Flu stops play

Flu stops play

Hi there.

Sorry I’m still in my pyjamas. Have come down with some nasty lugie. I mean lurgie. Can’t find my glasses, so speeling’s gone out the widow. Finally had to concede defeat, and do nothing for a day. Never usually watch TV during the daytime, so quite enjoyed Ronnie Barker just now, in Open all Hours. 

Comedy gold. Only thing was it hurt to laugh, so I had to switch it off.
Now I’m ready for the 6 Nations Rugby. No shouting, no screaming. This could be a challenge. 
May the best team win.
If you know me but a little, you will know this virus must have knocked me on my arse good and proper if I haven’t even surfaced today. 
The good news is we invested in one of those exceedingly expensive Tempur mattresses, so I’m getting my money’s worth in the first week! 
Right. Got to go. Rugby calling xxxxx
Love Barb 

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  1. Take care of yourself and have another day off! Hope you feel better soon . I think hubby is just going down with man flu and I've dared him to pass it to me! The oldies are the best even if it does hurt to laugh. Take care xxx

  2. Hi Barbara,
    thought those 2 pesky monsters work & holic had gotten hold of you again. Not sure which is worse. Enjoy a hot toddy and the new mattress, we have had one for 3 yrs now and it is brilliant. take care of yourself and enjoy the rest and rugby. Bev x

  3. So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well Barbara, Hope you soon feel better, Be kind to yourself and take it easy, Enjoy the rugby although it's already 3-0 to Wales so not sure how well that's going to aid your recovery!!! I know what you mean about not shouting or screaming when watching rugby, my husband always says the neighbours must know when I am watching a match as the noise is dreadful! Take care.
    Love Gayle x

    PS Wales have now scored a try, it's definitely not going well!

  4. Barbara I think it's time you got yourself a PA. Someone who could take some of the more mundane aspects of your job, leaving you free to do the best bits (the arty bits). It's fab that your business is going places and growing so fast, but it's taking it's toll on you. Please give it some serious thought. I hope you shake this lugie off quickly, nothing worse than the loathsome lugie xx

  5. Hi Barbara, you must be very ill to have stopped you in your tracks! Sorry to hear that, but glad you can still have a wee laugh about it Hope you enjoy the rugby. Hope England win – can't believe I just said that, I really must be feeling extra sorry for you, make the most of it because I won't be saying that again!!!! :). I'm waiting for Scotland's match tomorrow.
    Sending some tlc and hope that you feel better soon
    Love Brenda xx

  6. We on grandchildren watch so busy evening for us. We got one of those mattresses, absolute bliss, Beautiful under my painful knee. Your body will tell you when you ready to surface. Just go with it. xx

  7. Go to sleep, girl, and record the rugby..Plenty to drink, paracetamol and rest for at least a week, probably two weeks with the way this one is going. If you do not take care with this flu, you will end up with pneumonia as so many others have done this year. xxx Maggie

  8. Barbara, sorry to read you are feeling a under par. Rest, chill and whatever your choice of 'chicken soup' is, are all recovery must-haves! Like you, I'm watching rugby downstairs whilst husband (avid Bath follower) is watching elsewhere. It's the only sport we ever take sides over, me being a Scot and rugby follower long before we ever met. Just back from a friend's funeral so perhaps a bit of grunt and grime will alleviate sombre spirits. Wishing you a speedy recovery. ;~}

  9. You poor thing… So many people have the lurgy at the moment, my hubby included… Rest is the only answer. Remember though to drink plenty of fluids and Paracetamol helps too. This bug lasts about a week. (sorry!) Gill xx

  10. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that the lurgy has got you. Not surprised tho after you've been so very busy. It's usually when we slow down that whatever lurks gets to rear its ugly head. Ask any teacher 😉 hope you can rest all weekend & put it back in it's place

    Rugby is on here too. Hubby even opened a bottle of (alcohol free) cider to celebrate. However it has turned out to be a bit of a let down. Reason for trying another, right? After all, they are all different alcohol free ones that e are trying out. We need to know what to buy again don't we?! Enjoy the rugby & get well soon. Hugs ((()))

  11. Oh dear across the pond is it? Today is the first day my daughter feels better , bad bad naughty virus and nothing ever gets her down ,but down she was for many days . Take care and rest ,rest ,rest

  12. Hi Barbara
    Sorry your poorly,hope your recovery is swift.
    keep watching Ronnie Barker as laughter is the best medicine,my favourite is Porridge plenty of laughs
    Watching rugby here also but I'm routing for Wales being Welsh.

  13. Hi Barbara sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, yes you must be ill for it to have made you stay home in your pj's! Ronnie Barker makes me laugh too, especially with the till! Good clean fun! Yep Rugby on here too. Stay tucked up in bed tomorrow if you are still feeling poorly, with a hot toddy and paracetamol. Take care and hope you feel better soon. Love Diane xxx

  14. Sorry to here your not well this latest lurgy virus is a floorer so don't be jumping back in to the driving seat to quick…rugby on here to not keen on it but don't mind the short shorts..lol…x

  15. Hi Barbara
    I hope you are on the mend soon. I can confirm that this latest lurgie is really nasty. Enjoy your lovely mattress and take it a it easier for a day or two.
    Get well hugs
    Chris K x

  16. Poor you Barbara. Plenty of rest you need, drink plenty, dose yourself up with lemsips and keep warm in bed, best cure. Forget work and blogging until you're feeling better, hope it's soon. We've been watching the Rugby too. All the best.xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Get Well Soon. Just to cheer you up, I've had it for 3 weeks, and just started to feel more like myself and I've had the flu jab. You are a good bit younger than me so should maybe not take so long, but look after yourself, and if you can't blog or do anything, b*gger it, we'll just have to wait for you. Be sensible, lots of love and hugs xxxx

  18. Sorry the bugs have bitten Barbara and hope that you rest it off over the weekend. At least if you have to be in bed you can be comfy cosy with your blissful new mattress. x

  19. Sorry your not well rest up and keep warm at least you have your new mattrest we will miss your blog but get better we can all go back and read some of your back ones take care xxx

  20. Hi Barb
    So sorry to hear that you're not well. I know just how you feel, I started with what I thought was cold over 2 weeks ago. It turned into bronchitis and just won't go away. Also got cracked rib through coughing so much! You take care of yourself and make sure you keep warm and drink lots of fluids and take paracetamol. I'm sure that Dave will look after you well. Forget the blog and work, they will still be around once you are better. We will all understand if you don't feel up to doing the blog. Take care and get well soon, love Alison xxx

  21. Best wishes for a rapid recovery, but do take advantage of the enforced rest. My mother, one of the wisest women I knew, would say that it's natures way of making you slow do, or even stop for a bit. Take care x

  22. Aw, it's a rotten bug this year. Wiped my mum out. She nevers stops but ended up in bed for a few day. I ws lucky, I may of had a little protection from my flu jab. Although I did feel the need to include alcohol in my recovery. Hope you feeling better soon.

  23. Oh dear. Honey and lemon in hot water, with paracetamol is my cure all. With a glug of something stronger ( if you omit the paracetamol)! Tempur mattresses are a god send, especially if you feel achy and kicked all over. Get better soon, but in the meantime, there is plenty of rugby to watch to pass the time with. X

  24. So sorry you are feeling poorly – just make sure you rest up and really get over it before getting back in the saddle or else it will come back and bite you on the perverbiable xxxxxx

  25. Enjoy a hot toddy with some honey, seems to do the trick when I succumb (rarely) to the lurch. Hope you are feeling better. The rugby cheered me up but I had to shout so probably not good for you.

  26. Poor Barbara, I hope someone is bringing you regular hot drinks, and chicken soup for lunch! Get well soon – watching Rugby wouldn't do it for me, I hate team games, especially Rugby and Football!

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