Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by. You don’t want to get too close though; serious lurgie!
Here’s a simple step by step on shaving foam, to lighten the mood.
Stamp Congratulations from one of our new Word Chains in black Archival,
And underscore with the music!
Add the music notes to the bars. You can block out ones you don’t want too.
You can twist the note stamps on the handle too, so they look like they’re pouring out of the sax!
Spectrum Noirs Pencils work beautifully on Shaving foam backgrounds.
The instruments come with masks, so you can add shadow…
Made a mask for the music bar too.
Trim back,
Line with a black sharpie,

And go back to bed!

Much love Barb xxx

54 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. Bless you Barbara rest up hope you feel more like yourself soon lovley set for making a card ,just got my clarity club stencil and stamp set more inspiration crafting hugs xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, wasn't expecting this today, there's no stopping you is there! 🙂 It's really good of you to still be blogging and thank you for the demo, it's great, and I can see these stamps having uses for many occasions. Take care and rest as much as you can, love Brenda xx

    1. Naw, nae win for us but it was a close match and we did score the only try! It's good being the underdog though, there's only one direction to go in, up!! If you keep trying hard and have enough patience, when the achievement comes it's a far bigger reward :). And the banter is better when you're the underdog, or maybe that's just us Scots!!!! We do like to have fun at our own expense as was evident in the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony!!! 🙂 xx

  3. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich wünsche dir von Herzen gute Besserung. Trotz Erkrankung zeigst du uns noch so ein wundervolles Werk. Ich glaube du kannst ohne deine Stempel wirklich nicht sein……zwinker.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  4. Hello Barbara, although I have obviously checked your blog I really didn't think you would be upto it today. This is a lovely way to say congratulations and I have my eye on those music stamps! I do hope you're feeling better soon, look after yourself – or perhaps that should be Dave looking after you – though I'm sure he already is. Love and crafty hugs xx

  5. Sorry to hear the lurgy still has you in it's grip. Thank you for taking time from your sick bed to blog. Hope the rugby last night helped your recovery! Be kind to yourself and take it easy.
    Gayle x

  6. Great design today despite the lurgy. Thank you for continuing to block despite being poorly, what a trooper you are!! It's been like Christmas here today as my clarity stamp and stencil goodies arrived, yeh, I will be playing soon. They look great! Take care and drink plenty, not alcohol just now, wrap up and REST!!

  7. What a gorgeous project – and you feeling rubbish too. Mine wudn't look this good if I was on top form!! Lol. Take care of yourself. Xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    I really wasn't expecting to see you doing the blog today, but thank you for doing so.I hope you are feeling better today and that you're looking after yourself and being looked after too. This card is lovely, the music stamps are on my wish list as I think they will be really useful for all sorts of occasions. My NDC stamp and stencil arrived today so that was a great start to the day. Love them both and also the projects are fabulous especially the stamp one – think I'll have to get the masks though, I don't think I've the patience to work it all out for myself!so it's a big thank you to yourself and all at Clarity today. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Love Alison xx

  9. Oh dear. You are a brave soul to get up and craft for us today. Hope it took your mind off the aches and pains just for a little while. Love the music set but need to play with the stamp and stencil that arrived today first. Just love those eggs! Get well soon and keep warm and drink lots of water! xx Margaret Col.

  10. Bless you Barbara most of use would even rise from our beds for days and your feeling really ill and still thinking of us and blogging love this card. Get back in bed at rest lots love xxx

  11. I really wasn't expecting to see anything on the blog today but what a hero you are for posting such a lovely card. Please, please, do take of yourself and I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow.xxxx

  12. How stalwart you are and what a beautiful piece of artwork. I too have the dreaded lurgie and so can sympathise.
    Get well soon. Don't give it to Dave
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  13. Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather! I am reading your blog in St Lucia but before you go green as well it's pouring with rain! So I thought I would catch up with your blog and the Clarity family! Hope you feel better real soon xx

  14. Hi Barbara thank you so much for blogging today even though you are so poorly, I don't think any of us expected you too! This is wonderful, what a lovely set of stamps, great musical instruments too. Now go back to bed, dose yourself up and stay warm and hydrated. Perhaps Dave could blog tomorrow for you, perhaps a short video telling us what made him think of the megamounts, that way you get the day off! Take care of yourself lovely lady and get well soon. Love Diane xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    I can't believe that you've managed to post, and I Love what you've done. it's perfect for any music lover. Hot lemonade and paracetamol when you go to bed with lots of hot drinks during the day.
    Stay in, stay warm and love xx

  16. Please just do NOTHING ! I had this flu thing for 6 weeks cos I fought it. I have had 3 proper sick days in my whole working life so you can tell that I don't go down easily but this time I lost. Just relax & let it take it's course

  17. Hallo Barbara,
    Dave soll Dir eine Hühnersuppe kochen, das ist sehr gut für die Gesundheit…
    Aber nach neuesten Erkenntnissen kann man wohl jede Suppe essen, die helfen wohl alle gegen eine Erkältung.
    Werde schnell wieder gesund
    Rolf xxx

  18. I wasn't expecting you to blog today either. Do look after yourself. That said the card is lovely. How do you make such a gorgeous card feeling like rubbish yourself. Love this set of stamps, must get them soon. Just ordered the words strip probably on its way. Hope you shake off the lurch soon.xx

  19. The mark of a consummate professional – working whilst feeling _ _ _ _ aka rubbish – couple of words fit the bill!
    As I said yesterday, some 'chicken soup' – or whatever takes your fancy (I usually crave a bowl of famous brand tomato.)
    Got the music stamps but not had time to play . . . .yet!
    Wishing you well soonest!

  20. Hi Barbara. You know that you shouldn't have got up to do this blog, much as I love it! What would your Mum say if she knew you were working while feeling rotten? Please be gentle with yourself and get some rest, on the sofa if you can't face staying in bed. Us winning the rugby last night must have made you feel a bit better though….well done lads : ) Take care

  21. Like everyone else I'm really surprised to see a blog from you today, and such a lovely one too. Music and craft, my two obsessions meet. How wonderful.
    Now do as you're told and take it easy; we all need you fit and healthy!
    Carol x

  22. I see you didn't take my advice. What a trooper. This is a lovely card and you in the grip of a lurgie too. I do love the effect of the shaving foam backgrounds. Last time I made some I went a bit overboard on the amount of foam and nearly ended up using all my card stock…the foam lasted overnight and well into the next day, in the end I had to say enough is enough and ditched it. Lol

    Hope you feel better soon. X

  23. Great piece of artwork Barbara, the music stamps are going to be so useful. Appreciate you blogging when you are still unwell, but you must really look after yourself, need you fit and well for the workshops!! Anne x

  24. Oh Barbara you've done what I thought was impossible! I'd resigned myself to never using musical stamps as they are usually musically incorrect in some way! I'm afraid my brain may be able to accept a blue snowman or a purple daffodil, but incorrectly written musical notation has been a real bugbear for me! (Maybe because I was reading music when I was 4) but these musical stamps are tempting me! Of course I'd still be determined to write playable music, so there still is work to be done convincing my brain to let go!
    I hope you are soon feeling brighter. Xxx

    1. Hi Alison. I don't read music very well, but I can understand your bugbear. I have a similar problem when people use pages from books, even if they are damaged! Maybe you could write some music of your own and then photocopy it to use on your projects? Hope that helps : ) Take care.

  25. Hi Barbara

    Today's blog is great and so simple to produce a wonderful card.

    Know how you feel with the lurgie as I had a week of it myself. Feel like —- but a little crafting helps!

    Hope you feel better and healthier soon.

    Lol Barbara W

  26. Love the shaving foam background and being musically inclined myself and having friends of the same ilk I am very tempted as I think the cards would go down well. It is lovely to hear from you but I think you should just relax for a day or two and concentrate on getting better! x

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