.
    I hope you don't mind if I order your products directly via the Clarity-website and not via HSE24.

    Take care and continue to share your passion with us.

  19. Glad you were well enough to enjoy the show and that having made such an effort, that it was a great success! Make sure you get enough rest though … and by the way, you were looking really good for someone who has been so ill! Take care, Susan x

  20. Hi Barbara

    So glad that you were able to do the show and that you survived in one piece! Amazing that you had sell outs, it makes all your hard work and sacrifices worth while.

    Looking forward to seeing you recover soon and back to your 'old' self.

    Lol Barbara W

  21. Glad things kicked in for you Barbara, so you could do your show. If I were you, I'd still be mad that they don't buy enough so that you have sell outs, when you could probably sold more, if they were there.

  22. So glad that you are feeling just a tad better, well enough to complete the show, enjoy the view and the prospect of a different day out. Looking forward to your return to both the UK and good health, but don't try to do much too soon. Take care. X

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